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Haute Couture

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Maybe you'd expect me to start with the classic 'Once upon a time', but this story won't be like that.

It all starts inside a massive, tall but welcoming building, with big, glass windows and newly painted walls.

This building isn't a house, a factory or a hotel, no. It is a place most people won't have a chance to step foot in, despite it being nothing special.

It is a place where flashing cameras, blasting music, hairspray, makeup and new clothes are all mixed up together, creating a world inside a world.

This is a model agency, but not a random one. It's IMG London, the most famous, well known agency of all the United Kingdom. It's got offices in New York, Paris, Milan and Sidney.

Everyone who wants to be big applies here, but little to no people really become someone that matters.

If you look closely through the window on the first floor, you will see a man, in his early twenties, with his big blue eyes and his long eyelashes, smiling at people and walking around like he's the owner of the little world he lives in.

"Louis wait, where the hell are you going? I'm not finished with your hair yet!"

Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson' hairstylist, chases him holding a can of long lasting hairspray as she tries to spray it on Louis' messy fringe to keep it in place.

She's a smart girl, always smiling, always cheerful even though very moody, especially when she's working with Louis, which happens to be often.

She's tall and skinny, and during her high school years she used to be a model just like him, but gave up when she found out that wasn't what she liked to do best, and became a popular hairstylist in no time.

The boy, however, keeps running around, causing everyone who sees him to shake their heads with a frown on their faces, but watching him fondly, like parents with a little kid who has just learned to ride his bike.

Finally, the blue eyed boy stops and turns around, his thin, delicate lips twitched in a playful smirk.

"El, you've worked on it for half an hour straight and it's just a stupid fringe. Plus, I have to go to the bathroom, or perhaps you want me to pee on you?" He says with a mischievous smile.

"Screw you", Eleanor rolls her eyes, giving up.

She and Louis are childhood friends, so she doesn't get mad at him that easily anymore unlike in the past, where every single thing Louis did wrong was enough to spark a nasty fight between the two.

When they were teenagers they even had a relationship, but both realized soon that they were not meant for each other. They were simply too different.

She likes clothes and pop music and long days at the beach, while Louis enjoys spending his days on his bed, binge watching random movies and going to sketchy parties where people always end up getting roofied, and weird substances are sold to oblivious teenagers.

Their lifestyles were so different they would rarely meet outside of school, even though they were labeled as the hottest and cutest couple of the whole high school.

Anyways, now she's got a beautiful boyfriend, Noah, who loves her unconditionally despite her attitude.

Louis, on the other hand, soon after breaking up with her, started experimenting. Or, to put it in different words, to engage in relationships with both guys and girls, sometimes even at the same time, and discovered guys are not too bad as partners.

Sometimes they're even better than girls.

Eleanor returns in front of her new professional vanity with different hair products scattered all over it, from hairspray to gel to hair ties, along with combs and brushes of different sizes and materials.

You could say it is a mess, but to her, everything is exactly where it is supposed to be.

She looks at herself in the mirror, fixing her long, wavy brown hair and smiling proudly to herself.

The light bulbs illuminate her features perfectly, giving her face a soft glow as she then puts another layer of light pink lipstick on her lips.

She hears soft footsteps approaching and turns her head, smiling at the girl who's now standing beside her.

"Hey El, Lou is being a pain in the bum today, huh?" Perrie, the make up artist and Eleanor's best friend hands her a cup of coffee, smiling gently.

She's the sweetest girl anyone could ever meet. She's caring and nice, and both she and Eleanor love to spend time together, doing each other's make up and hair.

They became best friends when Perrie was hired to work with Louis' crew, after he personally fired her last makeup artist.

The reason why he did that is still unknown to them, even though there are some rumors going around that they slept together.

Then he found out she had a boyfriend who threatened to blackmail him with pictures of his early teen days, and he couldn't take such humiliation.

She huffs, returning the smile, "Nothing new Pez, you know that".

"Speaking of the devil", Perrie motions with her head towards Louis, who's now returning from the bathroom rubbing his hands with nothing but his briefs on.

