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Buffy was sitting on the check out counter munching on an apple when Faith and her Watcher walked in. The brunette Slayer had a slight smirk on her face, and Buffy wrinkled her nose. Tossing away the apple core, she hopped off the counter.

Carrying a tray, Giles exited his office. "Tea?"

Wesley seemed surprised at the civility, but nodded and joined his fellow Watcher at the table. "I thought perhaps the girls could train before patrol. Do you have a gymnasium?"

Giles shook his head and poured them each a cup of tea. "There are mats and weapons here. No one ever comes in the Library."

Masking his surprise, Wesley took a sip of his tea.

"So, B, wanna spar?"

Buffy looked into the other Slayer's glittering eyes and narrowed her own. "Sure. Quarter staffs?"

"Sounds good."

A half hour into the sparring each girl had bruises, each had fallen, and each was covered in perspiration. All the pain did was make them more vicious.

Giles cast worrying glances their way, but Wesley seemed perfectly happy with the increasing use of dirty tactics.

Faith's pole whacked across Buffy's knuckles and her cry of pain echoed through the room, as the doors opened and Willow and Cordelia strolled inside. Cordelia's eyebrows immediately arched at the sight of the two Slayers dancing around the room hitting each other with sticks.

"Looks like fun," the cheerleader whispered. Willow giggled.

Wesley rose, his eyes wide and panicked. "I thought you said no one came in here," he hissed at Giles.

Giles rolled his eyes. "There are a few people who know about Buffy's calling."

Sitting back down, the younger Watcher gave his compatriot a narrowed look. "Yes, I recall reading that. It has caused much consternation amongst council members that anyone knows about Buffy's true identity, and that you allowed it to happen. That these civilians, as they were, actually participate in research and slaying...." He shook his head, tsking.

Giles frowned.

Seeing her friends, Buffy backed away from Faith. "That's enough."

"That was fun," was her sister Slayer's smirking reply.

Buffy frowned.

"Buffy, sweat plastered spandex, not your look."

"I hadn't planned to wear it out of here," Buffy shot back.

Cordelia just grinned, swept her eyes disparagingly over the equally sweaty Faith, then turned to admire the new Watcher. "Well, Giles, I'm surprised. Watchers *do* know how to dress."

The older Watcher sighed heavily and pinched the bridge of his nose. "And you are here why?"

Slipping her coat off and revealing her curvaceous body covered in only a dark red slinky dress, Cordelia crossed the room, trying to hide her grin. Stopping in front of Wesley, she held out her hand. "Hello, welcome to Sunnydale. I'm Cordelia Chase."

Flustered, Wesley rose and bowed slightly before taking her hand and placing a kiss on it. "Wesley Wyndham-Price, charmed," he managed to get out without stumbling over his tongue too badly.

Slowly drawing her hand away, Cordelia flipped a grin to Giles. "Hey, Giles, how come you never kissed my hand?"

"Cuz he knows how irritating you are," Buffy quipped, grabbing a towel and wiping the sweat from her face.

"Ha ha."

Buffy grinned and turned her attention to her best friend who was watching the other Slayer's movements like a hawk. Beneath the black leather jacket, Willow wore a matching leather mini skirt, black hose and ankle boots, and a teal sweater.

"You two are all dressed up. Someone having a party and I wasn't invited?"

Willow turned her attention to her best friend and smiled. "We're just Bronzing it. Xander and William are meeting us there."

"You've talked to him today?"

"He's fine. All recovered." Straightening her back, she walked over to the other Slayer who was watching everyone carefully. "I'm Willow, Buffy's best friend."

"Faith. Nice to meet you. Nice leather." Her brows furrowed slightly as something seemed familiar.

"Thanks." As Willow turned her attention to the other Watcher, Faith began to remember elements of her dream, and the redhead in leather.

Wesley smiled politely and shook Willow's hand. "Ah, yes, the computer expert."

"Polite term for hacker." Willow grinned, then looked at Giles. "Anything you need us to do?"

"No, nothing apocalyptic on the horizon. Just be careful. Everything's been very quiet, but that's usually when everything goes wrong." He sighed at the sight of Willow pointedly fingering the collar around her neck. "Yes, well, have fun, too."

