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The Sweet Smell of Citrus

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10th February 1500 – Rome

At last the time had come. Nightfall was arriving, heralded by a purple twilight that coloured the heavens. The last rays of the sun touched the edge of the horizon, colouring it a deep amber.

Rome in twilight was beautiful. The city stretched in front of him in the fading amber light. A few people still milled about, but less than during the day.

Ezio watched quietly from his perch on the rooftop as the amber dwindled and the sky purpled. His heat was nearly here. He could feel it in his arms and legs: the burn in his thighs as he tried standing or crouching. His arms shivered whenever a wave of heat swept his body.

The wetness between his legs was growing uncomfortable the longer he kept his clothes on yet Ezio relished the sensation. Sticky garments were unpleasant, but in this scenario they were the harbingers of his second proper heat of adulthood.

So far the lead-up to his second adult heat was much better than his first. It was intense yes, but more endurable. Alberto had agreed with Ezio that this heat should be far more pleasurable, partly due to the presence of his Alpha.

His Alpha…Ezio inhaled sharply at the reminder and tilted his head to stare directly upwards. Faint stars were beginning to shine more brightly as the purple twilight darkened. In a fit of poetic thought Ezio wondered if he were like the stars: steadily growing stronger and more confident in whom he was, an Omega who had chosen the life of an Assassin and was happy as both.

Snorting at this, Ezio looked back at the horizon and saw the sun finally sink beyond the veil. Purple mingled into black as the heavens grew more shadowed. The stars burned more brightly and the moon, slender in figure, showed pale.

His blood surged as his body sang with a strong wave of pleasure. Gasping, Ezio was a flush with heat. Sweat prickled his skin. His belly twitched as his arousal spread as an ache through his groin, belly and lower back.

Ezio discretely pressed his palm over his half-hard cock, hand dipped under his heavy robe to his nightshirt. The cloth was damp with his essence while the back clung to his bottom. Realising his heat was abruptly surging to the fore, impatient as it was after years of repression, Ezio managed to stand on shaky legs and carefully stepped down the ladder from the roof.

Alberto, lovely face frowning in worry, met him at the bottom. He said nothing however, merely gently took his arm and led Ezio to his bedroom.

They entered a vastly different room to the one Ezio had left. A fire was burning lowly in the fireplace to stave off night chills. Ezio knew he would be thankful later, when he and La Volpe rested from their passions, but currently the extra warmth was too much for his hot body.

He was rapidly approaching the moment of discarding his clothing.

Alberto steered him past the fire to the door that led to the bedchamber. A sweet aroma greeted them and Ezio smiled as his he relaxed slightly. A faint breeze from the open windows helped distribute the aroma.

“Incense Alberto?”

“I thought it would be a comforting reminder,” answered Alberto softly, brown eyes warm.

Ezio glanced at the braziers burning steadily and recalled Leonardo’s workshop where similar incense had been lit.

“It is my friend, thank you. I find the scent…soothing.”

Alberto smiled as he positioned him by the small table laden with a bowl and jug of water. He unlaced the front of Ezio’s nightshirt then tugged it off. The warm night air caressed his flushed skin and Ezio gasped.

It was good. Embarrassed by the keening sound he emitted Ezio looked down from Alberto. He felt wicked standing there, aroused by a breeze – and wicked was not a word he used.

“Ezio,” said Alberto firmly.

Startled by his friend’s harsh tone Ezio looked up. Alberto was scowling at him and Ezio, despite his shame wished to laugh. He managed not to, for he doubted his friend would appreciate being told he was even prettier when scowling.

Though the hard glint in the deep brown eyes suggested an unpleasant surprise to anyone thinking they could fool the Omega. Ezio could well believe that Alberto’s children fell prey to it quite frequently.

“Yes Alberto?”

“Do not be ashamed at feeling desire from a gust of wind, the pull of your clothes or your legs rubbing together. As my Alpha has lectured me countless of times, it is natural. We are permitted to enjoy these sensations and to accept them as part of ourselves.”

