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There were rules. There had to be rules. The rules were different for every client, and every rent boy doing the job, but there were always rules. Guidelines of sorts to ensure that you wouldn’t wind up dead in a ditch or pushed beyond what you were comfortable with. The whole world of hiring a prostitute for nights of secret passion were a lot different than what movies made it out to be.


Generally there were a series of business cards passed down or slipped into pockets of wealthy men and women, and on curious nights they would call the number and set up an appointment at approved locations for specific services. Once the person passed the needed steps to be considered safe, a boy was selected and the rest was kept between four walls.


It was around 6:44pm when Mark’s phone buzzed to life, the notification read a new message from someone he knew only as JB. He didn’t know much about the guy, only that he seemed to be one of the men in charge of the service, Mark’s prime contact in scheduling clients since the day he was accepted into the agency. But that was a story for another time.


JB IM: VIP Client Requested.
Only in town for the weekend.
Full bedroom service requested.
Grand Li hotel- Suite 2214.
Special Requests: Casual dress attire with black or white snapback. Go in through the main entrance but use the far right elevator.


Text me when you’ve left. Be safe.


The little addition at the end was always comforting to Mark. Believing that the people behind the curtain actually cared for the men they sent out to do their biddings made Mark feel safer going into every job.


Shooting a quick text back that he understood the instructions, Mark finished his history essay before jumping in the shower to prepare. A laid back customer meant they wanted him to look more boyish than professional. Some men tried to disguise the thirst for younger boys by requiring suits be worn to the visits. Several clients over the years even purchased suits as gifts that were to be worn every time they came to town. Easier to pass up a prostitute as just another client rather than someone you pay big money to pound into a hotel mattress.


Dressing down was easy, he wore something similar to what he would if he were just running errands, only this time a little tighter fitting in just the right places with less layers to remove. The snapback made it casual in his mind.


The first rule JB made clear to him when he started was that punctuality was key. Time was money. You arrived when you were scheduled, and never did anything for free.
He arrived in the hotel lobby at 9:55, and waited outside the room until exactly 10 before knocking twice. Rule one, if they don’t answer the door by the second set of knocks-- you leave.


Apparently this client was waiting by the door- Mark had hardly put his hand down before he was face to face with a man in a black face mask.


Seeing this mask was out of the ordinary for Mark, but he knew what it meant. This particular style of mask was commonly worn by traveling asian idols.


Raising an eyebrow, the man in the mask moved out of the way to let him in. Despite the fact that he should have felt a bit of panic, the eyes drinking him in seemed kind.


Mark made sure to lock the door once it was shut, not wanting to risk anyone interrupting their alone time. The client seemed to find that equally as comforting as he bowed in thanks before leading Mark deeper into the suite. It was grand for a situation like this, the overly large suitcase in the corner of the bedroom area let Mark know this man had come a long way from home. He remembered back to the text from JB that he wouldn’t be in town long, and it wasn’t uncommon for famous artists to hear of the service through word of mouth and use them in passing by.


Mark made himself comfortable in the seating area of the suite, watching the host of the evening as he made his way to the bar and poured a glass of water- which he handed over to Mark.


“Thanks.” He said flashing a soft smile, smelling the drink first before he relaxed back against the soft pillows. He gave the glass a swirl even if the liquid inside was simply water, it was more of an alluring habit he picked up over the years. The host sat next to him, black mask still covering a majority of his face making Mark increasingly curious as to what was behind it.


“I know it’s late... thank you for coming. Is there anything I can get you?” He finally said, slowly as if he was processing the words as they came out. Mark was taken back by the question, generally he was the one asking the clients.


Mark didn’t know why he was shocked at the somewhat deep tone to this man’s voice. The overly heavy accent made it clear English weighed heavy on his tongue. But if he wanted small talk first, Mark would play along.


“The water is fine for now, thank you.” He made his point clear by taking a sip of the cool liquid, letting the tip of his tongue slip out to catch any condensation left on his lips. He noticed how the others eyes seemed to follow his tongue, a slight shift in his position signaling the small advance Mark made had an effect. Good.


“So,” he started, getting up from his position on the sofa to set the cup down on the wooden coffee table. His movements were fluid, practiced, wanting to keep the man’s eyes on him at all times.


He wasn’t paid by the hour, so there was no real rush, but Mark didn’t like to dwell. Even if all of his assignments were completed, this was still a job.


“I suspect you want to get down to business. I understand if that is the case.” The man said, rising from the sofa as well with a look about his eyes like he was stalking his prey.


“I’m here at your leisure, to help you unwind from a long day. However that may be.” Blinking innocently, he slid a hand up to push the red fringe away from his chocolate eyes and back under his hat.


“I’m aware of why you are here.” he deadpanned, and Mark never wished more that mask was gone. He wanted to know if he was smirking behind the black fabric. He sure as hell sounded like he was. Mark paid attention as the man’s body rose with ease from the sofa, eyeing his prey. It was almost scary how telling just a set of eyes could be.


