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The Case of the Creepy Collector

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A few weeks ago, on a shockingly earth-like planet just spinward to the galactic fringe...

Iguana: "I'm sending you on an acquisition," he tells me.


Iguana: "You don't want to disappoint me," he tells me.


Iguana: I say, "Of course not, Mr. Langoustini," because it's the Bookman, yeah? You don't disappoint the Bookman.


Iguana: Him and his collections...he says it's a new branch of the Iguana family business, but it don't seem that new to me.


Iguana: Ain't nothing new in the universe, you ask me. Not that anyone does. Oh, hey, maybe over that way.


Yip-Yip: Hey, you guys! I heard there's a new Ambizarieth place over at the spaceport! Wanna get zeel for dinner?


Aliens: Sure! I haven't had zeel in forever. {Wow, we really need names, don't we?}


Yip-Yip: Great! My hoverjet's just over—eeek! It's an Iguana enforcer! Run!!


Iguana: Don't anybody move.


Iguana: This'll do. You guys just cool your heels a minute, capische?
Yip-Yip: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
Iguana: I'll be back with the transport. Don't go nowhere. [slams door]


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