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That Kind of Dangerous

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Red was sick of being herself.  She was sick of hurting the people close to her, or not being able to protect them.  She was sick of getting her heart broken.  She sat at the counter at her break, next to Emma, and said as much.  “I’m just sick of the way my life keeps turning out.  Nothing changes.  It’s just one suckerpunch after another!”

Emma gave her a sympathetic grimace, then glanced over to where her parents were canoodling in the corner.  “I feel you.”  She rolled her eyes.  “This town.  Sometimes it feels like it was written by a ten year old.  At least when Madame Mayor was controlling everyone’s lives it wasn’t all PG-13.”

Red snorted.  “It’s not PG-13 now.”

Emma raised an eyebrow.  “Uh, yeah it is.  They’re not even using tongue over there.  And violence doesn’t matter half as much for ratings as, like, tits.”  Emma’s smile went sly and Red suddenly felt put on the spot.  “And you can’t talk, can you?  Tell me you didn’t get like forty times the action when you were just Ruby.”

Red felt her cheeks start to heat up.  She looked away.  “No,” she muttered.


Red felt her wolf hackles raise and she turned on Emma, wrinkling her nose.  “No!  Because forty times zero is still zero, and it definitely wasn’t zero with Ruby.”

Emma frowned.  “You lost me with the math.  Are you saying that since Ruby you haven’t gotten any?”

Red pushed herself away from the counter and scowled.  “Let me know when you find someone into bestiality, because no one normal wants to fuck a werewolf.”

Emma looked considering for a moment.  “I dunno.  It sounds kind of interesting—”

“Oh god, you’re like my goddaughter or something.”

Emma raised her eyebrows.  “Your goddaughter who you have inappropriate conversations about not getting laid enough with?  This family thing is getting better.”

Red laughed quietly.  “That’s not even it, really.  Ruby, she wanted to get out of here and couldn’t.  So she looked for excitement wherever she could find it.  And she got some.  I liked that about her.  Ruby wanted more, and she did her best to get it.  I wanted more, and what did I get?”

Her eyes drifted across the diner to linger on a particular empty booth.  Emma followed her gaze and sighed.  “Fuck,” she said.  “Sorry about that.”

It was kind of like a death.  But worse.

“You had a thing for her, didn’t you?”

Red shot Emma a glare.  “She was my friend.”

Emma raised an eyebrow and took a sip of her hot chocolate.  Then she sputtered.  “Oh man, I totally thought this was a beer.  This conversation is not a hot chocolate conversation.”

“Diner doesn’t serve beer.  Complain to the Mayor if you’re pissed.”

“That whole situation was a mess,” Emma said.  “I wish I had gotten to Hook earlier.”

Red shrugged.  “I just…  I thought she’d come back.  We all came back from being our other selves, and she went the other direction.  But she didn’t come back.  She’s banging Mr. Gold, her True Love, but the library’s still shut, and Lacey’s taken over as Storybrooke’s skanky ho, and it just feels so permanent.  And the worst – the worst is how Lacey talks about her, like she was some, some—”

“Whoa, whoa.  Cool it, Red.  Your gran can’t afford to replace the counter top that often.”

Red jerked up and retracted her claws, wincing at the deep gouges she left in the linoleum.  “Shit.”  She was going to get so punished for that.

The bell jingled and Archie came in, giving them a wave, but Red’s eyes were fixed on the view of the street outside it and the voices coming in through the door.

“No I don’t want to eat at the diner.  It’s disgusting.  Everything is like dripping with fat.  Isn’t there anywhere good to eat in this town?”

Both Red and Emma flinched.

“But Lacey, darling…” and smooth creamy pale legs, in a short short skirt, stalked past the door.

“You know,” Emma said musingly, “sometimes I wonder if it didn’t happen like this just to help keep Mr. Gold out of trouble.  Because she is way more than he can handle.”

Red laughed weakly.  “Yeah, I suppose.”

“Just… sorry that you were the one who had to lose out.”

“It wasn’t like I was the only person she was friends with.”

“Yeah…”  Emma said and gave her the double eyebrow that Red hated.

