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Miscommunication Is Key

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“Mikasa, can I speak with you for a moment?”

It isn’t often that people come to speak with Mikasa. Typically they are put off by her affinity for silence. That, or Eren’s obnoxious presence causes them to steer clear. She isn’t all too surprised, then, when she turns and sees Krista. Krista has a knack for not noticing things that cause most others discomfort (or just blatantly ignoring them). For example, she spends about ninety percent of her time with Ymir. How she manages to do so is a mystery. Popular theory is that Krista is some otherworldly being- most likely celestial in origin- that feeds off of negativity and uses it to create sunshine and rainbows and other good things. And negativity can be found in Ymir like candy on Halloween. Knock on the door and bam, you’re drowning in small plastic packages of candy-coated despair.

That’s not to say Mikasa considers herself similar to Ymir. Oh no. Mikasa has class. She is respectful, diligent, and able to manage her time. She doesn’t procrastinate, nor does she go out of her way to pick fights. She is quiet, keeps her opinions to herself unless stating them is appropriate and beneficial to the situation.

It seems, however, that the entirety of the 104th Class consists of idiots and rabbits and so Mikasa’s intellect and maturity is seen as something terrifying.


Krista shifts, and suddenly Mikasa realizes she has yet to indicate that she has acknowledged, or even heard, her request. “Yes, of course. What is it you need?”

“Well… may I be blunt?”

“Whatever suits you.”

Krista looks up and down the hallway, checking for any who may be in earshot. The lunch bell rang just a few minutes prior, however, and so every living soul has migrated to the cafeteria. Even so, Krista seems unwilling to speak in the hall. “Could we move to the classroom?”

Mikasa is beginning to be troubled by Krista’s hesitance. It is rare to see such unease on her face. “Is something wrong?” Mikasa asks as she shuts the door behind her.

“No… It’s just that…” Mikasa waits patiently as Krista searches for the words. She spends several quiet minutes shuffling her feet and fidgeting with her fingers. She issues an apology and tries again, only to trail off and drag her gaze to the floor.

“Krista, you can speak freely with me.” Mikasa promises. “I am willing to hear you out.” She won’t admit it openly, but worry begins to gnaw at her belly. “Is it… something Ymir has done?”

“Goodness, no!” Krista’s cheeks are red and she shakes her head almost desperately. “It’s nothing like that! She’s lovely! Let me just…” She takes in a deep breath. Then, “Is it you who tops, or Annie?” The words come out on the exhale, almost too jumbled to be heard as Krista rushes them out. As soon as they leave her lips, the blonde looks like she wishes she could reach out and snatch them away, hide them or burn them perhaps.

What a strange girl. “I do.” Mikasa had thought that this was common knowledge? She is number one in the class, after all.

Krista heaves a sigh. She seems more at ease now. “I thought so… Then, could I ask for your help, if it isn’t too strange?”

Mikasa nods. She is already formulating a studying schedule in her mind. Krista is a pretty average student, but if she applies herself and studies with the right person (Mikasa trusts that she is not being conceited when she has herself in mind, because it is true) she could easily get into the 104th’s top ten.

“With Ymir… she’s…” Krista is having trouble with words again. Mikasa understands. Ymir is Krista’s best friend, and Krista is normally so quick to defend her, it must be hard to finally say that Ymir may not be the best studying partner. “She’s very kind.”

“I’m sure she is.” Mikasa lets the additional “to you” go unsaid.

“And she never does anything to make me uncomfortable… that is, she always makes sure I’m okay with what we’re doing.”

“Go on.”

“It’s just that… She’s always in charge.” Her face is so red; it’s adorable. If talking about schoolwork really gets Krista this worked up, perhaps she truly does need a different studying partner. Mikasa can’t help but be amused. “And it’s nice. She knows what she’s doing and she always takes care of me. But, you know… for once, I think maybe I’d like to turn things around. And I think Ymir might enjoy it too.”

Mikasa nods. Perhaps if Krista begins to get better grades than Ymir, Ymir might follow her lead and start working harder.