Alberto cupped his face, thumbs rubbing gentle circles over his cheeks, voice fierce. “Like you did before, allow yourself to feel and to enjoy yourself.”

“Your Alpha, Alberto is truly a good man.”

Ezio found his voice was thick, heart shattering anew as he realised for all his acceptances a part of him was still afraid and uncertain.

On impulse, ignoring his nakedness Ezio embraced Alberto. Alberto didn’t mind just squeezed tightly before letting go.

“And your Alpha is truly a good man.” The other Omega grinned as he poured water into the bowl and dipped the wash cloth in the water.

He wiped it over Ezio’s arms and legs, wiping away some of his slick so Ezio could relax if only briefly. His body was aflame with desire that was curling through him, making him ache for an Alpha.

Finishing, Alberto rinsed the cloth and dipped it into the jug so he could dab his own face. His clothes were streaked with some of Ezio’s essence but he ignored that with a grin.

“Just recall what I said a month ago: tell La Volpe what you need as he cannot read your mind.”

Ezio stretched to try and relieve the growing ache in his back and the yearning for oranges that now throbbed under his skin, sang in blood and left him running his tongue over his teeth.

“I shall my dear friend.”

 Glancing at the bed Ezio swallowed. “Is it time?”

“Yes,” was said in a whisper. Alberto clasped Ezio’s hands briefly then helped him to the bed. Arranging the covers so he was covered, Alberto fussed with his hair, running soothing fingers through Ezio’s black locks.

“If you require anything I or Agnese will be close by.”

Ezio caught his friend’s hand as he stepped back. “Thank you my friend.” A firm squeeze. “For everything.”

Alberto nodded and departed. Ezio reclined against the pillows, which left him in a sitting position in the bed. His body ached with need and passion, his slick trickling down between his legs. His cock was harder, nearly full and Ezio was desperate to touch it, yet nervous.

He wanted his Alpha but also was afraid.

As passion and nerve collided, leaving him shuddering from passion and indecision, the door to the bedchamber opened.

La Volpe had arrived.

~ *~

La Volpe was dressed only in a thin nightshirt that did little to conceal his slender form. Ezio’s gaze dropped down against his will and he swallowed at the outline of a thick manhood. His Alpha was half-hard already.

Twisting his hands in the cover, Ezio was acutely aware of the slick seeping from his bottom to trickle down his legs and gathering between his thighs. It was…strange, still foreign to be producing so much. Yet Ezio remembered his first heat and the pleasure that had followed when he was dripping like this – no when he had been soaking.

The brief flash of the ivory dildo he had used – and stored secretly and safely among his belongings – had Ezio squirming. He was mortified to be thinking of such things while his Alpha stood gazing at him so Ezio tried to speak.

“La…” Ezio trailed off as La Volpe shut the door and approached the bed.

The thief’s footsteps were silent as ever, but his eyes while darkened by desire, were also shadowed by the love he held for his Omega. Ezio licked dry lips at the tender expression on the normally stern features.

His Alpha’s voice was soothing and gentle when he answered him.

“Ezio, my Omega, you are in heat. Are you happy for me to join you?”

His Alpha was actually offering to leave if his Omega so willed it! Ezio wasn’t sure what he had done to deserve such a good man, but while he was in some measure scared he certainly was not going to lose La Volpe to his fear. No other Omega would snatch his prize.

“Yes La Volpe, my Alpha…just…I am trying.”

La Volpe smiled and sat carefully on the end of the bed. “I know. Please know I will never harm you, but you must speak – or if you cannot, then put your hand on my neck. I will know that you wish me to stop.”

Relieved that his Alpha not only understood, but loved him enough to stop was the world, helped ease some of Ezio’s nerves. Thus reassured, Ezio nodded hastily. He could smell La Volpe more properly now he was so close and oh my. Oranges! The underlying citrus scent of his Alpha was a siren song and like the sailors dashed to the rocks for listening to the desires, or entranced by the visions conjured by the singing of the sirens, Ezio was helpless to ignore his Alpha’s scent.

