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This Gonna Be Good

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It was a nightmare.


Fred and George couldn’t describe the attack as anything else.


The enormous flock of ravens driving them away from Harriet wouldn’t let up, no matter how many spells they shot blindly into the swirling black mass around them. Fred had just managed to get a shield around them when the first scream rent the air and the ravens pulled back to fly above them. They whipped around in just enough time to see Harriet hit her knees, a shimmering silvery chain wrapped around her wrist.


“Harriet!” Fred and George shouted, lunging toward her, the flock drove them back and they started throwing spells again, fighting to get their mate who they could just manage to make out past the ravens. She was trying to pull the loop of chain off of her wrist but they could clearly see that she was in pain, her hand shaking as she went at the task. They watched with wide eyes as an enormous raven picked up the loose end of the chain that held Harriet and flew at her, Harri tried to dodge the oncoming bird but the chain was dropped along her back.


The twins stumbled as Harriet’s magic swamped the area and she screamed again, her raw magic pushed everything back in an instinctive shield. The ground froze under Harri and the common ravens around them dropped to the ground, dead, against the onslaught of Harriet’s expanding magic leaving only the two abnormally large ones in the air. George and Fred regained their balance to find that Harriet had dropped forward to brace her hands on the ground, her eyes were closed as she shook in pain and the chain tightened around her of its own accord. Overhead a storm was brewing, dark clouds churning and covering the sky much too quickly to be normal.


Other sharp bursts of magic made Fred and George whirl around to protect Harriet if there were other attackers but they relaxed slightly when they saw Ligia, her children, their father, and Queen Frigga. “What happened?” Ligia demanded, shifting to Loki and into his armor in a matter of seconds.


“The ravens attacked and separated us. They got that chain around her and now her magic is shielding her.” George explained quickly, his eyes going back to his mate, Fred was trying to push past Harriet’s instinctive shield but it wasn’t budging.


“And the storm?” Sage asked, “Is Thor here?”


“Haven’t seen him.” Fred said in a clipped tone, they had barely noted the growing storm in their panic, it didn’t seem to be causing Harriet any problems so it wasn’t their focus at the moment.


Suddenly, Mischief and Mayhem popped into existence on either side of Harriet, teeth already bared and tails bristling. The two large ravens cawed angrily and dove toward the foxes but they were stopped by the sudden appearance of the pure white shield that bloomed from Mischief and Mayhem whose eyes glowed molten gold in warning.


“What are they doing there?” Arthur asked, his eyes wide as he took in the scene, “How did they make that shield?”


Fred and George gritted their teeth at their father’s question, frustration mounting further as their fox forms circled Harriet protectively. Mayhem growled and barked at the two ravens with his ears pinned back as Mischief went to Harriet’s head and nosed her cheek gently, making her open watering eyes to find the source of the sensation. They pressed their hands against Harriet’s magic and called her name again, their anxiety jumping up every time the ravens swooped at the shield.


“That is not what matters right now.” Frigga said, the storm was growing overhead, the clouds turning almost black as thunder rumbled, “They are keeping Huginn and Muninn from the young phoenix and that is what matters. We need to get to her before that binding chain wraps around her fully.”


The worried conversation behind the twins devolved into ways to get to Harriet but Fred and George weren’t even sure that Harri knew they were there or what all was going on around her. Her eyes were unfocused even as they swept over Mischief and Mayhem to settle on the length of silvery chain before her that was steadily growing smaller as it snaked its way around her. Harriet’s magic was trembling under Fred and George’s hands, “Harriet you have to let us through!” Fred called, his voice catching in this throat, “Harriet please!”


“Can you hear us Harriet?” George called.


Thunder rolled overhead in an overwhelming boom that shook the ground and rattled bones. “By the Norns.” Frigga gasped, “Harriet cannot create storms can she?”


“Not that she’s told us.” Loki gritted out, narrowing his eyes as the roiling storm clouds.


Suddenly Harriet’s hand shot up and a small shape dropped from the storms like a missile, followed closely by a streak of lightning. Both struck Harriet’s hand as one and light blinded the onlookers for several seconds. Looking back to Harriet as the light died, Loki made a choked sound and Frigga let out another gasp. Fred and George simply stared, eyes wide, as they took in their mate.


Her clothes had been transformed. Silver scaled armor covered Harriet’s arms with thick silver arm guards attached on at her forearms. Knee high, high heeled boots were covered by armored leg bracers that had runes carved into the front of them covered her feet and shins. Leather trousers encased her toned legs, leading up to her torso where a dark metal chest plate hugged her curves and accented her figure, four silver circles molded into the armor just below her breasts with more runes etched into them. To complete the strange transformation, off her shoulders hung a long thick red cape and on her head sat a fine silver circlet with delicate wings sprouting through her hair near her ears and a ruby in the front set into the symbol of Mjolnir that rested in the center of her forehead.


With a shuttering breath, Harriet rose onto her knees, seemingly oblivious to the change in her clothes. Mjolnir was clutched tightly in her hand and her bloodshot eyes narrowed dangerously on the loose chain before her. The white shield around her and the twin foxes dropped as Harriet brought the ancient hammer up. Huginn and Muninn screeched and dove for the trio only to be met by the vicious and hungry teeth of Mischief and Mayhem, who gave the two enormous birds little chance to fight as they broke their necks. Harriet brought Mjolnir down on the chain and with a surge of lightning, the chain shattered around her.


Harriet’s magic drew back into her as she let out a shaky breath but the onlookers were frozen in shock. Deathly green eyes met golden and her eyes narrowed before she let out a growl that Fred and George couldn’t understand, her voice seemingly overlaid by many more just as furious ones.


As if in answer to the strange word Harriet had uttered, Fawkes flew overhead with a furious screech. Harri let Mjolnir hang from her strap and began to spin her, lightning gathering around her, running through her hair and down her arms as she looked skyward like she could see past the storm. Blue flames started to lick up around Harriet’s now armored form and Mischief and Mayhem bounded up to her, climbing her form with surprising ease to rest on her free arm and shoulder with their kills.


Frigga managed to shake herself of her shock as Fawkes’ flames began to catch as well and she rushed forward, going to her knees before Harriet, “Young phoenix!” she called respectfully, Harriet looked at her, the edges of her Avada green eyes tinging electric blue. “I beg of you, spare our people. It was only my husband’s stupidity and poor judgement that spawned this attack. Spare the people.” She said again, bowing her head.


Harri never slowed Mjolnir’s rotations but she gave a slight incline of her head to Frigga before jerking her arm upward, Mjolnir dragged her into the sky where they met Fawkes and disappeared in a burst of blue flames, orange flames, and lightning.


The second they disappeared the clouds broke open with a mighty crash, rain pouring down on them.


Everyone rushed over to Frigga, Loki helping her up carefully, his face grim. Frigga looked to him with wide eyes, “Did you know that she spoke Ancient Norse?” Loki shook his head, “Does she have the Allspeak?”


“I’m sorry mother. I do not think so but I cannot tell you more without Harriet’s approval.” Loki said stiffly.


“What just happened?” Arthur asked.


“Not now dad.” Fred snapped, Arthur flinched at the venom in his son’s voice.


“We need to get to Harriet.” George said seriously, looking to Loki and Frigga.


Loki nodded in agreement and gripped Fred and George’s shoulders to teleport there.


Only for him to frown a moment later. “What is it?” George asked anxiously.


“I can’t get a lock on Asgard.” Loki said, his eyebrows drawing together.


Frigga clenched her hands together and she closed her eyes briefly, “I cannot either.” She looked upward, “It would seem the elder phoenix has locked the realm.”


“Is there any way to get through that?” Fred demanded, George’s jaw clenched and he gripped his brother’s hand to steady them both.


“Strange might be able to with his ring.” Loki said, “If he’s been there.”


George had his phone out before Loki finished, hitting Strange’s contact. It only took one ring for Stephan to pick up, “Strange.” He answered distractedly.


“We need you here now.” George said tersely before hanging up.


“Fred.” Arthur admonished, “That’s not…”


The twins whirled on him, their faces stone and their stance tight. “I. Am. Not. Fred.” George gritted out, gold edging his eyes, the bond’s power just out of his reach.


“And if its manners you were about to lecture us about I think we can drop them considering our soulmate was just attacked and then disappeared to bloody Asgard in a ball of fire!” Fred growled, his eyes matching his brothers. Arthur shrunk back in the face of his sons’ fury.


The sparking of a portal drew their attention away from their father to see Strange stepping free from a portal, his cloak in place and his face set. “What is it?” He looked around, “Where is Harriet?”


“Odin’s ravens attacked her.” Fred said sharply, “She got some armor made of lightning and then went to Asgard with Fawkes who locked us out.”


Strange frowned and glanced to Loki, “So I’m here too…”


“Your ring might be able to get past the block Fawkes put on it since it can travel between dimensions.” Loki explained quickly, “Have you been to Asgard?”


