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The Crown of Sonnets

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The Consort’s Secret

It was a well kept secret that Bilbo Baggins, Consort to Thorin, son of Thráin, son of Thror, King under the Mountain, was pregnant. Or so Bilbo thought.


 It wasn’t like he didn’t want children, he loved them, but he wasn’t ready for everyone to know just yet. Of course Thorin knew and Dís and Óin, but as far as Bilbo was concerned they were the only one.

 Bilbo and Thorin had a conversation about children few months ago and decided that it’s time to add a new member to their small family. Thráin, their firstborn, was old enough to start his training with Dwalin and start his lessons with Balin, who was the most patient with children from the company. Bilbo and Ori were patient too, but not when it came to teaching a very energetic dwobbit about the history of his people. Frerin, their second son just started to walk and was starting to talk, and didn’t require the attention of his parents all the time. So the time was perfect to add another child.

 The problem with secrets is that eventually they are no longer secrets and Bilbo was determined to keep his pregnancy a secret as long as possible. He wasn’t ashamed or anything, he just didn’t want his life to change all of a sudden.

 He knew that children were precious to the dwarves but he learned from his mistakes.

 The first time he discovered he was pregnant he and Thorin shared the news with everyone right away. Mistake number one. Do not tell a dwarf, you are with child, he will start treating you like one.

 Next day he wasn’t welcome in the library because it was a dangerous place for someone who was carrying something so fragile. Can you imagine telling a Baggins he is not allowed in a library? Of course Bilbo put up a fight, but when Thorin sided with Ori, he knew he lost the battle. From that day on to the end of his pregnancy he was forced to call Ori to his bedchamber and tell him what book he wants and then Ori would go get it for him.

 What could be worse than that? Royal kitchen, off limits to Bilbo Baggins. The place screamed with danger. Bombur had a panic attack when Bilbo entered the kitchen. It was not safe for the hobbit. Hobbits love food more than anything in the world and pregnant hobbits love it even more, but Bilbo wasn’t even allowed to sit in the kitchen. Of course Bilbo put up a fight, but when Thorin sided with Bombur, he knew he lost the battle. From that day on to the end of his pregnancy all food was delivered to his bedchamber.

 A nice walk to the market of Dale. Dangerous without at least dozens of guard by his side, which made it difficult to buy something unnoticed.

Gardening, too much physical work.

Council meetings, too stressful. Not good for the baby.

Negotiations with elves… Well, Thorin just had to find some reason to prevent Bilbo being in the same room as Thranduil and the best one that Thorin was able to come up with was that they carried diseases which could harm the baby. Of course everyone in the company sided with Thorin. In Bilbo’s opinion that was just stupid.


The anger was starting to boil in him. He loved all the attention he received from Thorin and the rest of the company, but everything has a limit and Bilbo was reaching his. In Thorin’s head everything was dangerous and his idea of Bilbo’s pregnancy was having Bilbo locked in their bedroom with guards outside the doors.

 Bilbo had none of that. He still enjoyed his first pregnancy and even got to do some things he was forbidden to do with the help of Thorin’s sister Dís, who was the only one who agreed that the hobbit should be allowed to do everything as long he is comfortable doing it.

 At the end Bilbo gave birth to perfectly healthy dwobbit.

 When Bilbo discovered he was with child again he was more careful with telling the others about it, but sadly for him when they finally found out they overreacted as they did the first time and the scenario repeated.

 At the end Bilbo again gave birth to a perfectly healthy dwobbit.


Now that they wanted a child for the third time he knew he had to play the right cards from the beginning if he wanted to win. He knew that when it would come to discussing his safety and the safety of their unborn child Thorin could be stubborn as he is when he is negotiating with elves and there was no way to alter his mind. In normal circumstances Bilbo would have no problem getting Thorin around his finger, pushing him around and telling him what to do, but when it came to children Thorin remained stoic.

Bilbo always wanted a large family and who was Thorin to deny him. Wanting more children meant that Thorin could woo Bilbo in bed even more than usual and he wasn’t complaining. But this time things didn’t go as Thorin would have hoped.

