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Beca was sleeping, as is expected by any normal person to do on any normal night. She fell asleep, once again, with her ipod plugged into her ears and one of her many ‘in progress’ mixes blasting through the earphones with hope that her brain would process the music during her slumber. How she actually fell asleep was a mystery, but she managed to somehow.

Chloe was also asleep, though her sleeping was little unorthodox. She had a habit that most people could shake by the time they hit their teens but for some reason never left her. She slept walked. Not just around the apartment though, she would walk across campus during the evening, a lot of the time seeming completely awake. Her escapades were never remembered in the morning which was fortunate and so far no problems had arisen.
However, that was until the evening she went outside with Beca’s spare dorm key.


Beca squirmed in her bed sheets, terror invading her dreams. A dreary shadow constricted her defenceless body; a whispery voice teasing and mocking without mercy whilst the darkness crushed her, the very breath from her lungs being drawn out of her body. Then she was suffocating, until suddenly everything went dark.
“Holy shit!”

Beca bolted upright in her bed. She breathed erratically, each hiccupped breath begging for the air whilst holding back the painful ache in the throat caused by prevention of tears. The brunette blinked rapidly, adjusting to the light conditions just enough to recognise shapes.
“Holy shit…” She repeated, slower than previously.

She ran shaky fingers through straggled hair, itching her scalp nervously. Her sharp intake of unstable breath was loud in the nightly silence. She wanted to cough, though feared awaking her roommate (It is not wise to awake a sleeping dragon, she had told herself on numerous occasions) and therefore meekly cleared her throat, which didn’t really help at all.

But she was awake and away from the nightmare, so she could deal with minor throat irritation, no matter how uncomfortable.
Beca then went to outstretch her legs, feeling the need to relax herself a little.
She was then, to put it bluntly, freaked out when her foot brushed against warm skin. The DJ scowled, having not previously looked down at her bed since awaking.
There couldn’t be someone in her bed. She hadn’t been drinking, she had no guests over and more importantly, she didn’t have a significant other to share a bed with either.

More noticeably, the leg that she had felt was smooth; shaven. It was a female.
Beca didn’t dare let her mind wander. She was scared enough that there was someone there. It couldn’t possibly be – No. Beca shook her head.
It’s not her. It couldn’t possibly be her.
Her eyes wandered.
They met the sheets, then the pillow, then the hair of her companion. The ginger hair of her companion.

“Oh my- fuck!” Beca hissed as she jolted from the bed, landing on the floor with a considerably loud thud. She freezed, expecting a rain of torture from Kimmy-Jin. But there was silence and nothing else.
The DJ breathed a sigh of relief then turned back to the bed.

“Shit.” She muttered quickly, staring up at Chloe on her bed. The redhead had a pleasant smile plastered on her face and she mumbled something inaudible before pulling the sheets over her face.
Beca grinned, chuckling at her friend in disbelief and admiration. It was so surreal.

Slowly, the brunette stood. She watched Chloe for a moment, her gaze softening as she watched the peaceful redhead. It oddly relaxed Beca, seeing someone looking so serene; almost fragile.

Beca shook the thoughts away, slapping her forehead comically.
“Oh god, I’m so queer-balls.” She whispered to herself, only partially annoyed at her more-than-obvious toner for the girl asleep in her bed.
“Wait…how did she even get here?” She continued monologue-ing as she searched the room. Beca knew Chloe had a key, but where had she placed it prior to getting cosy with the DJ was a mystery in its own right.

“Jesus Christ Chloe, you’re a riddle wrapped in an enigma…”
Defeated, and also because she was getting a little lonely, Beca approached the sleeping woman and lightly tapped her shoulder.
Chloe sloppily swatted at the touch before groaning. She turned away from Beca, gripping the sheets ever tighter.