The man was still coming forward, Mark took several steps back until he hit the sliding glass door that lead to the suite balcony. Though he didn’t think the view would be as good as the one before him.


In a matter of moments he felt hands on either side of his head, and a breath caught in the back of Mark’s throat making him gulp a little too loud.


“Do I get to know your name? I was not given it earlier.” the man behind the mask asked, keeping a distance between his and Mark’s bodies that actually was starting to irritate Mark. Mark was a bit taken back by the comment, generally people didn’t care. It might have been a culture thing however.


“That’s not important, but I would like to know yours. Tell me what you want to hear me screaming later.” Mark tried the seductive route, directing the conversation away from him needing to give his name out.


“Junior, you may call me Junior.” Mark suspected it to be a fake name, most names given to him generally were. Privacy came with the job. Not only did he want to protect his identity, but he understood the clients need to as well.


“Well then Junior,” he liked the way it rolled off his tongue, fingers reaching up to run along the side of the man’s mask. “How can I help you tonight?” his fingers hooked into the fabric like he was about to rip it off, but apparently Junior had other plans.


Mark’s wrist was snatched in an instant and roughly pushed against the cool glass, his eyes a bit wide at the sudden outburst. He flicked his eyes from his wrist, to Junior who just shook his head.


“Not allowed.” he made clear. The authoritative tone to Juniors voice had Mark’s cock twitch behind the rough fabric of his jeans. Not many clients had that effect on him. “Behave, and you will have an easy night.” Junior added, and again words failed Mark.


Don’t get him confused, it was generally obvious from his slim frame and boyish persona that he tended to be more submissive with his clients, but generally they never put rules in place for him. He felt like a scolded child being told not to touch, which only made him want to touch more.


The next few minutes went by were a blur for Mark. Junior seemed to not want to waste any more time with the man he paid generously for.


He was dragged by the belt back towards the bedroom area, formalities and small talk seemingly over as he was pushed down to his knees in the center of the room. Juniors hand went up to adjust his mask before his fingers reached out and danced through the vibrant red locks poking out of the snapback Mark had on.


“Would you be able to understand me if I spoke in my native Korean?” He asked, and Mark was quick to shake his head no. If it was Mandarin than maybe since his parents taught him from an early age, but the only familiarities he had with korean were often served on a table.


“Pity, we will just have to try this quietly then.” And again Mark felt a shiver go down his spine.


Junior took a step back, admiring the boy for a moment before he gestured for him to remove his shirt, but tapped at his head meaning the hat was to stay on. Mark got the cue and sat up on his knees some to put on a little show, working a few subtle body rolls into his movements as the shirt was discarded onto the cream carpet. He adjusted the snapback briefly to ensure it was still in place.


“Very good.” he was praised, and something about it made Mark’s heart race. His pants growing tighter. That was odd, his body generally never reacted to simple praise like that.


It seemed the two were in sync, the silent directions easy enough to follow until Mark was on his knees wearing nothing but a snapback and a smile. Junior finally approached him to run his fingers along Mark’s full lips. The tip of his thumb pushed passed them and Mark was happy to suck on it gently, eyes flicked up to see if Junior was enjoying it.


“You’ve done well so far, perhaps a reward is in order.” His eyes crinkled in a way that let Mark know he was smiling behind the mask, again he had to fight the urge to rip it from his face.


Junior moved to undo the buttons on his jeans, Mark had made note of the stiffness in them when the other came closer after he was done stripping. He reached up to help pull the fabric down just enough to free Junior’s hardon from the offensive fabric holding it back. When it sprang up from the elastic band of his boxers, Mark couldn’t help but lick at his lips.


He learned early on that visuals were big in the sex industry. Men liked to see a reaction out of their toys even if it wasn’t genuine. They could pretend, just in the moment, that this wasn’t some impersonal paid for experience. Mark found over the years that over the top cock worshipping was often the quickest way to hefty tips.


Again no instruction was needed, but he heard Junior mutter something under his breath that he assumed was Korean. From the way Junior was using his fingertips to push Mark’s face closer to the already leaking tip, he assumed he told him to open wide.
Mark was quick to lick at his lips, providing a slick surface for the tip to slide through as one of his hands slid up to grip at the base of Junior’s erection to steady it. His tongue slid down the slit before curling around the tip, a muffled moan could be heard from above letting him know he was doing well so far. Slowly he started to alternate before rolling his head down along the length, and torturing the tip with his tongue until Junior slammed his head back down mumbling something he didn’t understand. Probably commands to behave which Mark was happy to follow if it meant hearing the man standing come undone.


He was a bit thrown off when his head was yanked off, a string of saliva connecting his lips to the tip he was so happily worshiping. He looked up wantonly, and the other didn’t leave him waiting long as he nodded for Mark to get on the bed, a grunt about hands and knees somewhere.


It took almost no time for him to get up, doing as mumbled and getting on his hands and knees so that his ass was bent in just the right way. He was sure to keep still as he heard shuffling behind him, the sound of the suitcase being opened before the weight of Junior’s hand on his lower back letting him know he returned.


