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Angela came home after a long day of work.
Being the head doctor of the new Overwatch is not an easy job.
But when she opens the door to her apartment and walks into the living room.
She noticed a blood trail on the floor.
“It pretty fresh.” She said as she knelt down and inspected it.
But the she heard a sound from the kitchen and the blood trail was also leading that way.

She took out the gun she had hidden in the room for self defense and went slowly towards the kitchen.
But when she looked into the room she froze.
There stood Widowmaker with the first aid box trying to mend a nasty wound in her side.
But she was not doing very well her hands was shaking.
She noticed that Angela was watching her and all she said.
She reached out her hand towards her but this motion appeared to hurt so much so she passed out.

Angela’s doctor instincts kicked in as she lifted Widow up and dragged her out to the sofa in the living room and started treating her wound.

After she had managed to sew and bandage the wound she thought.
Why would she come here?
She is a Talon agent.
A enemy.
And she called her Angela.
She had known Widow back when she was still Amélie Lacroix.
They were good friends actually.
But those days were long gone.
Now the woman lying in front of her only reminded her of Amélie.
Now she was the deadly assassin known as Widowmaker.

She put away the stuff she had used to close the wound and then went to clean up the blood and the rest of the mess that Widow had caused.
Probably from searching after the first aid box.
When she was done she looked back at Widow.
Could it actually be that there is part of the old Amélie still in there?
Maybe that's why she came here?
Angela sat down in the chair next to the sofa.

She had just intended to sit there for a short while.
But she must have fallen asleep at some point because she was woken up by a thump.
Widowmaker had fallen down from the sofa. Probably from trying to stand up.
“Hey! Vorsichtig you are going to re open your wound if you do that.” Angela said and tried to help her up.
But Widow just gave her an angry which scared her of a bit.
“Sorry.” Widow said slowly as she reached out a hand for Angela to help her.

“Why are you here?” Angela asked after she had helped Widow up onto the sofa again and was inspecting the wound.
“I do not know.” Widow replied.
“You don’t know?” Angela said and looked up surprised at her.
Widow did not reply.
“How did you end up like this then?” Angela asked as she finished putting on the new bandage.
“Is this some sort of interrogation?” Widow replied.
“You one of the world's best assassins randomly show up at my apartment badly wounded. So do you really not think I would like some answers.” Angela replied with a serious tone.
They sat quiet for awhile until Widow said.
“It was a mission nearby that did not go as planned. The intel was wrong. the target was far too close for comfort and I had not expected him to fight back.”
“By the looks of it, it’s look like you got stabbed.” Angela cut in.
Widow nodded.
“I panicked and shot him in the chest and ran away.” She said.
“Oui. I am not supposed to be able to panick. But I did, and all I thought was that I needed a place where I could be safe.” Widow said.
“Then how did you find this place?” Angela asked.
“I do not really know. But it was almost like a memory like I have been here before.” She replied.
Angela just looked at her for a moment. Was this really Widowmaker.

“Did I know you before?” Widow sudeley said.
“Huh Entschuldigen Sie?”
“Did you know me before I became Widomaker?” She asked.
“Well yes. We knew each other quite well.” Angela replied with a confused look at her.
“I see.” Widow simply replied.
“Do you remember anything from back then?” Angela asked.
“Not much. It is mostly flashes. Just small fragments.” She replied.
“I see. Maybe it was one of those flashes that brought you here.” Angela said and stood up.
“So I have been here before.” WIdow replied and looked up at Angela.
“Ja you have. We used to be quite good friends.” Angela said and went over picked up a picture frame and gave it to Widow.
And Widow looked at it.
It was two people in the photo.
One was a younger Angela the other one was a beautiful black haired woman.
Widow Just sat there quiet looking at the photo.

Angela did not really know where she was going with this.
She had not expected this.
This was not the Widowmaker that she had encountered on the battlefield before.
Widowmaker used to be cold and effective not caring for anyone.
But the woman that sat in front of her now.
She looked so fragile and lost.

“She looks so happy. So. So alive” Widow suddenly said.
Angela noticed that Widow’s hands were shaking.
“Are you okay Amélie?” She asked not realizing that used her old name.
Widow looked back up at her and said.
“I do not know anymore.”
“Perhaps you should rest for a bit? Amél..” Angela started but stopped as she realized that she was about to call her by that name.
“I’m sorry I didn't mean to.” She said but Widow interrupted her.
“It’s fine. You can use that name if you want. But yes you are probably right. Some rest might be good.”
“Ja I will go and get you a plaid and a pillow that you can use.” Angela said.
“Thank you Angela.” She said
“No problem Amélie.” Angela replied with a smile.