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Find My Way Back to You

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Scott heard the front door close, a sign that his mother was leaving for work. Two seconds later, someone was barging into his bedroom.

Scott jumped and held the lacrosse stick that he'd been threading, like he was going hit the intruder with it.

"God, I've been waiting for her to leave for like...ever!"

"Stiles! What the hell?!"

"What?" Stiles asked, slightly confused.

Scott lowered the stick and sighed. "Why do you continue coming in without asking? What if I was..." He paused. "Needing privacy."

"Then you would have locked the door." Stiles shrugged. "That's what I do." Scott made a face, as if he was being told too much information. "Anyway, Dad left about 20 minutes ago."

"I know. I heard." Scott stood and sat the lacrosse stick down.

"Well, did you hear why he left?"

"No...Listening in on his calls is what you do best. He always knows when I'm there." Stiles grinned mischievously, and Scott groaned. "Oh no...what happened?"

"They called in all of the Beacon department and even state police. Two joggers found a body in the woods."

"A dead body?" Scott asked with a hint of shock.

Stiles rolled his eyes. "No, a body of water. Yes! A dead body."

"You mean like...murdered?"

"No one knows. Just that it was girl. Probably in her twenties."

Scott thought about what Stiles was saying. "Wait, if they found the body, then what are they looking for?"

"That's the best part." Stiles said giddily. "They only found half. Come on, get dressed."

"But," Scott started with a sigh. "Kayce is already asleep and we can't leave her alone. Plus, I was kind of hoping to get a good night's sleep before lacrosse practice tomorrow."

"One, Lydia is already on her way over here to stay with Kayce. And two, tryouts will be fine."

"For you maybe."

"You were on the team last year."

"Yeah, but I sat on the bench the whole time."

"Really? There was that one time that..."Scott shook his head slowly. "No? Oh..." The doorbell rang and Stiles's excitement came back full force. "That's Lydia! Get dressed! We're going!"

Stiles heard him groan in frustration as he bounded down the stairs and swung the front door open.

"So, what's this emergency that you and Scott have to take care of in the middle of the night?" She didn't sound concerned as she walked into the house. Mostly because she knew these boys way too well, and if there had been an actual emergency he wouldn't have sent her a vague text.

"There was half of a body found in the woods." He said with excitement.

"Anyone we know?"

Stiles shrugged. "Don't know yet."

Lydia rolled her eyes and looked up to see Scott coming down the stairs. "Hey, Scott."

"Hey, Lydia." Scott gave her a sympathetic smile.

"I didn't get a 'hey'" Stiles said with mock hurt.

"Your 'hey' was implied." She told him as she started walking toward the kitchen.

"Okay, just make yourself at home!" Stiles called.

"I always do!" She replied from the next room.

"Let's hurry up and get this over with." Scott said, as he walked out the door.

"That's the spirit!" Stiles pumped his fist as he grabbed his keys and followed Scott out the door.

"So," Scott began once he and Stiles were on the road headed toward the preserve. "I know that I've asked you before, but it's been awhile. What's up with you and Lydia?"

"I'll give you the same answer I gave you when you asked me last time. We're friends. I mean...she's my best friend."

"I thought I was your best friend."

"No, you're my brother. There's a difference." Scott raised his eyebrow. Stiles noticed and decided to rephrase. "And by brother, I mean, you were my brother before we were brothers."

"Awe... thanks, man."

"Don't mention it." Stiles hit him on the arm in order to 'man up' their conversation. "But yeah... Lydia? Friends."

"With benefits?"

"No!" Stiles gasped abruptly.

"Whoa, sorry. It's just... you guys flirt...a lot. Like, all the time."

"Yeah, well that's just how we've always acted around each other."

"Have you ever-"

"No." Stiles answered before Scott could finish his sentence.

"-thought about it?"

"Wait, thought about what?"

"Having sex with Lydia."

Stiles scoffed. "I'm a guy! And Lydia's hot. Of course I've thought about it."

"Even when you..."

"DUDE! That is none of your business! Where is this conversation even headed?"

"I don't know, I just think you're secretly in love with each other."

"Well, I mean... I love her. I'm just not in love with her."

Scott nodded. There was silence for a moment before he said, "Have you ever kissed her?"

"I'm done with this." Stiles was pulling over onto the side of the road.

"Wait, why are we stopping here?"

"Dude, if we park where everybody else is, then they're going to find us. The point is to not be noticeable."

Scott sighed. "True." The boys got out and Stiles grabbed the flashlight that he kept in his jeep.

"Come on, this way."

"Do we even know which half of the body we should be looking for?"

"Huh," Stiles said. "No. I didn't think about that."

"And what if whoever killed the body is still out here?"

"Didn't think about that either." Stiles jogged ahead and Scott struggled to keep up, breathing sounding wheezy and coming in short spurts.

"Maybe you should have thought about letting the severe asthmatic hold the flashlight?" He said, reaching for his inhaler.

Stiles suddenly got low to the ground as he saw flashlights search the area. Scott ducked next to him. The lights passed and Stiles quickly stood up. "Come on!" He called to his brother as he took off running.

"Stiles! Wait up!" Scott called as he tripped over himself trying to get off of the ground.

Stiles kept running until he realized he didn't hear anybody behind him. He turned to see where Scott was when he heard loud barking. He whipped back around and jumped, falling to the ground as he backed away from the dog.

"Hold on," Stiles heard his father's voice before he saw him. "This delinquent belongs to me."

"Hey...Dad." Stiles said as he pushed himself off the ground.

"Do you listen in to all my calls?"

"No...not the boring ones."

"Is your brother out here too?"

"Who? Scott?"

"Unless there's another brother I don't know about."

For once, Stiles bit his tongue rather than making a smart remark about his father being with plenty of women in his day. "No, Scott's at home. Someone had to stay with Kayce, and he said he wanted to get a good night's rest before school tomorrow."

"Scott! Are you out there?" Silence. The Sheriff grabbed his son's shoulder and began leading him away. "I'm going to take you back to your car and we're going to talk about something called Invasion of Privacy. What were you thinking?" Stiles tuned out most of what his father was saying on the way back to the jeep. The sheriff sighed as he opened the driver's door for his son. "Just, be safe out there. The roads are wet."

"I will, Dad." He replied and he stepped into the jeep.

"Good. Now go home... straight home." His dad said as he closed the door for his son.

"I will, Dad." He was going to wait in the car for Scott to come find him, but apparently his dad was still suspicious and he was going to make sure Stiles left. Stiles started the jeep and began driving, watching the side mirror and waiting for his father to go back to the search party. He stayed. Stiles thought about turning back around once he had driven so far that he could no longer see the speck that his dad had turned into, but he knew that if he did, the Sheriff would still be there to catch him in a lie. Whether it was the lie that Scott was actually still stuck in the woods, or the lie that Stiles said he was going home.

He came to a stop light and pulled out his phone to text Scott.

Sorry, buddy. Dad watched me leave, so I couldn't wait. Headed home. Text if you need me.

He hit 'send' and the light turned green. It was only about a 30-45 minute walk home if he took the right shortcut. Scott would be fine.

Stiles sighed and thought back to his and Scott's conversation from earlier. He had never taken time to think about Lydia and him in that way. Sure, they had gotten bored and made out before, but it was strictly platonic. People made out with their best friends all the time, right?

