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That Special Touch - Take what you want

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It had been three days since Norman and I had had sex. In his bedroom. In the bathroom. On the massage table. Three day since I hadn't seen him or spoken to him, but he had texted a few 'Norm-isms' from the set.

Didileavea hicky?

Somehow Mandy had failed to notice that I hadn’t come home that night. But she knew something was up, I was jumpy when my text alert chimed, I was fussing with my hair more and then there were the dreams, well, she didn’t know about those. I was out of the house before her alarm went off today. Norman and I were scheduled for a 6am session before he went to the set.

I had never crossed that line with any of my clients before. And I sure as hell never expected to. But when the sexiest man on television initiates sex, how can a woman say no. That was then, and this was today’s session. I had no reason to think that our encounter would be more than a one time thing. Hell, he had a model in New York that came into town fairly regularly that he was involved with, though he was keeping it quiet. Dating? Fucking? I didn’t know which.

His coffee cup was on the back railing, still steaming, not the first time I had found it there. He could be a little scattered in the morning. I picked it up and brought it in as I let myself into the open back door. His cat was waiting to go out and I held the door. My breath hitched. He was standing at the island in the middle of the kitchen, at his laptop. He was wearing a pair of sleeping pants, the kind that tie at the waist and have a cute pattern, this one was blue and green plaid and no shirt. I had seen those before, he never pulled them up high enough, I could see the top of his hips and the start of his crack. But it was the long lean muscles up his back, he hadn’t been this cut when I met him during season one, but now. The devil tattoos on his right shoulder twitched as he typed, I set the coffee mug next to him.

Norman was on the phone, mostly listening. I never bothered him when he was working so I smiled in his direction and started into the living room. I was surprised when I felt him tap me on the shoulder and I turned to him. He was still listening to the person talking but he mouthed ‘good morning’ and pulled me in for a hug. None of this was completely unusual but now I was over thinking it all. Did he hug longer than normal? Was there more smile than I was used to? He kissed me on the forehead, YES, that was not something I was expecting. He went back to his computer and his phone call. I set things up quietly in the living and waited for him to wrap his call.

I placed the massage table in its usual spot, the scene of the crime so to speak. Where our sex adventure had begun the other day. I smoothed the sheets then went back into the kitchen to let him know I was ready. He was tossing stuff into his backpack and told the person on the phone that he had to get going. “Yeah, my favorite person with magic hands needs me to get undressed. I’ll talk to you later.” He hung up and finished typing his last email.

“I’m all yours Holly.” He closed the laptop and silenced his phone. A sip of coffee and he was past me to the living room. He had probably had more random sex than I did, he seemed as if he hadn’t really given the whole thing a single thought. If he could let it go, so could I. “I got like fourteen hours on set today.” He untied his sleep pants and they slid to the floor. It happened so quickly I didn’t have time to turn away. He stood naked in front of me and I stared longer than I should have. “Past modesty I assume?” He turned and smiled, he was so beautiful. Norman pulled down the sheet and lay down on the table.

I paused, recomposed myself and went to the edge of the table. “Whatever you are comfortable with.” Face down, I fixed the sheet over his body and then started by sliding my hands over his back. Even with a sheet between us his body felt amazing. I folded it down to his hips and filled my hands with unscented oil, warming it for a moment before I slid my palms along his skin. Long muscles tracked up and down his body and I closed my eyes, if I looked too long at those black tattoos I would want to kiss them, again. This was more exploratory, figuring out what was tight and where I would need to focus my time. He left shoulder was its usual knot, all that crossbow carrying. For the most part he was in good shape, today would be about maintenance and relaxation.

Thankfully I had given enough massages to him over the years that my brain went on autopilot as I worked my hands over his muscles. As my hands drifted over his tattoos my mind floated back to Monday. Glimpses of moments, naked and sweaty. On his bed where he pushed inside of me, our faces close enough to kiss but just looking into each other’s eyes. That playful smirk of his, as I contracted my muscles around him bringing him closer to orgasm. In the bathroom I was on my knees as he leaned against the counter, one hand in my hair, the other touching his face in that way he did when he was struggling to stay focused, the back of his hand along his forehead. It was the third time he had cum and the second that I had tasted him. Less forceful this time around but he tasted just as delicious.

My mind couldn’t seem to get past the cuddling in his bed though. I never expected to spend the night, hell I had been about to sneak away when he woke and we ended up in the shower together. But now the sun was coming up and we were wrapped together. God his scent around me. Sex for sure, but this underlying smell of cigarettes and whisky that we had shared hours earlier. When he slept it seemed to be the only time his body slowed down. No more fidgeting and restlessness. I loved the calm that came over him, and I am sure cumming that much helped as well.

I was done with his backside and ready to have him turn over, we seemed to have gotten there so fast as I had been lost in my thoughts. I held the sheet and he turned over with a groan, he had dozed off a bit and I was disturbing his relaxing. I fixed the sheet and vowed not to scope his package, as I did just about every time he was on my table. He was awake and fidgeting now. He talked in vague details about his long day ahead, never giving away any of the show plot but expectations of bumps and bruises. He had a crossbow-heavy day coming, lots of manipulating for the camera and some hand-to-zombie combat. They had been going over it all week and today was the shoot.

“You available tonight?” I ran my hands down the length of his arms and worked my thumbs into his palm. “In case I get my ass kicked.” I smiled and nodded. Norman wrapped his fingers around mine and stopped me in my tracks. Our eyes locked and I waited to see what he was going to do next. “In case I want to give you a massage.”

I panicked, this was how it had all started three days ago, him turning the massage tables on me. “I um… I can be around. Just text me.” I didn’t know what to say. He let go of my hand and we finished the massage, business as usual. When I was done I let him discretely get off the table and get ready for work as I cleaned up. He and I were ready to leave at the same time and we met at the kitchen door.

I was letting the cat back in as he came up behind me, back pack and helmet in hand. “Are we cool?” He stepped between me and the door. “I mean, did I fuck everything up the other day?” He was as sincere as I had ever seen him.

Honesty seemed to be the best policy. “Yeah, we’re cool. I’m just not normally the hook-up kinda girl.” I hugged him, completely out of character for me, he was always the one to initiate the hugs. “Just getting my head straight.” We hugged for a while, not sexual, more centering, at least for me. He kissed the top of my head and we parted.

I watched him ride his motorcycle out of the driveway.