The palm felt like it was searing into his skin which was a stark contrast to the coolness of what he knew to be a lubed up finger sliding down the length of his crack before it circled the ring of muscles that needed to be stretched before anything more. When he felt Junior’s finger dip inside the slight sting caused him to hiss louder than he wanted to. This was never the easy part.


“I’m okay.” He promised, having felt Junior get tense behind him. He showed the man his words were true by rocking back against the singular digit inside him. The pain soon wore off as Junior got deeper inside him, teasing the bundle of nerves inside him that turned him into a whimpering mess in seconds.


Junior was thorough, working up to three fingers carefully before giving in to Mark’s pleading for more. Luckily Junior made quick work of getting the condom on, filling the void his fingers left with one quick push. Mark cried out, back arched slightly at the burn he felt. Fingers weren’t always a proper gauge at what was to come.


Junior,, please… Need you.” Mark whimpered out, his thin body already trembling as Junior stayed still to allow Mark the time to adjust.


“Patience.” Was all he said and Mark could scream, but he was a professional. He just whimpered out and tried to roll his hips back against Junior’s own to coax him into giving Mark what he wanted.


He thought it worked, Junior’s resolve weakened in the blink of an eye as his hips finally gave Mark what he craved. A light slapping sound could be heard along with mask muffled moans as his hands gripped firmly into Mark’s slim hips.


Over time he started to pick up the pace, and Mark honestly felt an enjoyment coil in the pit of his stomach. A dangerous coil. Maybe it was the fact that he felt so exposed. Generally the unattractive business men would match Mark’s nakedness during their time together, but the fact that Junior was basically still fully dressed made Mark feel some type of way.


The sound of Junior’s hips slamming got louder as he went harder, one of the hands on his hips slid up to grab Mark by the shoulder, using it as better leverage as he hunched over to really give it a go. Mark’s moans grew louder to compensate for the smacking sounds, wanting Junior to be able to hear him over them.


He didn’t know when, but at some point Junior removed his snapback. He felt nails rake against his scalp before fingers curls into the longer locks. Junior pulled his head back causing Mark to cry out, not in pain but in pleasure. That seemed to be the reaction he was looking for since Junior only tugged harder and fucked faster.


“I’m gonna.. Fuck… I need to come. Can I come please.”


Another rule- you always ask.


Some rules were used more than others. It generally depended on the client at hand, or in hand if they were already started. If he felt comfortable, as he did with Junior, he was more willing to put his guard down. A swift kick to the ribs some years ago by a customer that wasn’t happy Mark came without permission, made him always scared about breaking this one rule.


“I want you to... “ There was a pause, as if Junior was trying to find the word, his hips paused and Mark could almost hear the gears turning before what he suspected to be a curse in Korean. “I want you to cum for me, but just from me.” He hoped Mark understood, and he did. Junior wanted Mark to cum from nothing but his cock pounding into him. Easy enough.


It didn’t take long for Junior to resume snapping his hips, and even less time for Mark to go back to a total mess under him. His eyes fluttering each time Junior hit that sweet spot just right, the tight coiling in his lower stomach knew he was close, so close.


“Gonna- Fuck. Junior.” he gasped out before making a mess of the bed blow. Ribbons of cum shot out of him nearly knocking his breath away. Judging by the now unsteady hip motions from the other, he wasn’t alone. Junior cried out seconds later as he came into the condom, riding out both of their orgasm’s before his hips finally stilled.


Mark’s arms gave up on him, his body falling somewhat against the bed as he worked on regaining composure. It was rare he actually felt spent after sex. None to often were clients able to turn his legs to jello in a single round.


Junior finally let go of the grip he had on Mark’s hips, his body fell the rest of the way causing Junior to slip out of him. Both of them let out identical whimpers as Mark felt the bed ned to him sink meaning there was another body there. For a few moments the only sound filling the room where their identical panting, each trying to get their heart back to a normal pace. They didn’t need to talk. No corny phrases about how it was the best either had ever had. The air desperately trying to get back into their lungs was enough.


He half expected to see Junior as spent as he was when he finally looked over, but despite the heavy breathing the man looked relatively unphased. Mark wanted to believe that behind the mask Junior was as wrecked as he was. If he was, he did a great job at hiding it.


This was always the more awkward part of the job, after the first act was done and the uncertainty of an encore hung in the air. Full service meant he went home when the client told him to. He was done when they were.


Junior was first on his feet, pulling up his boxers and pants with ease. Mark was still laid out on the bed, breathing finally returned to normal.


“You may shower before you go.” Junior finally said, eyes diverting to Mark as he reached up to ensure that his Mask was properly in place. Mark must have looked shocked because Junior’s eyes shifted around laughing nervously.


Inside Mark’s head he was screaming. Full service meant he could have whatever, how could that have been it. Never, ever, did full service clients send him off with a shower after one round.


“Your tip will be by the door, show yourself out.” and with that Junior bowed his head, excusing himself from the room. Mark was left on the bed still speechless for several minutes before he went to shower.