Something told him he may have been wrong about that.

He finally got home and saw Lydia sitting on the couch. Her strawberry blonde hair fell in curls down her shoulders and her green eyes turned to look at who had just walked in.

"Did you find it?"

"Again, with the no 'hey' thing."

"I'm sorry. Let me rephrase. Hey, did you find it?"

Stiles closed the door and shook his head. "No."

"Where's Scott?" She seemed slightly concerned.

"He fell behind. We ran into my dad. Scott was hiding so I covered for him, but then my dad made me leave so I couldn't wait for him. I told him to text if he needed me."

"Should I stick around then?"

Stiles shrugged. "If you want to." He plopped down next to her on the couch. Lydia readjusted so that she was leaning against him and he draped an arm around her. "So, how was she?" He asked and nodded toward the stairs.

"Good. I haven't heard a peep. Besides, you weren't gone for that long." Stiles took a moment to look at Lydia. Really look at her. She was beautiful; he'd always thought so. She was smart and funny. He made her laugh and she made him laugh. They'd made out on occasion. So then why hadn't they given dating a shot?

Lydia's phone buzzed and she looked at the text, blushing and giggling.

"Who are you texting?" Stiles ask teasingly.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" She say coyly. She tried to hide her phone, but he saw the name at the top . Aaron. And suddenly, he remembered why they had never giving dating a shot. It was because Lydia Martin could get any guy she wanted, and every single guy she dated was 100 times hotter than Stiles. Why would he even bother trying?

"Who's Aaron? Aaron Gardner? From the lacrosse team?"

She shrugged. "Maybe."

"So what," he went back to teasing her. "Are you guys dating now?"

"We're talking."

Stiles made a disgusted noise. "I hate that term 'talking'. You and I are talking right now."

"You're just jealous." She smirked.

"Of what?" He laughed.

"Of me talking to the captain of the lacrosse team."

"And why would I be jealous of that?"

"Because you think that if I get a boyfriend, then I'll stop hanging out with you." He balked. That thought hadn't occurred to him until now. Thanks a lot, Lydia. She turned serious. "Don't worry. You're my best friend. We're Stiles and Lydia. We're Stydia. We're a team. And no guy, or girl, can come between that. Besides," She grabbed his face with one of her hands in a way that made his lips pucker. "I would miss this face too much."

"Stiles?" They heard from the top of the stairs. Stiles looked up at his six year-old sister standing in her nightgown, holding a teddy bear. "I had a bad dream."

He turned to Lydia and stretched. "Big brother duties call." Kayce met Stiles halfway down the stairs and he scooped her up. "Come on, Nugget." He turned back to Lydia. "If I don't see you before you leave, be safe. The roads are wet." He quoted his father.

"Don't worry about me."

"I do." He told her. "You're my best friend. I don't know what I would do without you." He gave her a small smile and finished taking his sister up the stairs and into her room.

When Scott got home, the house was silent. He turned the lights off downstairs and went to Stiles's room first, praying that the door wasn't locked after what he had learned. The knob turned and he opened the door to see his brother's bed empty. Huh. His jeep had been in the driveway, so where was he? He had a thought and walked to his little sister's room. Scott laughed and pulled out his phone to take a picture of the two of them. Kayce always flip-flopped around a lot in her sleep and what had presumably started with a tiny girl nuzzled up to her big brother, was now big brother with tiny girl's foot pressed into his face. Scott decided he wasn't going to wake him up. The bed was way too small for a guy Stiles's size, which would lead him to being in pain in the morning, and now he had blackmail. This was what he got for leaving Scott stranded out in the woods to get bitten by wild animals.

He went to his mom's medicine cabinet and dressed his wound before going to bed.

"Oh my God!" Stiles yelled as he barged into Scott's room the next morning. Scott, who had been leaning over to grab his book bag, jumped when the door opened.

"Jesus, Stiles!" He clutched his chest.

"Thank the Lord!" Stiles hugged his brother. "Are you alright?" He spoke softly as he took a step back to look at him.

"Well, except for getting bit by a wild animal I'm fine."

"What?! Where?"

"In the woods, dumbass."

Stiles rolled his eyes. "I mean where on your body?"

"My side." Scott said placing a hand over the bite.

"Can I see?"

Scott grabbed the hem of his shirt when Melissa appeared in the doorway. "Hey, boys! Are you getting ready for school?"

"Yes ma'am." Stiles responded.

"Mom, what are you doing home right now? You shouldn't even be off for another hour."

"I left early. I wasn't feeling well."

"Are you okay?" Scott asked with concern.

Melissa laughed. "I'm fine, Scott. Don't worry. You guys should leave, or you'll be late. Remember you have to take Kayce to school today."

"We're on it." Stiles said then saluted. Melissa shook her head and walked away with a smile. He turned back to Scott. "Just show me when we get to school."

The teenagers walked downstairs and their little sister was at the kitchen table.

"Come on, Kayce" Scott addressed his sister, while Stiles grabbed four pieces of toast. Scott turned to him. "Are you seriously eating four?"

"Uhh..."Stiles looked at the toast in his hand. "No?" He sounded unsure."I mean... I got two for you!" He handed two pieces over and Scott looked at him suspiciously before taking them. When Scott turned around, Stiles turned to his little sister and shook his head, mouthing, 'I didn't get them for him.' Kayce giggled and covered her mouth. Scott turned back to them, toast in his mouth. Stiles looked up with raised eyebrows and shrugged as if he didn't know why she was laughing. "Let's go, guys!"

Stiles led his siblings out the door and to the jeep. Scott pulled his seat up so that Kayce could climb into the back and they all piled in.

When they got to Kayce's school, Scott leaned forward so that she could jump out. She had started back the week before, otherwise their parents would've been there.

"Have fun!" Stiles called.

"Don't get into any fights!" Scott added.

"Unless they hit you first, then you defend yourself!"

"Stiles!" Scott scolded him, then turned back to his sister. "No fighting! Use your words."

"And remember, just say 'no'!"

"She's six." Scott told him a creased brow.

"Hey, that is a very shady elementary school."

"It's a private school."

He shook his head. "I don't trust it."

Scott shook his head and turned back to Kayce. "I love you!"

"I love you more!"

Kayce, who had been walking away the entire time, finally turned back to her brothers. "Guys, you're so embarrassing! You're worse than mom and dad."

"Bye!" Stiles called again, before Scott rolled up the window. They stayed in the parking lot until she was inside the school, then drove off. "Kids," Stiles commented. "They grow up so fast."

When the boys got to the high school, they climbed out of the jeep and Stiles turned to his brother. "Okay, let's see it."

Scott looked around and pulled up the hem of his shirt to reveal the large bandage. Stiles made a face. "Yikes! What do you think it was?"

"I think it was a wolf."

"A wolf bit you? That's not possible."

"Well, I heard a wolf howling."

"No you didn't."

"Well, what makes you so sure?"

"Because there haven't been wolves in California in like 60 years."

"Well, if you don't believe me about the wolf, then you're not going to believe me when I tell you that I found the other half of the body."

"What?! Are you kidding me?"

"I wish. I'm going to have nightmares about it for a month."

