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Tara's Father's Day

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Willow followed Tara around the house as she was getting ready, begging and pleading. “Come on baby, you can’t go back to them!” Tara sighed, hearing that for only the tenth time in the hour. “Sweetie, I’ll only be gone for a few hours. I’m not staying, just saying giving my regards to daddy.” It was hard to call him anything else, not even by his name. She supposed some things were just hard to break.

Today was Father’s Day, and she hadn’t seen her blood relatives for a year. Her anger and fear had smoothed over enough though, so that going there might not cause her to have an anxiety attack. She calmly told Willow that she was going to take a bus to where the Maclay’s lived, which was only the next town over.

She had mailed a letter a couple of weeks before, stating that she was going to come over and visit for Father’s Day. As expected, she didn’t get a reply back.

“It’s a two hour bus ride. So, I’ll be gone for only about six hours.” She threw the remaining items into her purse before slinging it over her shoulder. She planned on spending only a couple of hours at the Maclay’s, if they even wanted her there that long.

“That’s six hours too long!” Willow whined, grabbing Tara’s arm in an attempt to stop her. She wanted nothing more than to come with her, but Tara refused to.

“Why don’t you want me going with you?” Willow asked with a pout.

“Because I don’t want you getting hurt.” That would be the same answer she gave her, and it was partly true. She was afraid for Willow and her family, in all honesty. As much as she disliked them, she was sure that Willow would light the house on fire or let scorpions start seeping through the walls—and that would be just the start of it.

After Willow had seen how…fun her family was, she would start going off on little spurts of what she might do to them; all of them consisting of making them squirm. “Nobody does that to my girlfriend and gets away with it.” She would mumble, devising of new and improved ways to make them pay.

Tara would sit quietly through her schpeel, never commenting on it. She mulled over many times if she should go back. In the end, she decided it was best to at least go during a holiday.

Mr. Maclay enjoyed Father’s Day, believing it to be designed for him specifically, saying how he had successfully kept the demons at bay. Of course, demons was just another word for women, which was probably all the same to him.

This year, however, Tara would go back, a plan in her mind. She would show her father and brother how much she had changed, how she had successfully ‘tamed the demon’ and became a better person because of it.

“Why don’t I drive you, at least? Come on Tare, that’s the least I can do. To see that you got there okay?” Willow was showing those gorgeous puppy-dog eyes that made Tara’s heart melt, and her perseverance crumbled. Heaving a heavy sigh, she nodded. ‘Next she’ll start asking to walk me to the door, then help me walk into the house.’

Willow beamed seeing the small nod from her girlfriend. “Yes!” She literally punched her fist into the air, then snagged the nearest bag she had and threw what she needed.

The more Tara thought about it, the less she thought she could make it through that time without Willow there. Suddenly, different thoughts swam in her mind that made that courage start to quickly dwindle. ‘Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to let her come along…she’d have to be on her best behavior, though...’

Willow could see Tara lost in her thoughts, and she suddenly knew the odds had changed in her favor.

With a little groan, Tara pinched the bridge of her nose, closing her eyes for a few moments. “Fine.” Willow was quite honestly glad that Tara was letting her come—not only could she show off how much her girlfriend had grown, but she could also keep an eye on her. The second Donny had entered the Magic Box, she wanted him gone. He felt off; cocky, hard-headed, all-knowing. The type of guy Willow would have loved to stay as far away from as possible. And to know that Tara was going to be in the same room as the guy, her heart swelled with pride to know that her blonde wiccan allowed her to be there.

“Now.” Tara said sternly, so much so that the redhead stopped in her tracks and tilted her head curiously to her lover. “Be as nice as you possibly can, no sarcasm. Donny can smell sarcasm a mile away.”

She smiled as she thought about her fiery-red haired lover standing beside her as Mr. Maclay opened the door. Oh, could she see the look on his face when she stood proud beside her reason for being.

“No sarcasm…got it. Sarcasm free.” A devilish smile then crossed her lips, before it disappeared the instant Tara cleared her throat.

“Absolutely no magic. I don’t care how mean they are…” Assuming that they would be, of course. “…They’re still human beings.” Willow scoffed at the comment, clearly thinking otherwise. “Willow. I mean it.” Tara crossed her arms over her chest to emphasize her seriousness. Willow sighed and grumbled, “yes ma’am…” The blonde smiled, swiftly stealing a kiss from her redhead’s lips before pulling back, a lopsided grin on her face. “Good girl.”

A half hour later, the two girls had piled into Willow’s car, on the way to see the people that had helped shape Tara who she was today. The closer they came, the more Tara started fidgeting in the passenger side, constantly biting her lip and messing with the hematite ring she wore. What if this was a terrible idea, to attempt to smooth over what had happened in the past? Not all people forgave as easily as she did, and she seemed to forget that quite a lot.

The redhead noticed her lover’s uneasiness and frowned. ‘She having second thoughts?’ Her chest puffed out a little more, her over-protectiveness coming out. “Don’t worry babe. You’re safe.” Willow placed a hand on top of Tara’s hand, a grin propped on her face.

Looking up to see that grin that made her heart leap in happiness, her fears and worries disappeared for a moment. She took a deep breath and nodded, forcing a smile. “I know.”

Sooner than she would have liked, the wiccan looked out the window to see that they had arrived at the neighborhood that brought back memories she’d rather forget. Steeling her emotions, she sat up just a little straighter as they pulled up to the two story house.

“Ready?” Willow asked as she took Tara’s hand in hers and squeezed. Tara squeezed back, nodding. “Yeah.”

Willow hopped out of the car, walking swiftly to the other side and opening the door before Tara had a chance to. “For you, m’lady.” The witch grinned. The other woman giggled before stepping out. “Here goes nothing…” She took another deep breath before walking up the steps, forcing the memories down. ‘Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid…’ She chanted the words each step she went up, gaining confidence when Willow took her hand, entwining their fingers together. Slowly, she raised her hand and knocked.