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Beca nuzzled into the crook of Chloe’s neck, stirring in her slumber. She groaned, hearing what she believed to be her alarm which further disrupted her pleasant dreaming.
Haphazardly, the Dj’s began to pat its way across her bed (part of it being Chloe’s body, which Beca didn’t mind in the slightest), bed frame and then to her desk to turn it off. When it reached the device and found it to be silent, her mind halted, confused.
She thought for a moment. No, she was sure she heard her alarm go off and it was still ringing. It was as if the constant ringing was designed to wake people up.
Beca’s brain suddenly became alert.

Though her eyes remained shut she could feel an intense heat burning into them and the faint smell of smoke trickled into her nostrils. Then the slightly crackling of something underneath the forever ringing alarm that screeched through the building became apparent.
Her eyes jolted open, meeting a blaze of orange flames consuming a large section of her dorm room where Kimmy Jin’s desk and ridiculous ornamental lamp had once been.
“Shit.” Beca muttered, terrified by the permeating fire.
She leapt from the bed (carefully minding her girlfriend) and stood a few feet from the flames, the heat instantly making her recoil. Hesitantly she backed away, swatting Chloe’s arm insistently to wake up the dreaming redhead.

“Jesus Chloe, how can you sleep through this? WAKE THE FUCK UP!” She yelled, getting a grimace in response as Chloe’s eyes fluttered open. For such a graceful awakening, the glare that met Beca’s was certainly not a happy one.
“What the hell, Beca?” Chloe groaned.
“No time for that, the rooms on fire! C’mon!” She grabbed a jacket that was hung from her chair and draped it around Chloe’s shoulders as she stood. Beca ushered the girl out of the room, getting a desperate expression in response.
“Aren’t you coming?” The redhead asked, the worry in her scowl increasing as the brunette shook her head.
“No, I’m gonna wake up-“ she was about to announce her roommate and become a saviour but the unimpressed woman (Whom Beca could barely even call an acquaintance) calmly exited the room. She passed a glare to each of them before leaving the hall along with a few other students who tiredly stumbled from their dorms.
“Okay never mind.” Beca mused, rolling her eyes.

“Hurry, Beca! The building is on fire if you haven’t noticed…We need to get out.” Chloe was panicking, which was unusual for the redhead of whom was usually so relaxed in bad situations. She gripped Beca’s hand and tugged the brunette away from the ablaze room, her semi-asleep consciousness not helping in this feat.
Beca removed Chloe’s grip from her own and with a true sense of heroism, she said firmly. “Chloe, there are people in here. I’m going to make sure everyone is out of their room in case they catch on fire too.”
“No, you’ll get hurt!” Chloe pleaded, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

Beca couldn’t respond to that. She pressed her lips hard against Chloe’s, mustering all the courage she could and hoping it’d fill the space where words had failed.
She was about to make an apology for her stubbornness (Though Beca would call it bravery) when the flames jumped.
They burst through the doorway where they stood; Beca reacted fast, wrapping her arms around Chloe and diving out of the way, mere feet from being burnt alive.
As they thudded on the floor, Chloe groaned and reached for the brunette, though all she felt was empty space – Beca had already jumped up and ran down the hall, causing uproar to alert any sleeping tenants that remained.
Chloe scrambled to her feet, dusting off the ash from her clothing. She pulled the jacket she had previously been handed to her tightly to her shoulders and glared into the thick smoke.


Finally sure that Chloe had left the building, Beca’s loud calls turned to silence. She stopped banging on people’s doors and instead carefully padded over to her own, having to leap over certain sections of the floor to avoid the embers that threatened to burn her.
She wiped her brow, the heat beginning to make her uncomfortable whilst her slightly singed feet were aching from the careful treading.
She should’ve left, but something was telling her she had to go back in one more time.
The brunette peered into her dorm; almost everything was burnt or at least had a form of fire damage to its appearance.
Beca swallowed her fear, and blocked out the sirens that wailed from outside. She crept inside the room, cursing and gritting her teeth with every pained step.
The fire was still burning brightly and the smoke made her light headed but she pressed on, edging over what must have been the remains of Kimmy Jin’s bed before she reached her desk. Beca had no time to look at what could be salvaged of her equipment, the increasing flames not allowing her the privilege. Instead, she peered down the side of her desk with hopeful eyes.

The Dj’s gaze caught a glint of silver; a photoframe.
Beca’s heart swelled as she reached and grabbed the item. It was cracked and fragile but the picture inside was unharmed. She grinned, lost in the memory that image contained.
She stood there dumbly for a minute, thanking whatever miracle had caused this one specific object to be saved.
Everything suddenly came rushing back as the bedroom window cracked before exploding into a million pieces, sending shards of glass in every direction.
Beca yelped as she violently clasped her free hand over her arm before a writhing pain set in. After a moment, she gingerly she peered under it.
A large fragment of glass was embedded deep in her skin and a slow trickle of blood was beginning to form around it.
“Fuck.” She hissed, but dared not remove it.
She took a swift final glance around the room and with a sigh she left, cautiously skirting around any threatening flames and embers.