When he was dressed again, he left the bedroom to find the suite empty. Looking a little more he saw the other out on the balcony, phone in hand talking to someone no doubt from back home. Muffled words said in a language Mark didn’t understand could be heard from the other side of the glass, and with that Mark took his cue to leave. He scooped up the white envelop Junior had left next to the door and left.


It wasn’t until he was back at home did he text JB.


MARK: Home safe, cash tip left.


He twirled the envelop in his fingers before noticing there was something scribbled on the front. Characters he wasn’t familiar with. His phone buzzing snapped him out of his daze.


JB IM: Re-Booked: Next two nights.
Contract ends Sunday.
Full bedroom service requested.
Grand Li hotel- Suite 2214.
Special Requests: Leave the snapback at home.


Text me when you’ve left. Be safe.


Mark almost blushed reading it, Junior wanted to see him again. Not just again, he but ensured Mark would be his all weekend. How could that be from someone who only wanted one round out of a full service package. A job was a job, and Mark had to keep reminding himself that. It didn’t mean anything.


MARK: Confirmed.




10:00 came quicker than Mark thought. It wasn’t like he spent the entire day picking his outfit or anything. Why would he have to impress someone that had already seen him undone and shivering beneath him. This was just a job, Junior was just a client. After this weekend he would undoubtedly fly back to Korea and Mark would continue living. He would go on to have other clients, and soon Junior would be a distant memory as all the others before him were.


He knocked the same as he had the night before and this time Junior took a little longer to open the door for him. He was back in the same black mask as he had been in the night before, and something inside Mark’s chest dropped.
Why was he wishing the man removed the mask.


Junior.” He bowed politely, earning him a bow back before Junior moved out of the way to let him in, Mark slipped inside the room before the door was locked and the pair padded their way back to the sitting area.


“I’ve decided something.” Junior started as he made his way into his mini bar, and Mark couldn’t hide his smile as he made himself comfortable against the sofa.


“What’s that?” He questioned, putting on his cutest face for the client who once again handed him over a glass of water. This man was polite if anything.


“I wish to know your name. Will you please tell me?” He asked, sitting not on the sofa with Mark as he did last time but in one of the chairs opposite him.


Mark thought about it for a moment, moving to sit up some. His fingers played with the glass of water before he took a sip to stall. He did know a name for Junior, probably not his real name, but a name nonetheless. What harm could come in someone he would most likely never see again after this weekend knowing his name.


“Mark.” He said casually. There were no rules about giving out your real name, mostly because clients didn’t ever ask. Junior squinted as if he wasn’t sure that was Mark’s real name, and why would he, it wasn’t like he used his.


“Mark, it’s a pleasure to formally meet you.” He bowed his head and it took everything in Mark not to giggle. Which also raised the question when did he ever giggle. He knew traditions, he knew he had to be respectful.


“Are you enjoying your time here?” Mark asked, not out of actual curiosity. He didn’t want to pry on what business Junior had in California, but they hadn’t chatted before and he wanted to somehow make Junior feel more at ease that he didn’t need to treat this like some business meeting. Thankfully the question seemed to put the other at ease, he relaxed more against the chair.


“I am yes, it’s only my second time in America so I am much enjoying… sightseeing and,” He paused, looking off as if he were searching the sky for the correct words. “The food is good, Happy to be spending time out meeting people.” His words were off, dripping with an air of uncertainty that he might have made a mistake or two. Mark simply smiled letting him know he was following along.


“I don’t know how big your home city is, but it’s easy to get lost here. This city can be… loud.” He said, and Junior gave a nod as if he understood. Even if the Idol didn’t do much outside of his scheduled fan meetings and press events with his group during the day.
“It’s similar, but different. You get used to your home, because it’s home. You know how to get to places easier but…” He shrugged, getting up from his chair to move across the room towards the sliding glass doors. The lit up city below them a sight to see. “I like this city a great deal.” He added, and Mark found himself gravitating towards Junior.


His feet had a mind of their own, padding across the carpet and over to the man who was enjoying the view, suddenly jealous of the city that he wasn’t the center of attention.


His hands slid out to gently touch Junior’s hips, the other turned his head to see Mark before he looked back out to the city.


“Maybe one day you will see Seoul. Have you ever wanted to travel?” He asked, finally diverting his attention to the man he was paying to be there. His hands slid out to gently rest on Mark’s slim hips, pulling him in close to his body.


“Korea right? I have always thought of traveling. I was born here but lived in Brazil for a while. I had to re-learn english when I came back.” That was personal, and true, and why was he telling a client his life story. Why was something about the kindness in Junior’s eyes turning Mark into a total unprofessional lush. He had to snap out of it.


“If you don’t know Korean what can you speak then?” Junior asked curiously, pushing Mark away from him so that he could turn and draw the shade over the sliding glass doors, wanting them to have that additional privacy. He gave the signal for Mark to start undressing, and Mark being a good rent-boy did as instructed.


