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Restaurant Wars

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There you have it. Clarke Griffin, Head Chef of Arkadia Restaurant being a child. It has always been a bitter war between the two Restaurants. The war meaning that the two head chefs of both restaurants, Grounders Restaurant, that was located side by side to each other, consisted of pranks and shenanigans that they would throw at one another on a daily basis just to piss one another off. And it so happens that today was Clarke's turn to get hit by a flying flour bomb that was placed on top of the ledge of the backdoor to her restaurant. If the rest of the staff thought of it, it was childish.


Clarke's sworn enemy, Alexandria Jasmine Woods, the perfect example of a a goddess and a model, with her gorgeous green eyes, beautiful brown locks of hair, a killer jawline and not to mention a fucking total badass who drives a Ducati motorcycle to work and home. Clarke was head over heals for her. But as what her friends say, her balls shrink every time she tries to talk to the brunette, but it ended up into an all out war. You see, Clarke and Alexandria are the two top chefs in all of the United States. They opened up their restaurants at the same time, right beside each other, but because of Clarke's cocky attitude, Alexandria despised her. The two were totally opposites in terms of personality. For starters, Clarke is aggressive, stubborn, gorgeous by the way, a leader to her people also meaning her chefs whom of which look up to her and she has loving parents. Clarke loves everyone and anyone from her heart but not relationship wise. Alexandria of the other hand, is known to be the most ruthless chef on earth.


She's dubbed the Commander for a reason. She's cold and straightforward, stubborn too, leads an army of chefs with discipline and determination, doesn't like people who fool around unless it's someone she's close and comfortable with and she has terrible runs in her relationship wise. Hmmmmm maybe not too different after all. Then there's the issue of the two women. Clarke is actually in love with Lexa since the first time she laid eyes upon the girl and turns out, Lexa too is secretly in love with Clarke. But only because they hit it off on the wrong foot the very first time, they had become sworn enemies, raging battles between each other everyday. Sometimes they could completely ignore each other in their schematics of they would make it a full blown prank. It depends on the mood.


“Jesus Clarke. You look like shit.” Raven, Clarke's most trusted friend and staff, her second in charge at the restaurant along with their other best friend Octavia.


“I agree with Raven this time Clarke. The commander got you good.” Octavia laughs as she sees Clarke walking in throughout the back door covered in flour and not to mention water as well. Her uniform and hair and everything was ruined.


“I swear one of these days she's going to get it good from me.” Clarke huffs before sitting down on the chair.


“Yeah sure. The only thing you ever wanted to do was get in her pants and fuck her until she's pregnant with your child Clarke.” Raven quips before putting her cutting board back in its original position.


“No! I don't like her. I hate her.”


“Sure sure. Keep telling yourself that. Does your dick tell you that too?” Octavia smirks before leaning herself against the table and folding her arms.


“Enough with the dicks jokes guys. Seriously… she may be hot and drop dead gorgeous but she's sinister and evil. She did this all by herself to me. Now that's not love. That's evil!”


Clarke pointed at herself as she continued ranting about the other chef next door, her friends laughing hysterically at her.


“Oh god. Clarke seriously. Stop throwing pranks at her and just go over, call it a truce and just kiss, get engaged, get married, have kids and retire. Be done with it yeah?” Raven smirks again, happy for her little speech, only to be smacked in the head by Octavia.




“Shut it O. You know I’m right. At least commander heart eyes over there did it after hours so as to not have customer’s looking at you like an idiot and an unprofessional chef. See she has a heart of gold for you.” Raven quips as she tells her boss and friend that Lexa was indeed a nice person to begin with.


“Uhhhh no. She hates me. Remember the last trick she did to me? She set my dumpster on fire.”


“Nope. You did. You thought she was the one putting kerosene inside and turns out some walking by threw his alcohol bottle inside and you threw your cigarette into the bin which lit up in flames afterwards.”


“She's got a point Clarke.” Octavia supports her other friend.


“Why are you supporting her? Is there something I don't know about?”