A fresh gush of slick left him and Ezio moaned and arched his body, feeling filthy as his body hummed with the need to be touched. Clenching the covers Ezio whimpered as his cock was now fully hard.

His belly twitched as Ezio breathed in the scent of his Alpha. For a moment he thought he would go mad, then the soothing aroma of incense cut through and Ezio inhaled and was calmed.

Yet still he needed his Alpha and found the plea tumbling from his lips.


“I am here my Omega,” murmured La Volpe who was suddenly there, peeling back the covers, shedding his nightshirt and trailing a calloused hand over Ezio’s naked chest.  

It was too much and not enough. Crying out in shock at finally having an Alpha touch him sexually, Ezio shuddered and lay still, chest heaving and eyes wide as he watched La Volpe.

La Volpe paused and searched his slack jawed expression. Then his lips twitched and he ran his hand once more down his chest to Ezio’s belly. Oh, how his touch enflamed the fire burning under Ezio’s skin, so that Ezio wanted more but also wished the feeling would stop.

Just as Ezio was about to move – either into his Alpha’s ministrations or away from them, he did not rightly know – the cunning fox touched his nipples. Ezio thought then it must be true that a person could die from pleasure.

Finally writhing since La Volpe had laid his hand on Ezio, the Omega arched up into the teasing hand. His Alpha grinned and pinched his left nipple. Gasping at the jolt of pain Ezio was startled at how wonderful it was, how the small pain blossomed into pleasure. Seeing his reaction the thief stole another gasp from him, fingers plucking his nipple like he was pinching a purse from a noble.

Ezio twisted into each pinch relishing the heat building in his belly, aware but not too bothered by how his slick was becoming smeared on the sheets under him. His cock throbbed as his nipple grew sore. Ezio was aghast to realise he needed more.

“Alpha…my fox…my other nipple you bastard.”

Had he truly said that? Ezio stilled in mortification. A laugh drew him from his panicking ruminations to see his Alpha grinning widely. La Volpe laughed again at his expression and shaking his head lowered his mouth to breathe – the bastard – over his neglected right nipple.

“Do not hide in shame my Ezio. It is gratifying to know you find this enjoyable.”

Before Ezio could say anything his Alpha blew on his nipple and Ezio whined pathetically, needy. His hips arched off the bed, his cock desperate to be touched. His Alpha ignored that part of his body and pinched his right nipple before suddenly licking it.

The wet tongue was devious, swirling around the abused nipple, chasing the jolt of pain with kisses and a tender teasing tongue and mouth. Ezio writhed, feeling the pressure mount in his belly so his limbs shook and his insides clenched.

The muscles in his arms strained as Ezio fought not to rise fully off the bed. La Volpe suddenly sneaked a hand down Ezio’s body. His fingers brushed Ezio’s hot flesh leaving the Omega’s blood boiling in their wake. Ezio could only whimper and moan in desire as La Volpe’s mouth left a line of small kisses between his nipples now caressing his left nipple with a clever tongue.

Ezio had no escape, for while his Alpha’s mouth saw to his left breast, his Alpha’s free hand splayed across his right side, a warning to stay as still as possible, but to also flick a nail over his nipple.

The pleasure pain was intense, joining La Volpe’s left hand which now dug fingers into the hair at his groin. Ezio cried out and begged.

“Please La Volpe, please Alpha!”

Ezio felt an old shame smoulder in him at giving into his nature, but it was smothered by his Alpha’s reverent touches, the gleam in La Volpe’s eyes when he checked with Ezio frequently to ensure his Omega was well.

It was exhilaration, a true euphoria, to realise that his Alpha loved him so much that even when revelling in the heat of his Omega, said Alpha desired only for Ezio to be at peace with their actions.

La Volpe glanced up, mouth dripping salvia as he sucked one nipple and his fingers massaged under the other.

The sight was exquisite. All this for me? Caused by me?