“Well. English,” He removed his shirt, letting it fall to the floor by his feet. “Portuguese,” His pants followed, “Mandarin.” His boxers were last, kicking them to the side with the rest of his discarded clothes.


Junior just nodded, taking a minute to drink in Mark’s naked body before he undid the top two buttons of the light blue button down he was wearing, stretching his tie out so it hung loose around his neck. His dress tonight was more formal than it had been the night before, and Mark didn’t know why he didn’t notice until just then.


“We will have to try with English for now. But you should try to learn Korean.” Mark felt he was smirking, that mask needed to come off. Seeing the wrinkles by his eyes was a new form of teasing that Mark was slowly becoming addicted to.


“Shall we progress to the bedroom?” Junior asked properly, and all Mark could do was nod. He reached out to be the one tugging Junior along this time.


He made quick work of getting them both into the bedroom, sinking right down to his knees as he had the night before. However when he went to undo the button of Junior’s dress pants he was stopped. A soft whimper of protest fell from Mark’s mouth as he looked up, hands resting on Junior’s hips as he waited for instructions.


“Junior…” Mark said softly, not scared because he’d been in a position like this more times than he could count, but things were already completely different from the previous night.


“Get to your feet.” He ordered, Mark had to steady himself on Junior’s body to get up but he managed. Not that it lasted long. Junior pushed him back on the bed so that he fell back against the soft duvet.


“I want to see you tonight, all of you.” Junior said softly as he moved between the other’s legs, Mark easily spreading them as Junior hooked his hands around Mark’s thighs and pulled him down to the edge. His ass pressed against Junior’s clothed crotch, he could feel the outline of his erection. Mark was unable to hold back the soft moan that came from the memory of Junior being back in such a familiar place.


“I thought about you all day, about knowing you would come again.” Junior spoke, his voice seemed lower and it sent chills through Mark’s body. He went to reply but the warm hand that suddenly wrapped around his length turned most of his vocabulary into moans.


It didn’t take long for Mark to grow hard in Junior’s hand, especially with his hips gently rolling into Mark’s ass like they were. Never before had he actually wished a client would remove them faster. This dizzying effect that Junior had on him was dangerous.


“I was surprised you wanted to see me again.” He admitted, immediately regretting it when Junior’s hand stopped moving. He wished he could have seen the way his eyes reacted, wanting more than anything to know what happened.


“Why would you think such a thing? Last night was worth everything.” and Mark blushed.


“I don’t know… Generally… ohh fuck… You could have kept me for longer.” He said, not really wanting to go into details about what full service generally meant for other clients. He didn’t like reminding people that he was a prostitute when he was in the middle of a job, not unless that was one of their kinks.


“I thought… you mean I don’t have to be done with you after we…” he asked, hand starting to move again and Mark decided to moan rather than risk answering. His head shaking from side to side letting Junior know that no, they didn’t have to be done.


“Well then.” Was all he said before Mark heard that all too familiar snap of a lube bottle, and the night officially began.


Maybe it was the knowledge that he didn’t have to hurry up, or the fact that he was familiar with how Mark functioned sexually, but Junior didn’t hold back. He utilized everything from the size of the bed, to how light Mark was which made it easy for him to be bent in whatever position Junior wanted him in. The only thing that didn’t change was the mask that still covered most of Junior’s face. Mark started to hate it, the childish urge to rip it off grew every time Junior would adjust it or make sure it was still in place.


Mark had no idea what time it was when he felt close to cuming for the second time. His entire body on fire from the non stop activities. They had somehow made it from the bed, onto the floor. Junior pounding relentlessly into Mark’s already abused hole. At this point Mark was content to just curse, moan, and scream Junior’s name until his voice was ready to give out on him.


“Please, Ju--Junior.. Can I.” He whimpered, face pushed down into the carpet. He learned quickly that Junior hated when Mark hid his face. Every time he went to look forward his head was yanked back so that the other could see him, and halfway during their second round he started doing it just to get a rise out of his client.


“Yes, hurry. I’m…” He didn’t finish, but Mark didn’t need him to. The second he got permission Mark was covering the floor below him in that all too familiar white substance, making a mental note to silently beg for forgiveness from the cleaning people that would have to deal with the constant mess he seemed to leave.


Thankfully his body was already on the floor when Junior’s hips finally stopped. Mark enjoyed the familiar quiet of their labored breathing syncing with each other as they recovered from the night’s events. Junior didn’t pull out as quickly as he did the time before, instead he hunched over and allowed his forehead to rest on Mark’s shoulder blades. Mark could feel the faint heat of his breath coming from the mask as he too recovered.


When he finally did pull out and move to discard the condom, Mark used whatever strength he recovered to roll over on his back. He noticed that Junior still had on his shirt, but that his pants and boxers were actually discarded this time. Probably for the better, they would have only gotten in the way of what they were trying to do. He also took them being off as a silent victory that Junior was becoming more comfortable with what they were doing.


Mark stayed quiet as Junior sought out his boxers and tugged them back on, figuring that meant their night together had come to a close. A much more successful night than the one they previously had.


