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Teaching JJ

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Emily was having the most wonderful dream.

JJ's warm tongue licking her between her legs, swallowing the copious amounts of damp fluid there and murmuring appreciative noises that vibrated throughout her core. JJ experimenting with her tongue until she'd discovered that perfect spot, that small pearl hidden in the oyster, flicking against it in a mixture of brief and long strokes, hitting it repeatedly until Emily was almost there, until she wanted to beg for it but found herself unable to open her mouth ...

Until her eyes suddenly flew open and, as her fuzzy vision adjusted itself, she was shocked to discover it wasn't a dream at all.

JJ was actually between her legs, her tongue lapping with complete abandon, her eyes focused on what she was doing, seemingly unaware that Emily had awakened and was on the verge of a tremendous orgasm. The visual of JJ's furrowed brow concentrating on licking her there, combined with the exquisite sensation of her tongue hitting the right spot over and over again, sent those first shockwaves throughout her body, legs trembling, as she came against JJ's mouth, unable to stop the low wail of pleasure accompanying each incredible throb, each shuddering convulsion.

When JJ glanced up at Emily, the expression on her face was a mixture of surprise, shame, and satisfaction. "I thought you were asleep ..." JJ started to explain, turning her head away so Emily couldn't see her guilty blue eyes underneath her blonde hair.

"But ... why, JJ?" Emily asked. "Why?"

JJ was nearly shaking with fear or with regret when she responded in a voice so low Emily had to strain to hear it. "I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about tasting you. I thought maybe if I did it when you were asleep, it wouldn't count."

These games. Emily was so fucking sick of these stupid games. "Wouldn't count toward what, JJ? Wouldn't count toward the number of check marks listed under 'things lesbians do'?"

"I'm not a lesbian!" JJ insisted loudly. "It's only you! You made me do these things!"

"I didn't make you do anything and you know it," Emily retorted, her dark eyes flashing with anger. "I didn't make you kiss me and I certainly didn't make you wait until I was asleep before you ate me out."

She'd used the crudest term possible, and it worked. JJ flinched like she'd been physically struck. "No, I mean ... these feelings ... I never would have had these feelings if it wasn't for you! You've ruined everything. You've ruined me!"

"I'm sorry you feel that way," Emily responded quietly. "Maybe I should just drive you home so you can throw your clothes into the washing machine and take a shower before Will wakes up."

JJ nodded, wiping away the tears streaming down her face. "Maybe you should."

"And maybe we should both forget that this ever happened and go back to being friends like before," Emily added dispassionately. Her heart was screaming No! Don't let her get away! Seduce her back into your arms, you idiot! but her brain was smarter than that. Her brain knew that no matter whether they spent one night or one hundred nights together, JJ would never leave Will to be in a same-sex relationship. Not even if she'd truly felt those feelings she'd claimed to feel right before she'd pressed her lips against Emily's for the first time in that bathroom downstairs, less than 24 hours ago and yet also, somehow, a lifetime ago.

It didn't matter that Emily's desire for JJ had grown exponentially now that she'd actually kissed her, touched her, tasted her. All that mattered was the impossibility of ever being more than just a fling, just an experiment. Because if it hurt to hear JJ say these words now, it would hurt far more when Emily had contrived some kind of "happily-ever-after" ending for them, only to watch her dreams implode right in front of her face, like they always did.

Like they always would.

At work on Monday, JJ and Emily awkwardly tried to avoid any and all contact with each other. There were a few unavoidable moments: when, for instance, they both reached for the Splenda simultaneously and their fingers sparked against one another or when Morgan began to describe his weekend fling with some girl who 'couldn't get enough oral, it felt like his tongue had completed a triathlon and their arms brushed accidentally, tingling - and then was the ultimate moment when they both listened to Garcia present a profile of a 'self-hating, closeted lesbian' in Missouri suspected of killing open lesbian couples and Emily pointedly stared at JJ, whose eyes were fixed solidly on the round mahogany desk below.