When deciding for the first two children Thorin got Bilbo in his arms every night, several times until he announced he was expecting and even that didn’t stop them. They would enjoy each other until Bilbo wasn’t comfortable anymore and that meant drought for Thorin. Bilbo could see that Thorin was desperate for his touch, but he had to wait. At the end, few weeks after the birth they would enjoy each other for days and those days were pure bliss.

Decision made. With that Thorin’s eyes sparkled with lust but at the end all he got was disappointment and a very big problem in his pants that urgently required Bilbo’s attention. No matter how hard he tried, Bilbo avoided coupling with him. Thorin tried everything to woo him in the bed but after a few weeks he was running out of ideas. Romantic dinner, bath, small gifts got Thorin absolutely nothing. Every time Bilbo found some excuse not to sleep with him. He was tired, had a headache, he wasn’t feeling well, he used very possible excuse to avoid his husband. But after a few weeks he also ran out of ideas how to avoid it. At the end he stayed in the children’s room watching them sleep until he was sure that Thorin was sleeping, only then he would join his husband in their bedroom.

Thorin was growing more frustrated and worried as the days went by. The only thing he was able to forget about ‘his’ problem was to bury himself into work until he was too tired even to think about it and all he could do when he came back to their chambers was fall asleep.

When the look on Thorin’s face was filled with worry Bilbo decided he would start the next part of his plan. For that day he arranged for Thorin to be relieved from his duties as a king earlier than usual and that the children would spend the evening with Dís.

When Thorin entered their chambers that night he was surprised to find Bilbo on their bed wearing only his nightgown and that meant the game was back on. He didn’t want an explanation why Bilbo was avoiding him for weeks and in that moment he didn’t even care. He strode to Bilbo and clashed their lips into a passionate kiss filled with desperation and lust.

It didn’t take long to get all the clothes off Thorin and Bilbo’s nightgown also ended on the floor. Thorin was on Bilbo, kissing his neck and papering kisses all over his body. His aching need pressing into Bilbo’s stomach. It took Bilbo every ounce of self control not to completely melt into Thorin’s touch. He had to stop this now before things would go too far and weeks of abstinence gone to waste.

The opportunity presented itself when Thorin reach to grab the bottle of oil from the nightstand, that was when Bilbo finally spoke.

“Thorin, we need to talk.” His voice was serious and he sounded determined.

“Now? Like in this particular moment? Can it wait few minutes, because I’m sure I won’t last long.” Thorin was now trying to open the bottle, but stopped when Bilbo shook his head, sat up and pulled his knees to his chest. Something is wrong was the first thing that came to his mind.

“If we are going to do this,” said Bilbo slowly, “I have to be sure I will have your full support…”

“Yes, of course, whatever you need I will be there for you,” Thorin interrupted before Bilbo could finish.

“I mean with every decision I make I want you to support me…”

“Yes, yes, always,” Thorin nodded. His mind wasn’t exactly on the conversation he was having with Bilbo.

“Even when it comes to telling others about the child and me spending my free time and me talking to other people, even elves and…”

Now Thorin sobered up. “NO!”

Bilbo just stared at him for a minute.

“You know when it comes to our children I will not put them at risk, so if that means saying no to your every whim so be it.” Thorin said as calmly as he was talking to one of his council members.

Bilbo needed a moment to collect his thoughts about what just happened and fight back the tears. “Very well then,” he said and reached for his nightgown and put it on, “We’ll do it your way.” Obviously hurt he climbed under the covers and whished Thorin goodnight.

Thorin sat on the bed for few minutes trying to understand what just happened until he had enough of everything.  He groveled in frustration and anger and went to the bathroom to get at least some release even though he knew he could never achieve what Bilbo could.

In Bilbo’s mind there was already a plan B.

The next morning started as it would normally start. Bilbo waking up, kissing sleeping Thorin on the brow and going to the bathroom. Then he would prepare breakfast and slowly wake up the children from their peaceful slumber.