"This is great! This is seriously the best thing that's happened in this town since-" Stiles looked up and saw his best friend coming their way. Louder, so that she could hear, he said "Since the birth of Lydia Martin!" Lydia linked her arm through Stiles's and kept walking, spinning him around slightly. "Hey, sweet thang, Can I get yo' digits?" He licked his lips playfully.

"Hmm." Lydia pretending to think about it. "Interesting tactic. But I'm gonna pass." She chuckled then turned to look at Scott who was trailing behind them. "So, I see Scott made it back alive."

"Yeah, with a chunk missing out of my side."


"He got bit by an animal in the woods." Stiles answered.

"What kind of animal?" Lydia asked.

Stiles stole a glance at Scott before telling her, "He swears it was a wolf."

Lydia shook her head. "There are no wolves in California."

Stiles turned to look at Scott with a cock of his head as if to say 'See?' "That's what I told him."

Scott groaned. "I heard a wolf."

The three of them had first period English together. Lydia sat in the front of one of the rows,Stiles sat behind her, and Scott sat behind him.

"Okay," Mr. Curtis began. "I'm sure you have all heard by now there was indeed a body found in the woods last night. Now, I'm sure you're trying to come up with various macabre scenarios as to how it happened, but I've been told the police have a suspect in custody..."

Lydia turned around to face Stiles who shook his head. He didn't know anything. He turned to Scott. Scott was looking down, until he felt two sets of eyes on him. He looked up and saw Stiles and Lydia both staring at him as if he was supposed to know who this mystery suspect was. He shrugged. "How am I supposed to know that?" He whispered.

Stiles tilted his head and turned to Lydia. "He has a point."

Lydia just rolled her eyes and turned back in her seat to face the front.

Mr. Curtis was telling them to read something so Stiles was doing as he was told. After a few moments a door opened and the principal walked in with a brunette.

"Class, we have a new student. This is Allison Argent. Please make her feel welcome."

The seat on Stiles's right was open, so Allison walked over and sat down there.

"Hi, I'm Lydia." His best friend said as she turned to the new girl.

"Hi." She smiled.

"I'm Stiles."

Scott only held out a pen. Allison quirked an eyebrow and slowly took the pen. "Thanks."

Stiles raised an eyebrow at his brother, then exchanged glances with Lydia. Sometimes his brother was incredibly strange.

"So, where did you get that jacket?" Lydia asked when she caught up with Allison after school.

"Oh, my aunt was a buyer for a boutique back in San Francisco."

Lydia's eyes widened and a smile slowly formed on her face. "And you are my new best friend."

Allison laughed. "Well, that was easy. And who said making friends was hard?"

Lydia chuckled. "Hey, I'm having a party on Friday. Did you want to come? It's a back to school bash, I throw one every year."

"Oh, um.. I'll have to see. We literally just moved. I've still got boxes that need to be unpacked."

"Look," Lydia said, chuckling again. "I was semi-kidding about the best friend thing. I'm not a crazy person. You don't have to commit to anything, but you'll get to meet a lot of people. Everyone will be there."

Allison smiled. "I'll think about it."

"Good. What are you doing right now?"

"Um, I was going to go home."

"Come to practice with me."

"Practice for what?"

"Lacrosse. A bunch of sweaty, hot guys running around with their shirts off. Not much can be better."

Allison shook her head. "I don't know anything about lacrosse."

"I'll teach you. Come on!"

Allison nodded. "Okay."

Lydia led her out to the field where some of the guys were already starting to warm up. When they sat down on the bleachers she scanned the field so see who all she knew there. She made eye contact with Stiles, who blew her kisses. She 'caught' them and held her hand to her chest. He drew a heart in the air. She flipped him off. He wiggled his eyebrows at her and she just shook her head and laughed.

"Is he your boyfriend?" Allison asked.

"Who? Stiles?" Allison nodded. "Everyone thinks that." Lydia told her as she shook her head. "But no, we've known each other forever. He's my best friend. And since I've been throwing that term around a lot since I met you, he's like my actual best friend. Like best of all best friends"

"Is he gay?" She asked.

"What?!" Lydia cackled. "Oh my God! No...why would you think that, though?"

Allison smiled. "I don't know. In my experience, you can't have a straight male best friend for too long before things get weird. Plus, you guys are both pretty attractive people. I just figured it would have been difficult to stay best friends."

"You know," Lydia began as she looked at Stiles. "You're right. I guess he is kind of cute."

"Kind of?" Allison asked. "In my opinion, he's one of the hottest guys out there."

Lydia raised her eyebrows. "Oh? And who's the other one?"

Allison blushed, as she realized what she had said, and knew that Lydia picked up on it. She sighed. "That one. In the goal. He's in our English class too. He gave me a pen today."

Lydia saw who she was pointing to. "Oh, honey." She said sympathetically.

"What?" Then Allison seemed to understand. "Oh, is he gay?"

Lydia laughed again. "No. He's Stiles's brother."

"What? But they look nothing alike!"

"Well, they're step-brothers. Scott's dad died when he was 6. He was in the FBI and he was killed while on an undercover assignment. Stiles's mom left him and his dad when he was 7, but she passed way about five years back. Scott's mom and Stiles's dad got married almost 8 years ago. The boys have a little sister named Kayce who's six and she's like the cutest thing ever. Oh my God!" Lydia said suddenly and pulled out her phone. "I was over at their house last night and Kayce had a bad dream, so Stiles went to take her back to her room and then he just disappeared for a long time. So I went to make sure everything was okay, and I saw this. " Lydia held out her phone. "Stiles doesn't know I took it yet." The picture was Stiles laying in his sister's pink princess bed, feet dangling off the side, with the little girl curled up against him.

"Oh my goodness!" Allison cooed. "That's adorable."

"Right?" Lydia locked her phone screen and put it away.

"So, they both like kids?"

"Well they both love their sister, that's for sure."

Allison nodded and they turned their attention back to the field. "They both seem like they're really good."

"Yeah," Lydia agreed. "I'm surprised by Scott, though. Last year, he wasn't very good... like at all." Lydia scanned the field again. "Oh! That's Aaron Gardner. He's the team captain."

"Is he your boyfriend?"

"No, he's gay." Lydia deadpanned.

Allison's eyes widened. "Really?"

Lydia chuckled. "No. That was a joke, but his best friend, Danny, is." Lydia pointed him out. "But, the real answer to your question, is still no... he's not my boyfriend... not yetanyway."

Allison nodded before her eyes fell back on Scott and Stiles. "So, brothers, huh?"

"Yep, so I'd be careful about who you pick."

"Oh, I'm not picking anyone. "

"You keep telling yourself that, Sweetheart."

After practice, all of the team members were going back to the locker room.

"Come on," Lydia told Allison. "Let's go wait for them."

"Uh, I guess." Allison shrugged and followed Lydia down the bleachers and inside. They stood outside of the locker room for awhile before anybody came out.

"So," Lydia made conversation while they waited, "You lived in San Francisco before this?"

"I lived a lot of places before this, but San Francisco was the most recent."

"Military family?"

"No, my dad's job mostly."

"Mostly?" Lydia asked, latching onto the word.

Allison's eyes widened. She really needed to be more careful about what she said around this girl. "Oh, um..."

Luckily, it was at that moment that the door to the locker room swung open and guys started filtering out.

"Hey!" Lydia said when she saw the brothers come out, laughing about something.

"Oh my God!" Stiles turned to Scott. "I got a 'hey'!"

