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Fair Weather Friends

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"What can I get you ladies?"

Hyuna halfheartedly glares at Eunji over the top of her menu and tries to remember what she was going to get. She can feel Eunji's foot sliding up her calf and there's no way the waitress can't see the flush forming on her face.

"We'll do two lattes and some biscottis," Eunji says when it becomes clear that Hyuna isn't capable of speaking coherently. Eunji smiles innocently at the waitress until she walks away. Her smile turns filthy when she turns back to Hyuna.

"You are such a freak. Why did I even agree to this?"

"Because," Eunji says and slides her foot along the inside of Hyuna's leg, "that's why."

Eunji is still leering at her when the waitress comes back.

"Enjoy," she says before walking away.

"Oh, we will."

Hyuna reaches for a biscotti and Eunji snatches it away from her.

"Here, let me!"

The biscotti is being shoved in her face and Hyuna has to remind herself not to make a scene.

* * *


Nana nods at Ara, not trusting herself to speak. She shouldn't be this nervous, it's not even a date, not really. All their friends are scattered around the coffee shop and Nana and Ara just happen to be the only ones in the secluded booth in the corner.

"We should do this more often." Ara plays with her coffee. Caramel macchiato, extra caramel. It suits her.

"Definitely." Nana doesn't dare pick up her cup, she's sure she must be trembling at the prospect of future not-dates. The calm way Ara seems to be able to carry herself in everything she does doesn't even make Nana envious, she just wants to see more of it, more of Ara.

She's so focused on staring at Ara that she doesn't realize that she's being spoken to.

"What?" She's looking at Ara with wide eyes. She doesn't mean to let her mind drift, it just kind of happens and it's hard not to when Ara's face is right there and a literal picture of perfection and oh my god why is she so bad at this.

"I like your bracelet," Ara says with a warm laugh.

"Oh, thanks!" Nana reaches out to give Ara a better look (and she'll think back to this moment later and wonder why she didn't just take it off in the first place) and forgets about her cup of lukewarm coffee and of course—of course—she knocks it over and spills a dark brown mess of way too strong coffee she doesn't even like. 

It happens in slow motion because her life is that dramatic and she can see every single drop of coffee make its way out of the cup and onto the table.

Instead of succumbing to the urge to crawl under the table and die, Nana's eyes nearly pop out of their sockets and she frantically dabs at the mess with her napkin. "I'm so sorry. Did any of it spill on you? Oh my god," she wipes and wipes and wipes.

Ara grabs Nana's hand with her own, stilling her. "It's okay," she says with a smile.

She can't tell if the loud thud of her heartbeat ringing in her ears is from her own embarrassment or the way Ara is looking at her like she didn't just make a fool of herself.

"Gross! Stop corrupting the new kids!" Lizzy yells at them from across the shop.

Nana moves to pull her hand back but Ara holds on tightly, smile never wavering.

* * *


"They have fresh muffins!" Dahee squeals and grabs Zinni's arm. "Can we get one?"

"Uh," Zinni looks at the clock on the wall, "Jiyeon told us to come back right away with the coffee."

"We will!" Dahee pouts at her and it's increasingly difficult to deny her anything. Dahee knows this, it's why she does what she does because she plays dirty.

"Oh, fine."

Dahee is in line and ordering before Zinni even finishes agreeing. She pulls her towards a table, large muffin in hand and Zinni almost forgets the others' coffee at the counter.

"You only got one."

"Duh," Dahee says and breaks off a piece of the muffin. She holds it up to Zinni's face and her mouth opens on instinct—

("C'mon, you love strawberries," Dahee says and pushes the fruit against her lips.

She knows what she's trying to do and she tries her best not to give in because Jiyeon is going to be pissed if they're late again and she really needs to start racking up some brownie points for future use if Dahee is going to keep goading her into doing everything she says.

She does love strawberries though, but she has willpower, too, and she resists giving in to Dahee until she starts playing dirty.

Dahee's knee pushes against her between her thighs and her mouth falls open in a gasp, giving Dahee the chance to pop the strawberry in her mouth.

Zinni glares at her as best as she can and Dahee just bites down on the part of the strawberry protruding from her mouth and kisses her.)

—because she's learned she really loves it when Dahee feeds her even if she'll never admit to it.

Dahee feeds her bits of the muffin and Zinni tries to do the same, except she throws it at her and aims for her mouth as best as she can but it turns out she's terrible at food basketball and Dahee ends up with more muffin on her clothes than in her mouth.  

When they finally make their way back to the studio, Jiyeon and Miso are waiting for them, staring them down with looks about as cold as the coffee she's holding.

She reaches out for Dahee's hand for the comfort of solidarity but grasps at air and when she looks to her side, Dahee is nowhere to be found. Her phone buzzes in her pocket and she doesn't even need to check it to know that Dahee sent a text with a cheeky apology.

* * *


"You know why I love New York?"

Tiffany looks up from her book as Nicole bounces into the room.

"There's literally a Starbucks on every corner. Like, literally."

"Oh no," Tiffany puts her book down. "Who let you have coffee?"

"No one," she says and pokes Tiffany in the stomach. "Me. I let myself have coffee. I'm the boss of me." She plops down on Tiffany's lap, arms around her neck.

"Yeah, you are," Tiffany says with a laugh and tries not to squirm when Nicole runs her fingers down the nape of her neck.

"Let's do something, go somewhere."


"I don't know, anything. Everything," Nicole says and plays with her hair. "I don't have rehearsal until four and you guys have yours even later. C'mon, we have all the time in the world."

Nicole beams at her and Tiffany can't bring herself to say no, so she doesn't. "Okay," she says, arms tightening around Nicole.

"Okay." Nicole leans down and kisses her, mouth tasting of chocolate and espresso.