"Last night before school starts? No problem, Giles," Cordelia quipped. She looked over at Buffy. "You and your new slay pal want to come along? After you shower and do something with your hair, of course."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "We have to patrol. Maybe we'll stop by later."

"Might find a vampire there." Cordelia smirked.

"Yes, quite." Giles cleared his throat and looked back at Cordelia. "You two run along and enjoy your evening."

"We'll have more fun than you," Cordelia replied with a quick grin. "It was nice to meet you, Mr. Wyndham-Price."

"Wesley, please." He seemed enthralled, and the cheerleader grinned wider.

Rolling her eyes, Willow slipped her arm through Cordelia's and dragged her away from her latest conquest. "Come on, Cordy, the guys are probably already there and I really don't want to find them tearing each other to pieces." She glanced at the new Watcher. "Um, not literally of course."

As the two girls headed out of the Library, Faith grabbed her bag and turned to Buffy. "Is there a shower around here?"

"Yeah, we can get into the gym." She picked up her own bag and led the way.

"Why don't you work out there?"

Buffy shrugged. "Might get caught, and Giles would have to lug all his books there to give him something to do."

"Watchers. They do like their musty books."

"Oh yeah."

They slipped into the darkened locker room and Buffy hit the lights. Dumping her bag on a bench, she stripped off her clothes as Faith did the same, wincing slightly at the bruises on her shoulders.

"Sorry about that," Faith apologized at the sight of the red marks.

Buffy shrugged. "It's okay. It's kind of nice to work out with an equal." She noted the purpling mark on the other girl's thigh. "I got you pretty good, too."

Naked, they both grinned at each other, linked by mutual strength and ability, then headed for the shower. As they stood under the hot spray, making use of the vanilla scented soap and shampoo Buffy carried with her, they put aside the rather vicious training session.

"So, I can see the use of a computer hacker, but what's the brunette do for you?"

Buffy choked back a laugh. "Well, she kind of stumbled into the truth about vampires, and then she started dating my other best friend, so...Basically she cheerleads."

"For real?" Faith arched an eyebrow, then ducked her soapy hair under the shower spray.

"Yep. Captain of the squad. But, she's really tough too. Drove off a vampire with a spatula and her bitchy attitude once."

Faith laughed. "Do your friends patrol with you?"

"Not very often, but they all insist on being there to help out when we face the big nasties. Without them, the world would have gone to hell a long time ago."

"Serious?" Glancing at the blonde, Faith could see that she was completely serious. "Wow. I doubt any of my friends would be any help, even if Wes would allow it."

"Well, Giles never had much of a choice." Buffy grinned. "Willow proved her worth almost immediately after she discovered the truth about Sunnydale and me, using the computer to hack into the plans for the city's underground tunnels."

"She's pretty. She's got a boyfriend?"

Buffy winced as she loofahed her sore shoulders. "Hm? Oh, yeah, well he's not really a boy. He's, y'know, an adult, but they've been dating for nearly a year."

"What about you? You have a boytoy?"

Buffy nearly choked on the water in her face as she pictured Angel's reaction to being called that. "I have a...there's a guy, yeah."


Turning off the water, Buffy grabbed a towel and exited the shower ahead of Faith, wondering just what she was supposed to call Angel since the Watchers Council knew about Angel's change into Angelus. Why couldn't he have a boring name like Bob?


The Bronze wasn't very crowded. School resumed the next day, and most teenagers had parents around to actually care about them getting good nights' sleeps. Willow and Cordelia swept their eyes over the mix of teenagers and locals--the college students not back in town yet--and mutually sighed at the sight of Spike on one side of the club and Xander on the other.

Both males were glowering at each other.

Both girls looked at each other, then split up.

Willow flew into Spike's arms, careful not to touch his back.

"You can hug me, luv. I'm all healed."

She tightened her grip. "I'm so glad. I know you told me when you phoned this afternoon, but you lie so well." She grinned up at him and found herself hungrily kissed.

"Tonight, we go straight to your place."

"Uh huh." A tingle of desire blossomed in the pit of her stomach and she grinned wickedly up at him.

