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I will love you always. Forever.

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Baekmin knew. Knew that she didn’t have long. That she was going to leave behind the greatest of friends, the best fans and most importantly the most precious person ever.


"Only hand this to him after you have gotten the news from Hongbin oppa. Please, you are the only ones i can count on. Please take care of him for me." She says to the six boys, standing by her side. She coughs, hacking up a little blood into her hand, sending them into frenzy, buzzing for the nurse. "Keep him busy and away from the sites. I don’t need him to know that I am not actually touring with them."  The nurse came in; pushing them out telling them she needs her rest. That was the last they saw of her.


When they passed the letter to Jungkook, his hands trembled, knowing something was wrong. Her small yet messy handwriting, her slowly fading scent, everything was so familiar.


"What's this?" He asks looking at them.


"Just read it." Jimin says, sitting down next to him. The rest nods, a bit too solemn for his liking but he gives in tearing the envelope open fearing for the worst. But apparently breaking up with him wasn’t the worst. This was even more horrific.


To my Kookie,


I know you haven heard much from me these few weeks, I'm sorry. But the truth is I have not been on tour with the girls. I have been lying in the ward of Seoul University Hospital.


He takes off running, shaking his head as tears cloud his vision.


Well for the reason I am here it's simple. I am dying. The doctor says, it is terminal and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I know you must be wondering why didn’t I tell you, but that answer is simple too. I just can't.


He runs, weaving through everyone as he runs for the hospital that was so near yet seemed so far now.


I couldn’t bear to give you the goodbye that I know will tear us both up inside. I know I am being selfish, but this is for the best. Please Kook. Don’t come and find me because by the time you are reading this, I should have been gone already.


He picks up his speed seeing the white building, standing there like a beacon.


Go on with life. Sing. Dance. Perform. Do your very best because I know that is what you love doing the most and it shouldn’t stop just because of me. It just can't. Remember me but don’t let those memories pull you down. Go out and meet new people. Maybe one day you will find someone else that will take care of you. That will love you and you will love them.


Everything was a blur. The nurse yelling at him to not run in the hospital, the sounds around him as he ran towards the ward his hyungs told him.


I love you. I really do. And till next time Kook. I will always miss you. Thank you the most amazing 3 years. They were the best.


He burst through the door, seeing her turn to look at him. He takes in deep breaths as he approaches her. "Kookie." She says weakly, smiling as her hand reaches out to him. He crosses the room in two strides, clutching her hand with both of his to his face, kissing it lightly.


"Please don’t." He cries, tears flowing freely, shaking his head. "You can’t leave me."


"But I have to. I'm sorry Kook. That I can’t give you the future I promised. So you need to find someone who can." She says, reaching out with her other hand to rest on his cheek, wiping his tears away with her thumb.


"But I don’t want one with someone else. I want you." He chokes out, leaning into her touch.


"I'm sorry Kookie. My time is running out. I'm so tired." Her eyes blink as if trying to chase away the fatigue.


"No no no no you cannot Noona. You cannot leave me. Not like this. Not now." He cries, clutching her hand tighter, hoping somehow her cold hands warm up even a little.


"I love you Jeon Jungkook. I always will. Forever." She whispers, before her hand goes limp and Jungkook freezes, eyes wide as he watches her eyes close and hears the single beep signaling her departure. He lets out a loud cry, hugging her body to his.


I love you too. Forever.