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Stood in line at her local Starbucks, Aubrey tutted impatiently, watching the woman in front of her aimlessly stare at the menu board trying to choose a beverage.
The blonde had already decided her order when she was a block away from the building and even then she had an idea beforehand. How people could not be organised and make decisions in good time Aubrey would never understand.

Her arms crossed as she checked her watch; 8:30am, 30 minutes until she needed to be at the firm. Maybe today she could just sit inside and drink her coffee instead of rushing over like she usually did; a pleasant change from the norm, she thought.

Another five minutes and a good deal of glaring from the other customers (It wasn’t just Aubrey that was getting annoyed, it seemed) and the woman-who-shall-not-order-fast finally picked a white chocolate mocha, much to Aubrey’s distaste (At 580 calories and 75 grams of sugar, it was literally diabetes in a cup).
With a relieved sigh, Aubrey approached the counter and smiled briefly at the barista. She opened her mouth to speak but the familiar sound of ‘Just the way you are’ came from her purse. She frowned, rummaged through the bag and grabbed her cell phone, gesturing to the brunette behind that she could order first.
The woman was one of those sporty types, judging from her attire and fresh face. She was attractive for sure and it took Aubrey a moment of (indiscrete) staring before she snapped back to the voice on the other side of the phone.
“Yes, hello?” She tried to remain professional, despite her surroundings. The brunette smirked.
“Oh…The entire computer system? So, about an hour? Right, okay. Thank you. Bye” The seemingly one sided conversation ended and after returning the mobile to her bag, Aubrey was surprised to have a coffee cup thrusted towards her.

“Here, guy on the register said this was your usual. Don’t worry, it’s my little gift.” The mystery woman winked and Aubrey could’ve sworn that if she currently wasn’t in ‘business mode’, she would’ve melted to a puddle from the look.
“Oh…er, thanks.” Aubrey received the cup and took a gracious sip, letting out a content exhale of breath as she swallowed.
“I’m Stacie.” The woman announced, extending her free arm towards the blonde. Aubrey took Stacie’s hand and shook it, replying with her name and a smile.
“Well Aubrey, from what I overheard you’ve got an hour to be somewhere, right?”
Aubrey scowled a little, slightly discouraged at how Stacie had rudely listened in on her conversation but nevertheless she nodded, taking another sip at her coffee.
By now they were sat at a table. Aubrey was surprised at how the brunette had enticed her over and within a few minutes of meeting were already sat drinking their coffee’s together.
She was Aubrey Posen, daughter of Walter Posen and head of a large law firm and if there was one thing she didn’t do, it was get drawn into random people she’s met at a coffee shop. Yet there she was…
“Y’know what they say, right? A lot can happen in an hour.” Stacie winked again, causing Aubrey to almost choke on her drink. She spluttered, the scalding coffee leaving a harsh taste in her mouth.
Her lips pursed, she tightly replied “I’d prefer to keep it strictly professional Miss Conrad”
Stacie raised an eyebrow, a bemused expression spread across her face. “How did you-“
“First rule in any business matter involving odd clientele, always check for identification. Though, the rule for you would probably be to make sure your purse is kept shut; I can see that doctor’s letter from right here.”
Stacie frowned, turning to her open bag. She pushed the envelope addressed to her deeper into its reaches before snapping the bag shut.