La Volpe nodded as if he could read Ezio’s mind and damn! His Alpha’s left hand dipped below him and ran a trembling hand through the copious slick clinging to his thighs. Ezio cried out in surprise when La Volpe massaged just behind his balls. His back bowed and his hips left the bed.

“Easy my Omega,” whispered his Alpha.

Sparks exploded inside Ezio from where La Volpe was pressing behind his balls, causing his belly to flip and tighten as his desire increased. His opening ached to be filled and the yawning chasm within him shrieked ever wider, empty and hungry to be filled.

Then a strong hand moved. The rough glide eliciting more desire as La Volpe cupped his balls all too briefly, before thankfully closing over his leaking cock. Ezio panted, too lost to speak. Having another’s hand on you was definitely much better than your own.

La Volpe squeezed gently ere slowly moving his hand up and down his length. Ezio leaked more essence, the sweet scent designed to help drive his Alpha crazy with want. He was soaking now, slick and essence pooling and dripping as La Volpe shamelessly milked his cock.

Rough fingers dragged up and down his length. His slit was flicked and Ezio shrieked. His Alpha grinned around his mouthful of flesh, where he was marking his pectoral muscle, just above his left nipple. That sinful mouth left small raised red marks over his upper chest, gently kissing scars that crossed Ezio’s muscles. Ezio writhed amid the assaults upon his body with his blood burning so hot he thought he would be consumed.

It was like he was climbing a tall tower, his muscles bunching and burning as he climbed higher. His belly grew heavy as his balls tightened. Ezio struggled to say something yet he could not for his throat was tight with emotion.

All he could do was follow his Alpha to the peak.

“So good my beautiful Ezio, such a wonderful Omega,” crooned La Volpe against his fevered skin. His hand was sure, merciless as it squeezed, pulled, stroked and abruptly cradled his balls and squeezed just so.

Ezio screamed as he reached the peak to only plummet off the pinnacle of the tower in a sharp dive.  His body shook as his belly clenched painfully hard, his legs tensed and his back arched up. His vision went white as he plummeted and his cock pulsed.

His first orgasm with an Alpha – and with an Alpha he loved – left Ezio dazed, the fire in blood temporarily abated.

Collapsing on the bed Ezio’s world came back into focus. He was conscious of his essence staining him and his slick a clinging mess to his bottom, lower back and legs. His chest was sore, but nicely so. La Volpe was beside him, eyes full of love and the corners of his lips twitching in mirth.

Ezio’s cock was spent, but Ezio could feel La Volpe’s hardness against his hip.

“La Volpe…”

“Shush Ezio, I can wait. Are you happy after that?”

 He was, so happy that all he was capable of was nodding. Turning his head Ezio nuzzled into the crook of La Volpe’s neck. The intoxicating scent of oranges was darkened by La Volpe’s activities, taking on a heavier deeper feel.

Ezio felt braver, more like himself after his experience so he flicked out his tongue to taste his Alpha’s sweat. His tongue lapped at the sweat beading the juncture of La Volpe’s neck and chest. Ezio swirled his tongue in the delicious hollow and La Volpe gasped. Ezio sighed. Masculine and heady the flavour of his Alpha caused him to shiver from his head to his toes.

His body, much to Ezio’s surprise, regained interest in the affair. Well, at least his recovery time was going to be faster in his heat!

La Volpe remained still, arm slung over Ezio but unmoving. His Alpha’s eyes were dark pools of desire and love. Oh and his mouth a sinful curve with strands of hair falling over his cheeks and throat.

A picture of want and love…Ezio wanted more even while he waited for his body to fully recover. Feeling again the hardness against his hip, slightly damp at the tip, Ezio decided to be bold.

Stomach lurching with nerves despite his resolve, Ezio pulled away and beckoned his Alpha to lie further in the bed. Clearly confused yet willing to please, the thief did as asked. He even permitted Ezio to push him onto his back with a watchful expectant stare.

Then, ere his courage deserted him, Ezio swung a leg over La Volpe and awkwardly perched on his Alpha’s lap.

