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Fair Weather Friends

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pressed up against each other in a haphazard circle in a tiny dorm room and all nara can think of is that she wouldn't have it any other way.

they're holding hands and talking in hushed tones as if sudden loudness would shatter this. what this is exactly, nara isn't quite sure of yet, but it's something she wants to hold on to for as long as she can.

"you guys," ara says, "it's happening. we're happening, we're actually doing this."

the beaming smiles on everyone's faces is everything she imagined it would feel like to be on top of the world. they might not be on top yet but right now—in their cramped room that makes no concessions to privacy—it's more than enough and it makes her squeeze yooyoung's hand just a little harder.

* * *

"when you look at it at an angle, it's not all that—"

"shut up, yes it is," lime moans.

"wear a hat then," yooyoung says and tosses a beanie in lime's face.

yoonjo does something that sounds suspiciously like a giggle from her corner of the couch and looks at yooyoung with her big stupid eyes.

she loves them, really, but sometimes she just wants to strangle them and let alice deal with the aftermath.

* * *

"stop fidgeting."

alice does the complete opposite of what she tells her and ara swears it's more because she's trying to get a rise out of her rather than the uncomfortably tight outfits. though to be fair, no one felt good in those outfits, not even a stick like alice.

ara is on the last of the buttons when alice suddenly whirls around and faces her, mouth quirked up like she's got a secret to tell.

"guess what," alice murmurs, her mouth slowly forming a smirk.

ara raises an eyebrow at her, refusing to take the bait.

their faces are so close she could smell the ridiculous health shakes on alice's breath. ara's eyes flutter shut seemingly of their own free will; she feels a flick on her forehead and emptiness in front of her. alice is already skipping towards the door when ara composes herself.

"last one to the room is an ugly duckling."