"Why on earth are you naked now?" Eleanor asks annoyed, choking on the coffee she was sipping just mere seconds before and covering her eyes with her tiny manicured hand, making Perrie laugh so hard tears are rolling down her cheeks.

Luckily though, her makeup is still perfectly in place. Perks of being a beauty guru.

Louis rolls his eyes and scoffs, sitting on the chair positioned in front of the vanity, admiring himself while smiling and winking at his reflection almost as he was flirting with it.

He licks his lips before smirking. "Nothing you've never seen before, Eleanor, am I right?", he says smiling smugly and making the girl bite her lower lip. He's right, after all.

"Perrie? Where are you? I've got a pimple on my forehead that needs to be freaking destroyed before it takes over my entire face!" A guy's voice is heard from the other side of the room.

Perrie's eyes widen and she mutters some apologies before running away.

"Sorry guys, y-you know", she stutters and laughs nervously, "Guys these days are worse than ladies!"

They watch her walk outside Louis' room, closing the door quickly behind her.

"Pretty sure she's got a crush on that Alex guy", Louis says, and Eleanor nods, not entirely sure of it cause Perrie's her best friend and hasn't said anything about it yet.

She hums as she places her coffee on the table and proceeds to comb the guy's hair, silently envying the guy for having such healthy and soft hair.

Alex is a rather good looking model who happens to work with Louis sometimes, even though they're not exactly friends.

His charming blond, wavy hair and his light blue eyes get all the girls to his feet.

He never showed interest for any girl though, so most of the people who know him are starting to question his sexuality.

"It's so obvious" Louis adds chuckling to himself and observing the girl who is trying to fix his hair, sliding her hands through his fringe in an attempt to make it look messy but no too much.

Eleanor loves seeing Louis sporting an elegant quiff, or a casual cinnamon roll, but Louis has got a different opinion.

He refuses to work if his hair is not how he wants it to be. He thinks the fringe makes him look way hotter and rugged.

And even though he's not entirely wrong, it is starting to become a bit boring.

"I wonder when they'll decide to fuck" he mutters under his breath, making Eleanor scoff and put her hands on her hips, looking at Louis with her head cocked and her eyebrows knitted.

"A relationship is not based just on that, Lou", she says in a serious tone but smiling afterwards, letting the guy know he is not about to receive a lecture on what is love and whatnot.

"You're saying this just because you and Noah don't go at it like rabbits", Louis tells her in a sing song tone. He likes it when Eleanor gets mad because she's very funny to watch.

The way she flails her arms around and her face becomes flushed and her voice raises an octave, Louis finds it amusing.

Her eyes widen in shock, "What the heck? I would punch your balls right now but you know, I don't want to risk losing my job. Besides, you shouldn't speak. When was the last time you hooked up with someone?" She asks smiling cheekily, knowing she's right.

At least she's got a boyfriend. Louis instead doesn't even own a pet. Not even a goldfish.

He's not even able to take proper care of himself, how is he supposed to keep a pet alive? The poor creature would die not even a week after Louis brings him home.

Before Louis can think of a sassy remark, Caroline, the stylist, approaches them. "I'm sorry to interrupt your debate about the meaning of life, but Louis, I'm going to need you in 5 minutes".

He nods, checking her out while she exits the room, deciding that no, she definitely doesn't have a nice butt. Hell, his butt is ten times better (and bigger, and he's really proud of it if you ask him).

"Please El, remind me who I'm doing this photo shoot for?" he asks sheepishly, visibly bored.

"Are you serious?" Eleanor looks at him trying to hold back a laugh.

He shakes his head, he honestly doesn't care at all. He does this job for money and because he gets to see the world and see amazing places.

Like, last time he worked for Vogue he had to fly to Bangkok, Thailand, and he definitely fell in love with that place. He met lots of nice people, discovered their culture, he tried typical Thai foods and explored one of the many historical parks there.

He even got to see the white, magical shores of Hawaii and its immense variety of multi colored birds, and the immense, luxuriant forests of South America.