Strange shook his head even as he brought his hands up, “No, but I can aim for Harri.” He circled a hand in a cleared area and a portal sprung to life easily, they were greeted by screams and the sound of crackling fire. Through the portal they saw Harriet spin, her hair flaring, as she threw Mjolnir into the stomach of a large red headed man who went down like a ton of bricks before flipping to kick a charging armored woman in the face.  Mjolnir returned to her in just enough time for Thor to sweep into view and try to reclaim his hammer, Mjolnir disappeared completely as Harriet darted forward to slip under Thor, grab his cape and leap above him. She spun midair, wrapping Thor’s cape around his head before a wave of blue flame swept over him, cocooning him safely in ice before she dropped back to the ground.


A growl drew the onlookers’ attention down and they saw Mischief standing at the edge of the portal, his ears pinned back as he growled at them. Harriet must have heard it because in the next second Thor was flying through the portal, the icy burrito hitting Strange head on, knocking him out. The portal sputtered and closed before any of them could make it through.


Thor was struggling in the ice cocoon, his head still trapped in his own cape as he cursed colorfully and demanded that Harriet return his hammer. Loki rolled his eyes as he dragged Thor’s ice encased form off of Strange, “Oh do be quiet Thor.” He sneered.


“Brother?” Thor questioned, not once stopping his squirming.


“That’s phoenix ice. You aren’t going to do anything other than hurt yourself.” Loki commented even as Frigga dropped by Thor and carefully freed his head from his cape.


Thor blinked once his head was free and frowned, “Mother?”


Fred was throwing an rennervate at Strange, making the sorcerer shoot up in place with a moan. “Again.” Fred growled.


Stephan looked up at the twins with a frown, “I think she made it clear that she doesn’t want to be disturbed.”


“We don’t…” George began before shouts and footsteps sounded close by.


Loki’s head shot toward Hogwarts, “Dumbledore.” He identified, “And the Professors. It would seem that they have finally made their way here to discover what the magical disturbance was.”


“We can’t be here.” Fred huffed in frustration, “It will throw too much suspicion directly on Harriet.”


“The Chamber.” Loki said flatly, grabbing hold of the twins as his children gathered close. Frigga gripped Thor and Arthur as Strange opened his own portal. Soon the site was clear of all but the hundreds of dead ravens and scorch marks in the earth as the storm raged on overhead.


They all gathered in the antechamber, the few Slytherins currently occupying it for training scurrying out quickly to inform the house when the drenched group appeared. Once they were gone, Loki closed off the wards to keep the house out.


Fred and George turned back to Strange, “Open the portal.” Fred demanded.


Stephan raised his hands placatingly, “I know you want to go help her but she’s…”


“Are you trying to keep us from Harriet?!” George demanded, his grip on his wand tightening.


Strange sighed and turned to open the portal again, he jumped back in embarrassed surprise as they were greeted by both Mischief and Mayhem sitting eerily still in front of the portal, their eyes shining gold. Behind them, Harriet was bringing Mjolnir down on an armored man who only hand one hand, watching his fall with a sneer as she continued to stride toward golden doors.


Fred and George started forward but their fox selves blocked them with growls and bared teeth, Fred frowned at the foxes, “We’re her mates too!” he huffed, Mischief chattered at him, “Don’t talk to me like that prat! I’m your brother!”


Mayhem barked, his tail lashing behind him and George rolled his eyes, “We’re proper people, we could help her more than you!” Mayhem sneezed in disbelief and George glared at him. Mischief gekkered, rearing up on his back paws so he could put his front paws impossibly on the edge of the portal, as he bared down the portal began to break up and Mayhem gave a high pitched bark to startle Fred and George back away from the closing portal.


“Now that you’ve been told off by your own animagus do you think we should leave her be?” Strange huffed, crossing his arms. “She’s got this handled but from what little you’ve told me she’ll need you to prepare to take care of her when she returns.”


Fred and George deflated a little, sharing a look, “She needs someone.” George huffed.


Strange grinned, “I have just the person.”


Harriet, Fawkes, and the foxes had appeared over the destroyed edge of the Rainbow Bridge in a boom of thunder and flash of three combined flames. Below them, the Golden Guardian narrowed his eyes and brought his enormous sword up in preparation. Fawkes dive bombed him with a furious screech, taking the man out as Harriet flung Mjolnir out to pull her forward, Glacia screeching inside with her own warning.


Everything felt fuzzy.


Harriet felt like she was sharing the control of her body with others, others whose anger was matching and overwhelming her own. It didn’t help that there was a deep scorch mark in her magical core and another more physical burn on her hand. Glacia’s clawing for control, the instincts of a phoenix who barely escaped binding, made it even worse. In a quieter corner of her mind Harri was surprised that she was still standing, let alone able to wield Mjolnir with enough finesse to fly. It was like the rage that was brought by her growing insanity was the only thing that was driving her.


With another boom Harriet landed in the royal training grounds, Glacia rose in her throat and Harri screeched, “ODIN!” the air around her shuddered and she felt the magic of the realm flex around her at her warning.


Harriet threw Mjolnir at the door that led into the castle and couldn’t help her satisfaction as a few screams sounded inside. She summoned the hammer back as Mischief and Mayhem jumped from her shoulders and flanked her, still carrying their kills proudly. Harri walked inside, swinging Mjolnir around her, passing the charged weapon from hand to hand in a blur as the first guards charged at her. Harri dispatched them with almost lazy movements, ice and hammer working in tandem; whatever was crowding her head certainly was helping rather than hindering her movements.


It wasn’t until Harriet was on the main path to the throne room that she finally ran into figures she recognized even with her hazy mind and black edged vision.


Sif and the Warriors Three.


Sif narrowed her eyes at Harriet, eyes locked on Harri’s clothes for some reason. Harriet caught Mjolnir mid spin and held the humming hammer out at her side, “Step aside.” She said icily, she held no love for these idiots but they meant a lot to a flock member, rage driven or not Glacia would recognize their connection and allow them the chance to flee.


“Fair maiden.” The blond warrior with the sword started stepping forward; Fandral, Harriet vaguely identified, “I know not how you came to hold Mjolnir but if you have come for our King we shall not let you past.”


“He has broken the law and must be punished accordingly.” Harriet said, Mjolnir beginning to crackle again as the feathers in Harriet’s hair caught fire. “I am within my rights.”


The heavy set red head, Volstagg, hefted his axe, “I fear we still cannot allow it.”


“Then I’ll move you myself.” Harriet growled, throwing Mjolnir even as she darted forward. Mjolnir struck the final member of the Warriors Three, Hogun, right in his chest before he could even raise his mace. Harriet struck at Fandral quickly, dodging his quick sword strikes and making up one of her own out of ice to slice across the man’s stomach, her phoenix ice tracking right through the Asgardian armor like it was made of butter. Fandral fell back and Harriet brought her hand up in time to catch Mjolnir on her return, she threw the hammer at Volstagg who had tried to sneak up on her. Sif charged in and Harriet did a flipping kick to avoid the woman’s sword strokes, managing to kick her in the face, which broke her nose and caused her to reel backward.


“Lady Phoenix!” came the thundering shout, Harriet spun and despite the situation Glacia cooed as their flock mate charged into sight. “I know not what has transpired but cease this attack and return Mjolnir to me!”


Glacia cooed even further at the outstretched hand and the demand given to them by Thor. Harriet dropped Mjolnir into her pocket dimension and darted forward; she slid under Thor as he charged forward, catching his cape in both her hands. Gliding to her feet she jumped into the air with the end of cape and spun around the big lumbering god, wrapping his cape around his head to obstruct his vision. Once that was done Harri sent a wave of her flames over Thor until he was wrapped in an icy cocoon. Glacia gave a pleased squawk, admiring their ice that would keep their flock mate safe.


A growl made Harriet’s head whip around and an eyebrow shot up when she saw Strange, Loki, his children, Frigga, Arthur, and her mates all watching her through a portal. Mischief was at the edge, growling at them, having put his kill under his paws to give him a height boost. Harri rolled her eyes; fondly exasperated, even past the haze, that they seemed to think she needed constant surveillance. She called on her phoenix strength and hefted the ice covered Thor up above her head before throwing him through the portal, the hit striking true and hitting Strange head on, making the portal dissipate.


“Return the Prince!” Sif screamed, apparently recovered enough to charge Harriet again.


Harri growled and turned to Glacia long enough to slam the female warrior into the ground hard enough for bones to crack. She changed back to kneel on the other woman’s ribs, Mjolnir in one hand and her flames in the other, “I will not surrender a member of my flock to you!” she snapped, “You need to let go of Thor, he will never love you like you want him to. You are just a shield sister to him.” Harri bit out unkindly, “You best back off before you are a dead shield sister.”


With that Harriet knocked Sif out before flipping off of her in enough time to block Hogun’s attack, she grinned at the silent man, the only one of the Warriors Three she could stand. She blocked the next blow and hissed as he got in a shot to her ribs, she charged Mjolnir and then pressed the hammer against Hogun’s chest, sending the man flying with a bit of lightning.


