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You’re name is John EGbert and today is your first day of shcool. yOU ARE CURRENTLY 16 YEARS OLD, and now your probsbalby wonderingwhy a 16 year old hasnt been to schoo lfore. The answer to that is becasue you’vev been homestukc i mean schooled your entire life since you suffer from mute. It was somehting you were born with, and altohugh it can be a pain, you’ve learned how to cope wit it.


You flatten out your short blue skort as you make  your way downtown, wakljing fast, faces passed, and you’re homstuck. You nervously ring the door bell to your neaw school, and bite yourr bottom lip with ur huge asS mtheruckin front treeth seductivly.

The door opens adjacent angles and your met face to face with thid angry kkid.


You nod.


your heels clicka as you walk down the long korradoor to ur class.


Karkat then gets in crab position, and shimmies away. You smilk at him. nnnd slowlty turn your head to face the door were you will be in that first perosd class

Itsn ot like your’ nervous but youre really nervous right now. You hpoe the other kids will accept you for tyour muteness.

You open the door to hear that the teacher is in the middle of teachineg, but you could care lees. You strut too the front of the room and cut off the teacher, “

yOU Walk in to the forn of the room to go through the whole introdutcions cause your the new studint. “H-Hi..” YOu stammer.

Yorue met with nlank stares, a boy in the thrid row sweats profoundly

“M-my name is jonh. and -iim new.” A blush appears on your cheeks and you look away, too emabresd to face the crowd.

A girl in the first row stands up, “And my name is virska”.

she winks at you with eight eyes and you shudder in your thighs.

“NO ONE FUCKING CARES VRIGKA JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP” That voice belongs to a girl i nthe second row, who has short black hair, and glasses, and has light blue on so you probs know hwoo this is k.

SuDenly a cake is thrown at her facE from john i nthe third row. 

JOHN stands there awkawrdly at the front of the room, unsure where to sit, he shifts from heel to heel and fiddles wit hthe lace on his skirt.

“You can sit here bro” John turns shis head towards the sound and his eyes find a face.

That face belongs to a hot stud muffin youre not gay though, he has white hair,and porcaleen skin, and then some freks on his fafe.

His eyesa re covered with some shadess and he has this cool guy aura  to him.

oyu accept his OFFER and promply go 0ver and sit on his lap.

“The names dave struder.” He whispers from behindyou.

“M-my names JohN and i’m mute.”


You BLUSH and your grip tightens on the ends of your skirty.

You continue the rest of class on dave stoders lap. EvERYthing seems ot be going well, and its lunch time.

Dvae offers to sit with him and you nod because your mut.

“We are doing this man, we are making this happen.” Dave says in a proper tone.

He ists down at his usual tabel, and you recongigze some faces from class.

“Hello jong.” Says a girl who youre pretty sures named areana.

‘sup”” Says a punkish girl enxt to her with two long braids, chewin on bubble gum, currently loading a gun, and smackin her lip gloss.

Once her gun is loaded, she leans over and makes out with arana.


“How lewd.” Grumbles a sweaty guy wawthcing them intensly.

“I cannot take this heat and passion.”

Equius then rips off his shirt and stands up, his horns just barely touching hte cieling.

“Calm down equimus!” Squeaks a 3 foot tall cat enxt to him.

YOu finish eatin your lunch and watch dave stader eat as well because you’re

Your’e first day of school is finally over. you sigh in your bed that you are currently laying down in. It suRE was fun, youve had friends and htey accept you even when being mute!

You rest your hand on your leg and fall to sleep.