Lydia rolled her eyes. "You guys remember Allison, right?"

"Yeah, from this morning." Stiles smiled.

"Stiles, right?" Allison asked him.

"Yep, and this here's my brother, Scott." Stiles grabbed his brother's shoulders. "Scott, you remember Allison, right? You gave her a pen." Stiles quirked his eyebrow. "Why did you give her a pen?"

"She looked like she needed a pen." He said with a shrug.

"Ah, at least we're clear on that."

Suddenly, Aaron Gardner walked out of the locker room with his friend, Danny.

"Hi, Aaron!" Lydia said with a small gasp.

Aaron smiled. "Hey." Then kept walking.

"So, uh..." Stiles started, as he nudged Lydia. "How's talking going with Aaron?"

Lydia sighed. "Well, I thought it was going better than that."

"Awe," He tried to sound sympathetic, but laughed. "Come here." He grabbed her into a hug and she pouted into his chest.

"What did you think of practice?" Scott asked Allison.

"I thought you guys were good...although, I don't know anything about lacrosse, so maybe I'm giving you too much credit." She shrugged.

"Uh," Stiles said with mock attitude and let go of Lydia. "Excuse me, but we are fabulous!"

Allison cocked her and looked at Lydia. "I thought you said he wasn't gay." Lydia and Scott cracked up laughing and Stiles just dropped his mouth in shock. Allison smiled slyly and shrugged.

"I...But...what?" Stiles couldn't form a sentence, and Scott and Lydia were laughing so hard they could barely breathe. Stiles felt his cheeks turn pink and Allison seemed to notice. She tried to stop smiling.

"I'm so sorry." She said sincerely. "I don't know you, that was rude."

"But so funny." Scott told her.

"Awe, Stiles." Lydia ruffled his hair once she realized that he was blushing. "I know you're not gay." Stiles sighed and put his head on her shoulder. Lydia turned back to Allison. "You broke him." She told her as she patted his back.

"I feel really bad." Allison said. "I really am sorry."

"It's okay." Stiles mumbled, never looking up.

"Don't worry." Scott told Allison. "He's just being dramatic."

"Says you." He mumbled to his brother.

"Stiles," Lydia said, with a warning to her voice. "Allison really does feel bad."

"Fine." He sighed and raised his head. "It really is fine. I'm sorry I made you feel bad."

Allison shook her head. "No, I deserved it. Really I don't know you at all and I shouldn't have said it."

"Truce?" He asked sticking out his hand.

Allison looked down and grabbed it and shook. "Truce."

"Alright," Scott said. "As entertaining as that was. We really need to get going." He hit Stiles's arm with the back of his hand.

"Oh, yeah." Stiles said as he let go of Allison's hand.

"Where are you going?" Lydia asked.

"Scott lost his inhaler in the woods last night." Stiles answered. "We have to go look for it before I drop him off at work."

"Lydia, maybe you should come help us, then I can just take the jeep to work and you can take Stiles home."

"Yeah, that's fine." Lydia answered, not seeing the look that Stiles gave to Scott. The one that asked his brother what the hell he was trying to do. "Allison, do you want to come too?"

"Oh," She shook her head. "I really have to get home, but hanging out this afternoon was fun. I really didn't have many friends back in San Francisco."

"Well, then we should all hang out later." Scott suggested.

Allison nodded and smiled. "Definitely. Lydia, I give you permission to give these guys my number."

"Oh, Sweetheart, I was planning on it."

It was Allison's turn to blush. "See you guys tomorrow." Allison walked away and the three remaining friends walked in the opposite direction.

"So, just follow us in your car I guess." Stiles told Lydia.

"Will do."

Stiles pulled over around where he had the night before and Lydia pulled up behind him.

"So, what do you guys think of Allison?" Lydia asked as they walked away from their vehicles.

"She's nice." Stiles commented.

"And hot." Scott jumped in.

"Oh, totally hot." Stiles agreed.

"Well," Lydia smirked. "I'm glad you think so, because she told me that she thought you two were the hottest guys on the field."

"What?!" They both exclaimed as they stopped and turned to look at her.

"Did I stutter?" She asked them. "She thinks you're both hot." The brothers exchanged glances and then continued walking. "I had to explain to her that she just so happened to to pick two brothers though, so she would have to be careful choosing one."

"Lydia!" Stiles turned to his best friend.


"Why would you tell her that?"

"I wanted her to know what she was getting herself into...It doesn't matter though because she told me that she wouldn't be picking either one of you."

"Yeah, because you scared her off." Scott sighed.

"No, I didn't! Look, I'm just saying that she thinks that both of you are hot, so if one of you wants to go after her, you've got a pretty good chance...or if you both want may want to talk about it."

Scott and Stiles exchanged looks again. "I mean..." Scott started. "She's hot, but I don't know anything about her. At the moment I just want to be friends with her."

"Same." Stiles nodded. "But if that changes for either of us...we talk about it, right?"

"Yeah, definitely." Scott agreed.

"Look at you two, being so mature." There was silence for a moment before Lydia commented, "So, Scott, when did you get so good at lacrosse?"

"Since last night, I think. I don't know. It was like I had all the time in the world to catch the ball, and that's not all... I can see, hear, and smell things that I shouldn't be able to see, hear, or smell."

"Like what?" Stiles asked.

"Like the mint mojito gum In your pocket."

Stiles laughed, as he reached into his pocket to prove a point. "I don't have mint mojito-" Instead, he pulled out a piece of gum. "Huh..." He exchanged looks with Lydia.

"And this all started with the bite?" Lydia asked.

"What if it's like an infection or something? Like my body is flooding with adrenaline before I go into shock."

"I've actually heard of this," Stiles said as he winked at Lydia behind Scott's back. "It's a specific kind of infection."

"Seriously?" Scott asked.

"Yeah," Lydia said. "All the symptom add up."

"I think it's called, lycanthropy." Stiles finished.

"What is that? Is it bad?"

"Oh yeah," Lydia told him. "But only once a month."

"Once a month?"

"On the night of the full moon." Stiles and Lydia were both fighting smiles.

Scott glared. "You're an ass. Both of you."

"That's what you get for laughing at me earlier."

"You guys, something could be seriously wrong."

"Yeah, you're a werewolf." Lydia smiled. "I mean, you did hear a wolf howling."

Scott shook his head and looked around. "I swear it was right here."

"Scott," Lydia squeaked and Stiles saw the figure that Lydia had. He tapped Scott on his shoulder.

"What are you doing here? This is private property." The guy said. Lydia grabbed Stiles's arm.

"Sorry, we didn't know." Stiles said as he put his free hand on Lydia's arm protectively, so that he was practically standing in front of her.

"We were just looking for something. We'll leave. Sorry to bother you." Scott told him.

Stiles felt Lydia flinch when the guy threw something at them, but Scott caught it. The guy walked away and the three friends began walking toward their vehicles.

"Is that your inhaler?" Stiles asked. Scott nodded in bewilderment.

"Guys, do you know who that was?" The boys shook their heads. "That's Malia's brother, Derek. I recognize him from when Malia and I used to be friends and I would hang out at their house."

"Wasn't that the one that burned down about 6 and a half years ago?" Scott asked.

"Yeah, remember? Dad was stuck dealing with it and almost missed Kayce's birth." Stiles reminded him.

