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There weren’t really words to express just what Mark was feeling once his time with Jinyoung was over. Well there were, Mark just wasn’t willing to say them. There was this void created, feelings sparked to life he didn’t know he was capable of having. Life over the last year had been different. His encounters with Jinyoung, the softness and care he took, and how he lacked everything he spent days being addicted to. It lead to some rather nervous breakdowns when he met with new clients. The all too familiar bugs crawling under your skin sensation that had vanished years ago was back with a vengeance. Every time someone touched him in ways that Jinyoung would, every time someone kissed his body, especially close to his hairline, he wanted to run and never look back. He felt dirty, damaged, broken.


After a while the dirty feeling did fade, but it never fully went away. It became more tolerable.


Tonight he was playing the part of arm candy, a role he often found himself in. He’d get paid to stand side by side some business man looking to show off a young stud to all his coworkers and friends, generally it ended with sub par sex in some bathroom or in some dark corner of wherever the client wanted to bring him.


He was dressed as per the client's request in something rather flashy but still suited for a night on the town. The pair headed to a club for some asian-music event night. As soon as they walked in the door Mark could tell how this night was going to go.


First, the pair would make their rounds so that anyone the man cared about could get a look at who he brought along. That would be followed by a series of overpriced drinks used to try and make him more willing for whatever the client had planned for them once he got bored or people stopped paying attention to him. Mark could tell by the flashy watch and overly shined shoes he was the type of man that wanted all eyes on him.


As if on cue Mark was handed a fruity looking drink that he would probably hate. He smelled it when the man wasn’t looking before he took a cautious sip, trying so hard not to make a face as the overly sugary drink nearly knocked him on his ass. His client didn’t seem to care if it was to Mark’s taste or not, he was too busy making up some rehearsed story about how they met to people that weren’t asking. Anyone with eyes could tell Mark was either paid to be there, or just assumed he was trying to dig for gold. Someone of Mark’s caliber didn’t just spend time with a sleazy guy because he enjoyed his 80’s aftershave and crude humor.


“I’ll be back.” He said, offering a fake smile to the client who just grunted before going back to his conversation. Mark had to shake off the bugs that started to crawl hearing some snarky comment about how that man was gonna get some later as he pushed through the dance floor to get to the bathroom. As expected the stalls were filled with people doing anything but relieving themselves. Those sounds were easy enough to block out, Mark was familiar with those sounds and would probably be one of them later on if his client had a say in things, which he did.


For now Mark took to the sink, splashing some cool water on his cheeks to try and calm the disgusted feeling he had, to remind himself that this job was getting him through college and he was better off being thankful that someone even booked him at the prices he was running these days. The usual silent pep talks he gave himself as he played it off like he was just fixing his hair. For some reason tonight was one of his bad nights, a night his mind wandered to what if’s more than the present here and now. That’s why he often found himself in bathrooms when he needed to re-group or hide for a little while, nobody paid attention to other people in bathrooms.


Lost in his thoughts he almost didn’t notice the stranger that came up next to him and washed his hands, apparently one person in the entire bathroom was actually using it for it’s actual purpose. Looking over at the man quickly, Mark, felt as if the air had gotten knocked out of him. This man was gorgeous, probably one of the most gorgeous men he had ever seen in his life. Strong features that were still somehow boyish, perfectly styled hair that looked like it would be pure silk to the touch. He had to blink a few times to try and break from his trance, the other seemingly unphased by it just bowed his head and smiled a smile that made Mark want to learn to paint so he could cover his ceiling with it.


Curse bathroom lighting for not properly allowing him to catalogue every detail of this man.


He wanted to say something, he almost did. He was so close to speaking out however it seemed his client had other ideas. The man burst into the room in a fit of laughter that had Mark’s attention pulled away from the majestic creature before him.


“There you are kid!” The man roared, moving to yank Mark out of the bathroom and this was one of those situations where he wanted to run. He wanted to kick and scream his way back to whoever was in the bathroom.


He didn’t though, because he was a professional, and when the man dragged him to the predicted corner to get his money worth, Mark had no choice but to comply. Luckily the man didn’t last very long, his services were over as soon as his pants were pulled back up and a wad of bills were shoved into Mark’s back pocket as a tip for a job well done.


It was moments like these he missed Jinyoung the most. Missed the delicate way he actually treated Mark as if he were human, not a just for hire doll to do with as one pleased. Even if that’s what he technically was.


Leaving the club was a blessing. The feeling that he could breath again now that the fresh air was washing the smell of his client away. Mark reached his hand into his pocket to text JB that the job was finished when he saw that he had a missed text from JB. Odd. He never texted him in the middle of a job. That had to mean it was urgent.


He was reading this text wrong, he had to be. Maybe he was tired, maybe the phone was lagging and something got sent by accident. This couldn’t, he couldn’t.


JB IM: VIP Request: Tonight.
Full bedroom service requested.
Grand Li hotel- Suite 2214.
Special Requests: Smile.
Text me when you’ve left, be safe.


It was a coincidence. Some other client just booked him for the same room. A room he hadn’t stepped foot in for 14 months, 3 weeks, and 6 days. Not that he was counting or anything.


He was wrecked to say the least, even if he didn’t quit.


Maybe he didn’t quit for this reason, maybe he had been waiting and hoping that one day his mysterious masked man would be back. If this even was him. A small part of his brain kept telling him that it could just be a different person. That maybe Jinyoung wasn’t back in town.


Or maybe he was.


MARK: Confirmed.


A quick glance down to his watch had him freaking out. The appointment was scheduled for 15 minutes from now meaning he had to bolt it.


To say Mark was nervous was an understatement. His stomach seemed to knot more and more as he made his way through the all too familiar lobby, and up to the 22nd floor. He could feel the de-ja vu of him and Jinyoung running at full speed to get back into the hotel room before someone that knew Jinyoung saw them together. He checked his watch, he was right on time.