As on schedule Thorin would enter the room in the middle of the breakfast. Thráin was devouring food and Bilbo was feeding Frerin, because if he would give the spoon to him more food would end on the floor than in his mouth. What could Bilbo do? Frerin just love to play with his food. So to avoid that Bilbo fed him. Thorin would normally kiss Thráin on the head, then Frerin and at the end he would give Bilbo a quick peck.  That day he wanted to kiss him out of the custom but stopped in the last moment. Bilbo was a little surprised when Thorin didn’t kiss him but he knew that last night wasn’t their best so decided to let Thorin cool his anger down before pressing the situation further. Their eyes met and then Thorin turned and left the room without saying a word, leaving Bilbo to tend their children alone.

After breakfast he escorted Thráin to Dori where he would be spending the majority of the day. With Frerin on his hip he headed to the library where he would help Ori with everything that needed to be done. Spending so much time in the library with his papa, Frerin had there a lot of toys so child could be very easily distracted while Bilbo helped Ori, but always keeping an eye on his son.

The days went by and nor Thorin nor Bilbo wanted to talk about what has happened the other night. Thorin calmed down and wasn’t angry any more at Bilbo, so everything returned to the way it was before. Well everything except their sex life, which was still non-existent. At nights Bilbo would cuddle against Thorin and Bilbo’s touch would wake up Thorin immediately from the sleep. He was getting really horny. With Bilbo’s warm body next to him he was unable to sleep and when the morning came he would have another problem that needed taking care off. When Bilbo woke up every morning and saw the problem that was eating Thorin he would only smile and give him a chaste kiss, then he would leave it to Thorin to deal with it. He knew that even Thorin was now reaching his boiling point, which only meant that he would explode any time.

Two weeks after their let’s call it disagreement, Thorin hit his lowest point. That was it. No more. He was sitting in another dull council meeting and all he could think about was his Burglar and how amazing it would feel to have him right now, even if it meant that all council members could watch. All of a sudden he stood up and the whole room went silent.

“I do not feel well, we will discuss things on the next meeting.” With that said he strode out of the room with Balin following close behind. He knew where he was heading and nothing could stop him. When they were far enough he finally spoke to Balin who was still following him. “Children…”

“Master Thráin is with Dwalin and Fíli and Kíli have the younger one,” spoke Balin. He always knew where the children were. He knew almost everything as his job was to assist and advise Thorin.

Thorin stopped. “Fíli and Kíli?”

Balin only nodded.

“Very well then, have them taken both to my sister after and make sure I am not disturbed until morning.” Balin only watched as Thorin disappeared down the corridor.

Door of the library opened with a loud thud and Ori jumped with surprise. Bilbo didn’t even flinch, he knew it was coming. Thorin marched to him and dragged him out, Bilbo followed without saying a word. The look on Thorin’s face was all he needed to know that he lost two battles but has finally won the war. All conversation they had before they entered their bedroom was:





“Good,” said Bilbo and wrapped his arms around Thorin’s neck and kissed him as the doors of their bedroom were closed and they were lost in each other embrace.

Morning came too early in Thorin’s opinion. For a change he was the first one wake up and he smiled when he realized that Bilbo’s head was lying on his chest, breathing slowly deep in his sleep. He was probably still spent from the last night. Thorin smirked at the thought of last night. It was perfect. All the feelings of love that Bilbo poured into their lovemaking were sending him to Heavens. Thorin pulled Bilbo even closer to him and kissed his temple. He was one happy dwarf.

The kiss woke Bilbo up. He was so used to respond to their children’s needs and that meant that almost every sound or movement woke him. This time it was different. The movement didn’t mean he had to get up and tend a child. No, the movement on the bed meant that that Thorin was awake and that he wasn’t dreaming. He slowly opened his eyes only to see Thorin smiling at him like a love struck fool. Thorin’s body was nice and warm and he fit perfectly next to him. There was no need for them to start their day right now, he could enjoy few more minutes of bliss.

“Morning,” Thorin said and placed a kiss on Bilbo’s lips. “How did you sleep?”

“Good,” was all that Bilbo could mumble in return still half asleep. “Do we have to get up?”

“No, not yet,” chuckled Thorin when he saw that Bilbo was drowsing back to sleep.