“Touché…So you’re a business person then, guessing from-“Stacie gestured to Aubrey’s formal clothes “all that?…”
Aubrey smirked “Just the clothes gave it away, huh?” She let out a breathy laugh “What are you then? Professional sports trainer? Do you get to meet famous actresses, say Brittany Snow for example, and give them the workout of their life?”
Stacie shook her head, chuckling. “Oh, I wish…I’m just a ballet teacher. I teach down the road from here, y’know the studio 3 blocks away?”
Aubrey nodded. “I’ve driven past before…” she replied passingly.
“You should come in sometime, I’ll show you some moves.” There it was again, the sly sexuality that crept into her voice. The brunette was probably oblivious to the effect she was having on the startled businesswoman. It was like she had reached past any personal walls without so much as a glance and gotten within Aubrey’s boundaries with ease.
Aubrey smiled tightly “I’d like that.” Though, she sounded uncertain.
They sat for a few moments in silence, both drinking their coffees, avoiding eye contact (As if there wasn’t enough tension as it was).
Stacie lowered her slightly hunched shoulders into a relaxed posture. She leant her elbow on the table then rested her head on heel of her hand and glared with intensity at the blonde.
“So what’s your deal?” She asked after a moment.
Aubrey did a double take as the question escaped into the air; she looked for an inch of playfulness in Stacie’s gaze, but it was dead serious and intent on getting an answer.
“Excuse me?”
“Oh come on, you know what I mean. What? Are you like this mysterious super amazing lawyer chick that never lets any one past the persona she’s created for her clients? Though, once you get past all the bitchiness, you find someone whose super sweet and just wants to do the best she can in life?”
She’d gotten it completely right, as much as Aubrey hated to admit it.
“I haven’t created a persona.” She lied.
“Then you’re already half way there.” Stacie shot back with yet another wink.
Aubrey took a slow gulp of coffee, looking the brunette across from her up and down. There was a look of deduction evident on her face as she stared, causing Stacie so shuffle uncomfortably in her seat.
“You okay there Blondie?” She asked cautiously.
Slowly, Aubrey nodded. “Yes, I’m fine. Just trying you work out ‘your deal’, as you would say”
“Oh?” Stacie cocked her eyebrow. “And what have you found?”
Aubrey tried to look neutral and not show the slight smugness she felt from having figured out this once mysterious woman. “You’re a dancer and you have an innate ability to attract people. From the way you sit, I can see you have incredible posture; a sign of good core muscles.” Aubrey paused a moment, taking a quick sip of her drink whilst inspecting the wide eyed ‘What-the-actual-fuck?’ expression on Stacie’s face.
She continued “…From your physical aesthetics, I would say that those core muscles come from pole dancing. Through a few minor processes I’ll skip out, I deduce that when you were younger, you put your entrancing looks and appeal to good work whilst working in a strip club to get by. You stopped because it wasn’t your dream and instead began to teach a pure innocent form of dance – Ballet, as a way of trying to remove the poison feel of stripping for a living.” Aubrey clicked the joints in her hand, looking briefly up to the gaping brunette. She had the urge to look triumphant but at seeing the pain behind Stacie’s glance, she decided to keep her face blank.
“I’m not here to judge.” Aubrey stated, hands raised in defence. “But obviously that’s a touchy subject, so I’ll uh, not talk about it.” She smiled sincerely, getting a look of admiration in reply.
“Huh, usually everyone wants to talk about their ex-stripper friend.”
Aubrey shook her head “As cliché as it is; I’m not everyone…but on a different note, we’re friends now?”
Stacie shrugged then downed the last of her coffee, taking time to leave the table and put it in the trash. On returning, she grinned. “Well, you don’t just talk to a stranger for 45 minutes without becoming friends, right?”
Aubrey chuckled “I hate to say this, but you’re right. I guess I’m stuck with you.”
Stacie slid a piece of paper across the table with her cell number written on it. “Well, you might need this then.” She winked (Aubrey had concluded this was more of a habit than a flirt technique, but either way, it was damn sexy)
After typing the number in, she became aware of the multiple missed calls and 5 texts that she had received over the past three quarters of an hour.
“Shit.” She muttered, opening the last of the texts eagerly. Stacie was about to question the sudden change in disposition, but when Aubrey broke out in a grin, her worry dissipated.
“Is the dance demonstration offer still open?” The blonde asked, her smile mischievous.
“Oh, sure…What about your work though, shouldn’t you be-“Stacie was about to begin unloading excuses. She knew Aubrey was too good for her, anyway.
“There was a network attack; entire system won’t be back online until tomorrow. Don’t make me rethink my decision. I could just go home right now and act like I never met you.”
And with that, Aubrey hesitantly got up from her seat and began to trail away from Stacie, trying to provoke a response.
Stacie took all but five seconds to chase after Aubrey, calling her name to make her halt.
“Jesus Christ, this is so fucked up. I didn’t know you an hour ago and now I’m taking you to my dance studio. What is this? A game? Are you gonna just drop me like some client who’s claim is stupid? Tell me.”
Aubrey looked a little stupefied at the sudden aggression though she took the words in with understanding. She smiled gently. “Of course this isn’t game; I don’t waste time on people who aren’t worth it. Now are going to show me this dance studio or not?”
Stacie’s glanced to her side, face concentrated in thought. Suddenly, that sly smile appeared again. “You know, my dance studio is nice…but I’ve got a practise dance pole in my apartment, that’s literally at the end of the street. It’d be…” She paused. “…More homely?”
Aubrey eye’s widened but she reciprocated the slight smirk that had appeared in the brunette’s features.
“Well…what are we waiting for?”