Two knocks to the door at exactly 11:00, followed by what felt like time stopping. The door swung open and there he was, same black mask as last time. Mark’s heart skipped a beat as he drank in the figure that had only became a distant memory over the months.


As unprofessional as it may have been, Mark didn’t wait to be invited inside. He lunged forward and wrapped his arms around Jinyoung’s neck, pushing his face into the side of it as he pressed their bodies close. Jinyoung seemed to have the same sentiment as Mark’s back soon hit the door, signaling Jinyoung’s unwillingness to let him go.


They stayed like that for awhile, the only sound their gentle breathing as Mark seemed to forget all the progress he made over the last year of getting his life back together. Re-establishing the rules, not wanting to crawl out of his skin when a client finished with him. He remembered how much he missed Jinyoung’s gentle touch and was back to square one in seconds.


“You came back.” He said in shaky Korean, Jinyoung’s eyes lit up from behind the mask at the familiar sounds.


“You learned Korean.” He replied back in his native tongue and Mark just smiled, giving a simple shrug as he pulled away.


“Thought I might need it one day.” He tried to play it off like it was no big deal, but clearly learning another language for someone you didn’t know if you were ever going to see again was, in fact, a big dead.


Lacing his fingers with Jinyoung’s own to tug him further into the room. It looked exactly the same, as if the hotel preserved it for the boys return. Down to the same odd Korean magazines that were laid out on the table for the current guest’s enjoyment. The only thing that really changed was that Mark could now understand what it was saying. But he doubted that anything between those pages mattered more than what he had in front of him.


“Have you been in town long?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at the sight of more luggage than the last time. Was he staying longer? Mark was only booked a day longer than he had been the time before, but there seemed to be baggage for weeks worth of traveling.


“I arrived a day or two ago. Spent some time trying to get rid of the jet-lag. Didn’t want to fall asleep on you as I almost did our first night together.” He said and Mark couldn’t hold back the smile. “You’ve changed your hair.” He added, reaching out to run his fingers through the now strawberry blond locks, the freshly buzzed sized let him know it was a recent change.


“Do you like it?” Mark asked and smiled wide when Jinyoung nodded in return.


“I think it suits you perfectly, if I might… I’d like to be able to see it every night I’m here. I am leaving again Monday morning.” Jinyoung asked, head tilting to the side as he made himself comfortable on the sofa, pulling Mark down into his lap with ease. “I know I have to go through other people but, if you’re free may I steal you away?”


Mark had to pull out his phone, unprofessional yet again but it was easier to look and see what he had planned. Clients were marked in purple, as obvious by Jinyoung’s name being added by JB for the night, though he quickly turned his screen away as so the other wouldn’t see the amount of clients he had lined up for the other days. He could tell that Jinyoung got a slight peak. The grip on his hips tightened as Mark flipped through his various appointments to find what times he was free. He quickly edited his calendar to include Jinyoung through the days he said he was staying, happy that no other clients had the opportunity to be booked before him. No sooner did the bars of Purple bearing Jinyoung’s name appear on the calender did his phone to buzz to life.


JB IM: Confirmed. Be Safe.


“I can make it each night as early as 7pm.” He said and turned to see if that was good enough, Jinyoung just nodded that it would do before Mark’s phone vanished back into his pocket. That would give him ample time to complete the school work he had to do before devoting his time to Jinyoung.


Once everything was said and done Mark turned his body quickly to straddle Jinyoung’s hips, fingers sliding up his chest and neck till he was dancing along the hem of the black fabric. He was so close to ripping it off, fingers dipping under just to feel the soft skin under. It was like a drug to Mark. Jinyoung reached up to coil his fingers around Mark’s wrist, giving him that warning look with his eyes that made Mark’s pants tighten. He didn’t know what he liked more, being praised by Jinyoung, or his warnings.


“If you keep being bad, I won’t get undressed later.” He stated matter of factly, somehow still knowing that it was something Mark craved.


Mark pulled his hands away almost instantly and put them up as if he surrendered, he was in no way going to mess up the chance to maybe see Jinyoung completely naked for the first time. No doubt still with the stupid mask but that he would learn to live with.


“One of these days you’re going to give in to me though. Maybe the next time you come to America.” That would be assuming that Jinyoung would actually hold off on finding someone home in Korea for the chance to sleep with Mark again, a notion he knew was stupid.


“I’m not sure when that will be, but for now we can enjoy these few days. You are mine for them right?” Jinyoung asked and Mark nodded happily, leaning into Jinyoung to place a gentle kiss to his left cheek, wishing that it was skin his lips were touching.


“I’m just lucky you keep showing up on the weekends. I had a heavy week at school, I think they are going overboard with the assignments. Provided I get all of my homework done I can be yours whenever you need me.” He noticed how again Jinyoung’s grip grew tighter. Had he known a year ago he overheard BamBam and he talking in the cafe he would have understood the look flaring in Jinyoung’s eyes to be jealousy.


“You can bring your homework here to do it, I promise to behave. If it’s Korean I can even help you.” He tried to calm the inner rage, pushing all thoughts of what assignments Mark had been given in his absence.


“I don’t think you’re paying to watch me write essays, or is that your way of saying you want to role play. I’ll be a naughty student, and you the teacher that keeps me after?” He smirked, leaning his head down to pepper Jinyoung’s neck with soft kisses.


It took Jinyoung a bit to respond, the fingers curled into Mark’s hips served to pull them down against him to show the other that was actually a rather lovely idea.


“Professor Jinyoung, I swear I did my homework… I just left it at home.” He kept up the charade, rolling his hips down as he kept kissing lower. Only pulling back when he needed to slid down to the floor to keep kissing his way down to Jinyoung’s growing problem.


“That’s Professor Park. And you’ve used this excuse before, do you not take this class seriously? You have a failing grade.” Jinyoung tried to keep a straight face, a mix of pleasure and entertainment as he watched Mark make quick work of his belt.