Thorin’s voice send vibrations all over Bilbo’s body. Why did the dwarf have to have such a deep voice? He opened his eyes again only to see that Thorin was still looking at him with his blue eyes filled with love, but there was something else Bilbo saw. Lust. They were still naked and if he knew something for sure, is that there was nothing in the world (almost nothing) that would prevent Thorin to work out his desires this morning. Damn the dwarf and his libido.

Slowly he started drawing circles on Thorin chest, with each circle drawn going lower and lower until he heard Thorin hiss. He could feel how Thorin’s body reacted to his touch and he could feel how his own body reacted to having his naked husband next to him. He lifted his head and leaned in to kiss his husband, but having been awake for some time now Thorin took it as indication that Bilbo was awake enough to participate in another round in their carnal needs. He rolled them over so that he was lying on top of Bilbo and pulled him into a passionate kiss.


Few weeks passed, and every night or any time that Thorin could get Bilbo alone they would enjoy each other, when Bilbo started to notice symptoms that his body was changing. He knew what that meant and having it confirmed by Óin and Dís was just something that would calm Thorin down when they assured him that the baby and him were fine. He was ecstatic. He wasn’t happy about getting huge again, but he was happy to have another child growing in him.

There were still some things that needed to be discussed between them, but every time Bilbo would brought it up Thorin would do anything to change the topic. He was ordered by Bilbo to forbid Óin and Dís sharing the happy news with anyone. He was not allowed to tell anyone about the baby and he was not allowed to follow him, order someone to follow him or tell him what he was allowed to do and what not. He wasn’t happy about keeping his mouth shut but he promised and he had to keep his promise. He found some loopholes in Bilbo’s orders and he would put them in use when he was sure that the hobbit wasn’t paying attention.

The council meetings usually ended in the right moment when Bilbo walked in. All the food was brought to their chambers under the excuse that children needed calm and quiet environment to eat and that it was beneficial if they would spend some quality time with their parents before new child would join them so that they would not feel ignored. There were a lot of things that Thorin did that were oblivious to the hobbit that was wrapped in his perfect cocoon of pregnancy that was developing like he wanted.

However, nothing stays a secret for long. The first ones to find out were Fíli and Kíli, who heard the conversation between Dís and Óin. They were getting another cousin. Kíli let out a cry of joy then Dís heard them and pulled them into the room. First they got a speech on how it is not appropriate to listen to the conversations and then they were ordered to keep an eye on Bilbo, but from a distance so that the hobbit would not suspect anything. They must not be seen, or Bilbo might realize that they know. The next one to suspect something was happening was Dwalin. Bilbo asked him to teach him some basic sword fighting and Dwalin agreed. He would take his time and teach the Burglar how to defend himself and the children if the need arises. But the Burglar didn’t show up at the practice. When he went to ask Thorin about it but the only thing the King said was that he had a personal reason. Dwalin’s assumption was confirmed when he talked to Ori. He told him that Bilbo was getting rounder; he could see it when Bilbo would reach for the books and the hem of the shirt would lift up enough to reveal his slightly swollen abdomen. News like that needed to be shared with Balin who already knew. Seeing the expression that Thorin wore for days meant only one thing and all Balin could do is congratulate the King. Thorin smiled and asked him to keep the news to himself. Of course Balin obliged, but when he realized others knew too, he had to say something to prevent the news from spreading.

It didn’t take long before the entire company knew, but they all pretended they didn’t know when they were around Bilbo, they still tried to help him as much as they could without him realizing. Nori, the spymaster heard the news from the princes who were giggling and discussing possible names for their new cousin. He wasted no time and shared the information with his brothers. Glóin knew something was happening because his brother made regular trips to royal chambers and he knew everyone was healthy. Bombur noticed the change in Bilbo’s food cravings. He witnessed two hobbit pregnancies before and he knew what kind of food Bilbo ate during them. Bofur got more requests for toys from Bilbo in a month than he got the previous year. More toys meant that Bilbo was trying to bribe someone and what best way it is than to shower your children with toys and later tell them they will be receiving a brother or a sister. And so Bofur and Bombur shared their discovery with Bifur and that meant that everyone knew except Bilbo.


