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“Beca, don’t you dare walk away from me.”
Aubrey’s yells rang clear through the hall. Her hasted steps increasing in volume as they approached the angered brunette, who until a few moments ago was actually fine, happy even.

“Seriously, walk away and you’re out of the Bellas.” Aubrey struck a nerve with her threatening tone, causing Beca to stop. She turned around, a deep scowl embedded in her features and then chuckled harshly.
“Yeah, because you’d just fine without me.” Beca quipped, sarcasm dripping from every syllable.

Aubrey was silent. The blonde nervously tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and swallowed the acidic feeling rising in her throat.
“We would be.” She stated firmly, her glare trained on the younger Bella.

“Of course.” Beca spat and sighed disbelievingly. She began walking away again, her hands raised in mock defeat, the ‘I-don’t-give-a-fuck’ attitude in full swing.

Aubrey continued to follow, quickening her pace this time to close the gap. She huffed as she caught a glimpse of Beca fumbling with her keys as she banged her fist on the door, muttering about “unreliable roommates.”

The blonde approached the Dj, grabbing her by the shoulder and turning her around.
“I wasn’t finished.”
Beca shrugged. “I was.”
She looked into Aubrey’s eyes innocently for a moment; then a sardonic smile played upon her lips as she unlocked the door from behind.

Beca grabbed the door handle and twisted it, her gaze not faltering from Aubrey’s apart from the millisecond when they fell to the blonde’s lips, which were wet following Aubrey’s nervous habit of licking them.

Then there was a silence.

Beca had almost got the door open when Aubrey’s arm shot out; she grabbed the brunette’s hand away and held it tight. Beca squirmed uncomfortably at the grip, though the pain reflected in her glare was evidently worse.
“You’re a pain in the ass, you know that?” Aubrey’s words cut deep.

Beca’s mouth moved up and down a few times, as if she intended to speak but all words had failed her. She just watched helplessly as the older woman tore her down, layer by layer.

“You’re childish and self-centred. You promised we could make this work and then what do you do? You go and flirt with Chloe! Like, who does that?!”
“I thought you wanted to pretend we hated each other.” Beca protested meekly.
“You’re not supposed to flirt with my best friend!” Aubrey yelled. Her hand tightened around Beca’s and the Dj hissed at the pain.

“Well I’m sorry I’m a shitty girlfriend. Why don’t you just go and break up with me because I obviously don’t deserve someone so perfect and amazing like yourself!” Beca’s outburst echoed down the otherwise empty hall, earning a stunned silence from Aubrey.

Beca just stood, expression imperceptible. Heavy, angered breaths the only thing that separated them. Then Aubrey’s lips were on Beca’s and her hands around the brunette’s neck, pulling them closer in what Beca considered the strangest reaction to an argument she’d ever seen.

The kiss was angry and desperate, loving but despising all in one. Aubrey’s teeth nipped at Beca’s bottom lip, her tongue not even waiting for permission before it reigned dominance of the younger woman’s mouth.
The Dj moaned; she wanted to be furious, oh how badly she did but as their mouths connected and Aubrey’s tight grasp turned into a caress, her own frustration bubbled away yet she could still feel the pent up rage in her girlfriend’s touch.

Aubrey’s words were gritty, her voice husky and deep. She bit hard on Beca’s lip as they slipped through the door, drawing blood. Beca could only gasp and relish in the pain with juddered breaths elicited between each wave of precisely timed kisses that with each minor pause only caused her to whimper for more.

Aubrey tasted the metallic tang on her tongue and smiled devilishly. She had torn away from Beca, leaving the brunette high and dry and aching for breath.
Drawing breath into her own lungs, Aubrey could only look at the brunette adjacent to her with sensuality, the pure lust caught in her glare made her eyes appear impossibly dark.

“You’re an asshole.” The blonde muttered as she reconnected her lips to Beca’s. Brute force on Aubrey’s behalf forced the smaller Bella to contact the wall and stay there, the air she had only just regained knocked out of her lungs.
“I hate you.” Beca mumbled pathetically, her nails gripped tightly in blonde locks. She tried being aggressive like Aubrey, but it didn’t fit right with her. She couldn’t play mad, it just didn’t work.
Aubrey had only realised this minutes later.