“I promise to study harder sir.” Mark said in Korean, looking up with devilish eyes as his fingers blindly pulled Jinyoung from his boxers, stroking at the length to help get it hard for him.


“How..” Jinyoung had to lay his head back for a moment, composing his thoughts which was difficult given how pink and inviting Mark’s lips seemed to always look


“How do you plan… to do so?” He asked, moving his hand to push Mark’s longer hair away from his face.


“Oral exam.” He said in Korean before going down on the other. His nose pushing into the fabric of his Boxers as he swallowed around the length, using what he knew Jinyoung liked from the previous times they had been together, and judging from his reaction he still knew what the other likes.


Hands gripped tighter into his hair as he twirled his tongue around the length, content to just stay down there for hours if Jinyoung would let him. Wanting to get lost in the taste he had become addicted to. The heavenly weight of Jinyoung’s cock against his tongue as he pushed him over to his orgasm. The salty sweet liquid that he swallowed with ease before pulling up, licking at his lips for any leftover drops. Jinyoung fluttered his eyes down as he again pushed Mark’s strawberry blond fringe from his face. Moments like these he felt more like he was doing this just for fun, rather than he was getting paid to do so.


When it stopped feeling like a job Mark knew he was in danger.


“Well… Maybe we can pull your grade up a bit if you’re willing to work like that for it.” He yanked Mark up to him and for the first time himself, wished the mask wasn’t there. Curious to know what he tasted like on Mark’s tongue.


“I think we can bring it up to an A by the end of the weekend.” He assured and climbed off Jinyoung, pulling him to his feet before he started to lead him to the bedroom but the other stopped him.


“Come first. Let us enjoy tonight.” Jinyoung nodded towards the sliding glass door, pulling the smaller male outside with him. Mark allowed his body to be trapped between the railing and the comfort of Jinyoung’s chest. He leaned some to rest his head gently on Jinyoung’s shoulder as his attention focused on the city, listening to the bustling sounds of cars honking and people down below carrying on casual conversations.


They stayed like this for a few moments before Mark turned around, Jinyoung seemed lost in his thoughts, a pensive look between his brows as his arms wrapped tighter around Mark in a somewhat protective manor. Mark’s breath hitched in his throat but he didn’t dare react, he couldn’t keep giving into these feelings. He had to be strong, Jinyoung was going to eventually leave him again.


“I missed you, beautiful boy.”


Mark was wrecked.






Traveling was always stressful in it’s own way, but when your mind was racing in a million directions, it was that much harder.


Jinyoung wasn’t sure how, but he managed to leave Mark quietly the morning he was due to fly back to Korea. When he woke up the first thing he felt was confused that there was an odd weight next to him. Save for when a bandmate would nap next to him, he was generally alone most nights.


Looking down at the tufts of red hair peaking out everywhere, Jinyoung honestly thought he’d seen an angel. Mark was an enchanting creature that crept into every fiber of his being, someone that in the short few days they had been doing their thing, captured Jinyoung in ways he didn’t know someone could. It was probably why Jinyoung didn’t think twice at the cost when he reserved the smaller man for the duration of his trip. Money well spent if he could have this moment, only once in his life.


His movements were careful, not wanting to disturb Mark’s sleep and make his goodbye any harder than it already was. The pangs he felt in his chest as he went about ensuring he didn’t leave anything behind. Well he was leaving something behind, but that was out of his control. As hard as he tried to tell himself that Mark just saw him as a job, that he would be foolish to think his affections were real, there was a small part of Jinyoung that truly believed that the way Mark looked at him sometimes was genuine.


He carefully walked back over to the bed, pulling the covers up to ensure that Mark was kept warm in his absence. Bending over he ghosted his fingers through his fringe to get a final glimpse of his face before he leaned in to gently kiss at the apple of his cheek.


“Wait for me… I will come back for you. I promise.” And he meant it, even more so after Mark gave a slight smile in his sleep, burrowing closer into the blankets as if he understood.


With that Jinyoung knew he had to leave, he scribbled down a note and left it by the door with his mask for Mark to keep. The whole flight home to Korea he tried to sleep, tried to clear his mind of red hair and bright smiles. Of laughs that sounded more angelic than any he’d known before it. One of his bandmates noticed how distant and uneasy Jinyoung had been during the duration of the flight and pulled him aside once they landed to check if he was okay.


“Hyung, are you troubled?” Jackson started but Jinyoung just shook his head no, a blatant lie.


“I just forgot something in LA.” Jinyoung sighed, looking down at his feet for a moment.


“Was it something valuable?” Jackson asked, a true worry for his hyung and friend.






With every client there was generally a format. How every night was going to go could be forecasted by Mark after 5 minutes of meeting them.


The kinky ones were not as mysterious as they wanted to be, the vanilla ones were painfully obvious and clumsy, the abusive ones were sometimes harder to detect but Mark had gotten better over the years of telling when a client was going to step out of line before it happened. His accidents had reduced significantly over the years which he considered a win in it’s own right. The point being, they were all predictable.


Except Jinyoung.


The masked enigma that could have Mark come undone with a simple eye crinkle. A man that still covered his face when he laughed even if it was already covered. Every time Mark thought he knew what he was getting himself into, Jinyoung threw him a curveball that had him back on his ass, sometimes literally.


Mark wanted to set the rules, wanted to make it clear to Jinyoung that there was an order and he would abide by it for the sake of his own sanity. For the sake of any chance of surviving the aftershock he would go through come monday morning when Jinyoung departed yet again for the other side of the world. After their first night reunited, when Jinyoung decided he would rather just enjoy Mark’s company in lieu of sleeping with him, Mark stopped trying to predict how the rest of this weekend would go. He decided then and there to just allow himself to give in, this one last time.


He would suffer the consequences of being so foolish as he did the previous year.