“Look,” Emma said after the annoyed silence had stretched out for long enough.  “Here’s a question that I asked Snow once and, well, didn’t really get the answer I wanted.  Mainly because I want an excuse to make Regina pay out both nostrils for massive therapy for schizophrenia, but… do you ever miss being Ruby?”

Red blinked.  “I am Ruby.”

Emma looked bemused.  “That wasn’t how it sounded before, when you were discussing your sudden lack of a sex life.”

Red rolled her eyes.  “Getting outed as a werewolf didn’t have anything to do with not being Ruby anymore.”

“There!  You didn’t again!  ‘Not being Ruby anymore.’”

Red wrinkled her nose.  “What did Snow say?”

Emma sighed, eyes drifting over to their subject of conversation once more, who was now busy sitting on David’s lap and playing with his collar.  “She said, ‘thank god she’s gone.  I hated her!  I can’t believe Regina could turn me into such a spineless little… ugh.’”

Red’s eyes widened.  “She said that?”

“Word for word.”

“But, man.  You were friends.  I mean, we weren’t.  I think Ruby scared her, but you guys were getting close.”

Emma nodded.  “Snow might not like Mary Margaret, but I did.  She was just… easy.  I could tell her anything and she wouldn’t get all in my face and judgey, like Snow.  So, I guess I kind of know how you feel about Belle, about losing someone to their alternate self.”

“Yeah…”  Red sighed, and then had an amusing thought.  She glanced at Emma.  “You… never wanted to hit that, did you?”

“What!” Emma went wide-eyed.  Rather deer-in-the-headlights, actually. 

Red (or maybe Ruby) grinned.  “Hey, hey.  It’s cool.  Like you said, they’re different people, and whoever Mary Margaret was, or whatever happened to her, she’s not your mom.”

Emma gave her a look.  “I’m not sure how many people would agree with you.  But thanks.  Still, do you really see them as different people?  You said you’re still Ruby.”

“Ruby isn’t my dominant personality anymore.  But all the parts that made her up, they’re still in there.  And Ruby’s kind of like me with out all the baggage fucking me up.  She didn’t murder the boy she liked.  She didn’t lose her family.  Mary Margaret is Snow without— well, without Regina.  She’s the person Snow might have been without all the hardening that she had to go through.  I know that. I knew her when she was still only half-shelled.  And she was… exactly how you described her.  Easy, forgiving, gentle.  But still strong.  She was always strong.  I think knowing that vulnerability is still inside her scares her.  She can’t be vulnerable, not with Regina living three streets away.”

Emma grimaced.  “Sounds about right.  But psychoanalyzing my mom is making me kind of nervous.”

Red laughed.  She stood and grabbed her apron, tying it back on.  “My break’s over.  Can I get you a refill?”

Emma glanced down at her hot chocolate and shook her head.  “Naw, I should get back to work as well.  But… here’s a thought.  You want to go out Friday night and, say, take Ruby out for a spin.”

Red, halfway through refilling the water pitcher, went still.  She turned around.  “What?”

“Rabbit Hole?  Drinking?  Dancing?  Scoping out the populace for those guys who aren’t turned off by bestiality?”

“That was a joke.”

Emma grinned.  “Maybe.  I’m just saying, get your mind off things.  Fuck someone.  I’m sure you remember how.  It might loosen you up a bit.”

Red rolled her eyes.  “I’m plenty loose.  But… I’ll think about it.”

“Great!”  Emma pushed the door open.  “And I’m expecting some booty shorts worthy of Ruby!  None of this lumberjack shit!”

Red looked down at herself and the very nice, if sedate, olive corduroy button-down.  “You suck!” she yelled back.

“You swallow!”

“Not anymore!”


Red turned around and smiled awkwardly at her grandmother who was looking wryly disapproving.  “Sorry,” she said.

“There are some things about one’s granddaughter that one never needs to know.”

*          *            *

The Rabbit Hole was packed.  They had actually gotten in a decent DJ for once (it was someone’s kid who had finally found his calling, possibly without any thanks to the curse breaking), and it felt like meat market night, and Red felt like Ruby.