Chloe watched with intensity as she fire spread slowly across the building, screaming in unison with the other terrified onlookers as the window exploded.
She clung to the jacket Beca had given her and breathed in the familiar scent; it was comforting but not enough to pull her away from the gut wrenching thoughts that her girlfriend may be burning alive.

The redhead felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to find its source. Stood, looking remorseful was Kimmy-Jin. She had a grim expression and refused to make eye contact.
“I’m sorry.” She mumbled before walking away again. What she was sorry for, Chloe had no idea but the gesture moved her unlike anything.
She had tried to stay brave, but she was just a scared little girl at heart and the tears came rolling down her cheeks.

Then, a voice broke through the murmured conversations. It was one of the fire-fighters; he began jogging towards the building. The other men were still hard at work to control the blaze, but a few glanced over quickly to the sound.
“There’s another one!” The fireman shouted and his astonishment echoed through the crowed.
“Everyone out of the way, she looks hurts!” He yelled again, approaching the figure to help but he was pushed away, the woman giving him a glare before she continued limping towards the group of people.

A mess of brown hair and dark eyeliner parted the crowd. To everyone’s amazement, Beca stood tall despite her appearance and the trembling that shook her body. Her eyes were hazy and unfocused as she reached Chloe, nearly stumbling over her own feet.
“Oh my god Beca…” Chloe whispered.
Beca gave a half smirk, her drifting consciousness becoming evident. She breathed for a moment, hoping for her lungs to no longer feel heavy with the toxic fumes she had inhaled.

The brunette looked around at the crowd, who all stood in silence, anticipating the words from this small woman’s mouth.
“I…” She began to speak but the syllables were cut off. Beca collapsed to her knees, increasingly weaker by the minute.
Chloe rushed to her side, gripping Beca by the sides of her shoulders. She spoke soothingly but insistently to her girlfriend, hoping to keep her alert for just a while longer.
“Beca? Come on, Beca, stay with me! You’ve got to stay awake babe!”
It was now that the redhead noticed the glass stuck in Beca’s arm. She inhaled sharply, biting her lip to avoid her natural gagging reflex that came about when such wounds appeared.
Her gaze flicked from the injury to Beca’s eyes a few times; she could see the dull pain enveloped in the darkness of Beca’s irises. It was a deep burning ache that was only being softened by the crystal eyes that Beca’s own met. The brunette smiled meekly, getting an awed grinned in response.
Unable to form a coherent response, Beca thrusted out the photo frame she had been gripping before collapsing. Chloe whimpered as she watched the DJ fall and consequently be taken away by paramedics that had been called over by an onlooker. The older Bella had been offered a lift in the ambulance with them which she graciously accepted; unwilling to let her girlfriend travel alone.


Only when had they arrived at the hospital and been placed into a room did Chloe dare to look at what Beca had shoved at her, expecting it to be an important family photo of some sort.
Instead, it was picture of them both, smiling awkwardly in front of a theme park ride. Chloe grinned goofily, her hand close to her mouth to silence the sobs that began to rake through her body.
Out of everything she had, Beca saved the first photograph they had gotten together as a couple. The DJ decks, all her CD’s, they were gone, but this one little picture wasn’t.
Beca Mitchell, bad ass DJ, saved her true love over her materialistic one.
Chloe clutched the photo frame close to her body, savouring the sentimental object for all it’s worth. She cried because for the first time she knew that Beca truly did love her and almost died because of it.

She slumped in the uncomfortable hospital seat, waiting for any update that would bring her to the current situation. All she knew was that Beca was fine apart from some minor burns and the cut on her arm (which had been abruptly sewn up moments after they entered A&E).
Though it seemed that waiting much longer wasn’t necessary because with a loud gasp, Beca rose from her unconscious state in a fit of coughs and husky breaths. Wide eyed as the fresh oxygen filled her lungs, she looked around the room in panic, every one of her sharp moves watched by the redhead in amazement.
As her erratic breathing levelled a few minutes later, Beca began to focus on objects in the room. Her eyes travelled, starting on one side of the room and scanning across the other and eventually falling on Chloe.

“Ch-Chloe?” She questioned with a distinct crack in her voice.
“Shh, you’re in hospital Beca.” The redhead murmured soothingly, approaching Beca’s bedside and stroking the hand of her girlfriend.
“I-I can see…” Beca quipped. Even in critical condition, she was still being a smart ass.
After a brief silence and quick exchange of a kiss, Chloe gestured towards the silver frame that was now stood on a small table.
“You saved the theme park picture…why?” She asked softly.
“Because only one of them exists, Chloe. I can’t replace it.” Beca replied simply,
“But I can’t replace you.” Chloe whispered exasperatedly. She placed her hand on the side of Beca’s face, her thumb tracing light circles on the brunette’s skin. “You could have died.” She stated her discomfort in the subject evident.
Beca smiled sincerely, not taking her eyes off Chloe for even a moment.
“It was one memory worth the risk.”