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Fair Weather Friends

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"are you done for the day?"

soyu wipes her hands on her pants and strolls towards dasom's car. "for you i am."

two door lexus coupe. midnight black. it's sleek and posh and just so dasom. the manual engine isn't dasom, though, but that just means soyu had one hell of a week teaching her how to drive stick.

"you're so dirty," dasom says, looking soyu up and down.

"you love it." soyu closes the distance between them and catches dasom's lips with her own, pushing dasom back against her car.

dasom's sticky lip gloss slide down her neck, leaving waxy kisses and soyu pulls her back up and kisses her hard, swallowing her moan when soyu slips her cold hands up her shirt.

soyu wedges a knee between dasom's legs and pushes until dasom is hissing and arching into her touch. her hands slide up dasom's thighs, positive she's leaving grease stains on her skin. up and up she goes until she reaches the waistband of dasom's panties and soyu grins into her neck. "i love it when you wear skirts."

"me too," dasom moans when soyu sucks hard enough to leave a mark. it's probably because of times like these that dasom has a vast collection of year round scarves.

soyu hooks her thumbs under the waistband and pulls the panties down dasom's thighs. she gives dasom a peck on the lips and a smirk before kissing her way down her neck and her stomach over her sheer shirt until she's looking up at dasom. she tugs a leg over her shoulder, kisses the inside of dasom's thigh, and smiles up at her. "look at all this effort i'm putting in to not getting you dirty."

dasom just breathes heavily and throws her head back against the car, too riled up to care about how clever soyu thinks she's being.

so, soyu puts her mouth to use elsewhere and manages to not leave grease marks where it matters, but dasom still ends up with handprints all over her thighs and stomach.