Harriet nodded at the incapacitated warriors and continued on to her goal, it was only common guards again until she came to the doors of the throne room. There she was met by General Tyr, the one handed warrior that Fenrir had gotten a snack out of. “You will come no further! Phoenix or nay!”


“Oh, definitely phoenix.” Harriet laughed darkly, “You’ve hurt many of mine.” Her eyes fell to the golden capped stump that used to be Tyr’s hand, “But one of mine bit back.”


General Tyr sneered, “That mutt? You’ve claimed him as flock?”


Harriet’s flames flared and the overwhelming rage that was riding shotgun rose, Harriet’s hand shot out and she caught the Æsir by the front of his chest plate, using her phoenix strength to force him down to her level as Mjolnir charged in her other hand, “You do not speak of Fenrir that way!” She growled before bringing Mjolnir down full force on the man’s head. She watched him collapse with a sneer before continuing on to her goal, the doors in front of her.


Harri dropped Mjolnir back in her pocket dimension as Mischief and Mayhem joined her again, she gathered a large ball of her flames in her hand and threw it at the door with all of her strength. The doors iced over and shattered in seconds.


“ODIN!”  Harriet growled as she walked forward, her voice once again overlaid with others as her eyes locked on her prey where he sat on his throne. The God’s one eye widened at the sight of her and he shot to his feet.


Harriet had no qualms about letting Glacia loose and she rose above the throne room in a single wing beat. The ice phoenix let out a furious screech and shot forward in a flash of blue. Odin set his jaw and moved forward to meet her but Glacia swooped around him and with a powerful shriek threw a large shard of ice down on Hliðskjálf, splitting the large gaudy throne in half.


Odin whirled with his eye wide, “What have you done?!” he demanded, he whirled Gungnir in his grip preparing to battle.


Glacia’s clacked her beak at the challenge and swept forward, Odin swung Gungnir which Glacia dodged gracefully and sunk her talons into the elder gods wrist in retaliation for her own injuries.  Odin shook her loose with a snarl and Glacia back winged to regain her balance before darting forward again, her wings flaming. The one-eyed god only just managed to get Gungnir up to block and Glacia locked her talons around the middle of the spear, she pushed forward with all of her strength before wrenching backward suddenly, throwing Odin off balance and successfully jerking Gungnir from his grip.


Glacia changed back to Harriet, sliding back a few feet on the polished floors as she dropped to the ground, Gungnir still in hand. She could feel the power that the spear was connected to surge in the wake of her anger, voices rambled in her mind again and Harriet felt like she was pushed back in her own mind a little further, a steady hatred wrapping her up protectively even as her body continued to glare at Odin.


The King had regained his balance and with it his anger, “I will not allow you to take this realm! Asgard would fall under the likes of you!”


“We don’t want this pathetic realm!” the many layer voice argued, only one deep voice grumbled a token protest at the insult in the back of their mind. “We wished to be left in peace with our flock! We are here only because you sought war with us first! You are the warmonger who could not resolve this peacefully!” they spun Gungnir in their grip, “But we’ll do this your way old fool!”


They swept forward, like an unstoppable storm, whipping Gungnir around to strike Odin who barely managed to block with his arm guards. They pulled the spear back to them to make a series of quick jabs at the elder King, three being deflected but the fourth landing harshly in the man’s gut. They kicked out, landing a hard hit on the man’s knee and making him stumble. Taking the opportunity, they brought Gungnir down on Odin’s head hard, rolling him over as he slumped and pressing Gungnir’s point to his throat.


Odin’s single eye glared up at them, “Go ahead. Kill me. If you leave me alive I shall not stop until I know you are not a threat to my realm.” He dropped his head back as he accepted the pressure at his neck, “To the death.”


Harriet watched blearily in the back of her mind as a piece of her insanity that was bright-loud-brilliant shoved to the forefront and used her mouth to say, “No! To the pain!”


“Ha! She said it!” came a bright voice.


Harriet pushed back to the front of her mind through the pain and the haze in time to look over and see Deadpool skipping toward her with his katanas out and already covered in blood. “Wade?” she rasped, her throat feeling sore. Her energy was waning but her grip on Gungnir held steady.


“El Sidekick reporting for duty!” Wade announced, saluting with his swords. Odin tried to use his appearance to kick loose but Harriet twirled Gungnir in her grip to bounce it painfully on Odin’s gut wound before putting the spear back in place at his throat and placing a foot on his chest. “Not a good time cyclops. Queenie here is running with tagalongs.”


“You would know.” Harriet huffed.


“Hey! My boxes are way better than yours!” Wade huffed.


Harriet gritted her teeth as the voices in her head made their presence known and created a headache, “What are you doing here Wade?”


“Your mates sent me.” He said, twirling his sword idly as he looked around, “You think I can melt some of this down and get a good price back home?”


Harriet rolled her eyes and looked back down at Odin who had paled at some point, fear creeping into his one eye, she raised an eyebrow at him, “Now you’re scared? You’ve had an enraged phoenix fighting you for the last ten minutes.”


Odin swallowed hard, “Do what you will.” He said steadily.


Wade clapped, “Are you really going to do to the pain? I’ve done it a couple times! Really entertaining birdie.”


Harriet’s lips twitched as she looked down at Odin, “I have a better idea.” She gave a sharp whistle as she straightened up and conjured a ring of ice around Odin’s arms to hold him in place. Mischief and Mayhem bounded over to her with black feathers hanging out of their mouths but a noticeable lack of actual raven. Harriet scrunched up her nose, “Did you eat Huginn and Muninn?” the foxes chattered in the affirmative as they climbed back up on her shoulders. In his binding Odin choked and Harriet looked down at him with a raised eyebrow, “You were the one to send them after me arsehole.”


Deadpool sheathed his swords and poked at Mayhem curiously, “Pretty pets you got here birdie.” Mayhem bit down on Deadpool’s finger but the masked man just pulled him up so he hung by the appendage, “Snappy too.”


Harri rolled her eyes again, “Come on sidekick, grab our hostage. We have a people to humiliate him in front of.” The anger that had been put on a low simmer at Wade’s arrival built back up and turned into vicious pleasure as she planned quickly. Mayhem was quick to pull himself up and onto Wade’s shoulder, gnawing at Deadpool’s katana handles in retaliation for the pet comment.


They made their way out of the Palace, Wade dragging Odin along behind him by his helmet. Harriet took out any who tried to interfere on their way to the courtyard of the Palace where the Royal Family would often address the people or stage executions. As they stepped out onto the raised platform Harriet was pleased to see the place already crowded with the common people who were trying to get answers as to why a certain fire phoenix was causing such a ruckus among the common people.


As Harriet came to a stop in the middle of the platform Fawkes swooped down to land on Gungnir’s head proudly, trilling to get the attention of everyone. “Thank you for gathering me an audience Fawkes.” Harriet said with a smile. Harriet looked out over the people of Asgard, many uncertain and confused as they looked to the Royal Family’s platform for answers. “People of Asgard, today your King has broken a law he himself put into effect for the safety of your realm. He has decided to ignore said law when he did not have all of the facts, leading to a situation where many of your warriors have been injured needlessly. I am Harriet, better known to your realm as Glacia the Ice Phoenix.” Many people gasped while others looked skeptical, Harri lit her feathers on fire and continued, “Today your king sent his spies, Huginn and Muninn to bind me. An attack that was unprovoked on my part. I have sought nothing but peace with this realm despite my distaste for you and the way you have treated members of my flock.” The people began to shift uneasily. “So now, I will take my due according to the Phoenix Laws.”


As if on cue, Wade threw Odin to the edge of platform, causing gasps and shouts as the people identified their King, wounded and covered in ice. Fawkes withdrew to Wade’s shoulder as Harriet brought Gungnir down into a two handed hold. “Odin Allfather, you have attempted to bind me, an Ice Phoenix, this day and in front of my mates no less. I can and probably should kill you for such a slight. However, your death would cause pain to one if not two members of my flock and that is something I cannot abide by at this time. So I will leave you with this first and final warning. I do not suffer fools gladly. If I find that you are directly responsible for an attack on myself, my mates, or my flock again I will take your life as weregild. Today I take from you your dominance…” she brought Gungnir’s point down hard into the shoulder of Odin’s dominant arm, severing the arm from the shoulder completely, the King let out a strangle snarl and many of the people screamed. Harri swung Gungnir back up into a defensive hold as she began to pour her ice into the weapon and channel for the Odin force, “And your perceived privilege!” Gungnir shattered, pieces falling over Odin’s bloodied form. Harriet summoned the mostly intact head piece of Gungnir and slid it into her pocket dimension as she pulled Mjolnir free and began to spin her by her strap, “Be grateful that this is all I have taken today.”


Grabbing Wade by the arm, Harriet, Deadpool, Fawkes, and the twin foxes disappeared in a flash of red flames and lightning.