Truth be told he was thankful Jinyoung wanted to give him a night off. Three clients in one day would have pushed him past his limits. Not that he hadn’t done it before, but he wanted to be cleaner for Jinyoung. Regardless of the fact that every caress laid on his skin by the other seemed to wash away the bugs that had been crawling still from his previous client, he still wasn’t clean. Mark opted for a shower which Jinyoung suggested was a good idea. He would use that time to excuse himself and eat.


And maybe it was the fact that when Mark emerged from his shower he saw clean clothes folded for him on the bed with a note about how he should make himself comfortable in Jinyoung’s absence, but he knew right then and there that he choose the right profession. If for no other reason other than it lead him to Jinyoung. Fleeting as it may be, an overwhelming sense of peace washed over him as he shrugged on the shirt that had been laid out for him, it’s loose fabric hanging over one shoulder as the sleeves covered a majority of his hands. The pants hung just right on his hips. Knowing what Jinyoung said about not sleeping together but Mark still opted to leave the boxers in their place on the bed just incase Jinyoung changed his mind.


When Jinyoung finally returned, Mark was laid out on his stomach on the bed. Feet kicking in the air as he focused on whatever cooking show he settled on. Jinyoung snapped a mental picture, groaning at how sinful Mark looked with his slightly exposed neck, and collar bones. The suite he wore earlier was nice, but it wreaked of other men. At least now he knew the only scent on Mark was his own.


“Are you staying with me tonight?” Jinyoung questioned, moving towards the bed as he shrugged off the sweatshirt he had been wearing.


“Do you want me to stay the night?” Mark asked, turning his body some so he was laid out on his back. The shirt riding up to tease Jinyoung with hints of pale skin. All he could do was nod yes before crawling into the bed with Mark.


Jinyoung situated himself between Mark’s legs, pressing his face into the exposed skin of his neck, inhaling the scent of his own body wash and a smell that was so painfully Mark. The only peace he found was in detecting no other hint of another man. A small victory.


“Tomorrow I have events all day, but I will return around 8:00. I’ll leave a room key for you on your spot.” He mumbled, still enjoying the feel of being so close to Mark’s skin.


“Jinyoungie, if you keep this up I won’t be able to behave.” Mark whimpered, but Jinyoung wanted Mark to rest so he pulled back. Instead he gave the smaller male a playful smack to the hip before he moved to go about getting ready for bed. Always in private, and Mark didn’t want to pry. In the end Jinyoung came back to him in bed, the two slept well for the first time in over a year, tossing and turning over as Jinyoung wrapped protective arms around Mark. He didn’t need to dream, his reality was finally better again.




“Earth to Mark. Hello! Is there anyone home.” Bambam nudged his best friend for the 7th time that hour. Mark snapped back from his glare out of the window to look at the friend he was being so rude to.


“You haven’t touched your food, you haven’t touched your drink, you keep looking off to the distance and smiling. I think my Markeypoo is in love.” He teased, sitting up straighter so he could try and put emphasis on his point.


“I am not! Just… remember that client I told you about, a year ago?” He caught himself, looking around to make sure nobody heard him. “Teacher. The class I took for a few days.” He reminded and BamBam raised an eyebrow.


“The one that when it ended had you on a two week hiatus, followed by a spree of late night texts talking about how you wanted to melt your skin off because your other teachers needed to shower. Yes, oh I remember.” BamBam crossed his arms over his chest, already not liking where this was going.


“Well I’m back in class, no don’t give me that look. You know we have to follow our course schedule.” Mark pouted, trying to ignore the way BamBam’s eyes were currently trying to drill holes in his head.


“You have turned down classes before, why would you… Was it just for the night?” He asked and when Mark shook his head BamBam thought he would surely have a stroke. “What are the rules Mark! When does your class end.” He was aggravated, Mark could tell.


“Monday morning, the professor flies home to Korea.” A personal detail that had him busted. He knew it the second BamBam started to snicker under his breath, he put two and two together about his best friends recent real school schedule.


“So that Korean Culture class and Korean Language class you enrolled in weren’t just for easy A’s.” BamBam called out, and Mark had to fight the urge to grab the nearest spoon and hurl it at the younger of the two. Instead he decided to just mumble into his sandwich about how it would be best if BamBam just shut up before he put him out of work for a while.


The teasing didn’t stop for the rest of the lunch and Mark had to ask himself why he became friends with BamBam every time he asked him if he liked his Kimchi spicy.


Their lunch together ran later than normal, and when he looked at the clock he realized he sucked up a majority of his studying time. He had been hoping to get everything done before his appointment with Jinyoung so he could devote more time to just being with the male as they did the night before.


With that he said his goodbyes and raced back to his house to grab his books. Figuring he would only take what he needed to get the two essay’s due done. Halfway through zipping up his bag Mark had a mental breakdown about what he was doing. This was a job, he was going to work. He was not going to his boyfriend’s house to study, he was going to a hotel he was paid to be going to, because Jinyoung paid a large sum of money to fuck Mark whenever he wanted. Sliding down to the floor, Mark’s mind waged a brutal war on itself. Constant back and forths about how Jinyoung wasn’t using him for sex, about how there might be something there, about how he should just let himself live for once. Who knew if Jinyoung would ever come back to America, or even want to be with Mark again if he did. Why shouldn’t he live up to this.


Well the glaring what if Jinyoung didn’t feel the same way loomed heavy in the back of his mind, but who laid out clothing for someone with no intention on sleeping with them if they didn’t care. He couldn’t possibly feel sorry for Mark could he? Was that why he didn’t want to sleep with him. Did he feel bad that Mark was someone who spent their time getting fucked for money? Again he dove deeper into that dark place of his mind.


By the time he pulled himself together he was late, for the first time in his career. If that was the proper term for prostitution. Racing with a backpack through the lobby once his cab pulled up, he nearly broke the button for the 22nd floor trying to make the elevator move faster. On his way out he ran head first into someone, nearly toppling over onto the floor. When he looked up he saw an all too familiar face, squinting to make sure he saw right before he smiled.


