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<b><i>Love into the Light</b></i>

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With Ke$ha blaring loudly from all around, it was an odd musical change from the guest band that night at Josie’s.


Sam Winchester stood with his back against the wall, feeling a little too exposed in a black mesh tee and low-riding faded jeans. His curly, dark brown hair was gelled into a faux-hawk, Jess’s idea, and his eyes were rimmed in kohl black eyeliner, another one of Jess’s ideas.


And if he had to be totally honest, his whole outfit was Jess’s idea.


Though with some of the looks he’d gotten so far, he felt a little better about it. Apparently showing just enough skin was a turn-on for some of the other guys at Josie’s tonight.


But Sam also figured it was because of the drop-dead gorgeous lead singer of the guest band, which also happened to be his step-sister Jo’s band. Sam kicked back another swig of his cherry wine-cooler and gazed at the broad-shouldered, muscular man leaning against the record machine just a few paces from the dance floor.


A lit cigarette hung from the man’s fingers. His hair was gelled into spikes and tipped neon-green. Even though nobody was suppose to smoke inside the bar, it didn’t stop people from trying, and Josie never said anything about it, as long as they didn’t put burns in the leather seats.


As Sam’s eyes traveled up and down the man’s body, taking in scuffed leather boots, ripped and faded jeans, too-tight black v-neck tee, and slight facial scruff, Sam felt heat coloring his cheeks.


God, he was gawking wasn’t he?


He quickly tried to avert his eyes, but before he managed to look away, the man caught him staring and a slow, cocky smile came to his full lips.


Sam quickly cast his gaze downward, staring intently at the floor, as if looking for microscopic kittens or some such cute thing his friend Charlie would have said right then.


“Hey, Sammy!”


Sam quickly looked up as Jess came prancing over, pulling Charlie behind her.


Jess looked stunning and a little naughty in her tight, black mini dress and matching 6-

inch stiletto heels. Her hair was curled and fell down to just below her shoulders. Black eyeliner and smoky eye-shadow accentuated her naturally chocolate brown eyes. Whore-red lipstick completed her look.


Charlie looked cute as always, in a Dungeon & Dragons tee and black skinny jeans with her trademark red Converse sneakers. She had her dark red hair pulled back into a ponytail and just a touch of eyeliner.


“Hey, Jess. Hey, Charlie.”


“Why’re you just standing here like a nobody and not on the dance floor?!”


“Maybe he doesn’t want to be embarrassed by my ‘killer’ dance moves,” Charlie stated rather matter-o-factly.


“Charlie, shut-up!”


“Maybe it’s because he’s been eyeing the lead singer of Iron Rose for the past ten minutes.”


Sam turned to look at Brady, who was looking rather hot in a dark blue polo with khaki cargo shorts and his hair gelled back. Sam had swore at one point that if Brady hadn’t been dating Jess he so would have made a pass at Brady. And would have probably succeeded after ten beers. Most frat boys fooled around with another guy after having too many beers.


“I was not!”


Sam felt himself blush.




“Leave him alone, Brady,” Jess said, swatting her boyfriend on the arm and then leaning up to kiss him on the cheek, leaving a bright red mark on his cheek.


Sam notice Charlie roll her eyes and mimic gagging.


Sam laughed at that and then said,


“Alright, so maybe I was. So what? Ain't like he’s gonna be interested in a pre-law student. He’s clearing not into guys like me, hell he might not even be into guys...”


“Sam, have you looked in a mirror lately?” Jess said, smiling seductively at him, “Any guy would stare at you, you’re yummilious babe!”


“Right, this coming from the girl who finds the mannequins at the GAP sexy...” Charlie said causing Jess to death-glare her and Brady to laugh, almost spilling his beer all over himself.


“Charlie, shut-up!”


“Like I said,” Charlie smiled and then looked back towards the record machine where the band members were quietly talking and taking their break.


“Though, Sam, Jess may have a point. The lead singer hasn't stopped looking at you since he noticed you looking at him. And if I have anything to say about guys, it’s that they tend to gawk at someone they find attractive. Though I may be wrong, lesbians are much more secretive about those kindsa things.”


“Charlie, he is not.” Sam didn't even chance looking up in case she was right.


“She’s totally right, Sammy!” Jess squealed. “He’s ogling you big time with that sexy grin on his face. He definitely sees someone he likes.”


“Maybe you should go over and introduce yourself?” Brady said.


Sam stared at Brady, just shaking his head.


“Yeah, that would go off well. I’d probably just fall flat on my face and then stutter the entire time.”


“You do not stutter. If anything you speak way more eloquently than any of us here. Hell, you’re pre-law Sam! You've gotta be an awesome speaker!”


“Right, Charlie.”


Sam just swigged again from his wine-cooler. As they others began to talk amongst themselves, Sam chanced a glance over to where the band members were all congregated.


He spotted Jo first out of the others, her golden hair hanging straight to her shoulders and tipped in neon blue. She wore a black, baby tee with a silver and red rose symbol on it and Sam swore if her jeans were any tighter, she wouldn't be wearing jeans.


But he had to admit, she looked good.


So did the other girl with the dark hair fringed in dark red and almost-black eyes. Her skin was pale and stood out drastically with her all black outfit - a ratty tee, too-tight skinny jeans, and 7-inch heeled boots. Her shirt was also emblazoned with the silver-red rose.


The second guy of the band had a tortured-soul kind of look to him. It was all in his eyes - deep, smoldering dark eyes - and Sam had to look away.


Though when he did, he found himself gazing at the lead singer again. Only this time, he noticed the black and red rose tattooed on his neck. It was beautiful and had a very intricate design with swirls and loops making up the stem and petals of the rose.


Then his gaze flickered upwards, taking in the angular jaw-line dusted with a days worth of scruff, then the prominent cheek-bones, and finally the guys deep, liquid green eyes.


And that was when those liquid eyes locked with his hazel ones and Sam felt a shiver course through his body. But he didn't look away, almost as if he was transfixed. Under a spell.


Then that cocky, sexy grin quirked onto the guy’s face and Sam felt his stomach bottom out, he felt the fabric of his pants tighten just a little near his crotch and that was when he knew he had it bad.


Attractive, a little to sure of himself, and just the right amount of edge... that was the guys Sam liked. And those were the guys who would love you and leave you in a heartbeat.


And then the quiet surrounding him was broken by the band being announced back to the stage.


Hoots and hollers went up and then Sam watched as all four members of the band got back onto the stage.


Jo started them off with a rumbling drum-line and then the tortured-soul guy and all-black girl harmonized with their bass and guitar.


And when the lead singer began to sing it was as if a spell had fallen over the entire bar, everyone was glued to the man’s each and every sung syllable, as if afraid they might miss something life-altering or earth-shattering if they stopped listening for one second.


Sam was just as glued as everyone else, but his eyes were locked with the lead singer’s, who seemed to be singing just for him.


He was enveloped by the guy’s voice, such a velvety baritone. It cascaded over him and reverberated deep in his bones and he felt as if he was being taking over, called to.


It was as if the guy was saying that Sam was his and his alone.


And Sam wanted him. Oh, God, he want him bad.