“Are you freakin’ kidding?” Beca hissed. She then jabbed her finger sharply into Chloe’s side, in full knowledge of the redhead’s weak spot.
Chloe seized up, her body tensing for a second. Then with a loud gasp, her eyes opened, clearly in as much shock as Beca was when she fell out of bed.
“Oh my god!” The older Bella whisper shouted, her wild blue eyes snapping towards Beca and then instantly to the bed she laid on.

Beca held back her laughter with a bite to her lip, then nodded her head.
“Yeah, exactly what I said.” She commented, giving Chloe a suspicious eyebrow arch as the redhead’s thoughtful face turned to dawning.
“I’m so sorry Becs.” Chloe mumbled, instantly rising from the bed and standing adjacent to Beca, the tiredness and shame in her crystal eyes evident. The older bella looked exhausted and quite unable to make it home, unless she wanted to pass out first.

“Uh…d-don’t worry about it Chloe. I’m sure everyone randomly goes into their friend’s room and sleeps in their beds for no reason.” The brunette quipped sarcastically, giving her friend a playful shove though instantly regretting it as she tiredly stumbled backwards. Beca rushed to catch Chloe and then held her tight for a moment as she regained balance.

“It’s not random.” Chloe murmured. She let out a sigh which turned to a yawn (which looked adorable, not that Beca would admit it).
“I sleepwalk…like, really badly. I never thought I’d end up in your room but it seems that when I have a key, I will find a way to walk there.” Chloe rubbed her eyes then gestured to the door. “I’m sorry again; I’ll just go back to my apartment now.”
The dejected, pure embarrassed tone to her voice made Beca cringe. She felt bad for Chloe and couldn’t possibly let her walk back home at – (With a quick glance to her clock) – 3:43Am.

“Chloe, wait.” Beca approached the redhead, her hand gently resting on the other girl’s shoulder. It was fortunate it was dark, because both blushed deeply as the electricity passed from one to the other. There was a moment of unadulterated silence as the two processed the situation; the raw yet pretty odd serenity. The fact that Beca had wanted Chloe to stay was more significant that almost anything else in this moment.
“Please, you can stay. I don’t mind sharing my bed for the night.”

Chloe smiled, turning around to see Beca clamber back into bed, adjust the pillow and then pat the space beside her. A slither of moonlight that broke through the drapes gave show of the childish grin adorning the DJ’s face as Chloe joined her on the cramped mattress (It surprised Beca, considering she didn’t realise how little space there was the first time they were in there together).

“Well Beale, it looks like we’re spooning tonight.” Beca said in a chipper fashion, moulding her body around Chloe’s. She tried to avoid getting intimate but it was inevitable due to the limited space available, so she had to deal with it, her toner now seriously struggling to withhold itself.

Chloe chuckled “Not a problem with me.” She replied, wriggling her ass as Beca came into contact with it. She felt the brunette tense up and smirked to herself.
Getting close to Beca Mitchell, ‘bad ass’ DJ, was certainly an experience she like to have again. This thought was only strengthened when she felt Beca’s arm lazily wrap around her waist, albeit with hesitation.
“Is this okay?” She heard whispered into her ear.
She murmured a “Mhmm” in response, smile wide as her eyes drooped shut.

She didn’t fall asleep for a while. She could hear Beca’s brain ticking nervously and though she offered no consolation, she couldn't help but feel humbled by how much thought the younger Bella had to welcomed her in; literally.
To become friends with Mitchell was difficult. To become close was even harder, but to be willingly allowed in the same bed as her? That was a miracle in its own right.
Chloe decided that maybe Beca had let her in for a reason. The realisation made Chloe happy, ecstatic even. Her harboured feelings for her little DJ friend could become the start of something.

She was doubtful for a moment, but 3 words suddenly made all the difference.
It was no more than a whisper, probably unable to be heard at even a close range. But the two weren’t close, no. They were intimate.
Beca assumed Chloe was asleep, but how wrong she was. Had Chloe not been good at controlled breathing, she might have given it away. Alas, she didn’t.

“Chloe, I love you.”