Every year on the day that Bilbo signed the contract and they started the quest to take back Erebor, there would be a small celebration held in the royal chambers. There was a huge dining room that was barley used and on that day it would be filled with all the members of the company. But there was never a really peaceful celebration. No, it was more like a feast where food would be thrown across the table, there would be laughing, singing, drinking, everything that a family would do at reunion.

A week prior to the dinner was always stressful for the hobbit. He always hoped that this year would be different and that the dwarfs would show some manners, but that never happened. He tried so hard to teach his sons how to be a respectable dwobbit and how to behave during meals, but one dinner always ruined everything and Bilbo usually got food thrown in his face for weeks after that. This year’s preparations turned out to be even more difficult that before.

Firstly, he was pregnant and that meant that he didn’t have so much energy as he had before. Secondly, Thorin thought that now was a good idea to move Frerin from the nursery, which was directly connected to their bedroom, to his own room. Of course that meant sleepless nights for both him and Bilbo as Frerin refused to sleep alone in the room that was next to his parents. He would wake up and when he would realize that he was in another room he would start crying until someone would come and helped him back to sleep. After a week Bilbo and Thorin were exhausted. Frerin would be cranky due to his lack of sleep which meant Bilbo would be the one to deal with that. Thráin would be a trouble maker as always and Bilbo would become upset faster than usual and he would take it on him. That lead to Thorin who had enough of negotiations with elves and when he returned back to his chambers he would find his hormonal husband crying his eyes out because he scolded a child, a cranky toddler who refused to do collaborate with his parents and a child who was upset because his papa scolded him. For a week their life was an emotional rollercoaster.

But a week was reaching its end and Bilbo was in the kitchen preparing food for the feast. Bombur tried to talk him out of helping but Bilbo refused. It was a tradition that he would get up early that day and help Bombur with the food. His stomach was quite large by now but he successfully hid it with larger shirts. People that didn’t know he was expecting didn’t even notice how round he was and that pleased him.

Thorin finished his meetings earlier than usual. Negotiation with elves went better than expected and after days of debating and arguing they finally came to an agreement that pleased both parties. He decided that he would do his son a favor and get him from Dori, who was currently teaching him, earlier and that they would spend some time together. Thráin was more than happy when he saw his father appear in the room. They didn’t spend so much time together as they would when he was younger so spending time with Thorin and having his full attention to himself was special to him. Thráin saw his father as a fair and mighty King, a king he would like to become one day. Thorin listened to his son’s stories and he would share some of his own with him. He also tried to teach his son some things and tested his son’s knowledge by asking him questions. Times like this were special to Thorin because he would hear his son’s opinion on the matter, as much of an opinion a twelve-year old could give him. One of the things that Thráin learned was Khuzdul. As an heir to the throne he had to learn an ancient dialect of the language which was thought by Balin but checked and corrected on daily basis by his father. When they would spend some time together Thorin would engage his son in conversation in the dialect and he would correct every wrong pronunciation. Thráin didn’t understand why he had to learn a dialect that only four people in the mountain knew how to speak but never asked his father about it. Thorin was happy to discover that his son was like Bilbo, a quick learner.

Slowly they made their way to the royal chambers where people were starting to gather for the celebration. After they entered Thorin went to fetch peacefully sleeping Frerin from Dís. He was glad to see him asleep even if it meant that he fell asleep from pure exhaustion. He was in a deep conversation with Balin when Bilbo appeared in the room, clearly coming straight from the bath.

Bilbo made his way to Thorin and offered him a kiss.”Hi.” He reached to pry still sleeping Frerin from Thorin’s arms to slowly wake him up for dinner.

“You shouldn’t,” whispered Thorin but Bilbo shot him a glare and Thorin handed over the child. Balin offered Thorin a smile while they watched the hobbit slowly walking across the room whispering something and rubbing Frerin’s back to wake him up.

It didn’t take long for Bombur to appear and that meant that the food was ready to eat.

As always Thorin sat at the head of the table. On the one side was Fíli as his heir, next to him was Thráin as Fíli’s heir. On the other side was Bilbo who was helping Frerin with his food.

