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100 Writing Prompts

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“Do you believe in Greek Mythology?” his voice was just a gentle whisper in my ear. I could feel his breath against my skin as we laid there under the blanket. As I stared into his eyes, I saw that he was being serious. I merely shrugged.

“I can’t say that I do when there’s no proof of their existence.” I replied softly. My heart jumped into my throat at feeling him laying a tender kiss to the side of my neck.

“I do,” he mumbled in between kisses, “I’ve always admired Athena, the Goddess of War,” another kiss greeted my skin, “weaving,” his kisses were getting to be too much now, “and wisdom.”

“she reminds me of you actually.”

I suddenly looked up at him with a frown. “Wait, what? How is Athena like me?”

“Because,” His eyes grew soft, “She’s beautiful, kind, and strong.” He leaned in as he said this and kissed me deeply, “Just like you.”

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The wind tossed his hair all about, making it hard for him to see, but that didn’t stop him. He just brushed his dark locks back out of his face before walking on. The smooth, gritty sand felt good against his bare feet as he walked across the white dirt. Mike always loved coming to the beach. Maybe not as much as he loved music and equestrian related hobbies but it was still high up there on his list. There was something about coming to the sea that made him forget all his troubles. Maybe it was the saltiness of the sea being carried on the wind, or the gentleness of the sand as he crossed it or the soft thrum of the ocean waves slapping against the beach, trying to reach for some nonexistent item on the sandy shores.

Mike Rutherford was about to take another step when he saw her. A young woman with long mouse colored hair, big steel grey eyes, and the crooked smile gracing her face as she laid there on the towel. Her eyes were closed and her body was perfectly still. He could only guess that she was sunbathing. Usually this beach would be empty around this time of day, but there something about this girl keeping him from disturbing her. Her beauty was truly captivating but Mike did nothing. He just left her alone and started to walk on

The musician barely took a step past the sunbather when he heard a voice speaking to him. It was such a sweet gentle voice that seemed to sing to you. “Excuse me.” the voice said again, only this time, Mike actually looked back. He found the sunbathing brunette staring up at him with her big steel colored eyes. Her pink lips pulled back into a slightly sensuous smile as she spoke a third time. “You’re standing in my light.” It wasn’t really a request or a demand to move, and it wasn’t rude, or annoyed. It was just a soft spoken statement that could be taken either way. But there was still that mysterious allure that was drawing Mike to her.

Michael John Cleote Crawford Rutherford merely smiled at the woman staring up at him, feeling his heart beating quickly in his chest. She was even more beautiful then he initially thought, but he suppressed this thought and smiled once more. “My apologies, Miss.” He said softly and he took a big step to the right before continuing on. But he only took a three steps, which would possibly be maybe one step to a average sized child before hearing her voice again.


“Excuse me?” Mike asked, blinking in confusion. When the bassist looked back at her, the woman uttered a soft chuckle and batted her eyelashes or maybe it was his imagination.

“My name; it’s Crystal.” The woman said once more, stunning Mike even more. “It’s customary for humans to introduce themselves to each other, right?” He nodded with a small, sheepish smile and she continued. “Well, may I have your name?”

“Mike, Mike Rutherford.” The man said gently. Another smile tugged at his lips. It’s all he could do. He was never a conversationalist. He was just a plain quiet young man unless he was with his loved ones. This beautiful young woman was smiling and trying to make conversation with him.

“Well, then, Mike Rutherford, it was very nice to meet you. Let’s meet again some time.” She said this just as the wind started to blow. Mike just laughed a bit, unable to find the right response to this, but when he went to look at her again, the girl was gone, leaving behind nothing but the blue ribbon that was around one of her wrists.

Feeling more bewildered than anything else, Mike just gently picked up the ribbon and gently tied it around his own wrist. Maybe he could find the owner of this ribbon and return it to her. After all, she couldn’t have just disappeared into thin air, could she?