"So, did you meet the new Slayer?" Spike asked as he wrapped one arm around her waist and guided her towards their usual corner.

"Yeah. She's..." Willow shrugged and leaned against him. "She and Buffy were sparring. They seem pretty evenly matched."

"Typical Slayer strength, then."


"I still can't believe she nearly killed Dru," Spike growled softly, remembering Willow's cautious recitation of the events of the night before.

"By the time Dru got me home, she was really losing it. She probably forgot she was supposed to avoid Faith. Does Angel know yet?"

"He'll never know, if I can help it," Spike promised. They reached the couches and sat down on the one opposite Cordelia and Xander.

"The new Watcher's kind of cute, in a stuffy British way," Cordelia teased. "And someone taught him to dress."

Xander scowled and Spike chortled.

"Behave," Willow murmured, lightly smacking Spike's wrist.

"Impossible," he murmured back, nipping her ear lobe.

"Oh gross!"


After two hours of patrolling without finding one vampire, Buffy was beginning to wonder if Angel, in a fit of rage, had killed them all. Faith was antsy, nearly bouncing out of her skin.

"This is fucking insane. I thought this place was supposed to be nearly overrun with vamps."

"Maybe it's a religious holiday." Buffy shrugged and frowned as they exited the fourth cemetery of the evening. "Come on, the Bronze is just a couple blocks away. Vampires sometimes hang out there. It's the club where all the teenagers go."

"I could use a cup of coffee," Faith said in agreement. "I didn't realize it got cold in southern California."

"We even had snow on Christmas and New Year's Day. Well, it flurried and melted as soon as it hit the ground."

"It's easy to track vamps through snow, but then with the sun here you probably don't have as many overcast days for them to be out roaming around in, so I guess it all balances out."


Wesley took a deep breath and set down his empty cup. "Your Slayer appears to be well trained, in the staff, at least."

Giles bristled, but kept his control. "Perhaps tomorrow we should patrol with them and you can see Buffy in action."

"P--patrol?" The younger Watcher appeared startled. "I don't actually patrol with Faith. Of course, Boston only contains the ordinary kind of vampires."

Smirking slightly, Giles leaned back in his chair. "You won't find ordinary here. I try to patrol with Buffy at least once a week, depending on what kind of supernatural crises we have going on here."

"To be perfectly honest, I thought you were exaggerating the extent of your involvement in her patrolling when I read your journal entries."

Giles smirked some more, but his smirk turned to a frown at the younger Watcher's next words.

"Slayers should be trusted to patrol on their own, to do their duty and slay and report back. We are here to train and prepare, not to pamper."

Beneath the table, Giles snapped a pencil between two clenched fingers.


On entering the Bronze, Buffy let the music wash over her and expanded her senses. One vampire blinked on her radar and she grinned at the sight of Spike slow dancing with Willow to a hard pounding rock beat that every one else on the dance floor was gyrating to.

"Do you sense any vampires?" Faith asked, her brow furrowing. "I'm still surprised that I felt that one last night. I never have before. Wes says it takes work and time to hone that skill."

"None here, but we can hang for a bit, see if any show. And, yeah, it took me about nine months or so to be able to sense them. Demons are so much easier, you know, because of the tendency to have horns and green skin and slime."

They headed for the bar and ordered coffee. Faith turned away from the bar as she waited for her cappuccino to be prepared, and caught sight of Willow almost making love on the dance floor to the guy from the night before. "Your friend's boyfriend's a hottie."

"Hm? Oh, yeah."

Faith smirked and picked up her coffee. The two Slayers joined Cordelia and Xander, taking two of the easy chairs as the pair were cuddling on one couch, and the other couch was draped in leather.

"Hi, Xander Harris," Xander introduced himself.

"Faith." She ran her eyes appreciatively over the rather mussy looking young man, noting the strength in his wiry body and the determination in his friendly brown eyes.

Cordelia noticed the interest and wrapped her hand around Xander's bicep. "And, I'm Cordelia."

"Yeah, so Buffy said. The cheerleader."

Cordelia's eyes darkened. "Among other things."

"And what do you do, Xander?" Faith turned her attention fully on the boy.