Fred and George were pacing in the antechamber as the Marauders tried to demand answers from Loki and Frigga, though neither had the answers Harri’s fathers were looking for. Luna and Neville had joined them soon after the attack and Luna had changed Bucky back to normal as soon as Strange warned that they didn’t know what Harriet was bringing back, Luna was taking over texting updates to the rest of the family who couldn’t be there and it was only Loki talking to him that kept Tony from storming the castle. Arthur was still hovering at the edges of the group, trying to figure out what exactly was happening, how his sons had gotten involved with Harriet Potter who was apparently a skilled warrior and more. Thor had yet to stop complaining and demanding answers but had finally resigned himself to his fate of being held in an ice burrito after several minutes of struggle. They were all waiting.


“Where is she?” Fred huffed in frustration, “How long does it take to kill Odin?!” Thor shouted in protest and Frigga clenched her fists at her sides but George just took his brother’s hand.


“Big sister is just finishing up.” Luna hummed where she sat cleaning one of Bucky’s guns as the man himself put together his sniper rifle. She had already told them that the guns wouldn’t be necessary but Winter had insisted and Luna had caved to her mate’s insistence. “She will be very tired.”


“I should think so.” Frigga said, though she loved her husband, most of her worry was for her people with a small bit going out to the young phoenix who had taken care of the family members she had neglected. “Those binding chains would have made deep burns in her magic and that is saying nothing of the physical pain. I am surprised she didn’t pass out.”


“What exactly were those chains?” James asked, his eyes darted to Fenrir who had been stiff since they had come back from the attack site, his eyes haunted, “Were they the chains that…”


“No.” Loki jumped in, his hand going to Fenrir’s ears to rub them reassuringly, “Gleipnir would be too tainted by Fenrir’s imprisonment to be used on a phoenix and is actually quite a bit thinner than the ones used earlier.”


“Right.” Remus said softly, “The chain of impossible things.” Loki gave a terse nod.


Frigga clasped her hands in front of her, “Odin would have had to have them commissioned specifically for this. Binding chains for a phoenix are much too pure to be stored easily between uses.”


Fred grit his teeth and George muttered under his breath to his brother, “I hope she made him hurt.”


Before Fred could reply there was a crack of thunder within the chamber itself and a ball of orange flames appeared amid the group. The flames drew back in time for them to see Harriet’s eyes roll back in her head and her begin to fall forward, Mjolnir still clenched in her hand. Wade only just managed to catch her as he regained his footing. Mischief and Mayhem looked to Fred and George with steady gazes, turning Harriet over to their care before disappearing.


The twins rushed forward and took Harriet from Deadpool, guiding her gently to the floor beneath them as Fawkes transferred over to George’s shoulder.


“What happened Wade?” Strange demanded as he moved to kneel beside Fred, Loki dropped next to George and three different types of magic went to work checking Harriet for injuries and healing what they could.


“Little miss birdie was doing fine all on her own. I barely got to do anything.” Deadpool pouted, “The life of a lowly sidekick.”




The mutant huffed and crossed his arms, “I found her fighting ye olde king, her pet foxes were eating some black birds.” Fred and George exchanged a glance, “She had done some lovely ice work with that big old chunk of gold that I think was supposed to be a throne.”


Loki raised an eyebrow, “What did she do to Hliðskjálf?”


“Nothing, if it’s meant have a giant ass thing of ice sticking out the middle of it!” Wade reported perkily, Loki’s eyebrows rose as he looked back down at Harriet. “Anyway, she got the cyclops’ stick away from him and beat him down like a bad ass until she had him pinned. He was all like ‘To the death!’ and then that lovely lady right there was all like ‘No! To the pain!’ Can you believe that! It was hilarious!”


“To the pain?” Frigga asked warily.


“It’s from a movie your majesty.” Strange said, his magic circles rotating over Harriet’s chest and stomach, “Go on Wade, you can tell her later.”


Deadpool pouted but continued, “Princess Buttercup here didn’t end up doing to the pain. It would create issues in upcoming chapters apparently. So we dragged the cyclops out to some courtyard where the people were. Birdie gave a speech then cut off the King’s right arm, shattered his big shiny stick and we left.” He shrugged, “Like I said, I barely got to do anything.”


“She cut off his arm!” Arthur shouted in alarm.


“She didn’t kill him?” Fred growled.


“Yeah, something about a flock member not taking it well. She did warn him though. A+ threat. 10/10 would shit their pants.” Deadpool laughed, “Honestly it was Fucking Spectactular!” he shouted the last bit in a horribly mangled Scottish accent. Sage and the Marauders threw him frowns and he huffed, “Oh come on, that was a great movie! Kingsman? Anyone? Wait…was that movie in this universe?”


“Next one over.” Luna hummed, handing Bucky back his cleaned gun.




Frigga let out a breath, “Did she take any other life?”


Deadpool looked to her, a frown visible through his mask, “Why?”


“Answer her Wade.” Strange sighed as his magic faded away, “She’s worried about the innocents.”


“Ah, well she was only in the palace which, by the way, is way too fucking gold. Seriously I was debating melting a wall to keep me afloat over the Christmas.” Wade babbled, “She only took out those who got in her way and I didn’t stop to play with any bodies but I’m like 87.43257% sure that they were breathing.”


Frigga relaxed, “Thank the Norns. I wouldn’t have our people suffer for Odin’s stupidity.”


“Will you tell me what has happened now Mother?” Thor asked from where his ice cocoon had been propped up against a wall. “Why did the Lady Phoenix attack Asgard? Why does the red head child think Father should have been killed? And why is the phoenix wearing armor similar to mine?”


Loki looked over to his brother, “Took you long enough to ask you great oaf.”


Frigga moved over to Thor, “Your father sent Huginn and Muninn to bind the young phoenix. She only just escaped the binding chain by calling Mjolnir and breaking the chain. It would seem that Mjolnir found it fit to grant the phoenix armor similar to your own.”


Thor’s eyes were wide, “Why would father do such a thing? The Lady Phoenix has been peaceful with us.”


“Did not expect Thor’s common sense to have made an appearance so early.” Strange muttered under his breath, Loki snorted quietly, finishing the last of his healing.


“He seemed to think that she was a threat to Asgard.” Frigga said, “He sought to take her out before she actively went against our realm.”


“If Father truly thinks that he will not stop.” Thor said seriously, Frigga nodded grimly.


“You realize that she only left him alive for you correct?” Loki said sharply, narrowing his eyes at his brother.


“I am not her flock.” Thor snorted, “She must have sparred him for you brother.”


Loki’s jaw clenched, “I care very little for Odin’s continued existence brother.” Loki sneered, “She left him alive for you alone.”


“I’m not her flock though.” Thor huffed, Mjolnir crackled lightly in Harriet’s grip.


“You are.” Luna said softly, standing and making her way to Thor’s cocoon, “She would not have created you such a safe space if you were not. You would have fallen with the other warriors of Asgard.”


“We have only met twice!” Thor protested, “Surely she would not claim someone she didn’t know.” Mjolnir sparked again and it was enough for those around Harriet to notice. Loki and Strange scrambled backward, experience warning them; Fred and George refused to move though, anchoring themselves with hands to Harriet’s shoulders and when the sparks flared into full bolts of lightning they were unaffected.


The castle shifted around them as the lightning danced and a wall appeared next to Harriet, Fred, and George with a strange white film over it that swirled a silvery color. Mjolnir’s lightning hit the silvery wall and the swirling started to color in. “A pensive.” Sirius noted curiously as everyone’s eyes locked onto the wall.


“Movie time!” Wade sang, producing a bucket of popcorn from nowhere. Luna moved over and sat in front of the screen with him as sound started to come through.


The colorful swirls were accompanied by the sound of laughter and indistinct voices, the sounds of a storm and of a battle mixing further in the background. The colors drew out to the edges of the wall and an image came into focus as the mix of sounds faded.


An older looking Harriet had just apparated into a grassy space between two imposing stone towers with a silver and red sword flashing in her hand. She started forward, toward a hazy wall of magic that seemed to be wards, where Thor stood with Mjolnir at the ready as he looked around in confusion. Harriet stepped through the wards a little way from Thor, “Can I help you?” she asked, her face blank.


Thor turned and focused on her, “Greetings!” he bellowed, “I am Prince Thor of Asgard, Son of Odin, God of Thunder, Defender of Midgard.” Harri rolled her eyes at the titles but Thor just pushed on, “I have come to collect my brother so he can face justice!”


The Loki watching stiffened even as the older Harriet narrowed her eyes at the Thunder God, “I am Harriet Rose Potter, The Girl Who Lived, The Woman Who Conquered, Savior of the Wizarding World. I’ve come to invite you to get lost.” She snapped, Deadpool snorted.


Thor frowned, “I know where I am young maiden.” Harriet cocked an eyebrow, “I must collect Loki and I know he is near, I can feel his aura.”


Harriet’s grip on the sword tightened, “Loki’s currently occupied, I’ll schedule an appointment shall I?” Harri snarked.


