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Fair Weather Friends

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"You're too tall."

"Remind me again who decided not to wear heels today," Tiffany laughed, grabbing Bora's face to stop her from pouting.

Bora bared her teeth, tries to bite Tiffany's hands to prove a point. She wanted nothing more than for these rare moments to last—getting to see Tiffany, getting to work with Tiffany, getting themselves locked in a cramped supply closet because no one bothered to mention to Tiffany there was a staff of underpaid interns whose job it was to do these things.

Right, that.

The short version: they wandered off the set and ended up in a supply closet.

The long version, well, it included too much of Tiffany doing good deeds for literally everyone so it would probably be in bad taste to resent being pulled into a supply closet for anything other than making up for lost time.

"You're going to hit your head on something," Bora pointed out in equal parts amusement and self-satisfaction. Karma was going to come back and bite her on the ass she worked so hard to get.

"Here," Tiffany mumbled, pressing her front against Bora until her back hit the door with a dull thud.

Bora felt hands roaming down her sides and looked up at Tiffany with a raised eyebrow that asked, "Now?"

Tiffany bent down until she could slide her hands behind Bora's thighs and lift. She wrapped her legs around Tiffany's torso, not caring the slightest that they had to get back to filming.

"There," Tiffany said with her palms against the door on either side of Bora's head and caging her in. "Now we have more room."

Not that Bora didn't have a clever reply—she did—she would just rather cup the back of Tiffany's neck and pull her in so she could ruin her pretty lipstick. Tiffany was quick to kiss back, and Bora had something she wanted to say about that too. Instead, she smiled against Tiffany's lips and let her fingers get tangled in Tiffany's hair.

Flushed and out of breath, Tiffany pulled back just far enough so that their lips still brushed, only to say, "Wear heels next time."