The room was uncomfortably silent and everyone was using their silver to eat. No food was flying across the room. Bilbo didn’t even notice it but others did as they often looked up from their plate looking around searching with their eyes for someone who would break the silence.

The most impatient was Thráin who was obviously expecting a food fight but was disappointed by everyone’s behavior. He wanted the food fight start so he took the spoon full of potatoes and wanted to throw it at Bofur but Kíli, who was sitting next to him, caught his hand before something happened.

“You shouldn’t,” he whispered. Unfortunately for everyone in the room he was still to loud.

Bilbo, who was currently facing Frerin froze in the spot. ‘You shouldn’t,’ why this word caught his attention? He was hearing it a lot for the past few weeks. From Ori, Bombur, Fíli and Kíli, Óin and most importantly Thorin. Suddenly all made sense. He looked around only to see that everyone was looking at their plate except Kíli. Kíli was looking directly in his eyes, affraid of what might happen now.

“You know,” Bilbo whispered to himself. Kíli who was still looking at him didn’t even blink but Thorin froze and that gave Bilbo confirmation that he was right. ‘Everyone knows,’ was echoing through Bilbo’s mind. He looked at Thorin, but his expression was blank. “If you’ll excuse me,” he said as calmly as he could, stood up and left the room. All eyes in the room now looked at Thorin who was unsure what to do, but he knew he should talk to Bilbo, so after few moments he followed him out of the room.

As expected he found Bilbo in the common room, sitting in the armchair in front of the fire. Bilbo’s eyes were fixed on the fire and he didn’t move or speak even as he was aware of Thorin’s presence. After what seemed like hours but were more like few minutes Thorin kneeled in front of Bilbo and took his hands in his.

“Âzyungâl,” Thorin said, but Bilbo didn’t even blink, his eyes were fixed on the dancing fire. Thorin cupped Bilbo’s cheek and slowly turned his head so that Bilbo would finally look him in the eyes. Thorin held his breath when he met Bilbo’s look that was filled with disappointment. “Âzyungâl,” he tried again.

Now Bilbo flinched like he just woke up from a trans. “W-why,” he choked on his own words. “Why did you tell them?”

Thorin didn’t know how to answer. He wanted to explain but he didn’t know how to start so that Bilbo would listen to him to the end. “I wanted you to be happy,” he started slowly and when he saw that he caught Bilbo’s attention he continued. “I didn’t want them to know.” Bilbo raised his eyebrow. “Fine, I wanted them to know, but that doesn’t mean I told them.”

“They all know,” argued Bilbo. “And I for sure didn’t tell them a thing.”

“I didn’t tell them. Aulë knows I wanted to, because sometimes you drove me crazy,” Thorin smiled at Bilbo and continued. “All I want is for you to be safe and happy and I knew that you were safe and I wanted to make you happy. I swear I didn’t say a thing.”

“Then how everyone knows about it?”

“They figured it out. Slowly, one by one. At the end all knew and I asked them to stay quiet and pretend they didn’t know. I kept my promise.”

“How was everyone able to figure it out,” Bilbo asked.

“It wasn’t very hard. Balin figured it out the same day that we did, except he thought my smile came from the news and not from the quickie we shared in the pantry.” Thorin smirked and Bilbo’s face flushed red from embarrassment. “Do not be angry, this is something we need to celebrate. I know you like the things to stay as they are now and I’m sure that you can see that they managed to control themselves around you.”

“Just promise me that nothing will change.”

“I promise you that nothing will change,” said Thorin and quickly added, “At least not for another few months.” He pulled Bilbo up from the chair, wrapped his arms around him and kissed the top of his curls. “Are you ready to return?” Bilbo only nodded. Thorin intertwined their fingers and they walked back in hand in hand.

As they entered the whole room went silent, but at least there was no tension in the room. Everyone was happy to see both King and his Consort smiling. They walked back to take a seat when Frerin decided to break the silence.

“Baby,” he asked and raised his arms to be lifted from his chair.

“Yes,” smiled Bilbo as he lifted his son and sat him in his lap. “A baby. Are you excited about it?” Frerin only nodded.

“Congratulations laddie,” said Balin.