It had been a process, a compromise, involving a long root around the back of her closet.  But the more she explored, the more she realized that twenty-eight years of fashions that still fit was not something to abandon recklessly, and although some things were too eighties to be saved and her nineties grunge gear was already mostly back in circulation, the mix and match was offering up some interesting opportunities.  She hadn’t even remembered that she owned that fishnet shirt.  She pulled it on over a red, deep-v halter-top and added a black PVC skirt, stockings and boots.  She was tempted to replace the halter-top with a bustier, but this was still an exploratory mission, if things went well, she’d try it next time. 

It was the makeup, lining her mouth with the deep red lipstick, darkening her eyes until she looked more wolf than human, that made her feel right about this somehow.  She was just as much Ruby as Red.  She was raw animal power, human or wolf.  She curled her hair.

There was another box in the Ruby closet that she hadn’t seen for a while.  Give a girl a credit card and the Internet, and god knows what she’ll do.

Emma, in a beater and jeans as always, wolf whistled when she came to pick Ruby up. 

Ruby flipped her off.  Then she raised her eyebrows.  “Come on,” she said.  “I made an effort.  Aren’t you looking to pull tonight?”

Emma wrinkled her nose.  “I want you to pull tonight.  I, however, am the savior, and people trying to pick up the savior have been decidedly creepy lately.”

Ruby laughed.  “Sorry.”

“Also,” Emma glanced at her phone.  “I kind of got into it with Regina today, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to call to fuck up my night soon.  So, you know, I’m not investing.”

“Ah,” Ruby said.  “You guys are weird.  Let’s go.”

Right before they made it inside, Emma’s phone rang.

“Regina?  No!  I am not wasting taxpayer dollars right now!”

Emma rolled her eyes, pulled something out of her pocket and pressed it into Ruby’s hand.  It was a strip of condoms.  Ruby sighed and stuck them in her purse.  Then she went in alone.

It seemed like all of Storybrooke had come out tonight, and Ruby was getting not a few appreciative glances.  One guy, a dwarf, gave her a slap on the ass.  “We missed you!” he said.  She gave him a look and he grinned back.  “Not you,” he said, pointing at her face.  “You.”  He pointed at her ass.

Thanks,” Ruby said, and moved along.  She made it to the bar and ordered a shot.  The truth was, she realized, she had been in Storybrooke for twenty-eight years.  That was a lot of time to scrape the bottom of the barrel.  And it all looked like scrapings now.  She really, really needed to be drunk.

Then she realized that she was standing next to Lacey.  She ordered three more shots and knocked them back as soon as they were poured.  Things were not going well.

Lacey swiveled around on her bar stool and gave her that wry, half-disgusted look that did not belong anywhere on Belle’s face, and Ruby hated her for stealing it.  “And what did you come dressed as tonight?  A hooker?”

Ruby bared her teeth, and forced it to look like a smile.  Her eyes drifted over the woman in Belle’s body, and she nearly snorted at the hypocrisy of it.  That was the shortest dress she had ever seen.  Standing, it would barely cover Lacey’s ass, and sitting, it didn’t.  It dipped low in front as well, setting off the smooth expanse of creamy skin.  Her hair was mostly up, a few strands curling around her face, and her makeup was heavy and dark, making her eyes flash uncannily blue and her smirk even more cruel than usual.  “Oh, no,” Ruby snarked back.  “I hoped I was going to be the only one tonight.”

Lacey laughed.  “Mine doesn’t look like a costume.”

Meatsuit,” Ruby mumbled to herself, and wished she had another drink.  The four shots still hadn’t hit her properly.

Lacey’s eyes went narrow.  “I don’t know what my alter ever saw in you.  It must have been your ass, because there’s nothing else.”

Ruby clenched her teeth and turned, bending to look into Lacey’s face, and wolf-smiling.  “I have pretty awesome tits too, you know.”

Lacey’s eyes dropped to her cleavage.  Ruby snorted and straightened up.  “What are you even doing here?  This doesn’t seem like Gold’s scene.  And I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want his girl coming out alone to meat market night.”

“I’m not Gold’s girl.”  Lacey sneered.  “I do what I want.  He may be the richest man in town.  And he’s powerful.  So I’m not letting that leash out.  But I want a fucking tonight, not his idea of awesome magic true love sex.”

