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The Saving of the Technomages

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TITLE: The Saving of the Technomages


DISCLAIMER: This Universe belongs to another I’m just playing in it. J M Straczynski, and Warner Brothers own the rights to the universe and most of the characters contained in this story. I’ve also borrowed, man-handled, twisted beyond recognition, the technomages that managed to live through Jeanne Cavelos’ excellent Technomage Trilogy books and Peter David's awesome Legions of Fire, Centauri Trilogy (So Galen, Federico, Gwynn, Herazade etc.).

I wrote this for my own amusement and am only posting this because it seems likely now that very little new Babylon 5 material will ever make its way to us. I needed closure on the Crusade arc and what the ultimate fate of the technomages might be, so I decided to write it. I am disclaiming any and all intent to profit by this story. I intend no offense nor do I wish to decrease another’s intellectual property value.

RATING: T for now, light M for grown up language and implied sexual naughtiness.

SUMMARY: This is a technomage story. It is set in Crusade, with the main story set in 2269 with a cure having just been found. Much will also focus on Federico’s coming of age and my take on what happens to the technomages after the Shadow War and their ultimate fate.

Spoiler Warning: Much of Crusade, the novels: Passing of the Technomages Trilogy and the Legions of Fire Trilogy. You’ve been warned!

Author’s notes: Large parts of this story came to me after I read the Technomage trilogy. I loved their world and the scheming layered characters imbedded in science and technology. In particular, I liked the character of Federico (What's not to love about a slutty cinnamon roll like Fed, who stole every scene he was in the books).

Figuring out how to end this story began after I watched Lost Tales and I asked myself how the hell would Galen know what is going to happen in 30 years? JMS’s vague usenet answer,“Let us remember that time travel is also a form of technology,” sent my mind a wondering far afield. It pretty much spiraled out of control from that point. I’ve incorporated a lot of ideas I’ve been kicking around in my mind for years about the B5 universe and the Vorlons. It is my hope that at least one other person finds this enjoyable. It’s a long convoluted and meandering tale, but I promise an end.




Vorlon Homeworld - 2255


A lone Vorlon suspended itself in a cavernous dark chamber. Trillions of tiny spheres locked into a giant lattice surrounded it. They spread seemingly into infinity in all directions. Its body shimmered the displeased shades of orange-yellow as it began again and choose one sphere, then connected drawing a line to another, then to another. Its pace quickened through hundreds, thousands and finally millions of spheres. When it found the path through, it became still to study the connections. Some of the spheres had not fully solidified yet out of the quantum foam. And they would not until they passed the immutable points and the nexuses forced the spheres to wholeness by their choices.

Its musing stopped when a piercing light of another but far smaller Vorlon illuminated the chamber. The new tiny Vorlon flew straight to the first. Its tentacles of light whipped about excitedly. A complex series of musical chimes echoed in the chamber disturbing the harmony of the spheres.

The little Vorlon chimed: \\The two faiths come seeking coadunation.

Noticing the completed path the small Vorlon stopped to examine the connected spheres. It intoned again but this time softly: \\Is this the path across?

\\Yes but prefect understanding alludes. Who communes for the faiths?

The small Vorlon flashed the purple of amusement. \\Are there ever any others? Righteous Fury and Oblique Truth. They bring their usual discord.

The pair left the dark chamber and descended down a long light filled shaft. At the bottom a third Vorlon, that towered over both, joined the pair. Unified by space and purpose, the three glided into an attached chamber and up onto a small raised dais and aligned themselves by size. Waiting for the three, two more Vorlons, petitioners, floated motionless below the base. The three Vorlon bodies on the dais shimmered the dark-blue for warm greeting and then went neutral white as they intoned as one: \\The Unifex welcome communion.

The two Vorlons at the base flashed the response dark-blue of continued greeting and intoned together: \\The two paths seek coadunation.

The left Vorlon turned the orange-red of vengeful anger and started: \\For a season the Vorlon have felt the new cycle dawn. The First Shadow stirs out of its sleep. The Host is certain that the Shadows will reclaim the fabulists before their chaos erupts. Balance and order demand the simplest solution- eliminate the remnant at their current gathering. The Host prepares the orbital bombardment.

Only the slightest trace of annoyed yellow passed across his opponent Vorlon.

\\The fabulists have moved toward order since the humans have held sway over them. They will reject the Shadows. The muses should consider alternative solution- continued reserved watchfulness.