“Merda Ezio!” hissed La Volpe. His lips twisted and his voice was strained. Powerful, lean legs pulled up to help cradle Ezio who was aware of La Volpe’s length under his bottom.

Flushing a deep red Ezio could not meet La Volpe’s gaze.

“I can move if you wish..?”

“Don’t you dare,” panted his Alpha, “if you are happy where you are then so am I.”

Calloused hands tenderly gripped his hips, thumbs stroking circular motions. The sensation was very nice, if too gentle so Ezio used one hand to squeeze over La Volpe’s left hand. His Alpha raised an eyebrow and smirked.

He tightened his hold and Ezio knew there would be bruises. The knowledge had heat flare in his belly again and his cock twitched. His slick was pooling over La Volpe’s manhood so Ezio shifted carefully.

Both of them gasped as Ezio’s backside dragged over La Volpe’s aching member. It was wonderful. The feeling of his Alpha’s thick manhood sliding under him, rubbing over his cleft and leaving a trail of leaking semen was thrilling, liberating.

It made him release more slick and rub more wantonly against his Alpha. Ezio realised La Volpe had screwed his eyes shut and was breathing painfully slowly, obviously to attempt not to orgasm.

Good. Ezio was not ready yet for that to happen. For while the drag of that superlative length against his bottom was perfection it did nothing to calm the hunger inside; rather the terrible emptiness inside him was screaming once more.

Determined to feed that emptiness Ezio recalled the ivory dildo he had used. Cheeks scarlet with embarrassment Ezio planted both hands on the bed either side of the thief. Using all his strength, Ezio flipped them over so he was under his Alpha. The muscles in legs bunched and flexed.

La Volpe laughed in delight at his actions and showered him with kisses over his throat, mouth and forehead. His nose nuzzled Ezio’s beard which was sexier than Ezio had imagined.

“My wonderful cheeky Omega, so brave and sweet.”

Ezio blinked back tears of relief. The adoration of his Alpha kept shocking him. He hoped it would never end, even when the shock wore off.

“What would you like?”

Ezio swallowed, heart pounding, blood singing.

“You, my Alpha, La Volpe.”

La Volpe nodded, serious as he stroked Ezio’s temple and cheek.

“Very well, but it would be easier on your knees..?”

Ezio appreciated the offer for him to refuse and select a different position, but he knew that it would be easier and well…maybe when they…knotted it wouldn’t be such a strain. Aroused by the idea of being tied to La Volpe, of the fox being tied to him; Ezio again acted without hesitation.

Struggling to turn on sheets streaked by their activities, Ezio managed to turn and kneel once La Volpe understood what he was doing. It was in a way scary to display himself so openly to someone and for a brief moment he shuddered at exposing his vulnerable back, no blade to hand.

Suddenly La Volpe’s hands were soothing his back, stroking in strong firm flows over his muscles. Lips kissed over a scar he had gained as a youth. A tender mouth favoured a fading bruise while a tongue chased shivers across his skin.

Moaning Ezio spread his legs and bowed his head. He yearned for La Volpe. His heat was quickening, blood singing louder as his passion increased. His cock was a heavy weight between his legs, as his hole quivered with need.

Ezio hadn’t thought it possible to release so much slick as was now dripping out of him.

“Please my love.”

La Volpe inhaled sharply at his endearment. When he spoke his voice was low, rough with joy and lust. “Relax my love, I am here.”

Slender hands fell to his bottom, one hand holding him open while the other…

“AH!” cried Ezio, arms shaking.

La Volpe chuckled, the bastard.

He dipped his thumb in the cleft between Ezio’s buttocks and rubbed over Ezio’s quivering entrance. Ezio jerked and La Volpe warningly squeezed the mound of flesh he was holding open. Whimpering at the pressure Ezio gritted his teeth and shut his eyes on the pleasure and pressure trailing like chords from his lower half.

La Volpe kissed his slick wet bottom, rubbing his cheek against hot skin. Ezio thought he would he die and then the fox slid a finger into him and Ezio realised he would die over and over.

