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popularity is a given.

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Rowan Fox has always been able to see fairies. It's gotten her involved in both good and bad things in her life. 

Sure, one of the bad things was getting involved with the changleing trade, but some good came out of it! 

She had met a boy named Sparrow. He wasn't the cleanest, nor was he the prettiest, but he was perfect to her. With his chipped tooth, greasy blond hair, dirt clumped underneath his nails, unshowered body; he has never stuck out to her. 

That is, until Eldritch had come for her. Subconsciously, she had begun to reach out for him, finding herself longing for his presence. Sparrow had always been a friend to her; someone she could trust, no matter what. 

But when Eldritch had told her that he killed him, left him in the tunnels to rot, Rowan had felt terrified. She had been thankful that he was lying, but the alternative was no better! Leaving him for Suki to take care of was something that scared to her very core. 

"Rowan?" A raspy voice sounded, familiar arms moving to encircle her waist. "What are you thinking about?" 

Blissfully, Rowan sighed, leaning into his embrace. "You, and how I almost lost you to Eldritch. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget that." 

"It's been four years, like." He reminded, pressing a chaste kiss to her neck. "I'm here to stay with you." 

During that time span of four years, Warwick and Rose had gotten married; Fabian and Tanya finally got over themselves and got together; Florence passed away, and left the home to Tanya, like she said she would; Rowan graduated high-school, went to college, and moved in with Sparrow. 

After her guardian, Raven, passed away, Florence never really recovered. She would put on a front whenever the kids and Nell were around, but, Rowan could see the true damage that lay underneath. 

Tanya, of course, was devastated that her grandmother passed. Ever since she found out that Florence had the second sight, the two had become close. But, reliable Fabian had been there to catch her and keep her from getting too depressed. Not too long after, they had announced their relationship to Rowan over the phone. 

Warwick and Rose had had a spring wedding, that was absolutely beautiful. Rowan wasn't too fond of them being together, at first, but over time she's grown to accept it. They made each other quite happy, and she didn't mind being a step-sibling to Fabian. It just made it easier to tease him and get away with it! 

Both he and Rose decided to stay at the manor, and continue on the animal sanctuary.

After graduating high school, Rowan had chosen a local college, and left the manor to move in with Sparrow. He was doing well on his own, but he did appreciate her company. One thing had led to another, and one day, Rowan had found herself wrapped up in his arms, adoring every inch of him.

Occasionally, she and Sparrow would go to visit Tanya, Fabian, Warwick and Rose, always staying for a weekend or so before taking off. It felt odd to be there without Florence, and Rowan didn't really like it. 

"You've never told me your real name," Rowan said abruptly, craning her head to look back at him. 

Sparrow's eyebrows were furrowed, but his expression was calm. "I know you want to know it," he started, flashing a small grin and showing that chipped tooth that she adored, "but, Rowan, I can't tell you it. I can promise that, when I make you mine for the rest of our lives, I'll tell you." 

"But that's going to take forever!" She quipped. "We all know you're not one for commitment." 

"For you, I'd do anything." Unwinding himself from her, Sparrow eased himself down onto his knee, pulling a rectangular box from his back pocket. His dark hues were shining as he popped it open, looking up at her from underneath dark lashes. 

"Rowan Fox," Sparrow started, moving to take her left hand with his free one, "will you marry me?" 

All that the girl could manage was a shocked silence, lips parted and eyes wide, before she finally managed to speak.