"Gopher," he replied cheerfully, hugging Cordelia against his side as he sensed her jealous anger. "I'm really good at donut fetching."

"He's slain his share of vampires," Buffy replied. "All my friends have."

Xander grinned at her, silently thanking her for bolstering his ego. "And I'm weapon carrying guy. Fetched a rocket launcher once, that was fun."

"Picking up pieces of blue demon guy was *not* fun," Cordelia recalled.

"Clean up guy, I do that well, too."

Cordelia smacked his arm.

The music changed and Willow smiled happily up at Spike, seeing the desire in his eyes and feeling a shiver go through her body. The night before had been sweet and pleasurable with Buffy, but she and Spike had planned to be together.

It was getting to the point that neither of them liked spending a night apart.

Together they walked off the dance floor towards the group in the corner, and, as they neared them, Willow asked sweetly, "Can you get me a cup of hot chocolate?"

"Extra whipped cream?" Spike smiled at the pleasure that knowing her little desires and idiosyncrasies brought him.

"Uh huh."

Brushing his lips across her cheek, Spike headed for the bar as Willow plopped down on his leather duster. "Everyone making friends?"

"Yep," Faith said, sipping her coffee. She jerked her head towards Spike. "He's cute. Not in high school, right?"

"Uh, no, William's a bit older than me. He's English."


"Not particularly," Xander muttered, only to sink into his seat at the glare from his girlfriend.

Faith tucked that away in her memory. "So, how'd you meet him?"

Willow's mind went blank for a moment, then she smiled hesitantly. "He saw me dancing here one night. I guess I piqued his interest."

Spike placed his order, a slight smile on his face that vanished as a tingle of recognition ran through him. Turning slowly he scowled into his sire's grinning countenance.

"Ah, isn't that sweet, fetching cocoa for your little human."

Eyes flashing yellow, Spike growled so softly that only another vampire could hear. "Don't push it, Angelus. The other Slayer is here."

"You think I don't know that?" Angel scoffed. "She stands out like a beacon, like my Buffy."

Spike managed not to grin at the possessive term for the blonde Slayer. "And you're here why?"

"Bored." The older male slid his eyes across the crowd, avoiding the corner in which he knew Buffy sat. "Drusilla's locked herself in the bathroom 'pampering' herself for some unfathomable reason."

"So, you're here to pick up a sweet young thing?"

Angel frowned at the sarcasm in his childe's voice. "I'm here because it's either the Bronze of Willies, and the ladies are much more succulent here."

"Not to mention that Buffy hangs out here."

"Don't *you* push it, Spike."


Angel snorted, then frowned even deeper. "Hell. The fucking Watchers know about Angel and Angelus."

"And whose fault is it you have such an odd name for a white boy?" Spike chuckled and picked up Willow's mug. "We could call you Myron. You look like a Myron."

Angel's growl only made Spike grin wider. "I guess I can use my real name."

Those words and the disgusted tone in which they were spit out wiped the grin off the younger male's face. "Real name? You mean it's not Angelus?"

"No. My sister called me her Angel and Darla thought that was cute. The Master decided I needed something more regal."

"So, what's your real name."

Eyes narrowing, Angel bit out, "Liam."

Spike blinked, once, twice, then burst out laughing. "Billy, you're a Billy, too!"

"I suggest you stop laughing, if you want to keep your teeth."

The threat had no bite and Spike continued to chuckle over the knowledge that essentially they shared the same name.

Angel stalked off towards the Scooby Gang's corner, Spike trailing behind him.

As a familiar presence hit her, Buffy paled and looked up from her coffee. Angel slipped through the crowd, a slight scowl on his face. Spike passed him and joined Willow on the couch, handing her the cup.

Faith looked from one hunk to the other and felt a tingle run through her. As her eyes lingered on the dark, brooding one, she registered the quiet that fell over the group. Buffy rose and walked past her, a smile plastered on her face.

"Honey, I didn't expect to see you tonight," Buffy said, as she leaned up and placed a kiss on Angel's cheek.

Angel's smile didn't reach his eyes as he slipped an arm around her waist and turned her.

Stiffening, Xander rose, tugging Cordelia with him. "Let's dance, Cor."