La Volpe wriggled his finger inside Ezio, allowing Ezio to ride out the weird sensation.

He seemed awed by being finally inside Ezio, who realised he had to remind his Alpha he needed more, Ezio pushed backwards with a pointed moan.

“Merda Ezio,” swore La Volpe, but to Ezio’s smug joy he added a second finger and began crooking his fingers, stretching his slick coated insides. Ezio felt his muscles relaxing, growing looser. Knowing he had to stop from clamping on La Volpe’s fingers, Ezio focused on breathing slowly and relaxing his body.

It worked enough that La Volpe could slide a third finger…searching, stretching and digging in until Ezio cried out. He jerked forwards as his cock twitched happily, leaking essence. The spark at touching that secret place within Ezio had his belly flood with warmth. His stomach muscles clenched and Ezio writhed on those delightful evil fingers.


Ezio felt his reluctance and nerves fall away in the wake of feeling his Alpha touch that sweet place inside his body.

Ezio needed more than an ivory imitation, he needed his Alpha.

Ezio needed. Needed…He needed so badly.

Pushing back firmly Ezio stilled and waited.

He needed to be an Omega – without care or concern.

He was an Assassin and had carried his troubles, physical and mental for so many years; always as the protector. Now he could rest at last and be cared for without shame or censure.

Please, begged Ezio silently, know what I need, I have not the words La Volpe. Sorry Alberto.

A flare of pain as La Volpe graced his hip with a bite, swiftly followed with a soothing kiss.

“Of course Ezio, do please bare your neck if you wish me to enter you.”

Grateful beyond reason, Ezio tilted his head to one side and his Alpha sighed. It was a long release of happiness. La Volpe released his grip on his bottom and the bed shifted.

A hot muscled body stretched over his back and Ezio relished the slender frame covering him. La Volpe’s warm body heat over his had his blood screaming and Ezio rubbing excitedly against his Alpha. The lean muscles were a perfect contrast to his more muscled form though La Volpe was taller. Their bodies were covered in a fine sheen of sweat, salvia and in places slick and essence.

The best was La Volpe’s hardness pressing against his bottom, slipping into his cleft and rubbing against his ready hole.

Ezio groaned deep and long. He had to have that inside him. Curling his fingers into the sheets, Ezio lowered his shoulders to help; purposefully raising his bottom so La Volpe was forced to temporarily unfold his chest from Ezio’s back.

Groaning at Ezio’s actions, La Volpe at last put one hand on Ezio’s hip and used the other to guide himself to Ezio’s entrance. The tip slipped in easily and Ezio gasped.


La Volpe moaned only and continued guiding his manhood into Ezio. Slowly, ever so slowly, he sank into Ezio.

Ezio felt the stretch despite La Volpe’s ministrations and relished the burn as his body adjusted. His body unfolded for the determined thief, the fire in his belly licking hot flames so he felt awash with awareness. Sparks of pleasure spiralled from inside to his groin, his cock fully hard and leaking shamelessly, to his belly twitching and clenching. His body strained ere relaxing as Ezio relaxed for the foreign intrusion.

Finally La Volpe was sheathed in him, balls pressed against his backside, his length filling Ezio so snugly Ezio sighed. He was full yet the ache was still there so he whimpered, wriggling. His Alpha squeezed painfully hard and Ezio knew his hip would be bruised.

It sent a swirl of desire through him and Ezio grinned. Licking his lips Ezio felt the tremble in his thighs and the slick soaking his legs and his Alpha. He didn’t care any longer, instead it just made his blood hotter, allowed him to better scent his Alpha.

Oranges, polish from his weapons, a virile aroma reminding Ezio of plants growing strong in the sun. Interwoven among that was the delicate hint of the incense, a soothing balm amid the heat madness. The calming smell relaxed Ezio so he could relish his Alpha and realise with a shudder that…

His Alpha was ready to breed.