“Thank you. Thank you all for everything,” said Bilbo with Frerin in his lap. “Even for lying to me.” There was little sarcasm in his voice. “I know you did it with best intentions.” Thorin offered a warm smile.

“I think this calls for a toast,” said Dís and raised her cup. Everyone copied her. Bilbo lifting his cup filled with water. “To Thorin, he can be stubborn at the times but he is a fair king, may his days be prosperous. To Bilbo, who is my brother’s heart and most treasured jewel. And to Erebor, our home.”

“To Erebor,” everyone exclaimed and emptied their cups.


After the awkward beginning everything was going as it normally would. Dwarves were a merry gathering and once they started drinking there was no way of stopping the madness that usually followed. They were singing and laughing, teasing each other, they were just as annoying as the first day when they walked in Bag-End but Bilbo loved them anyway.

Thráin was playing a game with Fíli and Kíli. Thorin was comfortably leaning in his chair observing with a smile on his face his extended family and Bilbo was having a conversation with Balin regarding the meeting Thorin had with elves previously that day.

Frerin on the other hand had his eyes set on something else. He was still sitting in Bilbo’s lap and was for the last twenty minutes looking at a piece of cherry pie that was right in front of him but due to Bilbo’s strong grip on him out of reach. He tried to reach it several times but it was too far. Thorin noticed his son’s discomfort and decided to aid him. He was probably still hungry that’s why he was reaching for the dessert. Once the pie was in within his reach Frerin grabbed it with both of his hands and stuffed a large piece of it in his mouth. He smiled happily. Thorin on the other hand wasn’t so happy. Frerin’s hands were red from the fruit, so was his face and his shirt. Bilbo is not going to be happy when he sees the state of his son, but for now he remained oblivious to what was happening with his son. Frerin once again reached for the pie but this time he didn’t eat it, no he threw it at Thorin and giggled. He hit Thorin right in the face. Thorin was dumbstruck, he wasn’t sure if it was a talent of his son that hit him or pure luck.

Thorin used a napkin to clean his face, and then he reached for the bowl of whipped cream and dipped his finger into it. “Now, what do we do when some does not behave,” he asked Frerin when he approached him with his finger.

He caught Bilbo’s attention, who turned around and saw what Thorin was doing. “No, please Thorin, don’t do that. Every time you…” he trailed off when he saw that Frerin buried his head in his chest and his hands were clutching to his shirt as holding for life. His shirt was ruined. “No, why it always has to be me and my shirt,” he complained and slowly untangled Frerin’s hands.

Thorin was still playing with Frerin and was circling his finger around Frerin’s nose.

“Do you really have to be so immature,” asked Bilbo.

“Yes,” responded Thorin. The cream from his finger ended on Bilbo’s nose and Frerin giggled with joy. “You love me more when I’m…immature.” Bilbo blushed when Thorin kissed his nose to clean the cream off.

Thráin obviously noticed what has happened and quickly threw food at Bofur who was sitting opposite to him. “Food fight!”

Before Bilbo could react and scold his son for his behaviour, food was already flying all over the room. Thráin was on the table in the middle of the fight and ignored all Bilbo’s orders and pleas.

“Can you please not do that? Get off the table please,” all of Bilbo’s orders were ignored. When it came to having fun with food no one paid attention to the hobbit, when it came to cleaning the food after the fun Bilbo was the centre of attention. “Thorin, can you please make them stop?”

“Why? They are having fun, let them have a little fun, no harm will come from this.”

“Then have all the fun of this world cleaning this,” Bilbo said and left the room with wailing Frerin in his arms who was clearly upset because he was taken from the fun.

Approximately an hour and a half later Thorin found Bilbo in Frerin’s room. He was sitting at the edge of the bed slowly running his fingers through his son’s dark hair. 

“He is sleeping,” whispered Thorin.

“Yes, for the first time in weeks he didn’t put up a fight. He was half asleep during his bath. I think the exhaustion from previous weeks and all the excitement today got to him. He will probably sleep through the night.”

“Come love, let’s leave him to his peaceful dreams.” Thorin took Bilbo’s hand in his own and lead him out of the room. They left the doors slightly open if Frerin would indeed wake up in the middle of the night and start crying.