"Was it something I said?" Angel smirked as they passed him.

Faith's eyes traveled over the remaining group. Buffy was uncomfortable, and Willow was stiff and pale. The blond hunk was staring at the other guy, who was trying to project that he was oblivious to the tension.

But, he was enjoying it.

Rising to her feet, Faith took a few steps forward and put her hands on her hips. "I'm Faith. You Buffy's guy?"

"Buffy's guy?" Angel grinned wickedly. "I think you could say that. I'm Liam."

Buffy's eyes widened slightly and Faith noted that too.

"Can we dance, Liam?" Buffy asked, a tiny hint of desperation in her voice.

"In a minute, sweetheart. I haven't seen Willow in what seems like ages."

"It was last night," Willow replied cooly.

"So it was. You look much more composed." With a slight bow to her, he swung Buffy onto the dance floor.

Willow drew in a shaky breath and sank against Spike.

"Is he always that weird?" Faith asked the couple behind her as she watched her sister Slayer in the tight embrace of her boyfriend.

Spike snorted softly.

"We uh...we don't really get along with him," Willow finally answered, rather lamely.

"B seems to." Faith turned and took in the pale panic of the girl and the pale serenity of the man--a serenity marred by blazing eyes and a death grip on his girlfriend's hand.

And knew that something big was going on...



At Buffy's puzzled question, Angel raised his head from her breasts and looked down at her frowning face.

"That was two hours ago. You're just asking me now?" he growled, then dipped his head back down, his lips feasting on her erect nipples.

They had danced in silence for nearly an hour, then made their excuses and left, acutely aware of the younger Slayer's eyes on them the whole time.

Faith had taken Buffy aside briefly, asking her if any vampires were in attendance. Buffy had said 'no' and told the other girl she'd see her the next evening, before latching onto Angel's arm and dragging him through the crowd.

They had gone straight to Buffy's where Angel had made quick work of their clothes. Within five minutes, the blonde was experiencing her first orgasm.

She'd quickly lost count as Angel made love to her over and over.

"Where'd you get 'Liam' from?" she asked again, still interested, though his mouth was sending new and delightful bolts of pleasure through her languid body.

Rolling his eyes, Angel shoved himself up to glower down on her. "It's my real name, okay? Can we drop this?" Rocking his hips forward, he pressed his hard cock against her stomach, making her inner muscles clench in anticipation.

Buffy reached up and slipped her hands around his neck, tugging his mouth down to hers for a searing kiss. "I like it," she whispered against his lips, then turned his head and licked her way up to his ear. She grinned at the rumble in his throat as she passed over the sensitive artery. "Can I call you that now? It's much more classy than Angel. People probably picture Angel as some gangbanger from the 'hood." She nipped his earlobe."

"Gangbang, now that's a word I like," Angel growled lustily, rocking harder against her, as her legs crept up to slide around his waist. As they kissed again, Buffy slipped one hand between them and lightly grasped the tip of his cock, guiding it down her slick cleft to her tingling entrance.

"Again," she begged softly, arching against him and driving him inside her.

"Nympho," he groaned, squeezing his eyes shut in pleasure as her vaginal muscles sucked at his throbbing cock and drew it all the way inside her.


Willow undressed Spike completely, then walked around him to gaze at his back in the light of several candles in her bedroom. She frowned, and gently brushed her fingers over the few red marks that remained.

"I hate him."

"Luv, he's not worth it." Spike turned and drew her into his arms, smiling down at her scowling countenance.

"He did it to punish you, not for your pleasure. You're always telling me that you don't want me to cross that line. Why is it okay for him to?"

"That's different."

"Why?" she persisted.

Spike sighed heavily. "Because I'm a vampire and a man."

"Don't you dare use that lame, chauvinistic excuse with me." Willow reached around him and grabbed his buttocks, squeezing as hard as she could and digging in her fingernails, as she scowled harder.


Smirking, she wriggled against his burgeoning erection. "Baby."

Leaning forward, she flicked her tongue against one nipple and felt it harden. "You like pain," she murmured.