Ezio gasped at that, drinking down his own flavour: the tang of metal from his blades, the deep yet refreshing scent of fertility, like rich soil waiting for growth.

He was ready to be bred. The thought, the knowledge made his belly flip and Ezio wanted to fulfil those very instinctual longings.

La Volpe smelled his decision and drew back, his hard length dragging out leaving horrid emptiness before pushing back in.

“Ah,” moaned Ezio.

He was empty then full and it was agony and ecstasy.

His Alpha hastily built a fast pace, both of them understanding they wouldn’t last long.

La Volpe was merciless driving in with hard thrusts that after a few tries slammed against that spot which had sparks erupting in Ezio. The ripple of his internal muscles around the hot length that fanned the fires within him was beautiful.

Ezio writhed upon the thick manhood of his Alpha as he was opened up. When his Alpha withdrew he was empty and his body clenched, crying in relief at the pressure being gone, yet missing it.

It was too much and not sufficient. La Volpe’s hand on his hip was an anchor as the Alpha panted heavily through the slide. His balls slapped wetly against Ezio and a slender hand smeared Ezio’s slick over Ezio’s own hardness.

Those clever fingers would pull Ezio’s cock to disappear as they petted his leg before gathering more essence and slick and fondling his balls.

He was fit to burst, arm muscles struggling to hold him up, legs feeling his Alpha’s body behind him. His blood was singing, singing yet unable to reach the crescendo until…

“Ezio!” La Volpe snarled and abruptly his Alpha was pressed along his back and nudging his head to one side again. In a daze of desire Ezio obeyed and felt a hot mouth close over his flesh. His Alpha sucked and jerked his hips one last time, hitting ruthlessly that spot in Ezio.

The hand shifted to his cock and Ezio screamed as his orgasm tore through him at the combination of a hand squeezing and pulling, of his Alpha hitting his spot simultaneously. Teeth closed on his neck over his bonding gland.

Everything was alight, his singing blood thudding furiously in his veins as his belly clenched and he came surrounded by his Alpha. He drifted, aware of the bond forming, vestiges of consciousness twining around him.

The warmth from his Alpha increased as the pressure inside him swelled, semen released in pulses, as his Alpha’s knot flourished. The pressure made him groan and shift only to have La Volpe growl around his mouthful.

Stilling, Ezio gasped as his Alpha’s seed seemed to multiply, causing his belly to become fuller and heavier. It was on the edge of pain, stomach distended and the pressure of that knot stretching his insides.

His Alpha was pressed tightly against his bottom, legs pressed against his, all hot skin and lean muscle. La Volpe’s seed still came in thick waves, stuffing him so much Ezio thought he might drown.

It was glorious, the pleasure and the pain as the emptiness vanished.  

Oh merda, he was full, that terrible aching loneliness was gone.

Sobbing in happiness Ezio relaxed as his Alpha’s seed slowed and stopped coming. The knot remained, fixing Ezio and La Volpe together. The knot was large and a firm pressure but one that reminded Ezio – and La Volpe who was panting through the overwhelming sensation – that they were Alpha and Omega in truth.

La Volpe raised his head from Ezio as they relaxed from the intense orgasm and carefully lowered them to the bed, adjusting their bodies so they lay on their sides.

Ezio felt the wash of tenderness from his Alpha across their bond and pushed back his joy, his peace and his thank you.

La Volpe licked the bite on Ezio’s neck and he shivered. Ezio wanted to be touched, wanted that wonderful knot to stay; or at least for now.

La Volpe understood and hummed in joy. His contentment was pure, mixed with the slow smouldering passion as they rode out their aftermath of their orgasms. Ezio no longer felt as if the fire in him was burning wildly, instead it was smouldered, feasting on the seed weighing his belly and the newly made bond thrumming with energy.

Wriggling naughtily so he could feel La Volpe’s cock in him just that bit better Ezio grinned tiredly as La Volpe held him with one arm.

Snuggling into his Alpha’s hold Ezio allowed sleep to pull him for he was at peace.

~ *~