“Your tip will be by the door, shower as long as you need.” With that Junior bowed his head and left as he had the night before. Only this time when Mark left the shower he was alone. Junior wasn’t out on his balcony or anywhere to be found, which Mark found… upsetting. Dirty almost. It was a harsh reality check that he was here for a job, that Junior knew he was just there because he was being paid, and that he needed to let go of whatever fleeting notions he had regarding what his body felt when Junior was around him.


He dressed quickly and snatched up the envelop, texting JB as soon as he arrived home that the job was complete for the night. No reply, that was typical. Tomorrow would be his final night with Junior, then his life could go back to normal.




It was weird how he slept less and less after his encounters with Junior. It was harder for him to shake off whatever feelings still clung to him even hours after he had left. Waking up with an urge not to shower off the grime he felt, but to scream at the fact that he didn’t feel dirty. To scream at himself mostly for allowing Junior to get into his head, to break several of his rules, but he also wanted to scream at Junior. Ask him why he kept looking at him with those eyes, why he was always so soft even when he was being rough.


Mark decided it would just be best if he spent the day out, used it to clear his head before his appointment later. He had been ignoring texts all weekend from another rent-boy he had become close with over the years. Countless texts asking if he wanted to grab lunch as they often did. The pair would spend hours sharing horror stories back and forth about clients, oddly therapeutic for them.


MARK: I’m alive, I swear. Let’s grab lunch.


BAMBAM: I thought a trick had kidnapped you! Same place, same time?


MARK: I’ll buy, I still owe you from last time anyway.


That too, was another story.


Their usual meeting place wasn’t that far from where Junior’s hotel was, a simple Cafe that served ( in Mark’s opinion) the best turkey and sundried tomato panini in the entire city. BamBam would argue that the potato soup was better.


Mark arrived a little late, having lost track of time studying for a history mid-term that was coming up. Rushing to get inside the cafe he saw BamBam waiting in line to order their food, meaning he too was late. Mark excused himself passed the few people waiting behind the other before he wrapped his arms around BamBam from behind, giving the younger male a big kiss on the cheek.


“Rule oneeeee, never be late!!!” BamBam scolded and all Mark could do was snicker into his friend’s neck, pulling away from him to tuck his hands into his pocket searching for his wallet. Once BamBam placed the order Mark happily swiped his card to pay for the two.
Mark moved with BamBam once they collected their food and made their way to their usual table around the back. It was weird seeing the place so busy, having to push by large group of people talking in what Mark could have swore was Korean. Words sounding similar to things Junior liked to moan out when they were together.


He really couldn’t escape this guy.


Not giving it another thought he slid into the seat and removed his snapback, pushing the red fringe back from his face as he took a bite of the scolding sandwich, always in a rush.


“How are classes? Any stressful teachers keeping you up late at night?” Code words, they knew even in public they had to be somewhat professional. Never telling each other names, locations of jobs, or excessive details. Classes were appointments, teachers were clients. Both looking of school age made it simple for people passing to assume nothing sinister.


“I’ve had the same teacher for a few days now.” He shrugged, sitting back trying to nurse the fresh burn on the roof of his mouth. “Tonight is my last class with him, back to normal monday morning though.” He shrugged, ignoring the raised eyebrow from BamBam.


“You’re sure putting in a lot of work for one class. I can’t remember the last time I dealt with anyone for more than like… a night.” BamBam said before finishing one half of his class, Mark just smiled and looked out of the cafe window.


“I have a break Monday night though, then a usual class on Tuesday. I don’t know, this class feels… different.” Mark sighed, spacing out for a moment.


BamBam kicked his leg from under the table to get his attention, the noise level dying down drastically as the men sitting near them got up to leave. Mark looked over and for a second he could swear one of them was staring at him, eyes that if he squinted looked familiar but he shrugged it off before turning his attention back to BamBam.


“Mark be careful. You can’t get attached to your classes. That’s like.. Worse than breaking the first rule.” He reminded and Mark just waved his hand to dismiss the silly notion that it was even a possibility, BamBam didn’t look convinced, but he didn’t press the subject further.




There was no text from JB tonight, not that there would be. The initial text made it clear that Mark was requested tonight as well. He did however shoot off a text when he arrived at the hotel, just to let the man know he hadn’t forgotten, before turning his phone off for the evening. He arrived again a few minutes early, watching his watch until exactly 10:00 before knocking.




This was new, Junior was generally punctual with his appointments. He gave it two minutes, and knocked again. Silence. Well. Maybe he had stepped out of line the night before? He didn’t miss a message from JB saying the night was cancelled.


Generally at this point relief would wash over Mark. A no answer typically meant he would be able to climb right back into bed and get enough sleep for his exam in the morning. But all he could feel was a worry that something had happened to Junior that would make him miss their appointment. He gave it another two minutes before he decided it was best if he leave, sliding his hand into his pocket to turn his phone back on, figuring it would be best to message JB on the situation. No sooner did he bring his phone out of his pocket did the elevator down at the other end of the hall ding, and out ran Junior looking a bit stressed.