“Come on Clarke. You two are such idiots that you can't even see that the two of you are meant for each other. Just call it a truce, and ask her out on a date. Just one date. And if shit doesn't go well, we will help you destroy her coven of vampires next door. Deal or no deal?”


Clarke wanted so bad to take Lexa out on a date. If only Lexa wasn't so cocky and stone cold, she would have taken the brunette out 8 months ago when both their restaurants opened at the same time.


“I'll wait until after the Gala Dinner which is happening in two weeks time. Besides, how would you know she's not already taken?” Clarke eyes her two friends who groans and slaps their forehead in annoyance.


“If she had a girlfriend or boyfriend, I'm sure she wouldn't be wasting her time pulling pranks on you everyday. She would be out on dates and what not. So chillax.”

“Anyways boss, me and Raven are heading out for the night. Sure you don't want to tag along with us to kingdom come?” Octavia grabs her jacket, along with Raven’s and make their way towards the back door.


“Nah. You guys have fun. Ill close up. See ya.”


“See ya Boss. Don't forget to send a fucking love letter to your pretty girlfriend next door.” Raven teases, only for a knife to go flying towards her direction.




Clarke cleans herself up, as well as the kitchen, checking to make sure that everything was put away and cleaned up, that the fridges were working and everything was left in its place properly. Clarke had been gushing over the brunette for months but simply couldn't bring herself to call it a truce. They had been so caught up in their never ending tit for tat battle that she didn't know whether or not the brunette actually liked her. Sometimes Clarke would be caught staring at her when they were in the alley way at night, where they could actually talk like civilised people. No screaming, no pranks or shenanigans, just regular people. Clarke closed up and rushed outside, sitting on the steps waiting as per usual for the hot chef to exit the backdoor towards her Ducati.


True enough, after smoking another two cigarettes, Clarke sees the brunette walking out and shutting the doors behind her. She looks over towards Clarke's direction, a smirk plastered to her face before walking over.


“So Clarke… how was that for payback?”


“Bleh… not too shabby. Glad you enjoyed yourself.” Clarke smiles back, trying to be sincere in her words and not plastered with sarcasm.


“Indeed I did. Why is it you always sit at the same spot, smoking the same two cigarettes before I leave the restaurant?” Clarke stares at the older brunette for a bit before taking her pack out and handing a stick to her. Lexa gladly accepts before taking a seat besides her, and lighting her stick.


“About the waiting for you thing, I guess it's becoming a habit. Has Titus threatened you yet or only me still?”


“He came by again today. Sat in my office and demanded that I sign the paper. Of course I didn't see you name on there. So I didn't sign it either.” Lexa takes another drag, before releasing the smoke through her nose.


“The bastard won't give up you know. There has to be something we could do.”


“Maybe pull one of your pranks on him. Might scare him off.”


Clarke chuckled. You see, the two of them have a complicated relationship. They go on at each other with pranks and shenanigans, just for the sake of acting in front of their staff, and also a man named Titus. A filthy rich businessman who wants to buy over the current building that both their business thrives on. Their restaurants were downstairs, allowing those who were upstairs to wine and dine below and also the crowd from offices nearby to come over. The two head chefs had actually sat down to talk with each other about Titus after work to discuss the issue and they had agreed to not sign the papers over at all. They shared a common goal. To keep their business running for the sake of their friends and workers to earn a good pay and live a comfortable life. Their people were important to them. And that was one thing they had agreed upon. They would wage war with each other but never involving their staff.


They were there to protect their friends. Titus had been doing all sorts of things to get the staff to quit such as hiring annoying customers to dine in and claim that the staff are rude and the service is not up to standard. Sometimes, more often times than not, an inspector would come by to access the cleanliness of the restaurant, making Lexa angry and sending Titus a threat. Because of that, Clarke had decided to talk to Lexa and call a truce in terms of business but not their shenanigans. And because of that, it was a nightly routine that Lexa would send Clarke home since they live close to one another and it was an unspoken agreement.


“So, how do we plan to keep our business away from the threat of a greedy businessman?” Clarke smiles again at Lexa, who smirked at her.


“I don't know. Will see how the road goes princess.” Lexa stood up and put her butt out, stepping hard on it before handing the helmet to her.