Ruby blinked at her.  “He’s not up to snuff?”

Lacey shrugged her utterly bare shoulders.  “Bored.”

“And he doesn’t mind?”

Lacey huffed amusement.  “Oh, he’s pissed.  But he can’t tell me no.  I blew him before I left too, so it should take him a while to work himself up to vengeful again.”

The image that popped into Ruby’s head made her stomach revolt and her thighs clench together.  She didn’t want to see that shit, but Lacey, at least, could handle herself.  It was a tool to her.  There wasn't any of that ‘give him everything and hope he doesn’t shit on it’ that had always made her panicky and upset when she saw Belle and Gold together.  He didn’t deserve her.  But he deserved this.  He deserved Lacey’s derisive comments on his sexual prowess.  He deserved her fucking around on him and making him miserable.  She nodded.  “Good.”

Lacey gave her a look – disbelieving and amused – that was one of Belle’s, but made different by the makeup.  “You’re hot,” she said.

Ruby blinked.  “You said I looked like a hooker.”

“I said you looked like you were dressed up as a hooker.  And whatever.  Hookers are hot.  But you’re hot, and if the rumors are true, you’ve pretty much banged everything there is to bang in this town, right?”


Lacey waved her hand.  “Not judging.  It’s what I would have done if I wasn’t locked in a psychward, or whatever.  I figured I should get the benefit of your experience. And your hotness.  Let’s dance.  We’ll reel them in in droves, and you can tell me which ones are worth the bother.”

Ruby looked at her, and grinned at the absurdity.  “Really?” she asked.  “What’s in it for me?”

Lacey gave her an ironic glance.  “You get to dance with me.  Don’t tell me you haven’t wanted to put your hands on my meatsuit since I showed up in town, honey.”

“Well,” Ruby tipped her head to the side.  “I did spend twenty-eight years in this backwater.  Anything new has got to be looking good.”

Lacey laughed.  “Good point.”  She slipped off the stool, tugged down the back of her dress – ineffectively – and caught Ruby’s arm.  “Dance now.”

The kid DJing was actually pretty good.  The music had a beat, and Lacey had roaming hands.  She stayed close enough to make snide comments in Ruby’s ear and ask for her experienced opinion on the various interested parties sidling up.  If Ruby didn’t look at her, she could almost think it was normal, just dancing, touching, looking for hookups.  If she did look at her there was always that disjointed moment where it was like ‘what the fuck is Belle doing here?’ and then remembering that it wasn’t her.  Her voice didn’t have the same effect.  Something about Lacey made everything she said a little sarcastic, and even with the accent, it was instantly obvious who was speaking.

“That one?”

Ruby glanced over and grimaced.  “Oh yeah, did that one.  Not really the most hygienic down below, if you know what I mean.”

Lacey snorted and rubbed up against her.  “I’m thinking I could live without knowing.”

Then Ruby saw Ashley.  She had glanced over from where she was dancing with Sean and her eyes widened at the sight of them, her cheeks reddened, and she looked away quickly.

That one?”

Ruby glanced down to see where Lacey was looking, but she was looking right at Ashley as well.  She winced.  “It was twenty-eight years.”

“Wasn’t she the one who was pregnant for twenty-eight years?”

“If you were pregnant for twenty eight years wouldn’t you need some release?”

Lacey grabbed her arm and doubled over laughing.  “But you hit that?”

“We had an arrangement,” Ruby said, reddening slightly.  “She worked at the diner.  We’d hook up after closing.”

“You hit that often?”

“Yeah.”  Ruby wrinkled her nose.  “Not that she’ll ever admit it.”

Lacey was still snickering and hanging onto her arm.  “What’d you do?  Eat her out?”

“No…” Ruby glanced at Lacey, who seemed more curious than anything.  But why did she want details?  “She’s pretty straight.  Likes dick.  So I fucked her.”

Lacey’s face went blank.  “With what?”

Ruby gave an awkward chuckle.  Did she really have no idea?  “With a strap on?  Have you been missing out on this brave new world of porn?”