Scott chuckled at the memory. "Oh yeah, and you and I were arguing over which one of us was going to have to step up and go in there with Mom."

"Awe, both of you wanted to be in there?" Lydia asked.

"No!" They both exclaimed.

"Neither of us wanted to go." Scott told her.

"In our defense, we were 10." Stiles tried. "See, I thought it should be Scott, because it was his mother in there."

"And I thought it should have been Stiles because his dad was the one missing, so he should have been the one to take his place."

"Which one of you ended up doing it?"Lydia asked.

"Neither." Stiles told her. "Dad showed up just in time, and we both nearly cried with happiness."

"Yeah, he was covered in ashes from the fire." Scott thought back to that night.

"There were only a few survivors." Lydia told them. "Malia, Laura, Derek, and their uncle, Peter. Their parents and other siblings died and Peter's been catatonic since that night. Laura took full guardianship over Malia and Derek left town shortly after."

"I wonder what he's doing back?" Scott asked.

"I don't know,"Stiles answered, "But did anybody realize that Malia wasn't in school today?" Lydia and Stiles looked to Scott.

Scott sighed. "Yeah, I noticed." Scott had a huge crush on Malia for the longest time but she never gave him the time of day. To be honest, she never gave anyone the time of day anymore. Not since the fire. "Alright, I have to get to work." he said once they got back to their cars. Stiles tossed Scott the jeep keys. "See you later."

"Bye." Stiles said, and climbed into Lydia's car.

"Well, that was an interesting day." Lydia said as she got in and started the engine.

" Allison thought I was gay?"

Lydia laughed. "Yeah, when you were blowing me kisses she asked if you were my boyfriend and I told her no. So she assumed you were gay because we were both attractive, so why wouldn't we be together? Unless you just didn't like girls. Don't worry, I set her straight...but you didn't help your case when you used the word 'fabulous'."

"Yeah,"Stiles said as he thought back to the scene in the hallway. "After that I felt like I needed to fuck a girl in front of her to prove a point."

Lydia felt a tingle in her stomach when he said it. Several thoughts popped in her head. The first thought, was how could something so vulgar sound so sexy? And did she just call something Stiles said 'sexy'? The other thought was 'you could have done it with me.' Seriously, where did that come from? Lydia tried to say something, but her head wasn't coming up with a clear thought. She quickly hit the brakes and pulled off on the side of the road. She wanted to say something witty and flirty and banter like the normally did, but instead the words that came out were,

"Do you want to make out?"

"What?" Stiles laughed. "That was so random."

Lydia sighed. "Look, you had the hot, new girl thinking you were gay," she said as she unbuckled his seat belt, "And I was pretty much ignored by the guy I've been talking to for a week." She unbuckled hers. "I want to feel desirable, and you want to desire women."

"But I do desire women."

"Just shut up and kiss me!" She grabbed the front of his shirt and crashed her lips into his. His hands went to sides of her face and her hands stayed on his chest for a moment before one of them went to the back of his head. He flicked his tongue across her lips and they parted to let him in. His hands went back to run them through her hair. The makeout session went on for a few moments longer before Lydia finally broke away.

"So, do you feel better?" She asked, as she looked at herself in the mirror to fix her hair.

"Yeah." He said, his voice cracking as he picked up his backpack from the floor and put it in his lap. He cleared his throat. "Great. Fantastic. You?"

She smirked. "I feel much better. Thanks for asking." She buckled back up and put the car in drive.

When they got back to Stiles's house, she followed him inside.

"Want something to drink?" Stiles asked as he walked toward the kitchen.

"Sure. What do you have?"

Stiles opened the fridge. "Uh, milk, juice, Coke, water."

"Water's fine."

Stiles grabbed the last Coke and handed it to her. "Here."

"I asked for water."

"You said 'water's fine' and I know you love Coke and that you just didn't want to take the last one."

Lydia sighed. "Thank you."

"What are best friends for if not to give you the last Coke, or boost your confidence by making out with them."

Lydia hit his arm. "You know you liked it." She paused as she brought the can to her lips. "Maybe a little too much?" She took a sip of the drink and saw Stiles blush out of the corner of her eye, but it quickly faded.

He shrugged. "What can I say?" He said leaning against the counter. "Hormones. I can't control it. Besides," he continued. "You know you liked it." He leaned closer to her to whisper in her ear. "Obviously you were very desirable." Now it was Lydia's turn to blush. She quickly got a handle on it as he pulled away. "Besides, that wasn't the first time we made out and it turned me on. It's just the first time you brought it up." Stiles and Lydia both began laughing at his choice of words. "And by that, I meant it was the first time you mentioned it."

"I get it." Lydia said trying to catch her breath. They heard the Sheriff as he was approaching the door and realized he was on the phone, so they both quieted down.

"Animal hairs?" He was saying as he walked inside. "What kind? That's it? And you're sure it was a wolf?"

"What?!" Both Stiles and Lydia yelped. The Sheriff hadn't noticed them yet and jumped and turned around.

"I have to go. Thanks for letting me know." He hung up the phone and looked at the two teenagers. "How was your day?"

"Good." Lydia answered.

"Uneventful." Stiles said at the same time.

The older man nodded with a hint of doubt in what his son had said. "Okay then.

"They really found wolf hairs on that body?" Stiles asked.


"Because wolves haven't been in California in like-"

"Sixty years. I know. But I guess they're back."

"Scott!" Stiles yelled as he barreled into his brother's room the next morning. It was empty. "Scott?" He asked looking around. The bathroom door was open and no one was inside there either. Stiles headed downstairs with confusion. His dad and sister were the only two in the kitchen. "Dad, have you seen Scott?"

The front door swung open and Scott came inside soaked head to toe and wearing only his boxers. Stiles only stared with wide eyes and a confused expression.

"Son?" The Sheriff directed to Scott.

"I uh...went for a run."

"In your underwear?"


The Sheriff shook his head. "Nevermind. I don't want to know. Kayce, time for school. Boys, get dressed and get gone."

Scott headed upstairs and Stiles followed him "Scott!"

"Stiles, I have to get dressed."

"But I need to tell you something." Stiles was at Scott's door, but his brother walked inside and slammed it in his face. He sighed.

A few moments later Scott came out of his room and Stiles immediately started talking as they walked to the car. "Lydia and I overheard dad talking last night when he got home. The analysis came back from LA and you'll never guess what kind of animal hairs they found on the body!"

"What?" Scott said, bored.

"Wolf." Stiles told him.

Scott shrugged. "Okay?"

"Don't you get it?" Stiles was saying as they walked out the front door. "You were right, you may have actually been bitten by a wolf."

"Don't sound so shocked. I told you I heard a wolf howling."

"Well, I'm sorry I didn't believe you." Stiles could feel that his brother was on edge and stayed silent on the way to school, which was really hard for Stiles Stilinski.

The boys walked in and Allison and Lydia were talking next to Allison's locker.

"Hey," Stiles said to them as his brother walked past. The girls exchanged looks and looked back at Stiles. "He's in a mood today." Stiles made a face. "When I woke up, he wasn't in the house... He came in later saying he had gone for a run."

Allison looked at Lydia, to see if she had registered anything odd about the sentence. "I don't get it."

"He was in his underwear and soaked from head to toe."

"Well, did you ask him about it?" Lydia asked.