Spike slipped one hand up beneath her hair to catch the nape of her neck and pulled her head back. "So do you," he said through a lusty, wicked smile. He kissed her lips hard, bruising the soft flesh against her teeth and driving his tongue in to tangle with hers.

Willow moaned as pleasure flooded her, sending liquid heat through her veins and straight to her core. She trembled and Spike pulled back. Spinning her around, he caught her wrists and pulled them behind her back, crossing them loosely against her bottom.


Trembling harder in anticipation, she obeyed, and listened as he moved around behind her, opening her closet where most of her toys were kept. At the feel of soft silk cords winding around her wrists, she smiled, and felt her heart rate increase as her desire built slowly from deep inside her.

After tying her wrists securely, Spike knelt and removed one boot, then the next, before reaching up and unzipping her skirt. The soft leather pooled around her ankles and he guided her out of it, leaving her in black stockings attached to a pale pink garter belt, matching panties and a cropped, button front sweater.

He grinned when he saw the panties had gone on last, over the garter belt.

She had learned.

Rising back to his feet, Spike nudged Willow forward until they reached the bed. He turned her around and grinned at the dazed lust in her eyes. Nimbly he unbuttoned her sweater. She had taken to wearing a bra when they went out in public, as in the year they'd been together her breasts had filled out nicely.

But, all her bras matched her panties, and this one was a soft pink silk edged with lace.

He flicked the front clasp open and tugged the cups away, letting her creamy breasts spill free.

Willow started to breathe harder and unconsciously licked her lips.

Turning her back around, Spike murmured, "Kneel."

Willow obeyed, kneeling on the end of her bed, and then moaned softly as his hand in the middle of her back pushed her down until her head touched the mattress.


"I didn't like the looks that new Slayer was giving you," Cordelia snapped as soon as she and Xander left the Bronze.

Xander shrugged as if to say 'what am I supposed to do about it'.

Eyes narrowing in anger, Cordelia tightened her grip around her boyfriend's arm and stomped towards her car at a fast clip.


"Stow it."

Rolling his eyes, Xander clapped his lips shut and let her pull him down the street. Inside, he reveled at her jealousy and felt a tingle of desire spread through him as he began to picture his fate.

It had been a couple weeks since he'd been over her lap, her hairbrush raining down on his naked butt.

Reaching the car, Cordelia glanced quickly around, then unlocked the door and climbed into the back seat, pulling Xander in with her. As he hunched on his knees between her spread legs and closed the door, Cordelia scooted backwards until she was propped against the rear window.

"Um, Cordy honey, this is a bit cramped."

"Eat me, and I mean it," she snarled, her hand grabbing her skirt and pulling it up revealing a barely there black lace thong.

Swallowing hard as desire charged through him, Xander quickly took stock of the situation. He was already getting a crick in his neck and one leg was going numb, but he knew better than to disobey when his girlfriend was this pissed off.

Sliding one knee to the floor, he caught one of her legs and pressed it up onto the back of the seat, as she splayed the other one so that her knee rubbed his hip. Xander took a deep breath and bent nearly double, then ran his tongue over the damp silk.

A shudder of pleasure ran through Cordelia and she closed her eyes, one of her hands caressing her breasts through the spandex.

Using one finger, Xander pulled the thong aside enough to bare her hot, dampening flesh to his lips. He kissed and sucked eagerly, hoping to make her come as quickly as possible before he got stuck in this position.

It didn't help that just the idea of being forced to do this had made his cock as hard as marble.


After a leisurely and boring stroll through the two cemeteries between the club and her motel, Faith locked the door behind her and stripped off her clothes on the way to the bathroom.

Not that she'd worked up a sweat, but maybe a shower would relax her. She was jumping out of her skin. It had been four days since she'd slain anything. That just wasn't natural.

Turning on the shower, Faith grabbed a brush and ran it through her hair, tugging mercilessly on the tangles, as her mind went over the evening's activities. The Bronze was a pretty cool club for a dinky little town, though they actually carded for booze, which sucked.

As she stepped under the hot spray of water, Faith turned her attention to the people she had met.

The cheerleader, there was strength in that one, once you looked past the bitchy attitude. She hadn't been pleased about Faith's flirting with her boyfriend either.

