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Heart Melter

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Will had been working on his latest case for a while now, a bit longer than usual. The Chesapeake Ripper case had been on his mind constantly as well. Jack had urged him to concentrate more, and not to let his mind wander from the major objects.

It was no wonder that Will felt tired, but he also came to realize that no matter how knackered he was, he just couldn't sleep. It felt like his mind was pushing him down, suffocating him slowly with the images of Ripper's latest victims that just piled up one after another.

He had been tossing and turning on his bed for hours now, so he finally gave up and headed to his small kitchen to switch the coffee maker on. Will heard faint scratches as Winston shuffled to the kitchen tail flagging. He smiled at the dog briefly and patted its head, while he listened to the coffee drip to the pan, and looked out of his window admiring the dark night sky.

After the brief waiting he poured himself a large cup of coffee and took a sip of it, humming as the hot liquid made its way down his throat, warming him up. Will could still feel his mind whirring furiously, though the coffee relaxed him.

As Will finished his cup of coffee, he felt a curious tugging sensation going through his body. After a while it grew uncomfortably painful, and Will had to force his eyes shut against the unbearable agony. Hearing muffled with the pain, and he barely heard Winston whining by his side, when all of the sudden the pain he had felt was gone. He could hear again normally, and it took him a while to register that the irritable whirring of his mind had shut down.

Overly pleased with this new revelation Will opened his eyes, noticing he had shut them before. However, the scene that came upon his view unsettled him, and he stumbled back a few steps, bumping his head on the corner of his table. Will hissed at the contact and brought his hand to his head, wincing at the bump that was already forming under his fingertips. That's when he remembered his horror, turned his head towards Winston, who was sitting now in front of him, looking strangely bigger.

Firstly Will noticed that everything else looked massive as well. He spun around the kitchen and felt trapped in the middle of his furniture that had magically grown. When he absently remembered that he was still holding his empty cup, did he realize that something was definitely off.

Will stared at his hands that were now alarmingly smaller than before. He blinked a few times, placed the cup on the table and headed to the bathroom. Will was startled to a stop in front of his mirror, as he stared at his now 7-year-old self.

This had to be a hallucination.