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A New Life for Hermione

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After the war had finally come to an end, and Harry Potter had freed the world of Lord Voldemort, a calm sense of peace was felt by the Wizard world and the Muggle world. The only war that existed was that of personal growth.

Hermione Granger was a young woman of 20 years of age. She graduated Hogwarts at the top of her class and as Head Girl. She was destined to do many great things. However, after she almost lost her two very best friends during the war, Hermione put aside her destiny and followed her heart for the first time.

Ron Weasley was her heart’s desire for so long that she did not want to pass up on her chance to finally be with him. When she saw Ron in the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts, lying motionless and cuts and bruises all over him, she cried for hours. She had not even noticed how badly Harry had been hurt, all she could think of was Ron.

Hermione laughed at herself now as she thought back on that night. How could she have been so stupid? She had passed up on so many great opportunities to be with Ron, and now, as she looked around the room she was in, she wondered what on earth she was thinking.

In the days after the war, things started to get back to normal. The Ministry was in a mess and gathered up its strength again. Harry and Ginny became an official couple as did Ron and Hermione. Harry and Ron made it into professional Quidditch teams, and as loyal girlfriends, Hermione and Ginny followed the boys around the country supporting the boys in their quest. Ginny was finally happy to be with Harry that she really didn’t care about the amount of travel they did. Hermione, however, cared very much. It was fun for a while, but then Hermione wanted more out of this new world then what was right in front of her.

Tears again came to her eyes as she remembered her last conversation with Ron…

Ron had just come back from practice and the Hotel they were staying at, although Immaculate, bored Hermione to pieces.

“Hermione, I’m back.” Ron yelled out as he entered their room.

“I’m in the kitchen.” Hermione yelled back.

Ron made his way to the kitchen and his face suddenly went pale. “Oh no, what have I done now?” He muttered to himself.

Hermione was cooking a feast. They were not expecting anyone that he knew of. Harry and Ginny were going out for dinner and Ron knew that when Hermione was angry or upset about something, she cooked.
“Dinner will be served in about 5 minutes, so wash yourself up and sit down at the table.” Hermione said in her usual bossy tone.

“Okay.” Ron replied and did as she asked.

As they sat down to dinner, Ron waited. He knew better than to ask what was wrong. Just as he was about to take his first mouth full of food, Hermione finally spoke.

“Ron, I have made a decision about something and I need you to just listen, can you do that?”

“Um, sure. What’s up?” Ron said, and started eating.

“I’m not happy here Ron, I’m not happy anywhere. We travel so much and I hardly get to see you and we haven’t had a decent conversation in weeks. Most nights I sleep alone and when you do manage to climb into bed with me, you're too tired to...” Hermione blushed and tried to find the right words without being tasteless. "To be intimate with me.” Hermione could feel the tears start to fall. “I want to go back home after the season finishes, get a job, a house and settle. Will you be willing to do that for me?” She finally braved a look at Ron.

Ron sat there, not knowing what to say. He loved his life right now. Finally free from the Burrow, traveling the country and playing the one sport he loves the most and getting paid to do so. He loved Hermione, but he wasn’t sure he was ready to give up his life as he knew it right now.

Pushing aside his barely touched meal, he looked across the table at Hermione. “You know I love you, but I’m not ready for that just yet. Harry and I have to practice with the best players if we want to play in the World Cup. The teams get selected in three months. I can’t leave now.” Ron hoped Hermione would understand.

“Well then, that’s that.” Hermione replied and Ron smiled and nodded and went to start to eat again, but noticed Hermione leaving the table.

“Hey, are you not eating?” Ron asked.

“No, I’m leaving.” Hermione responded heading to their room to pack.

“Leaving?” Ron asked as he too got up and followed Hermione into their bedroom.

“Yes, leaving Ron, I told you what I wanted and it’s not what you want. We have grown apart instead of together. Can’t you see that?” She looked at Ron and tried to find some kind of understanding in his eyes, but there was none. She could see his face turn red and his face tense up in anger.

“There is nothing to see. Obviously you have made up your mind. Do what you like.” Ron said and stormed out of the room. Hermione heard him curse under his breath, heard him rummaging for his keys and finally heard the door slam behind him as he left.

Hermione sat down on their bed, and cried. She packed her belongings, wrote a letter to Harry and Ginny and left.