Harris, he definitely was not the kind of guy you'd expect to see dating the head cheerleader. He was basically the exact opposite of Cordelia Chase. Maybe opposites really did attract. There was a spine of steel in him, as well.

Faith wondered if it was due to growing up on a Hellmouth, or maybe because they knew the truth about the boogie man.

Dipping her head beneath the spray, the younger Slayer mulled over that. Ordinary humans fighting and slaying vamps... Hell, she rarely could get Wes to go patrolling with her. She'd never actually seen him lift a stake.

Reaching for the shampoo, Faith let her mind wander to the red head and her boyfriend. Now, there was a luscious bit of man. She usually liked her guys big and strong, but, William's wiry body looked like it was all muscle. And, he was English, which was just too cool.

Not to mention the whole accepting his girlfriend has a girlfriend thing.

Willow was interesting, too. It was all too easy to see the intelligence in her and, in Faith's experience, intelligence meant nerdy--look at Wesley and even Buffy's Watcher--but on the exterior Willow was pretty and sexy and bold.

The most interesting thing about her, though, was just how very much she hated Buffy's boyfriend.

Xander and Cordelia were very uncomfortable around Liam, William seemed pretty easy-going--although his eyes had hardened at Liam's attention towards the red head--but Willow actively hated him.

And Buffy was head over heels.

Faith was very good at reading people, but she couldn't read Liam. There was something very wicked in his eyes, like he got off on knowing that he made people uncomfortable. Buffy's whole demeanor had changed when she'd seen him. She'd almost panicked.

The couple hadn't left the dance floor until they'd come over to the group to say goodbye. His arm had been around Buffy's shoulders in a very possessive grip.

And the smile on her face had been totally false. She'd been nervous and eager to leave. Her eyes had been full of sadness and she'd been unable to look at Willow.

Faith knew those signs, she just didn't want to believe them.

How could a Slayer get herself into an abusive relationship?

Sighing heavily, Faith finished washing her hair and picked up a soft sponge and her bath gel. As she began to run the sponge over her body, she forced her mind away from Buffy. Unfortunately, as soon as she stopped thinking, she got all tense again.

Passing the sponge over one of her breasts, she sighed softly as pleasure sparked deep inside her. Faith leaned back against the side of the shower and trailed her hand down between her legs.


Giles felt the ever present headache begin to fade as Jenny massaged his shoulders. He lay on his stomach on his bed, naked, his eyes closed, his arms stretched out loosely over his head. Jenny straddled his hips, gently rubbing the tension away. Sandalwood oil covered her hands, and the room was warmly lit with candles. Soft music filled the air.

"Feeling better?" she murmured into his ear as she ran her hands down his arms to his wrists and back up to his shoulders.


She smiled. "Is that a yes or a no?"

"Oh yes," he groaned softly, letting his body relax.

Giving his shoulders one final squeeze, Jenny slipped from the bed and padded into the bathroom to wash the remaining oil from her hands. Slipping off her robe, leaving her body nude and eager, she returned to the bedroom and found Giles on his side, smiling at her.

"Are you planning to have your wicked way with me?"

"Oh yes."

"I think I can handle that."

Pushing him onto his back, Jenny straddled him again, and leaned down to kiss him hungrily. "Are you sure about that, English?" she teased as he gasped for air.

Giles grasped her hips and rocked her against his growing erection until she moaned and shivered. "Are you?"

"Oh...yes," Jenny whimpered as he tugged her head down for another kiss.


The lights were off, the room lit only by the glow of a computer screen. Wesley typed with one hand--something he had grown quite proficient at doing since leaving the comforts of home and hearth in England for the wilds of the American Eastern--and now Western--seaboard.

'Watcherboy bends over the desk,' he typed, then felt a thrill go through him as his current cybersex partner responded.

'Leathermate frees hard cock from leather pants and shoves Watcherboy's legs apart'.

A shiver running over his skin, Wesley quickly typed, 'Watcherboy shivers in anticipation and rubs his prick against the desk.' As he waited for the reply, his free hand continued to stroke his erection, bringing himself closer to climax with every new message.

End Trials: Satisfaction Guaranteed