“Jungkook, what are you doing here?” He asked, adjusting the backpack over his shoulder to make it less of a pain.


“Suspecting the same thing as you.” Jungkook winked, and for some reason Mark felt jealous. Why was he on this floor. It was highly possible other men on this floor requested their services. Someone had to give Jinyoung the information to find them. But the thought that he was on the exact floor, for the exact reason Mark was had his blood boiling.


“Repeat client?” He questioned and Jungkook nodded as he got on the elevator.


“Some guy in a mask. Don’t remember a name. J something or other.” He said as the doors shut and down with the elevator went Mark’s heart. Could it… it couldn’t be. He was scolding both Jungkook’s unprofessionalism, and the fact that someone as pure as Jinyoung would ever consider touching him. There had to be another man in a mask...on the same floor… who’s name started with a J.


He was even later now, rushing to the door he used the card key that Jinyoung had left for him. The lights were all on which meant Jinyoung had returned already, walking cautiously into the room Mark was scared of what he would find. The room didn’t smell like sex, which was a good sign, no subtle hints of the spiced aftershave Jungkook was wearing lingering about. As he set his bag down by the sofa he walked into the bedroom half of the suite to see Jinyoung emerging from the bedroom, clothing still in tact, bed still made. He was unconvinced though.


“You’re quite late.” Was all he said and Mark felt the childish urge to stomp his foot.


“Is that for the better? It would have been rude of me to walk into something I shouldn’t have.” He folded his arms, not sure why he was jealous when he was the one who slept with a different man every other day.


“Outside of me showering there wasn’t much for you to see, I got back early expecting you to be here.” He said and Mark suddenly felt like a horrible person. Jinyoung had been, waiting for him… so who. Who was Jungkook visiting?


“You didn’t? I just saw another worker leave. I assumed…” He put his head down in shame, suddenly feeling rather small for assuming the worst of a man he should have known was better than that.


“And you figured it was me who he was entertaining.” The voice sounded angry, scary almost. Mark’s head snapped up to view a taller stood Jinyoung. He took quick glides to close the gap between them, pushing Mark up against the wall of the bedroom. “Stupid boy, what on earth would make you think I would want anyone else?” He scolded, and again Mark wanted to hide in on himself.


“He said.. Guy in a mask. He was on this floor. I didn’t want to be so proud to think, that… that.” He whimpered, turning his head so that he didn’t see Jinyoung’s hard glare boring into him.


“There are none other that I wish to spend my time with than you Mark. Do you not see how important you are to me?” Mark was expecting Jinyoung to sound angry, but the voice break made him realize he was…. Sad.


In the blink of an eye Jinyoung moved to pull Mark close to his body, arms wrapped so tight it felt suffocating, yet was probably the first time Mark could breathe since he entered the room. He didn’t hesitate to push his face into Jinyoung’s neck, hands weakly sliding up to curl in the fabric covering his hips.


“I promise you, none other have came in here but you. There are none else. Close your eyes, please.” Jinyoung asked, Mark looked up at him confused for a few seconds but he nodded, eyes closing tight. Even when he felt Jinyoung pull away he kept his eyes shut, being obedient for probably the first time since they met. It didn’t take long for Jinyoung to return, tying something soft around Mark’s eyes. Confused he cocked his head to the side when Jinyoung was finished, reaching up to feel along the silk like material keeping his vision dark.


“I’m not yet ready for you to see me, but you’re being patient and that’s good. Keep waiting for me to be ready, and I promise you that I will share my bed with only you, beautiful boy.” He praised, and Mark became a puddle on the floor. His body reacting in ways he didn’t know it could as he blindly reached out for the other male, needing some type of contact. He instead got picked up and tossed onto the bed in an overly erotic display of strength.


“Jinyoungie... “ Mark breathed, his smile so wide as he felt the bed dip, knowing fully well that Jinyoung was eyeing him like the predator that he was. Every time he felt the bed dip closer to him, his heart would skip another beat. He was sure that by the time he felt the space near his head drop that his body couldn’t be more surprised, but when would he ever learn that Jinyoung was full of tricks.


It was soft at first, almost as if nothing happened. A faint brushing against his lips like fingertips almost. His mouth opened slightly almost instinctively. Ready for whatever Jinyoung would give him but instead he was met again with that ghost like feeling. He breathed out Jinyoung’s name a final time before he felt it. For real this time. Lips. Pressed against his own. Jinyoung was kissing him, which meant his mask was off. It was life changing, and soul crushing at the same time to know that he was still forbidden from seeing the beauty above him. Jinyoung had to be beautiful, there was no way a man with eyes like his wasn’t the center of the universe.


Mark reached up to put his fingers under Jinyoung’s chin, sliding them carefully up to feel no fabric obstructing his path. That alone caused him to moan. Never did he think the loss of something so simple would ignite his entire body on fire but it happened. He surged up to push their lips harder together, fingertips finding a new obsession with the feeling of Jinyoung’s soft cheek under them. As Jinyoung shifted, Mark made way for him to slip between his legs. Thighs raising up to rest on Jinyoung’s hips as he got lost in the feeling of Jinyoung on top of him.


The kiss only parted when the two seemed equally as starved for oxygen. Soft pants followed by even softer kisses filled the following hour. Content to just lay like that forever if it was Jinyoungs will, despite how turned on their lower halves obviously were. The fact that he finally got to feel how soft and full Jinyoungs lips were, the fact that he was tasting the sweetness on his tongue as it danced with his own for control of the kiss, this right here melted away every worry Mark allowed himself to have over the last few hours. It also created a new rule.


No more kissing clients. Unless that client was Park Jinyoung.


No more kissing because any other lips that touched his would pale in comparison to the soft clouds currently lifting every single trouble of his away. Stunned by how effective kissing someone you cared about could be put his past few years into a rather harsh perspective. Every kiss before this, be that they were forced for work, never felt like a chore. In fact he enjoyed kissing to an extent. But they never felt like this. Like his heart would hammer out of his chest if Jinyoung took too long between kissing his lips, and his jaw. Like he would fight wars as long as Jinyoung bit his lower lip the way he did every night for the rest of his life.