Mjolnir sparked, “Lady Potter, I know not what my brother has promised you but he is a criminal. He needs to be returned to Asgard to accept punishment for his actions.”


“Look,” Harriet’s eyes was hard as she spoke evenly, “I don’t really know you guys and I’ve not gotten the full story since you interrupted us but considering I just cleared a nasty presence from his head I feel safe saying that Loki’s not been himself lately. Now I’m not in law enforcement but that sounds like new evidence to me and I’ve never been one to let an innocent man suffer.” Sirius shifted at the subtle hint, “How about you come back with someone who hasn’t already made up their mind without all the facts.”


Thor bared his teeth and spun Mjolnir in his grip threateningly, “Loki has killed hundreds of innocents! He must face Asgardian justice!”


“If it’s anything like the stories I’d rather harbor an unrepentant criminal!” Harriet snapped back, her voice rising to match Thor’s own, her sword tip came up slightly, “Now leave and come back with someone willing to listen or I’ll be forced to remove you from our property!”


Thor scoffed, “You could not stand against me young mortal, mage or nay.”


Harriet’s eyes flared Avada green and she brought her sword up defensively, “This sword is imbued with Basilisk venom.” Thor stilled, “I agree I most probably wouldn’t match skills you’ve built up over so many years but I’m confident enough that I would get in one hit. You want to test how a god does against Basilisk venom?”


Thor took a step back, gritting his teeth, “I…shall return Lady Potter.” He took off, Mjolnir dragging him along.


Harriet stepped back into the wards and apparated again.


The scene changed in a swirl of colors. As the scene settled Fred and George realized that they recognized it.


Now Harriet was standing with the older twins on one side of an oval table, opposite of them was the group of people that the current Fred and George could now mostly identify as the other Avengers. In the center of the group was Fury, looking at Harri and the twins expectantly with his one eye.


“With the blessing of the American Ministry of Magic we would be happy to join the Avengers Team as consultants.” Harriet said.


Tony grinned and answered before Fury could even open his mouth, “Awesome! Welcome to the crazies! Movie nights are Thursday night! We’ll put you in rotation. Takeout after a fight is mandatory and may or may not lead to gaming marathons depending on injuries.” His eyes focused on the twins. “Now, what’s this I hear about you two being geniuses? Because now that we have four of us we may need to start a club.” He looked over to a curly haired man, “What do you think Bruce? T-shirts?” The older Fred and George laughed.


“Stark!” Fury barked, “Quiet!”


“So you’re the buzzkill then.” Fred snorted, Fury glared at him.


“Had to be the guy with the eye patch.” George tutted.


Tony beamed at the twins, “He is! Well, him and Steve really.”


“Tony!” Steve snapped, Harriet’s eyes followed the interaction closely, observing.


“Quiet!” Fury ordered, everyone settled. “Introductions!” the director said shortly, he flung his hand out and pointed to Thor who stood near the end of the line. “Thor, God of Thunder.”


“We’ve met.” Harriet said dryly.


Thor bowed his head, “I am pleased to meet you on better terms Lady Potter. Forgive me for my behavior previously, I knew not of my brother’s circumstances.”


Harriet’s eyes remained flat as she looked at him, Fred and George were eyeing him warily as well. Harri made a dismissive noise in the back of her throat.


The colors swirled again.


Harriet was walking down a brightly lit hallway of the Tower, a clipboard in her hand as two scrolls floated after her, she was chewing on a pen cap as she read.


“Lady Potter!”


Harriet tensed at the sound and turned around, bringing Thor into frame. “Yes?” she asked stiffly.


“I wish to speak to you.” Thor rumbled.


Harriet flicked her wand and cast a quick tempus, “You have five minutes before I need to leave for the American Ministry.”


Thor blinked before straightening himself, “Why do you not like me?” Harri cocked her head with a frown and Thor was quick to elaborate, “It has been two moons since you have joined our cause and you have spoken with each member of the team but have avoided me at all costs. Even your mates have spoken with me. You’ve…”


Harriet held up a hand, “Whoa. I don’t need an explanation. I know exactly what I’ve been doing. It’s been on purpose.”


“Why?” Thor demanded, “Is this still because of our first meeting?”


Harriet rolled her eyes, “Hardly. I avoid you because you remind me of my cousin.”


Thor frowned, “Would that not be a joyous feeling? Family is one’s first and closest friends after all.”


Harri snorted, “My cousin is an arrogant bully who made my childhood a living hell with the help of his foul parents.” Thor jolted back in shock but Harriet wasn’t finished. “My cousin constantly made demands without regard for anyone but himself. Anytime that he was in trouble he was coddled by his parents and the blame was shifted onto me, much like you with Loki.” The Loki watching looked over to the unconscious Harriet in shock, on screen the older Harriet continued. “I took the punishment for my cousins wrongs more times than I can count and that was on top of the other shit treatment heaped on me simply because I possessed magic. Any good thing he did, no matter how small, was praised and rewarded but whenever he went wrong the responsibility was always placed on my shoulders, even if I couldn’t possibly have caused it. He was a spoiled, unpleasant bully and I refuse to associate with that again.”


“But I am not like that!” Thor sputtered.


“Aren’t you?” Harriet said bluntly, “I’ve heard plenty from Loki and let me tell you, his version sounds much more believable than the stories I’ve heard you try to spin.”


“I..I’m not like that anymore!” Thor insisted.


Harriet shook her head, “Right, your ‘banishment’ and ‘reform’.” She snorted, “I’ve gone without food for longer than your supposed banishment. As for your ‘reform’ I don’t really see it. Just a month ago when you returned from fighting those giant beetles you blamed the destruction of that building site on Loki when the video clearly shows it was your own reckless use of Mjolnir that struck the support beam and brought down months of work. Not three days ago you walked around here bragging about the forty doombots you took down when it was Tony’s hard work that took down the most and shut the portal to keep more from coming through to, yet you never acknowledged his good work and expected high praise for your relatively small role in that attack. Your ‘reform’ may have taught you to think before you act to a small extent, it might even have taught you about sacrifice there at the end but that does not make you any less like Dudley to me the rest of the time.” She cast another quick tempus, “Times up.”


The scene swirled again.


All of the Avengers were sat at a long table, at the head of the table sat Fury with a screen behind him that was showing a battle from many viewpoints. “Alright, who wants to tell me why there are reports of the Charging Bull sculpture being split in half?”


“Loki and I were fighting near the grand statue,” Thor volunteered; Loki, who sat with Harriet and the twins, tensed. “We brought down the metal beast and…” he trailed off as his eyes moved over to Harri, she raised an eyebrow at him. Thor cleared his throat with a shake of his head, “It was my doing. I was not paying attention to what path the beast would take when I hit it with Mjolnir.” Both the Loki in the memory and the current Loki looked surprised, the older Harriet just gave a subtle nod to the Thunder God.


The colors swirled over the scene.


Thor bounded into the back of what looked to be a plane cargo hold, a large grin on his face as he approached where Fred and George were slumped in their seats, Harriet was laying along the seats next to them with her head in Fred’s lap. “My friends! You put on a most wonderful display this day! You had little need of us!”


George chuckled tiredly, “Nah, needed”


“a clean-up crew”


“didn’t we?” the twins teased.


Thor let out a loud laugh, “Very true! Rest, you have spared the lives of many innocents, we will do the rest.” One of Harri’s eyes flicked open and she watched as Thor exited the plane.


The scene changed.


“Harriet!” a new voice called as Harri came into focus in a kitchen, she turned and a petite brown haired woman came into view.


“Jane.” Harri greeted with a smile, “What’s up?”


Jane leaned against the counter and cocked her head with a small smile, “Have you been training Thor?” Harri’s eyebrows rose so Jane continued, “I think the words Darcy used were ‘like a bad puppy but with less treats’.”


Harri gave a light laugh, “I certainly didn’t plan on it. He wanted to know why I avoided him and I told him. He did the rest after that.” Her smiled turned sly, “Though I can see the puppy comparison.”


Jane laughed, “Yeah.”


“What brought this up?” Harri asked, an easy smile still on her face.


“Oh, Erik overheard Thor muttering about proving himself a worthy shield brother to you and he brought it to my attention.” She rolled her eyes, “Apparently he thought I was about to get cheated on.”


Harriet snorted, “Not with the way he talks about his ‘beloved Lady Jane’.” Jane blushed and Harri smiled kindly, “I think it is mostly because I was a little overly harsh when he asked me about why I was avoiding him. I really hate that kind of behavior and I may have gone on a rant.”


Jane nodded as she straightened, “Just let me know if I can help train him.” she offered as she walked toward the door, “After all, you’ve got yours so well trained!” Harriet choked as Jane left in a bout of laughter.


The scene changed again.


“What kind of ship is that?” Thor exclaimed from his cocoon as the next scene game into view.


“The Helicarrier.” Strange said, “That’s the control center.”


