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Fair Weather Friends

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"Is this your card?" Yujin holds up the three of spades and tries not to smile when Yoona looks back at her suspiciously.

"Yes...," she drawls out, narrowing her eyes.

Yujin reshuffles and fans out the deck in front of Yoona. "Pick another," she says with a wide grin. It doesn't necessarily mean she's a terrible person to try and see how long she could keep it up.

"You're cheating somehow, there's no way you got this good at card tricks in less than a day."

"Are you doubting my sleight of hand?" Yujin asks, raising an eyebrow at Yoona.

Out of nowhere, Sooyoung kicks Yoona's chair as she walks by them. "Before this delves into potentially scarring territory, the window behind you is reflective, dumbass."