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Weight in Gold

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"Black dust in orbit, cascades down like a parachute"

Crashing. That was one thing to describe their relationship as of she didn't know what started it, she didn't know what was the root of it but she knew the love they once had was all slowly crumbling down. It was eating her alive, the happiness they once had was slipping away from her fingers.

"Jumin?" She called once she heard Jumin pick up the phone, "have you eaten?"

"Not yet, I still have paperwork to finish," he firmly replied from other line, "is that all?"

She pursed her lips, feeling the coldness in his voice was new to her; "I miss you," she mutters.

"I've only been gone for merely half the day, (F/N)," He stated, "if that's all I'll be hanging up"

She felt a lump in her throat grow, biting her lip as she as she swallows in her tears, "Y-yeah."

"See you at home" he hangs up without another word.

She throws her phone in the middle of the bed as her hands meet her face, tears falling as she chokes on her sobs. It was gone, the pain in her heart increasing as memories of them swirled in her mind.


"Was that (F/N)?" Jaehee asked, placing the papers on Jumin's table.

"Yes, it was" he confirms.

"How was she?" She asks again.

"She's fine" He replies, but in the back of his mind he felt like she wasn't.

"I'm not one to ask about personal relationships but is everything okay?" Jaehee asks, her eyes not missing how Jumin slightly flinched at the question, "You should talk with her personally is all I suggest, if you excuse me, Mr. Han"

With that, Jaehee was gone. Jumin props his elbows on the desk, head resting on the palm of his hands as he reflects on his relationship for the past year. Everything started change, and he knew he was pushing her away again.

"I screwed up" he muttered.

When evening came, he goes straight home with a box of (Favorite Food) and (Favorite Flowers) in hand. Eager to mend the relationship that was falling apart only to go home to an empty apartment with her no longer there.