Even though New York's skyscrapers hold a special place in his heart. It's where he started to become who he is now, where he started to get noticed by bigger brands and bigger agencies, and he won't ever forget where it all started.

"You're working for Vans. Your picture will then be sent to Cosmopolitan Japan I think, so nothing too serious."

He nods, shrugging.

"We're finished here, let me finally get my hairspray", she says putting down the brush and taking a blue can which contained high quality long lasting hairspray, probably more expensive than it should actually be.

She's about to finish when her phone buzzes, and Noah's face appears on the screen, distracting Eleanor from her delicate job, so that Louis' eyes get soaked in that sticky substance.

"El? Eleanor what the hell?" Louis gets up abruptly, frantically rubbing his now red and slightly swollen eyes with his hands.

"Uhm, I'm sorry, I wasn't looking", she apologizes holding back a smirk. She really isn't sorry at all but Louis doesn't need to know.

"If you weren't my best friend your ass would be already fired by now", he says bitterly, making Eleanor laugh loudly.

"Don't say that, you love me", she says faking an adorable pout.

After this little incident, the hairstylist quickly finished her work, so then he goes to change into the different outfits Caroline had previously picked out for him.

He then positions himself in front of the white, monotonous, boring background he hated so much, squinting his eyes a bit, waiting for them to adjust to the bright light of the room full of spotlights.

"Lou, are you ready? You want some music or stuff?" Stan, the photographer, asks Louis.

They are close friends, they even shared a house for a year while Stan was looking for a place to settle in. He is a cool guy, he even respected Louis' request to not fuck girls (or guys) on his couch and when he was in the house.

And Louis doesn't go out often.

Louis probably considers Stan one of his best friend besides his agent Liam, even though it's because he doesn't have a lot of friends beside him and Eleanor, and he's pretty sure Stan sees him as his best friend too.

Though, he loves spending time with Liam. They usually hang out together and get drunk, or play some shitty, boring games like scrabble or monopoly, just like an old, married couple.

But, you know, when you're drunk and high every thing's funnier.

"Nah, I'm fine. Let's get this over with quickly please" he says quickly, sighing.

Stan nods, adjusting the camera. "You sure you're okay? What is with your eyelashes? They look fake" he says, trying to keep himself from chuckling.

Louis' eyes are still a bit swollen too, but that can be fixed with a bit of photoshop.

Louis usually forbids everyone to use too much photoshop in his photos, but Stan is sure he won't be able to complain this time.

"I said I'm perfectly fine Stan, and leave me and my eyelashes alone please". He didn't want to admit it, but Eleanor made him realize how sexually frustrated he actually is.

He would never, ever admit it, it's way too embarrassing. How come no one wants to hook up with him? He's a super model for crying out loud. Maybe he should go and look for his long lost social life.


Liam enters the studio greeting everyone, and seeing Louis' annoyed expression.

He eyes him amused, but Louis shoots him a death glare, to which he laughs quietly before speaking to his best friend.

"Are you okay Lou?", he asks, and Louis sneers and rolls his eyes.

"Oh my god I said leave me alone!", he whines, making everyone in the room chuckle.

Liam shrugs, "You sure are mate. How about you come to my place after we're finished here?" He offers, smiling slightly.

Louis huffs, rolling his eyes, "Whatever".

Liam beams happily, knowing his friend would never tell him no.

He then turns to look at Stan and nods."Now, let's get started. Please don't pout like that, you look like a child and it's very unprofessional".

Louis adjusts his posture after giving Liam and Stan the middle finger, to which his friends just chuckle and shake their heads.

"That's better. Don't look at the camera and unlink your hands please. Keep your head up, oh this is perfect!" Stan says while taking several pictures from different angles, reviewing them while Louis changes outfit.

Louis is about to go change again when Stan, who's looking at the photos he's just taken, bursts out laughing so much he has tears rolling down his cheeks.

Louis eyes him suspiciously, before approaching and trying to snatch the camera from Stan's hands, failing.

"Why are you laughing?!" he asks annoyed. If there is something so funny about his pictures, he deserves to see them too. And then burn the camera.