Mark’s eyes went wide as the man ran up to him, trying to catch his breath when he finally was still. His hands gripping Mark’s shoulders to help steady himself.


“I’m so sorry I’m late! Work took longer than I expected, I didn’t know your number to contact you.” He said between breaths, which made his somewhat broken english even harder to understand but Mark just felt relieved that he was okay.


“I hoped you would be okay, shall we go inside?” He asked and Junior nodded, moving to scan the keycard that granted them access into his suite. He was about to shut the door behind them when he heard his name being called.


“JINYOUNG! JINYOUNG HYUNG” He flinched at the words, turning some and quickly blocking the way so Mark wouldn’t be seen as his band member Yugyeom ran over to him holding his phone in his hand. “Jinyoung hyung….” he started, and Mark caught it before he lost the other in the rest of the Korean. Who this other male was to Jinyoung he had no idea, but he knew that he had been given a false name.


He didn’t want to pry, or seem as if he was eavesdropping so he made his way to the familiar sitting area and started to draw the blinds for them. Jinyoung emerged a few moments later to find Mark removing his shirt, and cleared his throat to get the others attention.


“Ah… Jinyoung.” he flashed a devilish smile, feeling even more giddy when Jinyoung simply crossed his arms over his chest in reply.


“Junior is cute, but I like Jinyoung better. Suits you.” He added, setting his shirt down on the back of one of the chairs before he got down on his knees.


“You’re not to go looking me up, please respect my privacy.” he said and Mark put his hands up as if he didn’t have to say any more.


“Will you take the mask off if I promise?” He pushed, and he could tell Jinyoung was smiling under it.


“No. You know the rules.” He stated, arms relaxing as he undid the tie he was wearing again, tossing it on top of Mark’s shirt before he closed the gap between the two pressing Mark up against the wall.


“Jinyoung…” Mark breathed, hands moving cautiously to untuck his shirt from his pants, hating how well put together he always looked when they were supposed to be here for quite the opposite.


“Stay longer tonight. I have such early flight back home. I would like very much to be able to spend more time with you.” He admitted, and Mark could feel the heat creep into his cheeks. Was he fucking blushing??


It would have been safer to run, to accept an angry JB and cut his losses with a client. It’s not like he’s never run before. JB generally understands once he’s calmed down.


However it seemed like whatever emotions he let seep into this three day fuck fling they had going on outweighed common sense and Mark simply nodded to accept the other’s offer. That seemed to please Jinyoung, he could tell by the crinkles near his eyes and how, somehow, even they seemed to be smiling.


“Should we order… wait no. You’d have to take your mask off.” Mark thought about what they could do to pass the time, fingers idly playing with the belt that was looped through Jinyoung’s pants. “Do you want to go out, for a walk or… does this hotel have a pool?” He asked, and the idea seemed to shock Jinyoung.


Actually it shocked even himself, this was totally diverting away from the agenda. He was simply there to provide a hole for Jinyoung to fuck, that was it. However knowing this would be their last night probably forever together had Mark yearning for more. Maybe the only hint of normalcy in whatever this was he did. He had thought long ago that his capability to feel anything when it came to sex was long gone, that feelings had been a thing of the past given how removed he became with clients. It took him a long time to not want to tear his skin off every time he got home, he would spend hours on the floor of his shower just crying and vowing he would end it, but he never did.


“They have a pool I believe, but it would be closed right? I really can’t be seen at all.” He said, and a part of Mark understood that, at least the keeping hidden. He was an unseen figure himself, not destine to be more than a nameless face that snuck in and out at all hours of the night.


“We will be careful, come.” He pushed Jinyoung back enough that he could grab his shirt, shrugging it back over his head before grabbing for the others hand to guide him out of the room. No sooner did the door lock did he realize he didn’t know where he was going, but luckily for him Jinyoung seemed to. Probably because he spent more time at the hotel than Mark did.


The pair discovered through a slew of signs the pool was on the top floor of the hotel, and held a swim at your own risk policy for guests. Mark didn’t care about lifeguards when they were trying to hide.


Jinyoung swiped his key to be granted access to the room, the strong smell of chlorine and fresh washed towels were an attack on the senses as the pair walked over the dry deck to the crystal clear water. Mark wasted no time in stripping his clothes, nothing Jinyoung hadn’t seen before. Once he was stark naked he wasted no time diving head first into the water, Jinyoung moved out of splash’s way as he rolled up the bottoms of his pants to dip his feet in over the edge.


When Mark surfaced he smirked at the sight before him, shaking his wet hair out of his face before he swam over to Jinyoung, hands gripping at the boy’s ankles to keep him from floating away.


“Are you scared of the water?” He asked, wide eyes watching the masked man closely.


“Not at all, but I can enjoy you much better from here. Swimming with this would just be a headache.” He made a motion to the mask, eyes crinkling in reply to Mark’s aggravated sigh. Mark again got that childish urge to rip it clean off his face.


