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Fair Weather Friends

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hyeri watched the other girls circle her like hawks, ready to swoop in for a kill.

well, krystal looked ready to swoop in. the rest (mainly sulli and suzy, no, especially sulli and suzy) looked positively delighted to have her there.

"how about misfit?" suzy asked from somewhere behind hyeri.

"no, that's technically still me," krystal replied, sounding more bored than anything. "can we wrap this up soon? i want to go set yoonjo's stuff on fire."

"you promised you'd stop doing that," sulli said from beside krystal. hyeri didn't get it, how did this group manage to function for so long with those two occupying the same space for more than ten minutes? krystal was so... krystal and sulli was an absolute angel.

she didn't get it but she wanted in.

jiyoung pulled a chair up to hyeri, plopped herself down in front of her with her elbows propped on her knees and looked at hyeri calculatingly. suzy came up behind jiyoung and leaned against her back, head resting on top of hers, and then they were both staring at her. jiyoung looked at her like hyeri had something to hide and suzy looked like she was seconds away from telling her about her day.

"maybe we should just change your thing to pyromania," jiyoung said, looking at krystal. "that's what you do like ninety percent of the time anyway. rebels do more than just set fires, you know."

"i know! i do things," krystal said defensively.

"like what?"

"your mom."

hyeri snorted and everyone turned to look at her. "oh, um. sorry?" krystal and jiyoung looked super scary. sulli and suzy too, but in a really harmless kind of way. "wait, are we going with misfit? because if we are then i'm not sorry. but if we aren't then i am."

suzy gave her a thumbs up from behind jiyoung and she almost hopped up from her chair to high five her.

"how about geek chic?" sulli suggested, looking between krystal and jiyoung worriedly. "we could throw some glasses and plaid on her."

"we're halfway there, i'm already wearing plaid," hyeri said and this time she gave a thumbs up to sulli. 

"oh," suzy cooed, "she's funny."

"you think you're real clever, don't you?" jiyoung said and stood from her chair. she towered over hyeri, a not quite challenging glint in her eyes.

"is this a trick question? because a teacher asked me this once and when i answered, she gave me detention for a week."

jiyoung cracked a smile and hyeri wanted to give herself a thumbs up. the queen bee thought she was funny, that's got to count for something.

the others joined jiyoung and they all stood in front of hyeri. if she didn't feel like prey before then she definitely felt like one or all of them were about to pounce on her.

(not that she'd mind if they actually did pounce on her, except that was just so inappropriate right now and her whole reputation and future at this stupid school was on the line. so, priorities.)

"joker?" jiyoung asked.

sulli and suzy nodded and/or grunted an affirmation and krystal let out a resounding, "hell yeah."

"cool." hyeri wanted to clap her hands and flail a little, but, yeah, priorities.

"finally," krystal said and started walking away. "let's go, losers. yoonjo's shit isn't gonna set itself on fire."