The older woman, lips still attached to Beca’s, began to walk her fingers up the Brunette’s clothed torso. She groped Beca’s breast, grinning as she heard the repressed sharp inhale and then the sigh that followed as she let go a second later.

Aubrey reached the collar of Beca’s buttoned up plaid shirt, toying with the top button.
“I always hated this shirt.” She whispered bitterly into Beca as her left hand joined the right, gripped either side of the shirt and tugged hard at the material.
It took a few tries, but eventually it gave and the article tore open, the buttons now scattered on the floor around them.

Beca’s toned stomach and scantily clad breasts were now on full display. Aubrey smirked, letting out a smug exhale.
But Beca was now pissed. She yanked the blonde away and landed a heavy handed slap to her cheek, the hissed words that follow only adding fuel to Aubrey’s fire,
“You’re a fucking idiot.”

Aubrey grinned darkly; this is the Beca she wanted.
“And you’re a narcissistic bitch.”

Beca then slid the ruined article off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor (it wasn’t like it was of use anymore anyway), a disgruntled scowl adorned on her features. Her hands snaked around Aubrey’s waist, pulling the blonde tightly against her body.
“Say that again.” The Dj growled.
Aubrey lowered her mouth to Beca’s ear.

The hot breathy tones, warm against her neck, were enough for Beca to want control, to make Aubrey scream her name. She flipped their positions, wasting no time in removing Aubrey’s shirt and bra in between heated kisses that became slowly more desperate until they were both writhing for the intimacy. Aubrey grunted, not used to the domination that was put upon her and promptly dragged her nails down Beca’s back, leaving fresh red claw marks and a guttural moan that was elicited from the brunette.

“Fuck” Beca gasped through gritted teeth. The pain was instantaneous and sharp and the sting rippled through her torso. If this was Aubrey’s way of regaining power, it wasn’t working. Beca’s hands jumped from the blonde’s waist to her forearms and pinned them against the wall with a thud. Aubrey grunted, refusing to let herself melt under the DJ’s spell.

“Your ass is mine, Posen.”
Beca sunk her teeth into Aubrey’s skin at the point pulse and sucked hard, feeling the delicate flesh break and bruise. The older woman hissed sharply, her hands balled into fists.
Beca smirked and broke her mouth away, leaving the throbbing wound to burn and Aubrey to writhe.

Beca moved down Aubrey’s body. Her arms weren’t strong enough to pin back the blonde’s anymore, so she removed her grip and ran her fingers down Aubrey’s side, grabbing at the waist. The older woman shuddered blissfully from the light touch, becoming further enamoured for the brunette whom was kissing and biting down her collar bones towards her chest.

The Dj reached Aubrey’s breasts and used one hand a massage the left, her thumb and forefinger pinching the hardened nipple, making an audible gasp then whimpering moan come from the woman.
Beca knew Aubrey was now powerless towards her. The brunette knew she had wasted time getting her girlfriend so worked up and angry just to watch her downfall and become a trembled mess who begged to be touched but she still wasn’t finished.

“Beg for me.” Beca growled with a smirk.
Aubrey’s hand played through the shorter woman’s brown locks, lightly tugging.
“No.” She replied on an exhale of breath with a sardonic smile. It was barely audible but you could see the frustration in Beca’s eyes, then the confusion that followed.

Then Beca only had time to grunt as Aubrey pushed her hard. She stumbled backwards, brows furrowed in anguish. Aubrey grabbed Beca’s wrists, her grip sharp. Suddenly, the DJ’s back slammed into the wall and she could do nothing but let out a pained yell as she felt her joints click and muscles tense. Aubrey was back on top, and she looked angry.

“Don’t play games with me, Mitchell.” She hissed as she popped open the button on Beca’s jeans and ripped them down. Beca could only watch with wide eyes and heavy breaths because of the searing pain in her back. She was left with her panties and bra after promptly stepping out of the jeans on Aubrey’s command.