“The problem is, I don’t know how to go about it. So I thought… Perhaps I could ask you for help?” Krista is back to looking at the ground.

“Of course.”

“I want to repeat… I don’t want to seem strange. I just wasn’t sure who I could come to… But when I thought about it, I realized that you and Annie are both very dominant people.” Krista says. “So you know how it is to try and get someone who likes to be in charge and convince them to be submissive. That’s why I came to you. I want to be able to top Ymir in bed too.”

“Of course.” The words roll off of her tongue and over her lips. They float in the air towards an overjoyed Krista. Then they suddenly become heavy and drop to the floor with an audible crack (or maybe that was the sound of the desk Mikasa’s been sitting at fracturing as her hands clench around the edge). “Wait. What.”



What did Mikasa just agree to?

They were talking about grades, weren’t they?

So what… what does… Ymir… in bed… What does that have to do with anything?!

“Could you maybe repeat your request?” Mikasa asks in as level a voice as she can.

“I wish for you to teach me how to top Ymir.”

“In bed?”

Krista starts to look genuinely confused. “Where else would I… Oh!” She blushes. “My mistake!”

Yes. Her huge fucking mistake.

“It’s silly of me, isn’t it? Ymir and I are roommates so we don’t have to sneak around very much. It must be much harder because you and Annie are not. You must meet in all sorts of interesting places.”

No. No, no, no, no, no. This isn’t happening.

“Krista, I think… there has been a mistake.” Mikasa is trying to aim for her typical cool-headed approach to everything. She has total control over herself. Perfect self-control. She isn’t blushing, she isn’t shaking, her voice is totally steady. Anyone who says otherwise is a lying bastard.

“A mistake?” She asks, tilting her head. “What do you mean?”

“Annie and I… we aren’t…” Mikasa trails off.

Krista is looking at her with those wide blue eyes, expectant and curious. Eager, even. Mikasa can see those expressive eyes filling with tears as embarrassment floods over her. The poor girl would probably never show her face around Mikasa again.

“We…” Krista leans forward, concentration etched into her eyebrows.

Oh, for god’s sake.

“We talk.” Mikasa says firmly. “Communication. It’s important. Talk to Ymir, tell her you want to change things up a little. I mean, it’s that or just go for it. That’s all I can really say.”

“That’s… that’s so simple.” Krista mulls it over quietly. Then she smiles at Mikasa. “Thank you so much!”

“… Yes. Of course.” She tries to think of a way to add in the fact that she and Annie aren’t together, and that she doesn’t even like girls in the first place, but Krista has already rocketed up out of her chair.

“Ah! This took longer than I thought. Ymir is probably wondering where I am. Shall we go to the cafeteria now?”

“… Yes.”

She silently follows Krista, running scenarios through her mind. The chance to casually bring up the truth seems to have passed, though. How, exactly, did Krista even get that idea about Mikasa and Annie in the first place? Do Mikasa and Annie even talk to each other all that much?

Lunch is already halfway through by the time Mikasa and Krista arrive. Ymir waves and immediately her friend (girlfriend??) goes to her.

“What’s wrong with you?” Eren asks as Mikasa takes a seat across from him, luckily on the other side of the cafeteria.

“You look like you just saw someone get eaten alive.” Connie adds with a good-natured laugh.

Annie puts a hand on her shoulder. “Should I take you to the nurse?”

“Please…” Mikasa crosses her arms on the table and slowly lays her head facedown upon them. “Do not touch or speak to me.”

“Mikasa?” Eren prompts.

Her head shoots up. Eren nearly screams. The look in her eye is unreadable yet terrifying. “Eren. Please date me.”


“Just for a little while. Please.”

“W-why should I?!”

“I am willing to beg. Please do not force me to resort to begging.”

“Where is this even coming from?!”

Connie’s enjoyment of the strange and out-of-character scene is suddenly interrupted by the uncomfortable sensation of a hand running down his back. “Hey!” He shakes himself and glares at the hand’s owner. “What the hell did you just wipe on my shirt?!”

Jean has a rather distant look in his eye as he quietly answers, “My remaining hope for happiness.”