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The air was hot.


Yuuri could feel the humidity of his own breath in the small room as he moved, slow and languid atop his panting lover. The bed creaked silently as it moved, knocking oh so lightly against the wall.


With each movement, with each upward thrust of his alpha, Yuuri’s gasps became sharper, higher. His tits, heavy with fat and milk, bounced with him. His protruding belly, swollen with child, scarcely left its place against Victor’s own stomach, the pair just barely rocking their hips together.


“Ah, V-Victor, ah…” The omega’s moans were soft, quiet, so as not to be heard by the rest of his family.


“Yuuri, Yuuri, you’re beautiful. Krasivyy. ” Victor’s words were barely a whisper, only loud enough for Yuuri. His words would always be for Yuuri, and Yuuri alone. He placed his large, thick hands, warm and soft, against his mate’s rounded middle, massaging. The rocking of their hips became faster, Yuuri’s greedy pussy clenching around his alpha’s cock.


“V-Vic, Vic-”


“What a good boy I have. A good little omega, so tight and gorgeous.” The alpha gasped the words, becoming louder and louder the closer he came to orgasm. With each praise of his mate, Yuuri became tighter, and the smell, the taste, of slick became thicker and more prominent.


Victor’s hand moved to his hip, feeling when his lover’s legs began to tremble and his bounces began to slow. He gave him a squeeze, gentle, to help keep him moving. His other hand, the right one, cradled the curve of his belly, the haven for their child. Yuuri’s own right hand was placed on the other side of his bump, holding himself to keep from jostling his stomach too much. The fingers of his left hand laced with Victor’s right.


His thighs, now chunky due to baby weight, ached and burned with the effort to keep bouncing, to stay in this position. He could hear the squelch of his own pussy, soaked with slick and cum, each time his alpha thrusted. He could smell them, could smell their love making.


“Victor, Victor, I’m cumming.” The omega choked on a sob, toes curling. His grip on Victor’s hand tightened, so much so that his knuckles turned white. He was close, so, so close.


Victor’s hand moved from his widened hip to slip between their stomachs, finding Yuuri’s clit easily. The bud was hard and swollen- he could feel the erratic beat of the omega’s heartbeat in it. He pinched it lightly, rubbing the pearl between his suddenly very slick middle and forefingers.


Yuuri keened, arching back as he came. He tightened even more around his mate, causing the alpha’s hips to jerk and stutter until he rode out the orgasm. The omega’s cock still rocked between them, and only seconds later did it paint their stomachs with white.


Victor continued moving them together, his knot not quite big enough to catch on the omega’s rim. “Yuuri, Yuuri. I’m going to knot. Do you want my knot?” The words were still soft- they couldn’t be too loud, lest other people know of their nightly activities.


“Y-Yes.” Yuuri breathed, chocolate eyes glossed over with lust and tears, pupils dilated. “Fill me, alpha. Knot me until I’m full.” He swayed in circular motions, rocking back and forth. “Please, Victor.” The alpha’s name came out in a hitch of breath, the omega shuddering through a dry orgasm as Victor’s knot caught.


Yuuri sobbed, riding the knot to completion, Victor spilling inside of him with a loud hiss, eye squeezed shut. The omega’s tits ached from all the movement, causing him to reach up and cup them in his hands, the only way to keep them still.


The alpha rolled them onto their sides, cupping one of Yuuri’s swollen breasts and kneading it gently.


“Ya lyublyu tebya.”