Harriet was standing by the conference table in her mission gear, looking over the various agents curiously as the rest of the Avengers took seats around the conference table. Fred was talking animatedly with Bruce who looked to have relaxed a bit. George and Loki were chatting with Tony about ways to add magic to fortify his suits further.


Thor strode into the room and made a beeline for Harriet when he saw her away from the table, “Tis a grand ship is it not Lady Potter?” Thor boomed.


Harri winced and looked up at the God with a raised eyebrow, “Tone it down Thor. Remember, inside voice.”


Thor cleared his throat awkwardly before nodding and starting softer, “Yes, apologies. Are you prepared for our upcoming battle with the many headed beast?”


A small tentative smile spread across Harri’s face, “Yes, I’m looking forward to taking down the Hydra base now that we’ve been fully cleared. It’s been a while since we’ve gone into a full battle rather than just acting as magical support.”


Thor beamed, “Aye! Tis a wondrous feeling! We shall wipe these foul beings from Midgard! For glory!” Harriet laughed.


The scene changed.


This one came into view with the sound of a furious roar. Harriet was running through a forest with Steve, both in uniform with their weapons at the ready. The roar sounded again and Harriet apparated on the spot, when she landed she was still in a forest but she was running toward Hulk who was being targeted by a sonic weapon as others fired machine guns at him. Harriet took out four gun men with three quick curses before dropping to the ground as Hulk struck out blindly in his frustration.


“Leave him be Queenie.” Came Clint’s voice from nowhere. “He’s indestructible, he can take it. You’ll just get hurt.”


Harri rolled her eyes but it was George who answered, “Just because he’s indestructible doesn’t mean we shouldn’t help him Hawkeye.”


“He’s our teammate too.” Fred continued.


Harriet caught Hulk’s hand on his return swing and used the momentum to kick two more gun men before releasing her hold, she was air born for one wobbly second before she landed with a small ‘oof’ on her stomach on Hulk’s shoulder. She threw out a shield that absorbed the sonic weapon’s attack easily, “Alright big guy?” she asked as she regained her breath.


“Shiny help Hulk?” the large green man huffed. Before Harriet could answer there was a boom of thunder and lightning struck the sonic weapon that had caused Hulk such frustration, destroying it. Thor landed heavily a moment later and looked over to Harriet and Hulk, who frowned, “Puny Thundy help Hulk?”


Thor grinned up at Hulk, “Of course my friend! I will offer help when I can. Lady Harriet and her brave Knights are correct that you are our shield brother too! They are most wise are they not?” Harriet beamed at Thor.


The scene changed.


The new scene was a bit strange as Harriet sat on a throne on top of a mountain of mattresses, dressed as a young Queen Elizabeth. Standing to her left was Natasha in what appeared to be a bear costume; furry brown paws covered her hands and feet and was finished off with a skimpy brown dress and bear ears on her head with a red star pinned to one. At Harriet’s feet, on her right stood a classic red and white corgi who had a thick red cape on its back and a lumpy looking, plush Mjolnir in its mouth.


At the bottom of the mattress mountain was Steve, Bucky, and Clint who looked like an Independence Day Parade gone wrong. Steve was wearing an old fashion version of his suit and had a small plastic shield on his arm. Bucky seemed to be dressed as Uncle Sam, complete with white hair and beard. Clint was in a mobility scooter in a wife beater and jeans with a trucker hat on, an oxygen tank was hooked on the back of the scooter along with an American flag. All three were covered in various bits of what appeared to be pie, chocolate, and an overwhelming amount of glitter.


Clint was glaring at Natasha, “Nat! You were supposed to be neutral!”


“The Queen offered me what I couldn’t refuse.” Natasha said with a small smile.


“You sold us out for her banoffee pie?!” Clint cried.


“Maybe.” Natasha hummed, her lips twitching.


Harriet was clearly trying to keep from laughing as she stood from her throne, “You have made it this far but do not forget that to take back your tower you must get past me, my ally, and my Mighty Thorgi!” Said Thorgi barked enthusiastically around his plush hammer and bounced in place with his tail wagging a mile a minute, which sent everyone into a fit of laughter.


The scene changed to the onlookers own laughing.


Harriet exited an elevator with a small smile on her face. She paused for a second before ruffling her hair a bit, widening her eyes, and speeding up her breathing slightly before continuing into the floor she had come to.


Thor was lounging on a couch with Jane when Harriet walked in with the frazzled look she had adopted, “Hey Thor.”


“Lady Harriet!” he greeted, Jane startled a little but settled down quickly. “I thought you would still be with my nephew, speaking in the snake tongue.”


Harri shook her head, “No, Loki took him to explore Manhattan. Can I ask for a favor?”


Thor barely suppressed his grin, “Ask away Lady Harri.”


“Can I have Mjolnir?” she asked, pointing to the hammer where it sat on the coffee table. “Not for long, I just need to borrow her for a bit.”


Jane’s eyebrows shot up but Thor boomed out a laugh, “I’m afraid you cannot Lady Harri. Only I can lift the mighty Mjolnir. Even for borrowing purposes.”


Harri cocked her head, “But if I can lift her can I borrow her for a bit?”


“You cannot.”


Harri narrowed her eyes at Thor and walked over to Mjolnir, she slid her hand over one side of the hammer and it zapped her gently in greeting. Harriet gripped the handle and lifted Mjolnir easily, “Now, can I borrow her?” Harri asked pointedly as she hefted the hammer against her shoulder, “I’ll have her back by lunch.”


“A-aye, you can borrow her.” Thor rasped out in shock.


Harriet smiled brightly, “Thanks Thor!” she skipped back out of the floor but apparated before she hit the elevator. She appeared on another floor where Fred and George were playing some sort of game on a flat screen, their gazes focused. Harri plopped gracefully down on the couch between them and sat Mjolnir on the table in front of them, “Easy as pie.”


The game paused and the twins’ eyes went to the hammer on their table. “Bloody hell you actually got her!” George exclaimed.


“Of course.” Harri pouted, Fred grinned and drew her to him for a kiss.


The scene changed to Deadpool’s loud “Aw, they’re in loooove!”


They were on another battle field, this time in an actual field where large monsters ran rampant. Harriet had her sword out and was slashing at the enormous strange beasts. They were long gray lumpy creatures that appeared to have no eyes which was made up for by large mouths full of teeth. Harriet was riding on top of one, striking at others as the creature under her bucked. One particularly hard buck sent Harriet flying right under the feet of another creature. As the lumpy thing reared up over her with its mouth opened wide, Mjolnir shot into frame and straight through the beast’s head.


Harriet stood quickly and jumped to catch Mjolnir’s strap as she was summoned back to Thor. Mjolnir dragged Harri with her until they made it back to Thor, where Harriet quickly let go and flipped over Thor to behead another creature with her sword. Thor grinned at her as she landed next to him, “Lady Harri! Quite the battle we have is it not?”


“It’s something alright.” Harri laughed as she threw two cutting curses in quick succession before drawing up a shield in front of her and Thor to block the acidic spit flying at them. Harri threw Thor a grin, “Want to play catch?”


“A splendid idea young friend!” Thor laughed as he started to spin Mjolnir.


Harri launched herself up onto another creature and jumped from body to body until finally making it to a large rock that allowed her a view slightly over the creatures. Thor tossed Mjolnir toward her, striking three beasts and stunning many more with the lightning that followed. Harriet caught the hammer with a laugh and delivered a hard hit to the creature that was trying to climb up her rock before throwing Mjolnir back to Thor who let out a battle cry and struck the ground with the accumulated lightning.


The scene changed and Arthur gasped at the sight even as the current Fred and George went rigid.


The older Harriet was sitting in a plush chair, looking soft, her skin practically glowing. The Avengers were all lounging in the room around her with bright smiles, Fred and George flanking her as usual, tangled together with their mate in her chair. What wasn’t normal was the large bump that was prominent under Harriet’s shirt.


“How was your check up today?” Bucky asked, “The little guy okay?”


Harri smiled, her eyes dewy as George laid a hand over her stomach, “He’s fine. Perfectly healthy if a little too active for this stage.”


“Of course he’s active.” Steve snorted, “He’s Fred and George’s son.”


“Wouldn’t expect any less.” Clint laughed, the twins beamed.


Bruce sat forward in his chair, “Is there anything else we need to do? You said magical pregnancies were a bit different.”


Harri laughed even as she laid her head on Fred’s shoulder, “Not that different. Not at this stage. Things won’t get too bad until the last couple months and that will mostly be on my end.”


“Hey, Thor.” Tony piped up, “Isn’t one of your things like God of Fertility or something? Can you do something?”


Thor chuckled, “My role in such a thing would have been before the child was conceived friend Tony.” He looked over to Harri, Fred, and George, “Though I may add my blessing as I know my brother has already done if you wish.”


George grinned, “If you’d like to that would be great.”


Fred laughed, “May as well. Everyone is already trying to stake a claim on him.”


“Of course.” Tony huffed, “He’s not just your kid, he’s all of ours. We’re a family.”