Lacey’s expression turned enlightened.  “Really?  You have one?”

“Um.  Twenty-eight years.  And… the Internet.”


She was looking really hilariously thrilled, and Ruby laughed awkwardly.  “Anyone else you want the dish on?”

Lacey glanced around the room, looking less than intrigued.  “Is there anyone here that you would take home again?”

Ruby grimaced.  “Not really.”

“Then no.  I want you.”

Ruby froze.  “What?”

Lacey cocked her head.  “I said I was bored.  You fucked a pregnant chick with a strap on.  Regularly.  I thought you were totally boring when you kept bringing me books.  But I’ve revised my evaluation.  You are not boring.  Be not boring on me.  Or… in me.”  She smirked.

Ruby gaped.  Lacey slithered forward and Ruby’s hands slid down to her ass.  It was perfectly firm and round and Ruby sank her fingers into it.  “Come on.  You kind of hate me, right?  Here’s your chance to take all that anger out on me.”

And Ruby could see Lacey mussed and marked and writhing under her, and her wolf growled.  “Yeah,” she said.  “Sure.  I’ve been wanting to get that box back out of my closet.”

*          *            *

Lacey’s thighs were soft and creamy under her hands, and she was not wearing stockings.  Ruby’s hands slid up under her skirt, cupping her mostly bare ass, and bit lightly at her neck.  Lacey hummed pleasure and squirmed against her.

“Oh, one rule,” she said, her voice breathy.  “No kissing.”

“No kissing?” Ruby laughed into her skin.  “You are a hooker.”

“Not my rule.  Gold got all weird about it.  I don’t care.  I’m not that into kissing.”  Lacey rolled her eyes, and Ruby slid her hand between her legs and cupped her, making her squeak.

“But you’re following it?”

“It’s Gold.  You think he won’t know?  I’m not losing his funding before I have to.”

“’Kay.  I can handle that.  I was kind of planning on taking you from behind anyway.”

Lacey grinned up at her.  “Doggy-style?”

“I’m a wolf, girl.  It’s wolf-style.”  Ruby grinned and caught her arm.  “Come on.”  She pulled her in through the back door of Granny’s and up the stairs to her room, grateful for the wolf hearing that made certain they wouldn’t meet anyone on the way, and a little chagrined to realize that there was a reason that her grandmother’s room was on exactly the opposite side of the building as hers.

She fumbled with the key to her room, Lacey pressed up against her back and fondling her breasts.  “Yeah, guess they are kind of nice,” she mumbled.

The door finally came open and they stumbled through.  “Naked time?” asked Lacey, eagerly, and went for her zip.

“Hey,” Ruby caught her hands.  “Dibs.”

Lacey grinned up at her, looking like, well, Lacey.  But not unlike Belle.  She sounded like Belle.  The eager, happy charm she had was impossibly familiar.  Certainly she had never heard the words ‘Naked time’ come out of Belle’s mouth, but if they had, they would’ve sounded just like that. 

Perhaps just because she had been told not to, Ruby really wanted to kiss her.

She went for the zip instead.  The minidress pooled around Lacey’s feet, leaving her in a strapless electric blue bra and matching panties.  It was a front closure bra.  Ruby undid it with her teeth.  It was a party trick, but Lacey laughed, and slid her fingers into Ruby’s hair.  Ruby nuzzled her breasts and nipped at them, then dropped down to bite the elastic of her underwear and drag them off.

Bare and brazen, all creamy skin and dancing eyes, Lacey stepped out of the underwear, then stepped backwards and hoisted herself up onto the bed.  Ruby stood.

“Hands and knees,” she said.  “Look at the wall.  No touching yourself.”

“Hey!  I don’t get to watch you put it on?”

Ruby laughed.  “No way.”  She stripped off quickly, not caring about whether her stockings survived, and found the box and Emma’s – oh so helpful – strip of condoms.  She considered options for a moment, and then went a little bigger than Ashley liked, one Ruby would use on herself.  Lacey didn’t want to be bored.  It felt good, settling into place, and she realized how long it had been – since anything.

“Come on,” Lacey whined.  “Your wall is a boring conversationalist.”

