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ain't gotta ask me if i want to

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She has his arms at his sides, pressed so deep into the mattress that the springs dig into his skin, hard enough to leave imprinted patterns on his skin. But her lips are soft, tongue sweet and lingering, exploring every inch and crevice of Bolin’s open mouth, and it’s difficult for Bolin to breathe, partly from her weight against his chest and her overall being, consuming him.

Bolin always wants to give Korra what she wants; he never makes her beg or tease her, because he’s still floored that he even has her, so when she grips at his biceps, settling herself on top of him against her chest, he offers her his whole being, ready to be taken by her. He wants her to have everything he is.

She tugs on his bottom lip with her teeth, sucking, and he groans into her mouth, pressing his hands against her thighs. Goodness, she’s tiny. Bolin marvels in it, how small her thighs are under his flexed palms, and how easily he could overpower her, press her into the mattress and fuck her until she can’t breathe.

He’s so tempted, his grip tightening on the skin of her thighs, and he feels his dick hardening with interest at the thought, but he decides to let Korra have her fun, lets her hips rock against the material covering his half-hard dick.

“Excited?” she inquires, humming into his mouth, undulating her hips just slightly, and fuck him if this isn’t hot.

Bolin grunts, straining against the weight of her hands on his arms. “Always,” he murmurs, his breath hitching when Korra’s lips trail downwards, teasing his neck with her lips, her breath warm and sticky against his skin.

The material of her nightshirt is thin enough that Bolin can feel her nipples straining against it, pressing into his chest, and he doesn’t even try to bite back a groan, thrusting his hips upward, effectively becoming completely hard.


Shh,” Korra orders swiftly, kissing him harder this time, bruising, pulling back only to rip her shirt over her head and shimmy out of her underwear. “Better?” Her voice is teasing, her eyes light, but all Bolin can focus on is the heat of her pressed against the material of his night shorts, and just, damn. Damn.

“Fuck -- yes,” Bolin moans softly, hips jutting upward, but Korra stills them just enough to slip her hand into his shorts, wrapping it around him. “Oh, Korra, just --”

“What do you want?” She asks quietly, her breath against the corner of his mouth as she pumps him, her hand sliding over him expertly. She’s got his number and there’s nothing he can do about it.

“Just, just --” Bolin groans loudly when Korra’s nails scrape over his sensitive skin, and he bucks involuntarily, “baby.”

Korra tilts her head, her grip tightening on his cock. “Do you want me to ride you, hard and fast, like --” she breaks off, mimicking the motion with her hand tight around him, and Bolin cries out, sweat coating his forehead. “--this?”

“Yes -- please, please,” he whines, aching for relief.

He’s not used to her powerplay, not used to her controlled movements because she usually doesn’t last this long, and Bolin could easily put an end to this now, but he feels helpless, weak in his bones and aching so hard, it’s painful.

Korra smirks, stilling her movements to shove Bolin’s boxers down his hips. “If you insist,” she says casually, placing herself right against him, pressing down on his hips when they buck up greedily. “Uh-uh. On one condition, though.”

Bolin groans, his cheeks flushing. “Anything,” he manages to pant out, desperate to be inside her at this point.

Korra’s smirk morphs into a grin, and suddenly Bolin’s very worried about what he just agreed to.

“You can’t come until I tell you,” she warns him sternly, pressing herself against him and Bolin’s agreeing faster than the movements of his hips.  “I mean it.” Korra reiterates, just before she sinks onto him, moving at a painful slow pace.

“Korra, please, just --”

She leans down to his earlobe, teasing the skin, which seems more sensitive than usual, as is the rest of Bolin’s body. “I got you,” she whispers, increasing her movement, pulling herself off of him, barely halfway before slamming back onto him, her breasts bouncing with each movement.

Bolin’s breath is labored, his stomach muscles clenching, and he feels the coil churning within him, so ready to snap, and he wants so desperate to reach, but can’t and --

“Korra, I can’t, I --”

She ignores him, bouncing furiously on top of him, her face buried in his neck as she tilts her hips, trying to find that spot and oh.

“Bolin, shit -- don’t.” She whimpers, gripping at the headboard to gain leverage, moaning at the new angle when she comes back down. “‘m not ready yet. Be good.”

“I’m trying,” Bolin moans, pressing his fingers hard against Korra’s hips, hard enough to bruise, and he feels like his entire body is on fire.

“Harder,” Korra pants, burying her hands in Bolin’s hair, tugging at the strands. “Please, Bolin, harder, make me come, please,” she begs, teetering on the edge of release.

