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Fair Weather Friends

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"You're not..." The rest of Juhee's words die on her tongue and she can't remember what she was even trying to say. "Who are you?" She gives her a once over. Then twice. Then a couple more until it starts feeling inappropriate.

"Here to serve justice and arrest you?" The other girl fiddles with her gauntlets and avoids eye contact with Juhee.

Not that Juhee would have been looking anywhere near her face in the first place, not when there was so much going on with the costume she was wearing. She tries to keep her eyes from straying beyond any place without spandex, if only out of professional courtesy. "You're what now?" Juhee blurts after snapping out of her stupor.

After a while the girl finally looks Juhee in the eye, hands firmly gripping the sides of her utility belt. She didn't exactly look confident but she looked something. "Will you please cooperate? It's literally my first day and—"

"Oh my god." Juhee cuts her off with a roll of her eyes. Walking back the way she came, Juhee toys with the studded tiara still in her hands. She's tempted to break it into tiny pieces and hide them for Ara to find; it would serve her right for sending a rookie in her stead.