Maybe Jinyoung noticed the panic that stirred in Mark at the fleeting noting that he was even considering a forever. Nobody in this field had a forever, people didn’t realistically whisk away sex workers for a happily ever after. Mark’s body became rigid, causing Jinyoung to pull away curiously.


“Mark…” Jinyoung whispered, pushing his nose against Mark’s cheek before he pushed his fingers up under his chin.


“Tell me you’ll stay. Even if you don’t. Lie to me, just for tonight…” Mark said shakily, in Korean to really drive his point across. Generally Jinyoung would never lie, the thought of it drove him mad. But he understood. He couldn’t see the fear in Mark's eyes but he felt it


“Of course I’m staying. Right here with you beautiful boy. To kiss these lips every night, to hold you every morning.” Jinyoung spoke between peppered kisses to Mark’s lips and neck. Never had Mark been so thankful for a layer of fabric on his face, soaking up the tears he so desperately was trying to fight off.


Call it a build up of emotional repression over the last few years, and Mark not really being as numb to sex as he thought. Or maybe it was just Jinyoung was someone so untouchable that Mark didn’t stand a chance, but here, in this bed, Mark felt alive for the first time.


“Kiss me!” Mark whimpered, moving to try and pull Jinyoung up so he could get what he wanted, instead Jinyoung used whatever strength advantage he had to pin Marks arms away as he continued to kiss lower and lower. Hot breath ghosting over the bulge in Mark’s pants causing his hips to roll up wantingly.


Thankfully Jinyoung wasn’t much to tease like Mark seemed to be. Before he knew it his hips were being lifted and his pants thrown about the room. He shivered at the air brushing over his erection, but no sooner did he go to open his mouth was he met with the heat of Jinyoung’s mouth taking him down to the base without a moment's hesitation. A slew of rather lewd curse words flowed from his mouth as his cock was met with the perfect amount of suction, and the right amount of saliva. Both those things mixed with how plush and full Jinyoung’s mouth were had Mark a writhing mess under the man.


His eyes fluttered, legs spread wider by Jinyoung. who dedicated equal time to Mark’s balls as he did his erection. It wasn’t until he felt the wet of Jinyoung’s tongue trail down to his ass did he say a prayer for everyone that would try and sleep tonight. Jinyoung’s tongue pushed by the ring of muscles, eating Mark out in a way that made him swear they had swapped jobs for the night. Fingers gripped into soft linens as Jinyoung spit into Mark’s entrance, using it as lubrication for his finger to glide in. More curse words in a mix of both Korean and English fell from the prostitutes lips as Jinyoung decided to wrap his lips back around Mark’s cock, just about the same time he slid a second finger in. As if he wasn’t tortured enough. The blindfold did add that extra sensation however. The loss of one sense had all the others heightened. He was so hyper aware of everything he had to stop Jinyoung seconds after he put a third finger in or he was sure he would cum before they got to the good part.


A bit of rustling could be heard through the room, followed by the bed sinking again, Jinyoung was back with a heated kiss that again, nearly pushed Mark over the edge.


“You have a choice tonight. Kissing and the blindfold stays on, or you get to see me completely naked.” he said, and Mark wanted to smack him for the audacity of trying to make him pick. All he could do was let out a long protesting sigh before his hands slid up to feel that Jinyoung was in fact, naked. Well. Guess he was dealing with that mask again.


“Naked, naked, please fuck. Let, off!” That was smooth Mark. Good job.


Again more rustling followed by his head being moved. The blindfold was removed and there was Jinyoung in all of his glory. Stark naked and so beautiful Mark was back to wanting to write poetry. He really should consider an English class next semester. The way Jinyoung looked needed to be put into words.


“Beautiful.” he breathed out, and he could swear he saw the mask turn red from it’s owner blushing behind it.


“Are you wooing me now? This is supposed to be your night.” Jinyoung teased before ripping open the condom package, and sliding the rubber onto his erection.


“I can be cute. Why are you the only one that can be… FUCK!” Mark gasped when Jinyoung slid inside. One slow push till his ass was against Jinyoung’s hips.


“Language!” snickered Jinyoung, and Mark nearly swung a pillow at him.


His hips started to roll, slow at first, teasing as he worked the lube into Mark well enough to know he wouldn’t be hurt. He ignored every cry for more, every whimper to go faster, and Mark suddenly wished he was on top so he could just get what he wanted. It took what felt like ages for Jinyoung to start snapping those hips in the most blissful of ways. Marks jaw slack as he did nothing but moaned out. Again he was sorry for anyone trying to sleep. His volume control was gone the second Jinyoung hit that sweet spot, and decided to jackhammer home. Marks knuckles turned white from how tight he was gripping at the blankets, doing nothing to stop the burn his entire body felt. Mark gasped when he felt Jinyoung push his face into his neck. The sweat from Jinyoung's face clashing with the beads dripping down his own skin. Body on fire as he clawed down Jinyoung's back, blunt nails leaving little red lines of passion against the slightly milky skin. He was close, without needing anything more than the sound of Jinyoung moaning in his ear and his hips slapping against his ass.


“Jinyoungie. I’m gonna. Please can I cum.” Mark whimpered, a wreck as he waited for the okay. He always waited. Even if Jinyoung was different there were some rules he couldn’t break. As soon as Jinyoung grunted a reply Mark took seconds to coat both of their chests in cum, his mind going blank as he felt Jinyoung stutter as his own orgasm ripped through him, filling the condom with every last drop before he fell on top of Mark.


Breathing heavily, unable to pull himself up, Mark just wrapped a tired arm around Jinyoung and kept him close. Heart hammering so loud he didn’t doubt Jinyoung could hear it being so close to him. This was probably how it was supposed to feel. Normalcy. Actually caring about people you had sex with, enjoying it.