“I will do you the honor of not watching you when you’re trying to get one of these on for the first time, so shut it,” Ruby responded.  “But I’m done.”

“Can I see?”

Lacey didn’t wait for a response.  She swiveled.  Her eyes widened.  “Fuck, that’s sexy.”

“Yeah?”  Ashley always preferred to look at the wall the whole time.

“Totally.”  Lacey licked her lips and her eyes fell to the packet in Ruby’s hand.  “You use condoms on it?”

“Mmm.  Saves cleaning time.  And you can change people or places quicker.”

“Oh.”  Lacey looked a bit shocked by that, but decidedly interested.  “Can I put it on?”

“Um, sure.”

Lacey slid off the bed and dropped to her knees.  She took the pack and opened it, expertly, and took hold of the dildo firmly.  It ground right into Ruby who involuntarily let out a little sound, half startled and half appreciative.  Lacey glanced up.  “You like this too,” she said, not asking a question.

“It’s a good fit,” Ruby replied.  “And I like fucking girls.  I like being on top and in control.  Wolf thing, I guess.”

“Hot thing,” Lacey said, and proceeded to unroll the condom with her mouth.

Um, yeah, she could see how even Gold might not be so into vengeance after that.  Lacey’s hair was half undone, falling on her neck, her makeup smokey and a little smeared.  Her body was all soft curves, and her eyes danced, taking in everything, making Ruby feel incredibly… appreciated.

“Come on,” she said, “Back up on the bed.”  She gave Lacey’s ass a smack, and Lacey flashed her a grin, swung her hips, and climbed back up.  She got on her knees and spread them.

Ruby’s breath hitched at the glistening smears on the inside of her thighs.  Fuck, she was turned on.  She let her hands slid over Lacey’s ass and thighs, and heard Lacey purr.  Then she ran her fingers through her cleft.  It was thick with wetness.  Lacey squirmed and Ruby slid a long finger into her.

“Mm, you’re teasing me,” Lacey mumbled.  But she gushed just a little more as Ruby started rubbing the pad of her fingertip around the inside.  “Fuck.”  Lacey went still and hissed in a rough breath.  “Either get another or get something bigger, and I kind of really wanted to try your cock.”

Ruby slid two fingers in, scissored them, and then slipped them out again.

Hey,” Lacey hissed.  But then she felt the head of the cock pressing into her entrance and went, “Oh.”

Ruby guided it carefully and pushed just enough to have her get an idea of how big it was, not huge, totally manageable.  Lacey let out a little sound and pushed back, but very tentatively.

“It’s big.”

Yeah?” the tone came out unutterably dirty, unutterably Ruby, and Ruby grinned when she saw and felt Lacey’s hips buck, just a little.  “Bigger than you’re used to?”

“Definitely.”  Lacey’s voice was breathy and she was shifting slightly, trying to work her way back onto the cock, but Ruby wouldn’t let her.

“Does it scare you?”

Lacey laughed.  “No.  I like it when it hurts.”

“You’re my kind of girl,” Ruby said, grinning, and took hold of her waist, nails cutting into that soft, soft skin, and thrust straight in, hips slamming into her perfect ass.

Lacey let out a keen like an animal and dropped to her elbows, clawing at the blankets.  “Fuck.  Fuck.  That’s fucking huge.”

Ruby’s breath was coming in short pants.  This was when she should be nice, she should ask if it was too much, she should go slow, but she had loved that scream, and she wanted more.  “Good,” she hissed, and started pounding.

Lacey was tearing up the blankets, and Ruby was glad they were going this way, or her back would be the thing getting shredded.  Each thrust sent a gasping sob out of Lacey.  She was so tight, and Ruby would bet that she had only ever been fucked by Gold, and she also now had a pretty good idea of the size of his penis, and it made her grin like a maniac.  The base of her cock was hitting her just right, but the feeling was nothing compared to the desperate, pleading, hurting sounds Lacey was making under her.  The way she groped for something to hang onto, and the way she pushed back into each thrust.  Ruby bent over her, mouthed her shoulder, let her hands knead her breasts.

“Fuck!  Ruby, Ruby.”