The left Vorlon turned dark red. \\They were a wave of death upon the Host in the last cycle! They hunted us relentlessly for their Masters!

The right remained a still yellow-white. \\In the last cycle they seemed as numerous as stars. They are in waning at 506.

The left one vibrated as the red pulsed within it. \\One is too many. The Shadows will corrupt the strongest to multiply their chaos.

As the argument continued, the tiny Vorlon on the dais couldn’t help itself. It flashed the shades of green-purple for sorrowful amusement.

The right Vorlon turned the green- yellow of thoughtful suggestion: \\Many would serve order with obedience if we but manifest to them.

\\Never! They all carry the seed of the Shadows and can only sow chaos.

Still green-yellow, the right Vorlon did not give up: \\This dark seed has grown toward light. The humans have brought beauty, order and obedience to the fabulists.

The left Vorlon went black. \\They are the Abaddon!

The Vorlons on the dais chimed the single hard note of shattering in unison. In obedience, the two Vorlons at the base turned silent white.

\\The Naraneks will bear witness to the judgment of the Unifex. Oblique Truth will go forth as Kosh to watch. The Host will come back to peace.

The right Vorlon, Kosh, intoned perfect acceptance in neutral white. It sent a tendril toward itself and the dais. \\The Truth will not be swayed. The Muses are intrigued and seek possibilities.

With that it glided smoothly out leaving behind the left Vorlon, which rippled every shade of red.

Once they were four, the middle Vorlon on the dais chimed. \\Now comes the true purpose.

The lone Vorlon at the base intoned: \\My faith is steadfast with the spheres. Your judgment leads the Host to seek sanction a purpose.

As one, the three intone: \\We will continue our communion.

\\The Host will draw a sample of the fabulists, to study and to prepare the new Furies. We will acquire the holy number starting with the one that worships us. Will you sanction?

\\We must consider the spheres.

The three Vorlons on the dais isolated themselves inside a perfect hollow diamond sphere that coalesced about them.

The largest Vorlon began. \\I can not give sanction. This will bring cruelty, contamination to the new Furies and will place Righteous Fury in ascension.

The smallest chimed in harmony: \\Perfect agreement. The Furies will grind the little ones bones to make their bread.

The final Vorlon intoned: \\We will sanction all and ask more of the Host.

The two other Vorlons flashed the bright pink of surprise. The largest Vorlon chimed: \\Then Atoning has finally seen a path across the spheres. Show us that we may follow.

As an answer a complex matrix enveloped them. They studied it silently in neutral white for a very long time. The enormous Vorlon turned the sorrowful green as it chimed: \\Once again the path reeks of death. The humans stand at the center but too many of their spheres are unresolved. The end is impenetrable. Understanding alludes.

The tiny Vorlon turned purple-green for amused sadness. \\Partial agreement. The cycles come to an end with the Minbari once again in ascension. Can it mean anything other than order is finally imposed? We must obey without understanding. Perhaps the spheres will reveal themselves further as we come upon the immutable points and the nexuses reveal themselves. I will follow the path of Atoning.

\\Are we one? 

Chimed the middle Vorlon towards the largest Vorlon, who began flashing the yellow-orange of perturbation as it oscillated in silence. Gradually it settled to the white of acceptance: \\One path is no choice, but I will follow the path of Atoning.

The diamond sphere dissolved into nothingness. The three Vorlons descended to surround the lone Vorlon.

They announced the judgement: \\The Unifex sanction all that the Host does to the fabulist sample. The spheres sing of further preparations to commence this season. The Host must begin the birthing of battleships. The Oblique Truth will continue as Kosh to guide the lesser ones against the coming darkness in the fifth human citadel. You, Righteous Fury, will be called to guide the Minbari to glory.

All the Vorlons turned the purple-blue of pleasurable agreement and intoned together: \\Obedience to the spheres is our greatest joy.

The demanding petitioner Vorlon did not leave until it made one last request at the largest Vorlon in the room: \\Will the Glorious Sun, the first of the Furies, lead the hunt?

The largest Vorlon turned the pink-gray for surprised distrust.

\\That is the Righteous Fury’s place this cycle.

\\The greatest Fury at the head of the Host will inspire my new Furies.

The Vorlons of the Unifex chimed in unison: \\You have become Ulkesh. All will be as you direct.