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Slightly Under-Priced

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Ever since Brendon was young, he was always attracted to the water. He would take longer baths then normal, and summer was his favorite time because he could go swimming every day. (Of course, the weather never stops him during the spring or fall, either.)

He joins the swim club near his house, Iwatobi. The thing is, despite his friend's trying to get him to change his ways, Brendon only swims freestyle. Nothing else. And only by himself.

Until his best friend Ryan says that he's moving to Australia to swim there, and prepare for the olympics, and says that he really wants to swim a relay with Brendon and their other friends before I leaves. So, he agrees.

Years later, after the swim club is shut down, and Brendon only sees Dallon on a daily basis, Phil shows up again. Phil convinces Dallon and Brendon to create a swim team at their high school, with the help of their friend Melanie. (Who they find out is the adopted sister of Ryan? Like, uh, okay??) They find their fourth member in Phil's totally 100% platonic track team member friend, Dan.

And so they start to prepare for the competition season, which is good and all, except now Ryan is back and competing against them?

Brendon is kinda screwed.