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The Greyly Painted Miles

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A vision of growth.

That's what Yixing should have seen when he considered university through his years of high school. Get good grades, go to a decent school and take on an internship that would turn into something more. It probably would have sounded easy if he thought of it like that. Three categories to get through, three main goals and one ultimate result. Everything would have been easier to process if he broke it down into simple step and segments, those were always far more digestible than allowing his thoughts to ramble.

At least, that's what he would have done if he was a pragmatist.

But Yixing was ever the optimist with idealistic tendencies.

He was a jumble of ideas that were all bursting to escape. It was why music was everything to him. He could have a day where numerous songs would pop into his mind and there were melodies that stayed in his head for hours on end.

Anybody who spent more than ten minutes with him could see how his mind moved constantly. He worked hard, so much so he usually only stopped doing something important when he was forced to, there was never a sense of burden when Yixing thought for himself but there were often too many to go through. He wasn’t in any way stupid, he was a little slow when he was exhausted but that took nothing away from his intelligence.

He thought of the best outcomes, he aimed for the best outcomes and he often got the best outcomes. His optimism, idealism and the hard work he put in to achieve his dreams were all he needed to be successful in his life at that point.

The new student ordered his things in his drawers and ignored when his phone buzzed at irregular intervals during the half an hour it took to get all of his clothes into the smaller than average wardrobe. The dorm room was simple and clear of any kind of permanent personality, all the colour came from his own belongings and the seemingly soccer-crazed roommate he had been paired with.

When he had first walked in, he had been greeted with a note on his bare mattress telling him that he'd run out to get some food because he didn't know of any nearby restaurants or takeout places. Yixing thought his roommate's handwriting was nice, he took that as a good sign. People who had neat handwriting were good people. He was sure.

Once he was finally done organising himself, he crawled over his newly made bed and picked up his phone that was charging on the pillow. He smiled when he looked at the screen and saw who had messaged him.

Message(s) from 老公~♡:

- have u unpacked yet?

- my roommate isnt here until tomorrow

- do u want to stay over?


Yixing smiled down at his phone and tapped on the bar to enter his reply as quickly as he could.


Message(s) to 老公~♡:

- i just finished ヽ(´ー`)ノ what about you?

- mine is here but left a note to say hes out getting food

- i want to meet him. i can stay over on the weekend


Message(s) from 老公~♡:

- i have. do you have my jersey? i can't find it

- ok

- i'll be here

- on my own

- doing nothing

- because my boyfriend thinks i'm a loser

- because i don't have any friends

- because ur mean

- ('A`)

- but yes come over on the weekend

- or sooner

- the weekend is so far away


Message(s) to 老公~♡:

- the black one? i have it

- do you need it?

- you /are/ a loser

- lets see what classes are like first

- but i'll see if i can come see you then


Message(s) from 老公~♡:

- no keep it

- u look cute in it

-  i'm ur loser (。♥‿♥。)

- ok i'll send u my timetable when i get it


Message(s) to 老公~♡:

- ty its v comfy i'll probs sleep in it

- and it still smells a little like you

- why did i pick you? you're so lame

- ditto


A key was inserted into the lock on the door to the room and he typed out his next messages as fast he could.


Message(s) to 老公~♡:

- i think my rm is here

- talk to you later

- if your rm isnt there then go meet your neighbours!!!

- or i'll come over and beat you and ur introvert ass up

- i love you


Message(s) from 老公~♡:

- sounds kinky

- maybe i want that

- will u spank me & my introvert ass?

- seriously though, have fun baobei

- i'm smiling thinking abt u sleeping in my jersey♡

- i hope u get along. they could be ur new best friend so u dont miss me so much

- i love u too


The responses came fast, as they always did, and Yixing managed to greet his roommate with a smile because of it.

"Hello, I'm Zhang Yixing," he knew his dimple was showing, that was always a good start.

"I'm Lu Han," his roommate greeted somewhat nervously.

Lu Han had black hair that was styled to be longer in the front than the back, his bangs hung down onto his brown and his eyes were wide and large. All in all, he was one of the most handsome men Yixing had ever met. His skin was so clear that Yixing half wanted to rub his hands and his own face on it.

"What are you studying?" Yixing asked as he tried to fend off awkwardness and he enjoyed the way his roommate's face lit up.

"I'm a Performing Arts student," Lu Han moved forward and sat on his bed with his carrier bag by his side, Yixing mirrored the action with his own movements and he observed how the other slowly relaxed. "How about you?"

"Music Technology and Popular Music Performance," Yixing responded proudly and Lu Han's hands clapped together excitedly.

"I bought some dinner," Lu Han gestured to the bag he'd placed down beside himself. "Want some?"

"What is it?"

Lu Han's hand disappeared into the bag and brought out a tub of ice cream that Yixing recognised and loved.

Yixing's eyebrows raised themselves. "Ice cream?”

"Hey, it's made of milk and milk has calcium, and calcium is beneficial to the human body. I will have you know," Lu Han sounded scandalised but Yixing knew it was in jest, the other had that obvious glint of playfulness in his eyes.

Yixing bent down into his backpack and pulled out a litre bottle of chocolate milkshake and two straws. "In for a penny, in for a pound with the sharing?"

"I'm in for my whole life savings if there's chocolate milk involved."

"You know what? I think we're going to get along very well," Yixing smiled at Lu Han as he opened up the carton of ice cream.