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Smells like strawberries

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(2 months later)

8 weeks had passed by Stacie and Aubrey. Their relationship was perfectly stable and they everything had clicked into place; they had finally found their order. They felt comfortable as a couple; they even went on double dates with Beca and Chloe, which, even though a little cliché, were some of Aubrey’s favourite evenings though she never admitted it. Stacie enjoyed it too and had realised the softer side of relationships where sex didn’t wasn’t the most important thing.
The more gentle and loving Stacie was a rare commodity that was only ever shown to Aubrey (though Chloe and Beca had seen it once or twice when the two were cuddling and watching movies) and it was something very precious because the brunette was seemingly a hopeless romantic when she wanted to be.
As for the Bellas, they made their relationship public within 2 weeks and nobody was surprised really, even Cynthia-rose claimed she “totally called it”.
If that wasn’t funny enough, the twosome had managed to build up quite a repertoire of places they had managed to have sex in, much to Aubrey’s dismay. Stacie may have been sweet and sensitive behind closed doors, but she was still the same sex loving girl that the older Bella had known and fallen for.
Although, as weird as Aubrey found the random location sex, her complaints tended to falter and become fewer as they progressed; a new place posed new challenges and risk which was somewhat exciting but mostly terrifying.
Stacie tottered away from the piano, ecstatically giggling to herself as she made another mental tick off her ‘places to have sex’ list.
In between her breaths, she managed to joke with her girlfriend. “Y’know, I’m surprised the piano took us so long Bree’.”
Aubrey simply rolled her eyes as she pulled her jeans back up and finally with a sigh, replied “I was never planning to use the piano. That piano is used by other students and now it’s been tainted.”
Stacie smirked to herself “tainted wouldn’t be the word I’d use...” She brought herself close to Aubrey, wrapping her arms around the older woman’s waist “I’d say that the use for the piano has been appended. As in, we found additional use for it.” Her undertone voice tickled Aubrey’s neck but the blonde refrained from laughter; there had been enough messing around in this room for one day.
“You’re beginning to sound more like me every day Stace, it’s a little worrying. What happened to mrs ‘I sexualise everything I say’?” Aubrey joked; placing her hands on top of Stacie’s where they rested on her hips as they rocked gently from side to side.
“I’m still the same as I was a few months ago, but certain characteristics get emphasised around you. Ever considered that?” The brunette backhanded, smiling proudly her intelligent reply.
“There you go again!” Aubrey exclaimed with a grin. She turned around, repositioning her girlfriend’s hands to her back before she continued. “And I did consider that, I think it’s sweet that you tone yourself down a little.” She lightly pressed their lips together and in the lingering intimacy, as if she was telling a grave secret, whispered “But you always fail at hiding your toner for me.” Aubrey grinned.
Stacie’s face was a mixture of surprise and delight as they broke apart.
“Maybe you’re starting to sound like me, Hm?” She questioned with a flirtatious wink. Aubrey glared at the young woman, but her feigned offended expression soon broke into a smirk, her stony demeanour too hard to upkeep. “God forbid!” She half yelled her tone almost serious but with a hint of playfulness that softened its meaning.
With a complete air of fake anger, Stacie pushed Aubrey and marched away, leaning on the piano they so recently ‘tainted’ whilst passively inspecting her nails. Aubrey pouted “Don’t be mad baby.” She whined.
Stacie kept her gaze fixed, trying with all her might to keep up the act.
“Come on, I’m sorry” The blonde sauntered to the taller Bella, tangling their fingers together. Aubrey was gullible at times and it was always adorable to the brunette; even right now she was trying to hard not to smile at how dejected Aubrey had become from her ‘pissed off’ routine.
“Are you really?” Stacie replied sarcastically, not responding to their linked fingers whilst biting her tongue to avoid laughing.
“Yes, I didn’t mean it.” The blonde had begun to plead a little, a childish tone evident in her voice and she gave the puppy eyes. Carefully, she nudged her head against Stacie’s to avert the gaze of the brunette before grazing their lips together, as if asking for forgiveness. Stacie stole the kiss from Aubrey’s lips and broke away, breaking into a brisk walk. “I wasn’t even mad!” She yelled, breaking the restrained stiffness of her acting into a bouncy laughter as she had to escape Aubrey’s unimpressed glare.