Bolin thrusts his hips upwards, titling them just slightly to brush against her clit and Korra moans loudly, her back arching as she pulls at his hair, and Bolin almost comes from that alone.

“Oh, Bo, I’m --” Korra’s breath hitches and she falls against him, not quite finished yet, “I’m so close. Be good, be good,” she mumbles, still remembering the deal they made and Bolin would laugh at her stubbornness if he weren’t aching so badly for release. He finds her clit, presses the pad of his thumb against it, and watches Korra crumble against him, just that quickly, her muffled screams echoing in his ear drums.

She’s still riding him, her pace relentless, and in the absurdity of it all, she looks proud of him.

“You’re so good to me,” she mumbles, pressing her lips against Bolin’s, their taste salty from sweat.

Bolin feels his entire body zinging, wired and ready to snap, and he’s so fucking hard, he can’t breathe. “Korra, please,” he whines, groaning at the absence when Korra pushes herself off of him.

She presses kisses against his chest, trailing down his body and Bolin knows he isn’t going to last long enough to thoroughly enjoy this but he want so badly.

“Tell me you love me,” Korra commands softly, kissing his inner thigh.

Bolin whimpers, hips tilting towards her face, and he groans out, “I love you. Fuck, I love you so much, please. Please.”

Korra sucks him into her mouth, slowly, and Bolin’s hips thrust so quickly, he can’t help himself. But Korra just smiles around him, sliding her tongue across the underside of his cock, eagerly accepting his sharp thrusts into her mouth, gagging a little when she deep throats him. Bolin feels himself falling over the edge and he promised Korra he wouldn’t, but he can’t, he can’t --

He releases into her mouth with a particularly loud moan, but Korra swallows it all up, sucking him clean, keeping him in her mouth until he softens.

Overcome with panic, Bolin starts apologizing frantically. “I’m so sorry, I wasn’t supposed to, and--”

Korra silences him with her lips, greedily sucking his tongue into her mouth. She smiles against his lips, soothing fallen strands of his hair away from his face. “It’s okay, you were so good,” Korra assures him, bright-eyed. “So, so, hot, telling me you love me like that.”

“I do,” Bolin chokes out pathetically, feeling himself harden once more as her nipples brush against his chest. She kisses him against and he can taste himself on her, and fuck, he wants her again and again and again.

“Mmm,” Korra hums into his mouth, grinning, “more?”

“Yes,” Bolin pants brokenly, his voice hoarse as he presses Korra flush against him. She extracts himself from him quickly to retrieve a condom from the nightstand drawer, and when she settles back onto the bed, she rolls it into him swiftly before cradling his hips in between her legs, and Bolin moans at the slick heat against him.

“Same rules apply,” Korra whispers needlessly when Bolin pushes into her once more, and she grips the back of his shoulders desperately, wanting more of him, all of him. 

Bolin complies, burying himself inside of her, hard and fast, sucking on the skin of her breasts, eager to bruise her. “I love you,” he breathes, his thrusts become frantic, “so much. Fuck, fuck.”

Korra moans loudly, her fingers finding purchase in Bolin’s hair once more. “Say it again, please,” she begs helplessly, moving her hips to match his thrusts. “Tell me you love me.”

Bolin’s head feels fuzzy, tingly, and when Korra tugs on his hair, sharper than before, he groans out those three words.

“Just like that,” Korra mumbles, clenching around him, and it takes Bolin a moment to realize she’s getting off on this, but when he does, he repeats it over and over, sucking on the skin of her neck in between breaths, desperate to get her to come so he can, too.

“You’re so good to me, so, so good, baby,” he groans when her hips jut at the praise, and he works her throbbing clit as well, murmuring pretty words into her ear. “Fuck, I love you, you’re perfect. Just, perfect, you’re everything.”

At those words, Korra falls apart all over again, gripping the back of Bolin’s neck, hard enough to draw blood and sting, but Bolin doesn’t care -- he continues thrusting into her, ready for his own release.

“Can I?” he chokes out, “can I? Please?” Bolin whines, almost there, he’s so, so close --

“Yes,” Korra murmurs, tugging on his hair just hard enough for him to let go. “Come for me, Bolin, yes, yes --” Bolin groans out, biting down on her collarbone, letting go completely, his moans muffled against Korra’s skin.

They stay still for a moment, trying to regain control of their breath before Korra grins at him, playing with his hair.


"Amazing," Bolin corrects before rolling over to kiss her once more.

 He definitely needs to let her do that more often.