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Stealth is key to John's work, always has been. He likes to keep his hand in.

Specifically, right now his hand is in a patch of little white-and-yellow flowers. He thinks they're daisies, although botanics were never John's strong suit. He's pretty sure they're not poisonous and Finch isn't allergic to them, which is the important part.

Speaking of Finch, the man is sitting on a bench a few yards ahead, engrossed in a book. John smiles as he plucks a handful of flowers.

He gets to his feet and soundlessly walks behind Finch. There's not a lot of people in the park today, everything quiet. Nobody wondering why a tall man in a suit is holding flowers and standing behind another man on a bench.

It's a warmish day, and Finch has left off his hat, hairs bristling up. John slowly, slowly lowers one flower to lie along Finch's hair; it'll probably fall off if Finch so much as stirs, but right now he's motionless as only Finch can be when he's focused on something.

John figured he's manage two flowers, maybe three, before Finch caught on. But Finch remains still as John dots his head with flowers, and ends up moving to put them in Finch's collar when he runs out of room.

When John is out of flowers, Finch says, "Next time, perhaps you can give me a nice bouquet instead. I'm fond of tulips." He sounds deeply amused.

John tries to think of how he was made and didn't even notice. It's somewhat effective at keeping him from grinning, or hugging himself while mumbling Personal information! From Finch! Voluntary!. "Maybe I'll make you a flower crown," he says.

Finch looks around then, turning half his body to give John an unimpressed look. Maybe-daisies tumble down from his head to his jacket, and yet Finch doesn't brush them off. "You can make flower crowns." His voice is heavy with skepticism.

A grin breaks out on John's face then, unstoppable. "I'm a man of many hidden talents," he tells Finch.

He gives Finch a courteous arm up, already plotting the extravagant tulip arrangement he's planning to send to United Heritage Insurance's offices. He might even learn Finch's favorite color out of the deal.