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Forever a Pet

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There was only one reason why Lupus Malfoy was born; the dark lord had simply ordered it. Before his first demise he had ordered Lucius and Narcissa to conceive a second child for his own purposes. He would have used the young Draco but even at a young age the boy was defiant and spoilt. Even though Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy where quite upset with the idea of another child, Voldemort thought that he was being quite considerate. He had let them keep their eldest heir. The dark lord had left them with strict instructions on how to raise the child but there where only two main points that he insisted on enforcing in the child. It was to be neglected and beaten regularly.

Even before Voldemort death both Malfoys tried to conceive but had not yet succeeded. And it wasn't until Draco was 10 that another Malfoy was born. Another boy, the striking image of both his brother and father, Blanton blonde hair, grey eyes and smooth pale skin. But unlike his brother he was not raised in luxury, he was simply placed in an empty cupboard in the kitchen where he was only fed and changed by a house elf. In his infant years loud cries could always be heard coming from the kitchen. A desperate cry of a child wanting to be held. Loved. But by the time Lupus turned three he knew better. He knew not to ask for things he could never get.

He would sit quietly in his cupboard until someone would call him. It was usually his Father, whom he had learnt to address as Sir. If he happened to set one hair out if line he would be beaten or hit. And even when he was behaving Lucius always found something about the boy that made him angry. Draco didn't even know he existed, of course he had noticed his mother was pregnant but he was told that his younger sibling had died at birth. Narcissa simply chose to ignore his existence; she didn't wish to have to deal with something she didn't want in the first place. So the only people the young Lupus ever saw where Lucius and the house elf, which gave him food and helped tend to his other simply needs. Like his once a month baths and hair cut.

Even though by the age of four the Dark Lord had well and truly begun his return to the wizarding world, Lupus was left with the Malfoys. Of course Voldemort knew of his presence and as much as Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy wanted to hand over the child he had insisted that he wanted Lupus to live with them a while longer. But the dark lord did want to see the behavior of his soon to be Pet. So Lucius retrieved his Pensieve and began to show the Dark Lord his latest memory of the boy.

-Lucius strode into the kitchen, whacking a house elf with his cane in the process before striding over to the farthest side of the room, his shoes tapping on the old stone floors. He pulled open the old wooden door and sent a glare at the small figure cowering in the furthest corner. The ground was covered in a few old blankets and the air was slightly stale. "Get here boy!" He yelled, his voice strong and commanding. The figure on the ground pulled into itself, getting into the fetal position and whimpering softly. Lucius growled before reaching forward and roughly grabbing the child by his old, torn, sorry excuse for a robe and yanking him out of the cupboard. Before he threw the boy onto the kitchen floor. "You do as your told!" He growled, kicking the boy who was still trying to sink into the floor. "On your knees you little shit!" Ordered Lucius; after the boy didn't respond he kicked him again "Up!" He roared. Lupus clumsily got to his knees as quickly as he could, tears streaming down his face. Lucius began to yell about how disrespectful the boy was and that he had to learn his place. Some time passed and Lucius was planning on leaving the boy on the ground but to his great surprise Lupus looked him the eye. It was only for a brief second but it was enough to enrage Lucius more. He pulled up his cane and swung with all his might, whacking the young boy across the head. "How dare you!" He yelled as the boy fell to the ground. Lucius reached down and grabbed a chunk of the boys’ dirty blonde hair. Pulling him up he continued, "How dare you! Look me in the eye! It is a great sign of disrespect! You do not look your betters in the eye!" He roared. He pulled the boys head so his lips were closer to Lupus's ear before whispering "And that means you look no one in the eye, because you are below everyone." He seethed. The boy whimpered and Lucius threw him back in the cupboard, his body landing with a light thud.-

The memory ended with the chuckle from Voldemort. "He's perfect, you raised him well Lucius. Well done" he praised. And with that Lucius was sent back home, to continue his 'great' work with Lupus. Everything continued this way until Malfoy Manor began to become home base for Death Eaters. It wasn't until Lupus was five that he met his Master.