Their room was opposite to Frerin’s and next to Thráin’s. He was waiting for them in the hallway to wish them Goodnight. “Goodnight my troublemaker,” said Bilbo and kissed his son on the top of the head. Bilbo was too tired for anything else. He had an exhausting day and all he could think about at that moment was his warm and soft bed.

“Come let’s get you to bed,” said Thorin and escorted Thráin to his room to tuck him in his bed. He knew that Thráin loved it when someone would stay with him until he falls asleep. Once his son was safely tucked in he would kiss him on the head and spent another few minutes with him. “Did you have a good time?”

“Mhmmm…,” mumbled Thráin, already half asleep.

“I’ll let you sleep,” whispered Thorin. “I love you son.”


Thorin kissed his son and left the room.

Bilbo was already half asleep when Thorin entered. “Leave the door,” was all that Bilbo could mutter and Thorin obliged. He climbed into bed and spooned his smaller husband. He was also tired. He took a few breaths inhaling Bilbo’s sweet scent from the bath he took earlier before he fell asleep.


Bilbo woke up early as always and went through his morning routine. He and the boys were enjoying their second breakfast when Thorin finally emerged from the bedroom clearly late for something.

“Look who decided to grace us with his presence. The King Under the Mountain himself,” teased Bilbo.

“Daddy,” shouted Frerin and that earned him a kiss on the head from Thorin.

“I’m not staying I’m already late. Why didn’t you wake me?”

“You have time now-“

“I’m already late-“

“I talked to Balin, he postponed you meeting until afternoon. Now sit down and eat. I will get you a plate.” Thorin really loved when Bilbo did things like that for him. It showed him how much he was loved.

“Daddy,” squealed again Frerin. His hand was full of fruit and he was prepared to throw it at Thorn.

“No,” said Bilbo and emptied his hand. “We do not throw food at others.” He handed the plate to Thorin.

 “So, did you enjoy last night,” Thorin asked Thráin.

“Yes, it was amazing. At the beginning it was really boring but when the food fight started-“ he was silenced by the look Bilbo sent him.

“Yes about the food fight, we will talk about that young man and you will be punished,” said Bilbo.

“No, that’s not fair,” protested Thráin. “I didn’t start it. Frerin did. Why is he not punished?”

“Frerin didn’t start a fight. It was Thorin.”

“Why would I start a food fight during a dull dinner,” innocently asked Thorin.

“See! It was dad. I had nothing to do with it. You should punish him instead of me.”

“Trust me deary, he will be punished.”

“Hey now, let’s not get over ourselves,” protested Thorin because he knew what kind of punishment Bilbo had in mind and he didn’t like it.

“We have the same discussion every year about throwing food and every year the result is the same. We will discuss your punishment later. Enough of this now.” With that Bilbo stood up and took the empty plates to the kitchen.

“Dad,” whined Thráin.

“It’s the hormones. Don’t worry about it. He will forget everything before lunch,” assured Thorin. “Come I will escort you to Balin, you do have a lesson with him this morning don’t you?”

“I really don’t need an escort I can go on my own.”

“Yes, but since I still have some time I will escort you.”

Bilbo came back from the kitchen and gave Thorin a kiss. “Will I see you for lunch?”

“Most likely.”

“Go to Óin and ask him for something for that headache before you go to the meeting. You still have some time.”

“How did y-“ wanted to ask Thorin but was silenced by another kiss.

“Enjoy your day. And you,” he pointed to Thráin, “behave.”

“Yes Papa.”



They were getting really close to Balin’s quarters when Thráin finally spoke. “It’s really close I can go on my own.”

“Are you trying to get rid of me,” asked Thorin.

“No,” answered Thráin but avoided eye contact.

“Fine, go. I will see you for lunch. Behave,” warned Thorin and then walked the other way.

Thráin was watching him until he disappeared behind the corner. This was his secret and he didn’t want anyone to know about it. He wasn’t planning to spend his morning listening to Balin’s lesson. No, he wanted to go an adventure on his own. He discovered something that no one knew it was there. Hidden door.