And she slid out long and slow, and then in, so slow, and Lacey cried, and stuffed her fist in her mouth, biting down on it.

“Hey, don’t do that.  I want to hear you scream.”

And Lacey looked up, over her shoulder at her, eyes wide and amazed, and Ruby wanted to kiss her, but couldn’t – at all, the position was way too fucked up, and bit her instead, hard, on the top of her shoulder.  And Lacey screamed.

Ruby caught her hips again and jerked her against her, pulling her in, grinding up and down against the base of the cock, then drawing out, and slamming back in.  Her fingers slid around her hip and down through the cleft of her thigh, then parted her lips, playing across her clit.  She fucked her, steady, hard, until Lacey was a tight ball on the bedspread, holding on for dear life.  Ruby raked her nails down her sides, and Lacey came, spasming, gasping, soaking Ruby’s thighs.  And then collapsing, breathing shallowly, holding herself to herself. 

Ruby moved to disengage, but a hand shot out and curled around her thigh, holding her in place.

“Hold on a bit,” Lacey mumbled.  “Wait for it.”

Ruby rubbed a hand up and down her spine, gently, letting her relax.  She felt her unclench, and slowly, slowly, withdrew her cock, then undid the snap to let it drop to the floor.  No longer overwhelmed by the need to fuck her, Ruby looked carefully, and winced a little, to see the trace of red.  She had probably overestimated the size.  Lacey was still tight – shoulders tensed – and not looking up, so Ruby settled down on the bed and lay beside her, letting her fingers slide over the back of her neck, tangling in the sweat-damp curls there.  Lacey breathed out slowly and rolled toward her, sweaty bodies catching and sticking.  She buried her face in Ruby’s neck.  “Fuck,” she murmured softly.  “Amazing.”

“You good?” Ruby murmured, a little chagrined at how much she wanted the answer to be yes.  She hadn’t been supposed to care about Lacey.  But she really kind of did.

Lacey looked up at her, amused, self-satisfied smirk on her face.  “Mmm.”

Her fingers started roaming down Ruby’s sides, over her ass, and then ducking between her thighs.  Fingertips parted her lips, exploring gently, tentatively, and Ruby let out a soft moan into Lacey’s hair.  Emboldened, they slid into her.  They started to work quickly, steadily, stretching and curling and turning until Lacey sorted out what made Ruby buck into her hand, and then fingerfucking her until she came with a tight sound releasing from her chest and a rush of fluid.

“Fuck, you’re hot,” Lacey mumbled into her chest.

“You too.”

*          *            *

“Ruby!  Your shift started ten minutes ago!  Get your ass out of bed!” roared Granny, banging on the door, and Ruby barely processed it through her hangover.  Lacey however, jerked up, bringing the covers with her.

“Fuck!” she hissed.  “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”  She slithered out of bed and started searching for her underwear.

“Just borrow shit,” Ruby mumbled into her pillow.  “’ve got twenty-eight years of clothes.”

“Yeah, because I can fit into your booty shorts,” Lacey shot back.  “And not that everyone wouldn’t immediately know where I spent the night.”

Rubbing her face, Ruby finally sat up and blinked at her.  “Mmm,” she said, eyeing the bitemark on the juncture between Lacey’s neck and shoulder coming out in a dramatically purple color.  “Try that box,” she said, pointing to one still left open from last night’s explorations.  “Early nineties.  Baggy cargoes.”

Lacey took a step toward it, then buckled over.  “Fuck,” she hissed.  “That hurts.”  She cast a glare over her shoulder.  “Did you really have to fuck me with that fucking monster?”

Ruby raised an eyebrow.  “Most guys come with them standard.  But no, I could have gone smaller.  Next time?”

Lacey snorted.  “Yeah.  Sounds good.”

She pulled on a pair of cargo pants that had been loose on Ruby and fit really nicely around her ass, and a Green Day t-shirt, that Ruby was suddenly embarrassed about owning, picked up her stilettos and dress, threaded her fingers once through her hair, grimaced at the state of her eye makeup, and sauntered out the door.

Ruby blinked.  Had she just gotten a yes to ‘next time’?