“Aye.” Thor laughed as he stood, summoning Mjolnir as he walked over to the trio. “Your child shall have the love of many aunts and uncles.” He pointed Mjolnir’s head at Harri’s stomach and a soft red glow started, “And the blessings of Gods.” Making a slow circle over Harri’s stomach, the red glow began to transfer, sinking into Harri’s baby bump easily. Once he had made two rotations, Thor pulled his hammer back and grinned down at Harriet, “There you are Lady Harri.”


Harriet beamed up at him, “Thank you Thor.”


The scene changed, sweeping along despite Fred and George’s tightened grip on Harriet and the tense silence around them.


When the scene came into view all they could see was Harriet, who was no longer pregnant, Thor, and Clint surrounded by rocks, the only light a dim lumos orb above them. Harri’s eyes were bloodshot and dark circles sat under her eyes. “Damn.” She hissed.


“Can you apparate us out Harri?” Clint asked.


“No.” she said tersely as she ran a hand along the rocks around them, “These rocks must be holding bits of vibranium or adamantium because its blocking magic from going out.”


“I could blast us out….” Thor began, hefting Mjolnir.


“But you won’t because I and Clint could be crushed.” Harriet said, gritting her teeth.


Clint went over to her and started to rub her back gently, “Hey, it’s alright. Just breathe.” Harri slumped against him, “Can you still talk to Fred and George?”


“No, I can only feel that they’re alive.” Harri huffed, “And vague emotions.”


“Then we’ll just have to wait for everyone to find us.” Clint soothed, guiding Harri to the ground.


Thor sat down next to them, eyeing Harriet worriedly, “Friend Harri, have you still been having nightmares?”


Harri nodded, her eyes sliding closed, “I see his death every night. I barely sleep. George had to use the bond to knock me out yesterday.” She sighed, “I probably shouldn’t have come on this mission. I wasn’t paying att…”


“Hey, none of that.” Clint admonished softly, “We weren’t exactly paying attention either. It’s fine. None of us are hurt.” Harri didn’t say anything but kept her eyes closed.


Thor exchanged a look with Clint before setting Mjolnir down between them, “Rest Lady Harriet, we will watch and wait.” He ran two fingers around the base of Mjolnir’s handle and the soft sounds of a storm filled the small space. Harri’s eyes flickered open and she gave Thor a weak smile before shifting into Godiva, she moved stiffly over to Mjolnir and curled around the hammer with her head resting on top.


The scene swirled away.


“I remember this.” Strange laughed softly as the new scene came into focus, “Thor’s haircut.”


Thor was sitting on a low stool in the middle of the LeFay Castle family common room looking sullen as Natasha and Clint moved around him with scissors and shears. Harriet and Loki were on the couch watching as Fred and George had their phones out ready to take pictures. They could just see Strange standing in the doorway with a stack of books but for now stay back to observe curiously.


“I am against this.” Thor grumbled.


“You’ve said.” Clint laughed.


“Shouldn’t have made that bet.” Natasha grinned.


“In Asgard only servants and slaves were their hair short.” Thor protested.


“You’re on Midgard until at least after the Thanos thing is taken care of.” Fred chuckled, “It’ll grow back.”


“And if you had such a problem with it you shouldn’t have used it in the bet, it’s your own fault.” George clucked.


“Betting against Loki. Really.” Natasha snorted.


With that Clint started to cut away at Thor’s long golden hair, Loki watching from the couch with a smug smile. Once Clint had gotten most of the length, Natasha went in with the shears and cropped the hair close to his head, leaving the top a bit longer than the rest.


Finally, after about ten minutes of tweaking, Natasha pulled back, “Done.” She announced.


George conjured a mirror as Fred continued to snap pictures. Seeing himself in the mirror, Thor deflated, “I shall not be able to go out in public like this.”


Harriet stood even as everyone else descended into fits of laughter at Thor’s puppy dog pout, “Don’t be silly Thor. You just need a bit of flash to it.” She took her wand out and gently pushed his head to the side, her wand tip lit and she carefully traced a design into the side of Thor’s head before moving to the other side to do the same. “There you go.” Harri said gently, a mischievous smile on her face.


George held up the mirror again amidst his snickers and Thor took in the changes. “The Sowilō?” Thor questioned in surprise.


Harri giggled, “Of course not! It’s my lightning bolt!” she announced, pulling up her bangs and pointing at the faded scar. The room descended into more laughter at Thor’s groan.


The scene swirled away.


Harriet, Fred, and George were battling chitauri together in front of what looked to be the London Eye. They moved around each other in a deadly dance, spells flying and their eyes flashing gold and deathly green. George had just thrown Harriet feet first into two foot soldiers when Loki’s voice came out of nowhere. “Fred, do you have your potions still?”


“Always.” Fred answered.


“Thor’s taken a bad stomach wound. He’ll heal quickly but he’ll need a blood replenisher.” The trio was moving before Loki finished. They apparated together to the north side of Jubilee Gardens where Loki was keeping chitauri away from Thor was laying. Harri and George took over keeping the chitauri back as Fred and Loki went to heal Thor.


“You realize this means drinks are on you tonight right?” Fred teased as he helped Thor take the blood replunisher.


“Aye.” Thor rasped with a bloody grin, “The last batch of warriors brought the good mead from Asgard.”


“Oh I am not drinking that stuff.” Harri snorted, “You can make me a mango tequila sunrise.”


“The drink of great warriors.” Thor chuckled.


“Of course!” Harri defended, “It’s the only alcohol I can get Hulk to drink remember?”


“Aye.” Thor coughed.


Suddenly there was a crash further up The Queen’s Walk and they all turned to see a creature about the size of an elephant land on the walk. It looked to be a mini leviathan but instead of flying the creature let out a roar and slithered toward them.


“How much longer?” George asked.


“We can’t move him. It will aggravate the healing.” Loki said.


The mini leviathan was coming up on them fast and Harriet held out her hand toward Thor, Mjolnir leapt to her, drawing a streak of lightning down from the sky to hit Harriet. When the strike faded, a silver circlet was set on her head.


“Hey!” Deadpool exclaimed, “That’s the one she’s got now!” The Fred and George watching looked down at the unconscious Harriet they held and sure enough the same circlet set on her head now.


Back on the screen, the older Harriet didn’t seem to notice the new head piece as she swung Mjolnir at the mini leviathan; the creature screeched deafeningly at the electricity that ran through it until it slumped over, dead. Harriet gave a short nod, “There.”


George snickered, “Nice jewelry dearest.”


Harri frowned and her hand went up to her head before she huffed and glared at the hammer in her hand, “I don’t need new accessories Mjolnir!” the hammer sparked in response, “My armor is fine!” a rumble sounded from the hammer and Harriet rolled her eyes, “Don’t bitch at me!” the four men around her broke into laughter.


The scene swirled away.


Harriet, whose hair was now cut in a bob, was flying on her broom up above the clouds in her battle gear with Thor and Tony keeping pace.


“They can’t seriously have dragons though right?” Tony was whining through the speakers of his suit, “That’s just not fair.”


“Life is rarely fair Tony.” Harriet laughed.


“I guess.” Tony huffed.


“If the rumors are true then we shall have a mighty battle!” Thor boomed, shifting in the air past Tony so he flew above them, “Dragons are fearsome creatures!”


Harri rolled her eyes, “Hopefully, even if the rumors are false, Charlie will succeed in bringing the dragons from his old reserve to the Castle to add to our defenses.”


“Um…” Tony started as they passed the edge of the cloud bank, “I’m pretty sure the rumors aren’t false.”


Below them, packed into cages along the edge of Black Lake, was a group of ten dragons; all of them raging against their cages, breathing long spouts of flame.


“Bloody hell.” Harriet muttered, pulling up to hover next to Thor. She waved her hand over her face with a muttered spell and looked again at the dragons. “Two Fireballs and a Welsh Green.” She listed, she tilted her head, “I think that’s a trio of Horntails over there but they’ve cut off their spines for some reason.” She said pointing to the ones closest to Hogwarts. “Those four over there though.” Harri said, gesturing to the four relatively small silvery blue dragons on the edge of lake, “Those are Swedish Short Snouts. They’re the biggest problem.”


“I thought Charlie said the Horntails were most dangerous?” Tony said, “And the others look bigger than those blue ones.”


Harri waved a hand, “I outflew a Horntail at fourteen years old.” She said dismissively, “All dragons are dangerous to an extent but Swedish Short Snouts are often overlooked because they don’t like to come in contact with humans that often. However, their smaller size makes them faster and more agile than most dragons and their flames are so hot that they can burn even bones to ashes in seconds.” Tony let out a low whistle.


Suddenly there was a bang followed by red sparks shooting up below them, causing people to scramble.


“Whoops.” Harri huffed.


“Whoops!” Tony shouted.


“Oh like you don’t get distracted!” Harri snapped playfully at her brother as long range spells started to shoot up at them, still falling short with the height they were at. “We got confirmation. Race you home?”


