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The Advent-ures Of Arashi

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This year, as always, everything for her will be just right. The Earl Grey has been heated to exactly the right temperature, the icing on the dainty little cakes glistens like a plate of jewels, and his uniform has been washed and pressed to perfection. Even so, Kageyama gives himself one more check in the mirror just to make sure that he appears presentable, and – satisfied that he could serve the Queen of England herself with his current appearance – he picks up the tray of afternoon tea and carefully carries it along the corridor to the small room which functions as his study. Once inside, he sweeps across the floor to place the tray upon his desk, then bows graciously towards the female figure standing to one side.

“You know this is something I look forward to every year,” he states politely, drawing a napkin with a flourish as he straightens up again. “It's very rare I get to spend some quiet time alone with just you.”

His greeting delivered, he takes his seat at the desk, picks up the teapot, and pours himself a cup before sitting back and smiling at the woman beside him, although she does not smile back. In fact, she can't – she is made of cardboard, a life-size cut-out of one of his idols, the diminuitive TV heroine Queen Q. She says nothing, but she does not need to; she is already as close to perfection as one can get, a tiny champion of justice with beautiful looks and a fighting style which would put many professional wrestlers to shame. He raises his teacup to her in a toast, as gentlemanly as if she were there with him in person.

“Merry Christmas, Milady.”