Stiles shook his head. "No, because I told him about the wolf hairs and he just shrugged it off."

"Wolf hairs?" Allison asked.

Stiles exchanged looks with Lydia. "Yeah," he told the brunette. "They found wolf hairs on the body in the woods."

"But I thought there were no wolves in California."

"You and everybody else." He told her. "But apparently the wolves have a different idea. Or the girl was somewhere else before coming back to Beacon Hills."

"We need to get to class." Lydia said as she looked at the time.

"Want to come to tryouts with me? You can watch Scott and Stiles play again." Lydia asked Allison.

"As fun as that sounds," Allison began with a smile. "I have things to do before your party tonight."

"So you're coming?"

"If I can find a ride. My aunt needs to take my car. "

"Well, I'm sure it won't be difficult to find someone."

"Hopefully not."

"I'll let you go. See you later." Lydia waved and walked away and toward the lacrosse field.

"Lyd!" She heard her name and turned around to see Stiles running toward her. "Wait up!"

She stopped until he caught up with her. "What?" She asked him.

"I need a ride home. Scott has work and finally decided to talk to me and tell me an hour ago that he needs the jeep."

"Well, what do I get?" She smirked.

"Uh...the satisfaction of helping a friend in need?"

Lydia sighed, feigning exasperation. "I guess."

"Thank you! I love you!"

"Yeah yeah..." She said as he kissed her cheek and ran off. She turned around and saw some more players coming out onto the field. "Aaron!" She called.

He looked up and nodded at her. She took a deep breath and ran toward him. "Are you coming to my party tonight? It starts at 10:00."

"Uh.." He paused and looked at Danny.

"Yes, Lydia," Danny answered for him. "We'll be there."

Aaron turned back to the girl. "Yeah. Wouldn't miss it."

"Great! Can't wait to see you there." She smiled and walked off toward the bleachers, letting out the breath she had been holding in. She found a spot to watch her friends (and potential boyfriend) and cheered them on. Coach gave them the usual talk, mentioning something about cream cheese that made her really want a bagel, then blew the whistle to start the scrimmage.

Stiles and Scott were both playing great. Then out of nowhere Scott, got the ball. He was running faster than she'd ever seen the asthmatic run before, flipping over guys, and swinging the ball at lightning speed into the net.

Lydia stood up slowly, mouth dropped open and found Stiles, who had taken his helmet off and was wearing an expression similar to hers. He looked up at her from his spot on the field and shook his head. That was definitely not normal.

Lydia was waiting for him by her car.

"First line!" She squealed when she saw him and threw her arms around his neck. "I'm so proud of you!"

"Thanks." He told her with a smile.

"Your dad will be so thrilled."

"Yeah, and now he'll have two kids to watch on the field."

"You sound bitter." She told him with a raised eyebrow then opened the driver's door. Stiles walked around and got in the passenger's side and huffed.

"I'm not bitter. I just...I've been practicing since last year to make first line. Scott just kind of got good overnight."

"Do you really think it has to do with the bite?" Lydia asked him, skeptical.

"I don't know, but I want to do some research when we get to my place. Wanna help?"

Lydia shrugged. "Sure. There's nothing better to do."

"Gee, thanks."

Lydia smiled. "That's not what I mean and you know it. I just have to get home by 9:00 to finish setting up."

"Sounds good. Scott should be home by 8:30."

Lydia drove to Stiles's house, and noticed his father's vehicle in the driveway. "Look, your dad's home!"

Stiles got out of the car and Lydia followed him inside. The Sheriff sat at the kitchen table as was just hanging up the phone when they walked in.

"Who was that?" Stiles asked his father.

"The station. They brought Derek Hale in for questioning since the body was found on his family's land." The Sheriff looked as his son expectantly, "So?"

Stiles couldn't stop the wide grin that formed. "I made first line."

Stilinski jumped up from his chair and engulfed his son in a huge hug. "Congratulations!"

"Thanks, Dad."

"What about Scott?" He asked hesitantly.

"He made it too."

"Really?' He seemed shocked, and rightfully so.

"Yeah, he's gotten pretty good, but uh... don't tell Mom. I don't know if Scott told her yet. I didn't see him after practice because he had work."

"My lips are sealed."

"Thanks, Lydia and I have some research to do. So, we'll be upstairs." Stiles grabbed Lydia's hand and led her up the stairs and into his room.

"So, what exactly are we looking for?" Lydia asked as she dropped her bags and sat down on the bed. Stiles pulled up a chair to his desk and opened his laptop.

"I don't know," He said as he brought the laptop to life, "But," He reached for his bag and pulled several books out of backpack and tossed them to Lydia. "I picked these up at the library on my way out."

Lydia picked up one of the books "History of Lycanthropy. Are you serious? Stiles, there's no such thing as werewolves."

"Look, I'm not one to believe in this kind of thing either, but it makes sense."

"How can something so absurd make sense?"

"I don't know, but the heightened senses? The speed? What else can explain that?"

"Well, I didn't want to say anything, but what if it's steroids?"

"What?" Stiles nearly laughed. "Scott would never. Our parents are a cop and a nurse. If he's not afraid to do them because of the long term effects, he's afraid to get caught."

Lydia shrugged. "I'm just saying, it's the more logical of the two choices."

Stiles shook his head. "Just start reading the book and let me know what it says." He told her and then started inputting words into his search engine. He pulled up article after article and Lydia went through chapter after chapter.

"Okay," Lydia said slowly. "I think you've convinced me. Which makes me question my sanity."

They heard the jeep pull into the driveway and Stiles looked out the window to see his brother get out of the car, his eyes slowly wandered up to the sky "Oh shit."

"What?" Lydia asked as she looked toward Stiles.

Stiles turned to her. "The full moon is tonight." They heard Scott come in and start up the stairs. Stiles ran to his door and opened it just as Scott was walking by. "Come here." He grabbed his brother's arm and pulled him into his room.

"What the hell?" Scott yelled. Lydia slowly stood from the bed and Scott seemed to notice her. "Lydia? What are you doing here? I thought you had a party to set up for."

"I do...but I think this is more important."

"What's going on? Is this about the body in the woods?" Scott asked.

"No, they're still questioning people. Even Derek Hale." Stiles told him.

"Well, what is it then?"

Stiles exchanged looks with Lydia. "Remember the joke from the other day?" He asked his brother. "Not a joke anymore."

"What are you talking about?"

"The wolf? The bite in the woods? Lydia and I have been doing all of this research. Do you know why a wolf howls?"

"Should I?" Scott asked.

Lydia answered, "It's to signal it's location to the rest of the pack."

"So, if you heard howling," Stiles continued. "That may mean there's a whole pack of them nearby."

"A pack of wolves?"

"No." Stiles said.

"Werewolves." Lydia finished.

"Are you guys seriously wasting my time with this?"

"I know how it sounds, Scott." Lydia told him, "Believe me. I didn't want to believe it either, but after looking at all of this..."

"Keeping in mind the heightened senses, and the reflexes, and we both noticed that you're not using your inhaler anymore."

"You guys are crazy. I need to get in the shower. I'm picking Allison up in an hour."

Lydia and Stiles exchanged looks. "Allison?" Stiles asked.

"Yeah, she didn't have a ride to the party, so I told her I'd pick her up. Don't worry. We're not going together, I'm just her ride."