The older woman followed Stacie outside, this time the slight anger was genuine and strained in Aubrey’s speech, piercing Stacie like a knife. “Stacie Conrad, that was most certainly not funny! I thought you were genuinely mad at me!”
Stacie turned on the spot, causing Aubrey to jolt to a stop. She looked down on the shorter Bella and smirked “Chill ‘Bree, I was joking.” She replied airily in an attempt to lighten the situation.
“Don’t tell me to chill.” Aubrey spat back coldly “It’s the one habit of yours that I can’t stand. You toy with me, why is that?”
Stacie stared in disbelief “Why are you getting so irrational? I was just having fun.”
Fists clenched and teeth gritted, Aubrey was beginning to get genuinely angry. It wasn’t like what Stacie had done was particularly bad, but recent stress was starting to build. She could feel the acidic feeling in her stomach slowly rising, it was minutes before she’d have to stop talking but nevertheless she pushed her point.
“You’re always having fun Stacie! It’s not always a good thing!”
The blonde’s hand moved towards to rest on her abdomen, not a grand gesture but Stacie noticed. Aubrey noticed the concerned looked but shook her head. “I’m fine.” She grunted, awaiting a response from the brunette.
“I’m sorry, okay? I don’t know when to switch off sometimes and maybe I pushed your buttons too far but I love you ‘Bree and I never meant to make you angry, okay?” Though the apology was sincere, it came out harsh and Stacie instantly felt the pang as of guilt as Aubrey doubled over, tears forming in the creases of her eyes. Aubrey’s face was contorted, trying to control the painful reflux that told her body to throw up the entire content of her stomach.
With two strides, Stacie was by her side, rubbing comforting circles on her back and trying to calm the blonde in her moment of need. “Shhh It’s okay ‘Bree, just breathe…you’ll be fine. You won’t be sick, I promise.” The younger woman cooed, giving Aubrey space as she straightened up a little. Her lips were tight and her eyes scared but nonetheless she seemed calmer than before. She smiled meekly but still looked unable to speak for fear that the vomit was still tempting to upchuck at any moment.
Stacie gave a hopeful look “See? You’re fine.” She said with a half-hearted tone, obviously skirting around another apology but it was inevitable, as obvious by the watching eyes.
By now, a large number of people on the quad were looking – After Aubrey’s incident at the ICCA’s last year; everyone was always waiting to see if she’d blow her lid again. Some watched in horrors; others in anticipation but most in disappointment as they realised she had calmed down. This had turned their attention to the reason why the blonde had almost blown chunks in the first place. The group stared at Stacie; though she was quite known on campus, very few seemed to know about the situation between her and Aubrey. The brunette’s apology now had to be worthwhile; they had an audience.
Aubrey regained her standing position and looked among the small crowd that had gotten themselves involved in their drama and whilst she wasn’t exactly happy about them; she knew this would stir on Stacie’s confident side and make her more likely to apologise profusely.
“Baby I’m sorry that I’m a fuck up someti- well, all the time. But I feel like your regimented ways is going to change me for good. Yes, I will always have the reputation I have but when I’m with you that reputation doesn’t matter because…because I love you and I have you and only you.” She looked into Aubrey’s glistening eyes, speaking more directly to her than ‘performing’ to the audience. “I’m sorry I toyed with you.” She pulled the older woman into an electrifying kiss, any frustration dissolving away as their lips locked and exchanged passion in a wave of breaths.
At this notion the watching groups gasped and quickly averted their attentions, now realising what a grave mistake they had made making themselves part of the situation.
The girls broke apart, both grinning and now at peace. “I forgive you baby.” Aubrey whispered before she turned to the people “And next time, don’t get involved you dicklicks” She spat which elicited a giggle from her girlfriend. Their hands linked together and they sauntered off to the dormitories where Stacie’s room was.
On their walk, Aubrey was being silently suggestive; A little tug of Stacie’s shirt collar, winking whenever their eyes crossed paths, even keeping her hands relatively near her crotch.
“I told you, you’re becoming more like me. I can tell what you want and I’m telling you now, No. Once today is enough, and even I’m saying that. We’re gonna go cuddle and we can play a board game, I’m sure I’ve got one somewhere…” Stacie interjected into Aubrey’s speechless activity.
Aubrey pouted “Someone would think we’ve swapped brains.” But she shrugged, seemingly happy with the resolution of cuddling and games.
“God forbid.” Stacie replied and they both laughed.