At this point the only glaring reminder that he was, what he was, was the mask. Hiding his identity kept that shred of sanity in Mark from letting him fall any deeper in trouble than he already was.


Jinyoung went to move but Mark whimpered. Pulling the male closer as he used his legs to keep him in place.


“You sure you want me all gross on top of you?” Jinyoung laughed, and Mark nodded. Leaning down to kiss at Jinyoung’s sweat covered forehead to prove he didn’t care. Jinyoung just shuffled enough to slip out and toss the condom in the bin next to the bed before wrapping up in Mark. The pair fell asleep like that, gross but content. When Mark woke the next morning he was alone again, but this time he knew Jinyoung would be back. No mask, no tip, just a letter about how beautiful he looked and how he couldn’t wait to see him after his day was done.




This was how their weekend went. Mark spent the days with BamBam who would keep issuing warnings about how he needed to pull away. Mark would assure him that he had a grip on the situation even if he didn’t at all. When the pair parted ways he would either spend time running errands, or go back to the hotel to study until Jinyoung came back from whatever he was doing. There was still radio silence from JB on the matter, not even an attempt to throw a few morning, or early evening customers his way. Maybe he figured that Jinyoung was keeping Mark well sexed, which he was, but knew it meant he would be useless to other clients.


Their final night together was soul crushing for Mark, because he knew that reality would strike when he would wake up alone. It was weird how in just a few nights he became so adjusted to falling asleep in Jinyoung’s arms. He made Jinyoung promise to wake him up in the mornings, wanting that good bye for the day before he went off to do whatever it was Jinyoung did during the days. Mark couldn’t say he wasn’t curious. Of course he was. Jinyoung had a fair amount of money, traveled all over the world from the stories he told, spoke several languages though English was one of his weakest, and some nights when he came home it was obvious some of his muscles were sore. Which of course lead to Mark happily giving him a massage (happy ending included).


But tonight was different. He could tell the minute he walked back into the room it was different. Like they were both grossly aware the fun would end come morning, but neither were ready to speak on it.


Mark walked cautiously outside to Jinyoung who was staring off into the distance, a drink in one hand that he probably finished quite some time ago. Mark cleared his throat to signal his return but Jinyoung didn’t turn to him. He just kept looking at the city. Silent.


Mark didn’t know what to do, but he could feel the heaviness grow. He reached out and gripped the man’s hips, pushing his face between his shoulder blades and just inhaling the spicy smell of his cologne. He let Jinyoung be silent as long as he needed to be, as long as he knew he was still there he would be fine.


Eventually Jinyoung let out a sigh, leaning back into Mark’s touch as he set the glass down on the balcony rather than keep it in his hand.


“Do you know what I’m going to say?” Jinyoung asked, and Mark just nodded. Because he did. “Please. I can’t.. I don’t want to..” Jinyoung just sighed, he didn’t know how to be delicate about this.


“I can’t.” Mark said in almost a whisper, eyes squeezing shut as he pushed his body closer to Jinyoung’s. “I have to survive. I’m almost done with college.” as if that made a difference. Jinyoung just balled his hands into fists before he turned to glare at Mark.


“You can just leave. You can.. I don’t know. Something else. Mark.” Jinyoung pleaded, eyes looking so defeated. Mark had to turn away so he couldn’t see them, couldn’t see Jinyoung fighting to say what he meant.


“A prostitute. You can say it Jinyoung. I know what I am. I can’t just stop I have to pay for college. I’m on my own here!” He walked back inside, knowing this was about to be a very long night for the two of them.


“Fine. Yes. I want you to stop being a… prostitute.” Jinyoung winced when the words fell from his tongue, and for a second Mark got angry. Because it looked like Jinyoung was disgusted, but he was the one that ordered Mark in the first place.


“Don’t pity me Jinyoung. You live on the other side of the world. You are free to do anything you want. It’s easy for you!” Mark defended. Not sure if he was ready for this fight but he knew it had to happen. Reality was going to kick in eventually, might as well be sooner rather than later.


“Free?! Mark. You.” Jinyoung growled, this was not the time for the language barrier to be so dominate between them.


“I live a life where I travel with a mask so if I’m unshaven, no makeup, or tired my fans can not see me. I have to keep hidden, keep a perfect appearance at all times. I am not free to be who I am in public, not with people I want to be like you know.” he gestured to Mark, hoping he understood enough in Korean to get what he was saying.


“Then why live it? I may be bound by contracts but I live my life the way I want!” again Mark defended and Jinyoung just rolled his eyes.


“But are you happy?” Jinyoung asked, and Mark felt like he had been kicked in the chest. Because he wasn’t. He honestly wasn’t. Jinyoung was the one that made that very clear to him. All these years spent living this charade that he was content letting gross men fuck him so he could pay for college. That he was okay having lost the only person he loved, that he was okay by his parents just shipping him off to LA one day without a moment’s notice. He wasn’t okay.


Falling to his knees, Mark brought his hands up to hide his face from Jinyoung. A soft whimper fell through the cracks as he had a similar style breakdown to the one he had days ago. Everything just came crashing in on him at once, it became harder and harder for him to breathe. Jinyoung sensed his distress and quickly ran to his side, pulling Mark close to his chest. He hated that this happened, blaming himself partly but the thought of Mark with other men drove him to a dark place. He knew it happened, he saw it with his own eyes, that’s why he needed it to stop.


“Beautiful boy please, escape this life. I can help!” Jinyoung whimpered, rubbing Mark’s back in as soothing of a way as he could.


“I can’t! It’s not that easy. I have an apartment, a tuition, bills. I have to... fuck. They sound like excuses but I don’t have any other way to cope. I can’t quit.. I won’t be your charity case either. Don’t pity me because of the life I live, you’re safer in Korea away from me. I’m bound by a contract, there are big men running this. People don’t just get out, that’s never been the case. At least they don’t get out easily.” Mark hated how it sounded coming off his tongue, clinging to Jinyoung to silently scream at the male he didn’t really want him to go. This would probably be easier for him if Jinyoung didn’t live 5,187 miles away, not that he looked it up or anything.