"I'm not sure that's a good idea." Lydia told him.

"Why not?"

"The full moon is tonight, Scott." Stiles said. "Maybe, I should pick her up instead." Stiles pulled out his phone.

"What are you doing?" Scott asked.

"I'm just going to tell her that I'll pick her up-" Scott suddenly pushed his brother against the wall and Lydia yelped and jumped backwards.

"Are you trying to take her away from me?!" Scott yelled.

"Y-you just said that it wasn't like that." Scott seemed to calm down slightly and slowly let go of Stiles.

"I'm sorry. I'm...I'm going to go take a shower." Scott left Stiles's room quickly.

"I should go." Lydia said and grabbed her bag. "Maybe he'll be fine and we're just overreacting?" Lydia cleared her throat. "But uh, just to be safe, you probably shouldn't text Allison. If he reacted like that at the thought of you texting her, I would be scared to see what would happen if you took her to the party instead. We'll just keep an eye on them when they get there."

Stiles nodded. "See ya."

Lydia looked around her house as she sipped on the punch she'd made. There weren't many people there yet, but it was only 10:02. The doorbell rang and she smoothed out her skirt, and took a deep breath. "Please be Aaron, please be Aaron, please be Aaron." She chanted as she went to the door and swung it open.

"Hey." It was Stiles and he looked fidgety. Although, Lydia wasn't sure if it was more or less fidgety that normal. "Have you seen Scott yet?" He asked as he walked inside.

Lydia sighed, disappointed slightly that it wasn't Aaron. "No. Not yet." She shut the door behind him

"He left like 20 minutes before I did, and I had to stop and get gas on the way because the jeep was on empty and he didn't fill it up after work."

"Did he take Melissa's car?" Stiles nodded. "You seem agitated."

"Really?! You don't say!" Stiles sighed. "I need a drink." He walked off toward the kitchen and the doorbell rang again.

Lydia took a deep breath and smiled as she opened the door. "Allison!" Lydia said with a mixture of excitement and relief.

"Hey! Scott brought me. He overheard me talking to you about needing a ride and he offered to take me."

"That's great!" Lydia said, grabbing Allison's arm and pulling her inside. "Where's Scott?"

"Uh," Allison turned around. "He was right here just a few seconds ago."

Lydia poked her head out and saw Scott running up to the door. "Hey, sorry. I left my phone in the car."

"Scott," Lydia said as she closed the door behind him. "Stiles is in the kitchen."

Scott shrugged. "Okay."

Lydia sighed. The point of that was to get Allison alone. Lydia inwardly cringed as she tipped her drink down her blouse. "Oh my God!" Lydia exclaimed. "I'm such a klutz! Allison, come help me."

Lydia grabbed Allison's arm and led her upstairs and into her bathroom.

"How did you even do that?" Allison asked her friend.

"It's a special talent I have." Lydia rolled her eyes and she began to dab the stain. "Luckily, I wasn't sure if I wanted to wear this outfit anyway."

"Don't give up hope, just yet. You'd be surprised at the amount of stains I've gotten out."

"Thanks." Lydia told her as Allison took over. "So," Lydia started. "Scott?"

"What about him?"

"Well, I thought you said you weren't choosing anyone."

"I'm not! We just came as friends." Allison, noticed Lydia's look. "Wait, does he think we're here as more than friends?"

Lydia shrugged. "I don't know. All I know is that he waited until the last minute to tell Stiles about it, then they got into a fight."

"Over me?" Lydia shrugged. "Wait, does Stiles want to be here with me as more than friends?"

"I don't know." Lydia said again. "When I talked to them about it they both said you were hot, but that they just wanted to be friends, and now..."Lydia sighed. "Just be careful about the signals you send." Allison nodded.

"All done." Lydia looked down at her stain-free shirt.

"Oh my God! You're a miracle worker."

Allison shrugged and Lydia hugged her. "Oh!" Allison let out a small gasp, not expecting the sudden contact, but hugged her back.

The doorbell rang again and Lydia pulled away. "I got to get that!" She ran out of the bathroom and down the stairs, and nearly took a tumble as she neared the bottom.

"Whoa!" Someone said as they caught her before she went flying. "You okay?"

Lydia looked up and saw, "Aaron!" She looked toward the door and saw Stiles with a semi-guilty looking face closing the door behind the large group that had just come in. "I'm great."

"Good." He smiled.

"Come on, I'll show you where the drinks are." Lydia took Aaron's arm and led him out to the backyard.

"Hey, Allison." Stiles said as he saw the brunette on the stairs.

"Hey." She smiled. "Just so you know," She began as she stepped off the bottom step and walked over to him. "I only came with Scott to get a ride. I don't think this is anything more than that."

Stiles creased his forehead. "Okay?" Why was she telling him this?

"I just," Allison continued. "I didn't want you to think that I was choosing him." Stiles's raised his eyebrows, and Allison widened her eyes. "Not that I'm choosing you... I'm not choosing anybody..." Her cheeks began to turn pink and she looked away.

"Hey," He said putting a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry about it. Come on, Scott went to get a drink."

Allison nodded and followed Stiles to the backyard.

Scott was being somewhat normal again and apologized to Stiles for pushing him earlier. Stiles forgave him and all was well between the brothers once again.

Scott offered Allison a dance "as friends" and she accepted, leaving Stiles alone, leaning on the bar as he scraped the paper off of a long empty beer bottle. Lydia suddenly appeared beside him and huffed.

"Yes?" He asked as he turned to face her.

"Why are boys so stupid?" She groaned.

"Because we are a lesser species." He told her, knowing it was what she wanted to hear, then went back to peeling the paper off of his bottle.

"Do you wanna make out?" Stiles laughed and looked down.

"Are you trying to make Aaron jealous? Because, News Flash, I'm nothing to be jealous over. In fact, it may even make him desire you even less."

"Are you kidding me? One, I've realized over the past couple of days're kinda hot." Stiles raised his eyebrows. "And two, you're first line, and you got there all by yourself. Aaron will feel like he has something to prove, so he'll want to steal me away from you."

Stiles shook his head. "I can't decide if I feel flattered or used."

Suddenly, he felt her hot breath on his ear and her teeth grazed it as she whispered, "What do you want to feel?"

He looked up at her, biting her lip coyly. He rolled his eyes before standing up completely, grabbing the back of her head and pulling her toward him.

Allison and Scott were dancing about twenty feet away when Allison looked up. "Oh, my God!" She quickly looked down, and covered her face. "I thought that they weren't dating."

Scott raised a questioning eyebrow and turned to see Lydia and his brother with their tongues down each others' throats. "Uhh...I didn't think so either." Scott stared with a mixture of awe and confusion, before finally turning back to Allison. "God, they're really going at it, aren't they?"

Allison laughed and then had a realization. "What time is it?"

"Uh," Scott looked at his watch. "It's just after two."

"Shit." Allison swore as she dug through her purse and pulled out her phone. "My dad's called me five times. I'll be right back."

Stiles's hands had found their way under Lydia's blouse and were at her waist, touching her soft, warm skin. Both had gotten completely lost in the point they were trying to make.

"Scott!" Stiles heard Allison's voice calling his brother's name, and he suddenly remembered that he was supposed to be watching him. He pulled away from Lydia, both breathing heavily.

"Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Lydia asked, dizzily.

