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Fair Weather Friends

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the question everyone wants to know, are you dating right now? who are you seeing?

catch her in the morning when she's tired and crabby and she'll say she's dating your mother and then promptly stalk off to find someone to feed her food and copious amounts of caffeine. (more often than not it's sohyun's task and if she's feeling charitable, she'll even make sure hyuna doesn't go around raising hell just because she can.)

if she's with her friends and that friend group happens to include sohyun, then of course she's going to be an annoying asshole and say she's dating sohyun. she drives the point home by crawling into sohyun's lap and making her play with her hair.

sometimes she'll even mix things up and say she's shacking up with gayoon just because she loves it when gayoon gets mad. it's all fun and games for a little while until gayoon looks like she's out to kill and that's when hyuna runs off to find a human shield.

but when she's alone and it's just her and there aren't any pretenses of her having to be hyuna the idol, then she's dating herself because fuck it. she's fabulous and doesn't need the validation of being in a stupid relationship; she's a free bitch and no one can take that away from her.

(and when morning comes and life starts its dreary course once more, sohyun makes it a little better by tolerating her and feeding her and maybe, just maybe, she wants to be dating sohyun.)