“You’re on!” Tony cackled.


“Aye!” Thor laughed.


All three shot off back the way they had come, trailing laughter in their wake. They each tried to slow the others but those attempts rarely landed. It wasn’t until a few minutes into their flight that they heard the sound of wingbeats and the harsh breathing that followed them.


They pulled up, looking around for the sound.


Suddenly, four silvery blue shapes broke the cloud layer with loud roars.


“Fuck!” Tony exclaimed, diving out of the way.


Harri threw up her shield as the first volley of burning flames swept toward her, “Aim for their bellies. Soft scales are there!”


Thor barreled into the one shooting flames at Harriet and Tony sent repulsor blast at another. Harriet dodged as started to yell, *Hold your fire! We mean you no harm! We are not the ones who imprisoned you!*


The Fred and George watching frowned at the hiss that twisted heavily through Harriet’s words, “Is that what parseltongue sounds like to snakes?”


“Yes.” Loki answered.


“Since we are watching her memories we can understand it.” Luna hummed, taking another handful of popcorn from Deadpool.


“That’s some sweet DVD special features.” Wade laughed.


The dragons barely acknowledged Harriet’s speech, *Burn! Burn! Kill!* was all they seemed able to say.


“What are they saying?!” Tony called as he used his laser pack to finally get through the first dragon, cutting off one wing and making it plummet with a high pitched roar of pain.


“You don’t want to know.” Harri called back as she sent three vicious curses before summoning her sword, “They’ve been stripped of their intelligence. They’re all killer instinct right now.” She rushed in under a stream of flames and thrust her sword into the dragon’s belly with all her might, the dragon screamed and writhed as Harriet forced the sword up into its heart before jerking backwards and away from the large lizard, letting it fall.


“Harriet!” came Tony’s warning shout and she only just managed to get up a shield as the fourth dragon breathed another stream of fire at her. Harri’s nose scrunched up as she smelt something burning and her eyes widened as she saw the bristles of her broom alight out of the corner of her eye.


Unfortunately, that distracted Harriet just enough for her shield to give way under the mass of scalding flames that pressed against it and soon the stream completely enveloped Harriet, making the entire scene to warp.


The onlookers jolted, despite knowing that Harriet made it out of this, Fred and George pulled her limp form closer.


On screen they heard Thor and Tony shout for Harriet as the second to last dragon went down under Mjolnir’s wrath.


Then a familiar screech sounded and ice blue flames burst from within the red, pushing it back before throwing it off completely. The blue flames died a bit to reveal a furious looking ice phoenix who was a bit unsteady on her wings, she shrieked at the dragon only for it to be struck down in a volley of lightning a moment later. She whirled with awkward flaps to face Thor and Tony.


“Harriet?” Tony asked, opening his faceplate.


The new ice phoenix tried to nod only for the movement to make her pitch forward. Thor swooped forward with Mjolnir and caught the bird before she could fall too far. “It does seem to be our shield sister friend Tony.” Thor chuckled.


Tony flew closer and grinned down at the bird as she clumsily maneuvered to perch on Thor’s arm, “You finally got your second animamorph thingy!”


“Animagus sir.” Jarvis correct quietly from his helmet.


“Sure that.” Tony huffed, “Now what are you?” he frowned, “A parrot?” the phoenix screeched in protest.


Thor boomed a laugh, “Nay Man of Iron. Our shield sister has turned into a phoenix. An ice phoenix I believe.” The phoenix looked herself over, flexing wings and moving unfamiliar talons.


“Sweet! Clint is gonna be super jealous.” Tony said.


“Aye, our Hawkeye will definitely be envious of your wings.” Thor chuckled.


“Now we just need a name for you!” Tony said with a grin, “As the only one here with experience naming team animals and the one to give you Godiva in the first place I’ll just make with a new name shall I?” the phoenix slapped one wing forward, hitting Tony in the face and making him glide back a little bit, “What?!”


“I think she has a problem with that friend Tony.” Thor grinned.


“What! You want to name her?” Tony asked, he looked to the phoenix, “You want to end up with a name as weird as Mjolnir?” Mjolnir zapped the armored man and he pouted, “I’m feeling very attacked right now.”


“I could try.” Thor huffed, “My Lady Jane and Lady Darcy already gave me a lecture about Midgard names when we discussed our future children.”


“Oh I’m sure that went over well.” Tony snorted.


Thor ignored him and looked at the phoenix on his arm who was looking back at him expectantly, “An ice phoenix…” she chirped and Thor grinned, “Glacia.” She tilted her head in consideration.


“You want to name her after a large mass of ice?” Tony laughed, “Harri I think he’s calling you fat.” She squawked and flew at Tony in an unsteady mess of feathers, pushing him back as he giggled uncontrollably while calling, “Calm down feathers!”


“Nay!” Thor laughed over their squabble, Tony looked over to him as the new phoenix perched on his helmet and pecked at it irritably. “Not calling her fat. Calling her ice that is impossible to stop once it is on the move.”


Tony grinned at Thor, “Yeah, I guess that does fit her.” He tapped his helmet right next to where the phoenix was perched, “What do you think feathers?” The newly named Glacia trilled pleasantly, melting both the men in the scene and the onlookers. Tony laughed, “I’ll take that as a yes.”


Thor grinned, “Do we still race home then?”


“It’ll give bird brain here a chance to perfect her wings.” Tony said, closing his face plate as Glacia went to peck his face. “Though since she’s a glacier she’ll probably move pretty slow.”


With that, Glacia launched herself off Tony’s head and started to fly, albeit shakily at first. Tony and Thor followed after her, laughing merrily as they flanked the newly born phoenix.


Mjolnir’s lightning withdrew from the wall pensive provided by Hogwarts and it fell blank before disappeared back into the castle itself, leaving the room quiet as everyone processed all that they had just seen.


Predictably it was Deadpool that broke the silence, “Well that wasn’t worth the ten bucks I paid for it! Seriously! Way too short of a story arc and no definitive ending.” He looked over to Strange as he stood, leaving his popcorn with Luna, “Next movie night we should do Pixar. Now those are some great films!” he raised a hand, “See ya!” he tapped something on his belt and disappeared.


Fred let out a breath and reached over to gently pry Harriet’s hand off of Mjolnir. “Harriet’s magic is low and her core has been damaged by the binding chain. She’s exhausted.”


“We’ll take her to the Room of Requirement to rest safely.” George continued as they stood, Fred gently pulling Harriet up into his arms after putting a feather weight charm on her to offset the extra weight of the armor.


Loki recovered and cleared his throat, “I’ll inform the house and help run interference with Dumbledore.”


Strange nodded, “I will inform those outside of Hogwarts of the attack and aftermath. Call me if you need further assistance.” He opened a portal and left.


Luna hummed as she brought the popcorn over to Bucky, “The Brigade will help with the distraction, but the Nargles say there was too much left at the attack site for big sister not to be under the goat’s suspicion.”


Frigga drew in a breath, “I will see if I can throw anything off.” She said faintly, she turned to Thor who still looked to be in a daze. “I do not know how but that phoenix sees you as flock. She spared your father for your sake and we should be grateful. You will be safe here until she becomes aware again.” She walked toward the doorway that led up to the Slytherin common room, “Come Arthur, we must get started.


Arthur looked torn, his eyes going to his sons with a million questions on the tip of his tongue. Those all fell away when he saw that their eyes were locked on the vulnerable young woman in Fred’s arms, worry etched on their faces but with a healthy amount of awe and love underneath. Arthur shut his mouth and turned to follow Frigga.


James went over to Fred and George while Sirius retransfigured Bucky and Remus spoke to Loki about what to tell the Slytherins. James smiled at the twins and put a hand on George’s shoulder, “Go on.” He said when they looked up at him, “We’ll try to run things like Harriet would. You just take care of her.”


They nodded solemnly and made their way out of the Chamber through Salazar’s study, pulling the map out when they made it up into the Castle proper and sneaking through the halls, avoiding everyone, on their way to the Room of Requirement. When they got there, George pulled up the room they usually used quickly, their bodies relaxing a little once they were safely inside.


As Fred set Harriet on the bed they came to a realization, “We should have asked how to get this Asgardian armor off.” Fred huffed, his cheeks turning red.


“We don’t exactly have stuff to switch her into.” George coughed, his own cheeks burning.


“Dobby.” Fred called.


The hyper elf appeared at the foot of the bed and immediately gasped seeing Harriet unconscious, “What has happened to Dobby’s Great Miss!”


“Odin attacked her, she retaliated. She’s exhausted and her core is damaged. Can you switch her into her night clothes so she can relax easier?” George asked.


“And bring us our pajamas as well.” Fred added.


“Of course!” Dobby cried, “Dobby be doing so right away!”


Ten minutes later they were able to tuck Harriet under the warm covers and climb into bed on either side of her. They fell asleep clutching Harriet tightly between them, their brows furrowed with worry even as they drifted off.