"I think I heard Allison call Scott's name. I'm..." Stiles said as he started to walk away. "I'm going to go check on them."

Lydia sighed. "Fine."

Lydia leaned against the bar again and grabbed the bottle that Stiles had been playing with. "Hey, Lydia." Her breath hitched momentarily as she tried to keep her cool.

"Hey, Aaron." She smiled. Her plan worked.

Stiles walked through the house, looking for any signs of Scott or Allison. He walked out the front door and he heard someone say, "Allison!" It wasn't Scott's voice though. "I'm Derek. I'm a friend of Scott's." What was he talking about? Stiles walked around until he finally saw them. "He wanted me to give you a ride home."

"Oh, hell no!" He thought he'd said it his head, but it actually came out of his mouth. It was Derek Hale, the guy from the woods. "Scott doesn't know him." Stiles told Allison, who was taking a step toward the guy. Allison froze. Stiles walked over to her, putting his arm around her protectively. "Don't worry, I'll take you home." He told her, then shot Derek a look as he said. "Hey, Allison, did I ever tell you my dad's the sheriff?" He pulled her over to his jeep and opened the passenger door for her, then went over to the driver's side. "So," He said as he got in. "You'll have to tell me how to get to your house because I have no clue." He heard a sob and turned to look at her. "Are you okay?"

Allison shook her head. "No."

"What's wrong?" He asked with genuine concern.

"He knew my name. He knew Scott's name. I was convinced Scott really wanted him to take me home. God, how could I be so stupid."

"Shhh.." Stiles tried to calm her down. "You're not stupid."

"Yes, I am. If you hadn't shown up...who knows what he would have done to me!"

Stiles didn't really know Derek Hale, but he didn't think he would do anything to hurt her...but then again...he didn't know Derek Hale.

"Hey, everything's okay now." He told her as he placed a hand on hers. She took a deep breath and nodded. Stiles kept his hand there until she calmed down enough that he felt it was okay to finally start the car. "So," he said as he maneuvered his way out of Lydia's yard. "What happened to Scott?"

Allison sniffed and shook her head. "I don't know. I stepped away for like five seconds to call my dad and when I came back he was gone."

"Maybe he just went to the bathroom or something?" Stiles suggested, not believing it himself.


"So, did you at least have fun before that?"

"Yeah," Allison smiled. "Although, not as much fun as you were having."


"You and Lydia. I thought you guys weren't dating..."

"We're not." Stiles clarified quickly. "She was trying to make this guy jealous or something. I just learn to go with it."

" you don't like her like that?"

"Nah, she's my best friend."

"Who you make out with..."

"Hey, I do anything for my friends. If you wanted to make some guy jealous, I would gladly make out with you too."

Allison laughed. "Make a right up here."

"So, does this at least convince you that I'm not gay?"

"If you say you're not gay, I believe you, but I've seen gay guys make out with girls before, so that doesn't prove anything." She shrugged playfully.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to find a way to prove it to you one day."

"This is me." Allison said, pointing to the large house. Stiles pulled over and Allison gathered her things. She was about to open the door when she turned back to look at him. She quickly, leaned over and kissed his cheek and he immediately felt himself turn pink. "Thanks." She told him. "For taking me home. You were my hero tonight." Allison got out of the car, while Stiles just sat there stunned. He waited until she got inside her house, then lifted his hand to touch the spot where her lips had just been. A goofy grin spread on his face and he headed home.

Melissa's car was in the driveway when he got there and he immediately ran to Scott's room. His door was closed, and Stiles tried to knob. It opened, but the room and bathroom were empty. His window on the other hand was wide open. He ran over and didn't see any sign of his brother.

He grabbed his phone and called Lydia.

"What do you need?" She answered.

"We have an emergency."

"Where are you?"

"I'm at my house." Stiles said as he walked out of Scott's room.

"You left? When did you leave?"

"Like an hour ago. I took Allison home, because Scott left her, and Mom's car is in the driveway, but Scott isn't here." He was walking back down the stairs.

Lydia sighed. "Okay, umm...get back to my place and I'll help you look for him."

"Already on my way." Stiles told her as he walked out the door and back to his jeep.

When Stiles got to Lydia's house all of the cars were gone and Lydia was waiting outside. She hopped into the passenger's seat, then Stiles left again.

"Have you tried calling him?" Lydia asked.

"It rings then goes to voicemail. He either left it in the house or the car. I think he jumped out of his window, so just keep an eye out for him."

Lydia nodded and began scanning the area for any movement. "So, you took Allison home?"

"Yeah, that creep Derek was trying to convince her that he and Scott were friends and that Scott wanted him to take her home."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah, so I said 'no' and took her myself." Lydia watched his expression turn from anger to a smile.

"What's that?" She asked teasingly.

"What's what?" He asked, still smiling.

"That smile!"

"What? I'm not allowed to smile?"

"You are, but only if you give me the deets. And you know that if you don't tell me, Allison will."

Stiles sighed. "She kissed me." Then clarified, "On my cheek. She called me her hero."

"Awe! you have a crush on Allison?"

"No...I mean... I don't know."

"You know, you'll have to talk to Scott."

"And tell him what? She already told you she's not interested in being with either of us."

"Yeah, but if you like her, you need to let him know."

"I'd still want to get to know her better."

Lydia smiled. "I think you guys would be super cute together." Stiles shook his head and he felt his cheeks heat up. "Oh my God! You're blushing!"

"Stop." He groaned. Lydia stopped and Stiles took a deep breath. "So, how about you and Aaron? Did anything happen after I left?"

She huffed. "He flirted a little. You and Allison got further than we did. God, I just don't understand what his problem is."

"Maybe he's waiting for you to make the first move."

"But I want him to make the first move!"

"You may be waiting for awhile."

"God, I hope not."

Stiles could barely keep his eyes open and Lydia had fallen asleep in the backseat by the time Stiles spotted the shirtless guy wandering down the side of the road.

"Scott?" Stiles asked to himself, then the guy turned around ."Scott!"

Lydia jumped up. "What? What happened?" Stiles pulled over and Scott got into the passenger's seat. "Scott?" Lydia asked sleepily.

"Hey, Lydia." Scott mumbled. "How long have you guys been looking for me?"

"Couple of hours." Stiles told him with a yawn.

"You guys were right." Scott told the, "About all of it."

"Of course we were." Lydia mumbled from the backseat as she was beginning to fall asleep again.

"Did Allison make it home okay?"

Stiles nodded. ."Yeah, I took her home." Lydia popped an eye open and caught Stiles's gaze in the rear view mirror. He wasn't going to tell Scott anything right now, but he would later. "That was after Derek tried to convince her that you'd asked him to take her home."

"Wait, Derek Hale?" Stiles nodded. "Guys, I think he's the one who bit me."

Lydia popped both eyes open and Stiles slammed on the brakes ."What?!" They both yelled.

"Yeah, Derek's a werewolf, and there are hunters who tried to kill me. And it's all just really complicated."

"Hey," Stiles said after a moment. "We'll get through this. If I have to, I'll chain you up myself on the nights of a full moon and feed you live mice. Remember the boa I used to have? I could do it."

"You have to admit it though,"Lydia said, sitting up again. "It's kind of cool. Aside from the people trying to kill you thing."

Stiles dropped Lydia off and then went home and the boys went straight to sleep.