“You are not a charity, I care about you Mark. Why can you not see that? I wish to have you all for myself.” Jinyoung found himself having a hard time keeping his emotions at bay, His hands gripping tighter at Mark’s clothing as if that would someone convince him to quit.


“If i didn’t do what I did, then we never would have met.” Mark tried to justify, knowing that it was still a shitty argument. Why he was still trying to defend his choice to sleep with men for money was beyond him.


“That’s not the point Mark! We did meet, and now you don’t need to do this. You can find other means to and I don’t know.” Jinyoung let out a frustrated sigh, trying so hard to come up with the right words but language seemed to fail him. He just cursed in Korean before gripping Mark tighter.


“It’s not that easy, this is not easy. I was never supposed to feel like this. Why did you have to come and ruin everything? Do you know how long it took me to get back to normal after you left. To stop feeling like i wanted to rip my skin off every time someone touched me. Every job just gets harder, and harder.” Mark whimpered, pushing his face into Jinyoung’s neck.


“We will get you out of this life, we will. I promise you Mark I will find a way to free you from this.” And Jinyoung meant it. He meant that he wanted Mark free because it meant Mark could be his. Jinyoung wasn’t blinded to what Mark did, choosing to never bring it up was out of respect. He expected this entire thing to be over after the first night, to just have fun in a country where he was allowed to do the types of things he wanted before going back to repressing everything about himself.


“We still have tonight, and I know that I will be back in America in a few months. I’m pretty sure.. I don’t know where I’ll end up in America but if it’s here… promise me, you will think while I am gone about coming back to Korea with me. Running away from this life, letting someone take care of you for once rather than you catering to others. It’s not charity, what I feel is not charity. Please say you feel that too, that I am not alone here….” Jinyoung whimpered, moving some to look Mark in the eyes so he would know the severity of his words.


Mark studied his eyes for a few moments, searching for that doubt but he found none. He knew his voice would fail so he just nodded. He would consider it. He would try and find a way out of the organization, he would consider running away. JB wasn’t scary to him but he had heard horror stories of what happened to boys that tried to get out. They never took kindly to business lost.


“That’s all I can ask of you. In these months I will come up with a plan for you to escape. Thought my affections for you can’t be public, at least not back home, you will always be in my company… and that’s a start.” Jinyoung whispered to Mark, who still felt like the weight of the world was crushing in on him. Jinyoung sensed this and moved carefully, scooping Mark’s thin body into his arms as he made his way back to the bedroom area. Laying Mark down on the bed he crawled over to him and got himself situated. They didn’t need to have sex his final night there, the both were stressed to a point where it wouldn’t be any good.


“I will leave you my contact information. We can still skype, and text, and… find ways to actually talk when I’m gone. Is that okay?” Jinyoung asked, again Mark nodded his head.


“When will you be back?” He questioned and Jinyoung sighed, looking down in thought before his eyes met back up to Mark’s.


“I think March? So roughly 7 or 8 months.” he chewed at his lower lip, trying to remember when the asian award show was. Provided he and the other guys actually got invited for such an event, they were up for several awards. “Can I ask you a question?”


“Of course.” Mark sighed, finally moving to better situate himself against Jinyoung’s chest, his eyes fluttered shut as he listened to the sound of his heartbeat.


“Did you really have a hard time going back to normal once I left… I got so scared you would forget me.” Jinyoung admitted shyly, fingers moving to start caressing through Mark’s hair.


“It was very difficult. My friend often teased me about how I looked similar to a puppy that got kicked to the curb. I just felt so… I missed you, every day. I felt so stupid. How could I miss someone that I was just a job to, I was paid to be here, that never means anything.” Mark was silenced by a hand over his mouth, stern eyes glaring at him again. He really needed to get Jinyoung some sunglasses because he could kill with just his eyes.


“I thought it would be just a thing.. But you were addicting. From the first moment you spoke I found myself transported. I needed more, always more, you were never, ever, just a job to me.” He made clear, really looking into Mark’s eyes to drive the point home. Mark felt himself whimper at the power of his words. Still hating how Jinyoung could undo everything about him with single sentences.


“I will fight to be free, I promise. I will take less clients while you are away, I can’t stop completely. When you come back I want you to tell me, not pay for me. I don’t want this to be paid for any more, do you hear me? I’m not taking your money for… this.” He couldn’t say he wouldn’t need any help, college took most of what he made in tuition but he did have a decent savings.


“Promise me that you will always come home after? That you will never spend a night with them, they can never have you in the ways that I can.” Jinyoung sounded pouty, and Mark got so lost thinking about what his pout would look like he forgot to answer, Jinyoung had to snap him out of it before he was shaking off the lost look on his face.


“Yes yes, I promise. I will never spend a night, I will not kiss them on the mouth, and if I can help it I won’t finish with them. I will come home and do that on my own.” He put his hand up to make the promise. Jinyoung laced his pinky finger with Mark’s kissing at their pressed together thumbs to seal it.
“Sleep then, tomorrow we both start new chapters in our lives. I will do what I need to back home to make it so you can come. Trust in whatever this is that has grown between us. I can’t let go of you, not again.” Jinyoung sighed, and Mark didn’t need to be told twice. He let his body drift off, despite the events of the night he slept peacefully.


That morning Jinyoung woke Mark up when he was ready to leave, the two shared an embrace that left Mark fighting back tears while Jinyoung just assured him over and over that he would protect him, that he would keep him safe. Mark believed him, he was scared, but he trusted Jinyoung. For whatever reason.


As soon as the door was locked Mark pulled out his phone to shoot off some texts. One to tell JB the job was completed, and that he was safe. The other was to BamBam


MARK: We need to talk.