Stan passes it to Louis, revealing a photo in which he was sneezing, eyes half closed and half open, with his mouth and nose all scrunched up.

Louis stares at the picture with a disgusted expression, glaring at Stan soon after.

"Delete this or I'll have you fired", he threatens, "You know I can do that".

Stan just looks at him and deletes the pictures in front of him, still laughing.

"You look like a cute puppy dog when you're trying to be scary", he says, still a bit out of breath from laughing so much.

"And you look like a sloth when you breathe", he tells him.

A puppy dog is not exactly the epitome of manly and rugged, Louis thinks. But, he doesn't really care as long as people like him and don't make fun of him for that.

"Why a sloth?" Stan snickers at his friend's failed attempt to make fun of him.

Louis shrugs, flipping his friend off again, too lazy to think of an explanation.

After finishing the photo shoot he goes into his room and changes into his clothes, cursing under his breath because, why did he choose to wear skinny jeans ripped at the knees in the middle of November?

He hurries out of the building, looking up at the dark sky, trying to spot some stars but it's useless, there are way too many lights in this part of London.

He's glad there aren't any photographers around here, trying to get a picture of him that they can sell to the shittiest gossip magazine, making it seem like he's now selling drugs or god knows what.

Sometimes paparazzi are really annoying, especially when they mob him, and he feels like the air is sucked out of his chest. It's a really uncomfortable situation and Louis wouldn't wish it on his worst enemy.

He wraps his coat tightly around his fit body, trying to prevent the cold air from seeping into his bones. He is way too sensitive to cold, and he hates it but it's not like he can do something about it.

Well, maybe he can wear jeans without holes in the knees, but sometimes you just have to.

He leans against a wall and lights a cigarette, taking long drags and releasing big puffs of thick, gray smoke, admiring it while it twirls, clouding the air, creating little spirals before disappearing completely.

Suddenly, the doors of the building open again and someone comes out running, but the stranger trips over Louis' foot and falls right in front of him with a groan.

"Oops", he says, holding his hand out for the guy to take it, but he doesn't do it. In the dim light Louis sees a mass of unruly curls sticking out from a beanie.

"What the fuck did you do that for?" The stranger groans while getting up and rubbing his probably bruised knee.

He is about the same height as Louis, but looks so much skinnier.

He is caught off guard, he really didn't expect his voice to sound so deep and raspy. Definitely a turn on for him.

He huffs anyway, laughing quietly. "Why do you think I did that on purpose? You came out of there running like your ass was on fire".

The stranger remains silent for a few seconds, almost as if he's thinking about punching Louis, or kill him, or worse.

Louis is starting to become anxious as time passes, but then the guy sighs, stepping back from him, "Shut your mouth, you asshole."

Before Louis can process what just happened and add anything, the guy turns his back to him and starts walking away, limping a bit while fixing his beanie and mumbling to himself.

"Asshole, huh? I'll get you for that", he mutters to himself, pouting, before finishing the cigarette and tossing it on the ground.

"You ready Lou? Did you come by car?" Liam asks, popping out of nowhere and making Louis jump and clutch is heart.

"Shit, do you want me to die? Idiot", he glares at him. This night couldn't get any better.

Liam chuckles, "Sorry mate".

"Anyway yeah, my car's over there. Need a ride?", Louis says pointing toward his parked car.

Liam nods, "Thanks".

They start walking towards Louis' black, new Mercedes S-class, climbing in and heading home.

The ride is silent though Louis has got too many question.

Who was that guy, why was he so rude to him, and why did his voice turn him on? Honestly, if that guy's hot as his voice he wouldn't mind arguing with him again.

God, he really is sexually frustrated. Since when does he base someone's appearance on their voice?

"Anyway", Liam starts, prying him away from his thoughts, "I originally came to tell you that you're invited to a party hosted by Vogue, next week", he explains and Louis hums.

"It's going to be big. Cameras, A-list celebrities, supermodels", Liam trails off, and Louis' eyes widen.

"Sign me up for that!", he says excitedly.

Liam laughs, "Will do mate, will do".