Did he mention he hated the mask?


“Fine, suit yourself. I’ll be over here though, starting without you.” he teased, using his legs to kick off the wall by Jinyoung so he could swim over to shallower water. Jinyoung hesitated for a moment before he got up, removing his pants to join the pile of Mark’s clothing before he walked to the shallow end, allowing himself to get wet up to his hips.


“Does this make you happy?” He teased, watching as Mark swam over to him, getting up to press his wet body against Jinyoung’s own.


“Yes.” And it wasn’t a lie, but it also had a double meaning. He was done trying to deny that Jinyoung made him feel some type of way, that the blinding kindness in his eyes didn’t give Mark butterflies. Tonight would be their last night together, he had to make it count for something. Who knew when he would ever be able to feel like this again.


“You are so beautiful you know, you should smile more often. It’s enchanting.” He praised and Mark stumbled in the water leaning on Jinyoung for support. Blush heating the apples of his cheeks as well as the tips of his ears. He tried so hard to fight off the gigantic grin that wanted to take root in his face.


“I wish I could say the same for you, someone won't let me see!!” He whined, and Jinyoung’s laugh that followed was a sound Mark wanted to listen to on repeat for days on end. It broke his reserve and caused him to smile wider than he had in some time.


“You don’t need to see it, it’s nothing special I assure you. Average at best.” Jinyoung assured and Mark could only pout in reply, leaning in to press his forehead against Jinyoung’s own as they swayed in the water together.


“Can I request something tonight? Not to take the mask of I promise but will you… undress?” He knew he was really pushing it, it wasn’t his job to ask for favors but he felt bold. Felt like maybe Jinyoung could spoil him just this one time.


“Maybe later, if you are good.” Was his reply, but Mark could tell deep down he would get his way tonight.




Time seemed to blur together after that. Mark gave Jinyoung a blowjob on the stairs of the pool which lead to Mark getting fucked in one of the pool chairs. From there the two spilled into the elevator, and narrowly missed someone Jinyoung seemed to know catching them sneaking back into the room. Whatever sparked Jinyoung’s playful mood, Mark wanted to live in these moments forever. It was the first time in a long time this, didn’t feel like a job to him.


The two wound up in that all so familiar position of Mark face down on the bed while Jinyoung made the redhead see stars. Collapsing in a pile of limbs and erratic breathing, the two of them fought to gain composure after whatever round that had been. Jinyoung hadn’t removed his undershirt, but it was still more skin than Mark had seen. His defined arms were something that could inspire poetry if Mark actually paid attention in English.


Mark’s eyes were still closed, his face enjoying the softness of the blankets he was laying on when he felt something strange. A set of lips pressed against the back of his neck, trailing along his hairline. It was so soft, so subtle, but it made his heart skip a beat. He tried to quickly look back but Jinyoung was fast with his mask, Mark let out a moan of protest as he nudged his hips signaling for the man to get up, only to whimper when he did causing that slight sting of him pulling out to linger.


“That’s cheating.” he said, turning over onto his back, half expecting Jinyoung to get up and tell him to shower as he did every night, instead the male situated himself between Mark’s legs and pulled him close, despite the sticky mess of their evening getting on his shirt.


“I know, but I’ve wanted to do that for days. Forgive me?” He asked and Mark just huffed, looking away like he was considering it before he leaned over to plant a soft kiss to Jinyoung’s cheek, nosing against the fabric before he relaxed into his arms.


“Should I shower? I don’t want to keep you if you have an early flight.” Mark sighed, in no way wanting the night to end but he had to try and salvage the fact that he kept forgetting he was paid to have sex.


Jinyoung fell silent for a moment, looking down at Mark as if he was fighting back the urge to say something before he finally shook his head no, arms pulling Mark close to his chest in some movie like moment.


“Stay.” He whispered, the mask making it almost impossible to hear but Mark didn’t need to be told twice. He just nodded and pushed his face into the nape of the other man’s neck until sleep washed over his body.


When Mark woke up he was alone, small rays of light peeking out from the somewhat open curtains. Confused, and oddly hurt feeling Mark got up quickly to see if Jinyoung had left. No suitcase, no mess, no note? He was just gone, and Mark felt like curling up in a ball on the floor.


He couldn’t though, he had to move on. This was just a job for him, and clearly that’s all it was for Jinyoung. He left so easily, so effortlessly. Mark quickly got dressed, deciding to shower at home rather than linger in the room that became more suffocating by the minute.


He didn’t even look twice as he went to scoop his tip up on the way out, halting dead in his tracks when instead of a envelop he felt fabric. Looking down at his hand he was clutching the same mask that Jinyoung had been wearing all weekend, he started at it for a while before finally looking to see the note left with it.


“Thank you, my beautiful boy. -PJY”


There was no tip, but that was okay. Mark had something better.


He put the mask on, inhaling the addictive scent of what he guessed to be Jinyoung’s aftershave and walked out, deciding to skip his lunch with BamBam for the day.