“So how long exactly are we going to keep doing this? You know, hiding our secret relationship?” Clarke takes the helmet and places it on top of her head.


“Oh we dating now? We haven't even passed the pleasantries with one another.”


“You really are a cocky prick.”


“And you’re a relentless stubborn asshole. Sooner or later our friends would find out about our secret smoke meetings after work Clarke. Get your shit together or you can walk home every night.” Lexa pulls her helmet on and starts her motorcycle, the engines blaring through the dark alley.


"Is that a threat Ms Woods for me to ask you out?"


“Just shut up and get on. And keep the hands off my precious body.”


“Yes commander.”


 On the other side of town, at a bar called Polis, the usual group which consisted of staffs from Grounders and Arkadia were seated together having drinks. It was forbidden to hangout together as both head chefs of both restaurants were at war with each other. But whose to say when love is involved. The staff from Arkadia consisted of Raven Reyes, second in command and Executive Chef to Clarke, Octavia Blake, third in command and the main Sous Chef, and the others which was Bellamy Blake, Octavia's brother, John Murphy, another chef that works there. Then there was the staff from Grounders. Anya Woods, Alexandria’s older sister and second in command and Executive chef, Indra Porter, third in command and the best Sous chef, Lincoln Summers, a pastry chef and lastly Roan Queen, also a commis chef.


And they are all dating one another. Raven and Anya as a couple. Octavia and Lincoln, Bellamy and Indra, which was awkward for Indra was 6 years older than Bellamy and last but not least, the weird but wonderful gay couple, Murphy and Roan. They weren't exactly a matching pair to begin with, but of course, love is love. They were sick and tired of their bosses forbidding them to mingle, date or even be seen looking. It was ridiculous.


"God, our bosses are driving me insane. They can't stop going at each other with their fucking pranks. How can they live like that?” Raven slams her beer bottle onto the table, making Indra perk up her eyebrows.


“Relax Raven. Sooner or later the two idiots will realise that their practically head over heels for each other. You should have seen Lexa's face when she saw her enemy screaming at her before heading inside.” Lincoln pipes up, taking a sip of beer.


“Oh god. She laughed at first then felt bad for doing it. The two are in love. They just can't seem to bring their egos down from the sky and actually ask each other out. They've been in love for what… 8 months now?” Anya then spoke up, her arm wrapped around her girlfriends waist.


“Oh you haven't seen the two when they meet up with each other after we left. Roan and I were snooping around, and princess was sitting next to her smoking a stick with her. Never knew your boss smokes Anya. She's a fucking badass. And not to mention a hot looking piece of ass sister.”


“Knock it off Murphy. She’ll be kicking your ass to kingdom come when she hears that.” Raven retaliates, protecting her girlfriend’s sister.


“I believe that Heda knows what she’s doing and so does Clarke. Let them settle their own lives. They will eventually come around to each other.” Indra, who was seated next to Bellamy, receives a warm smile from him and a kiss on the cheek.


“Now that I like babe.”


“You know brother; I never knew you had it in you to date someone like Indra. She's wise and your just an idiot.”


“What can I say? She keeps me grounded.”


The group has been friends since the day they opened the restaurant next to one another. They thought it was funny at first when the two head chefs went at each other. But now, they were growing frustrated at the fact that the two were meant for each other and that they were wasting the opportunity to date.


“Oooooh we can set them up on a date. The Gala is coming right?” Raven shoots up from her seat.


“Yeah so?”


“So? What are we waiting for? We get them together. Indra, O, your invited right?”


“Yes.” Both woman said in unison but looking extremely sceptical.


“Okay Raven. What is it that you have in mind?” Anya wasn’t understanding her girlfriend whatsoever.


“We are going to make the two get together. And my plan will be full proof. No more dumbass wars and we can all finally go out as a group. I’m sick and tired of hiding from Clarke and we really need to get the two to hook up.”


“Hell yeah I’m in.” Octavia shouts.


“I’m in.” Anya slams her fist on the table, smiling gleefully.


“Oh boy. This is going to be a crazy adventure.”


Indra places her hand down on the table. “I’m in.”