Upon standing up straight, Aubrey’s hands edged around the younger Bellas torso to reach her bra clasp and with a flick of her hand, it came undone. The blonde tore the article off and threw it behind her haphazardly, leaving Beca exposed.

Aubrey then pressed her lips hard against Beca’s and began to rock their hips together in full knowledge of the brunette’s possible injuries.
Beca’s breathing was shallow, each tentative movement sent another wave of pain through her body but she loved it so much. She could feel the twisted smile in Aubrey’s kisses and the enjoyment she got from her pain.

It was devilish and wicked, to love someone who only hurt you. But Aubrey was a drug and Beca was an addict. She whimpered and moaned as the blonde’s nails lightly raked down her chest, stomach and finally stopped at the material of her cotton panties.
Cold fingers slipped underneath and Beca gasped.

The blonde’s fingers teased the Dj’s entrance for a moment, only coming to a pause as Aubrey’s dulcet tones mewled into her ear.
“You’re so wet”
Beca only managed a guttural “ugh” as a reply.
Aubrey smirked then without further hesitation, penetrated her fingers deep into the Dj’s cunt.

Beca’s hips jerked violently at the sensation, only to receive retraction of the digits that she ached to feel. Then, they thrusted back in, setting up a fast paced rhythm to which their bodies rocked together with.
Aubrey’s fingers were long and slender; they dipped in and out of the wet folds at a quick rate which had Beca’s heart rate racing in a matter of minutes and her breathing hiccupped with each subtle twist and every thrust that deepened.

The older woman added a third finger, setting her rhythm a little slower. Beca moaned, her hips thrusting for the friction she’d lost.
The brunette’s hands ran through Aubrey’s straggled air and wildly pulled at it, her fist entangled in the golden locks. She threw her head back, un-anticipating of the sudden tease to her clit.
Aubrey’s free digits slowly stroked the erect bundle of nerves and she could feel that with each tender motion, Beca was becoming further undone.

The Dj crumbled under Aubrey’s touch.
“F-fuck.” Her words were guttural and deep and matched her erratic breathing. Beca’s hand held tightly to Aubrey’s shoulder as her legs trembled, ready to give at a moment’s notice but the blonde supported her girlfriend and kept their eyes bored into one another; anchored.

Aubrey’s fingers kept thrusting; she felt the brunette’s walls tightening around her and the impending climax that would follow
“come on baby,” She purred, her digits picking up from their once leisurely pace. Hips rocked and nails raked. The lines of whose murmured profanities and moans were whose became blurred. Breathing was shallow, quickened, lungs scraping for oxygen until you heard nothing more but gasps that stuttered and hiccupped until-

Aubrey’s name echoed around the room.
The entirety of Beca’s body shook; her tensed muscles tight around the blonde’s slim digits that did not cease their thrusts as the small brunette rode out her orgasm.
The twosome’s hips rolled together, a smile playing on Aubrey’s lips as she watched the Dj unchain and allow the surges of pleasure to overwhelm her senses.

Aubrey extracted her hand from Beca’s panties, seductively licking the juices off of it before planting a heavy kiss on the brunette, allowing her to taste herself against the sweet taste of Aubrey’s lips.
They parted after a final grazing of Beca’s bottom lip, both glistening with sweat in the dimly lit room and their chests falling and rising in unison. Aubrey thought she’d never see anything more beautiful.

“Beca…” She whispered.
“Yeah?” There was a discomfort to Beca’s voice. After the high had died down and reality had settled down around them, there was nothing to stop the reminders they had left each other coming back to bite them on the ass. In the Dj’s case, she squirmed uncomfortably against the wall that had once supported her but now was merely a constriction.

Aubrey felt the pang of regret for being so rough but also the guilty pleasure in knowing Beca would struggle to hide this one from the Bellas.
But in the very fashion of professionalism she held for just being a Posen, she couldn’t let go of the one reason they were here right now – The argument that started the heated escapade.

Beca’s face screwed up in confusion as she spoke (surely she hadn’t forgotten about their argument so quickly?!) but it at least gave Aubrey peace knowing she’d righted her wrong.
“I’m sorry.”