Emily was only half-listening when Hotch announced, "This is going to be an undercover operation. The unsub stalks his victims for weeks, carefully watching them as they go out on dates to the movies or to gay-friendly bars and, over time, befriends them in some capacity. According to neighbors, the victims felt safe enough in their environment to leave the curtains open and windows unlocked, as all residents of the surrounding neighborhoods do, so local law enforcement believe that she watches them vicariously through the windows on multiple occasions as they engage in sexual activities. Death occurs by direct gunshot wound to the head while the women are engaged in what the unsub believes to be the ultimate act of degradation and heterosexual betrayal: the use of a strap-on to simulate penetration. We believe that the unsub herself sends the victims this penetration harness because, by the time the couple receives it, they do not call the police to report a potential hate crime or a strange gift received in the mail. Moreover, the packages are always hand-delivered and the boxes removed afterward, most likely to protect the unsub's identity. Because the victims were all relatively new to the area and spent substantial time socializing, we've tried to cross-reference lists of social contacts but there are far too many names to sort through."

"That's small town life for you," JJ muttered to herself.

Emily chewed on her pencil thoughtfully. "But we're talking about a small town in the Midwest. Surely there had to be some backlash about openly lesbian couples moving into town?"

"Surprisingly not," Spencer responded, brushing his hair out of his face. "Since the foreclosure crisis, the number of same-sex couples looking for real estate in small towns has skyrocketed. Actually, gay men far outnumber gay women in this particular town and while church protests, along with minor vandalism and threatening letters and phone calls are common when gay men move in, the same doesn't seem to apply to lesbian couples. This is perhaps related to the myth of the predatory gay male, which hasn't really been associated with gay women, thereby rendering them generally less threatening to the religious community as a whole."

"... Except to this unsub," Rossi added. "Now, we're not sure of the underlying motivation behind these murders. Perhaps she was seduced into a same-sex relationship and is projecting her sense of shame or guilt onto these couples. Perhaps she is a closeted lesbian raised in this town who has never been afforded the opportunity to act on her feelings due to the gossipy mentality that would almost certainly label her and her family as outsiders, despite their hypocritical acceptance of those 'from away' who choose to settle down there. Or perhaps she was betrayed by a female lover who chose to leave her for a man - hence the concept of penetration between women serving as the ultimate reminder of her hidden heartbreak. A heartbreak she could never speak of, at the risk of being outed and ostracized by the community."

"And it should also be noted that it was not the traditionally dominant partner wearing the harness; it was the more submissive one," Spencer noted. "This indicates both a sense of helplessness and of rage: the dominant partner is, for once, rendered submissive, perhaps fulfilling a revenge fantasy that the unsub was unable to achieve in her personal life."

Visibly uncomfortable, JJ coughed and asked, "So how are we going to play this? Increased surveillance on lesbian households? Encouraging these couples to enhance security measures like closing their curtains and having locks installed on the windows, along with an alarm system?"

Hotch shook his head. "There are too many couples in the town to provide the kind of surveillance we'd need and the FBI is unwilling to pay for those measures until it has been established as a hate crime. If the unsub had written threatening letters or made threatening phone calls directly linking the murders to the sexual orientation of the victims, it would fall under the hate crimes statute. Because we can only provide a behavioral profile that these crimes are related to discrimination, the hate crimes task force has refused to cooperate. Moreover, any lesbian couple - whether or not they draw their shades or install window guards and high-tech alarms - is at risk, merely by their presence in the community. The last couple killed, Maureen Downey and Alyssa Forest, did take such measures and yet still either had a package left on their doorstep containing the harness or accepted it directly as a gift from someone they trusted."

"Besides," Reid added, his leg restlessly moving up and down, "one of the most popular stores in town sells X-ray binoculars that can easily see through curtains. They also sell guns, alarm-disabling software, and hidden wireless video cameras that are activated by motion and shut off either automatically when motion ceases, such as, for example, when a couple has gone to sleep, or manually, such as when sexual activity has ceased. The area is so remote that every phone and wireless connection operates on the same frequency, making it impossible to trace these cameras by an individual IP address."

"But there has to be data on the number of purchases of this kind of surveillance," Emily said, frowning. "I mean, how many people really need X-ray binoculars?"

"Um, try just about everyone who lives in this town, sweetheart?" Garcia sighed, her fingers clicking against the keyboard. "This is a hunting town, where X-ray binoculars are apparently invaluable when hunting in a dense forest. And the motion detector video cameras are often used on some of the more isolated properties to chase away grazing deer and wild boar. A lot of homes have several of these cameras pointed in different directions to capture the entirety of the property. So we're not going to find her through their little Boy Scouts R Us store, I can tell you that."

"What about arrests for peeping in windows?" JJ asked. "With all that technology, there have to be people using it for more than just hunting and protection of property."

"When I spoke to the Chief of D's, he informed me that while there was a spike in the number of adolescent boys looking into bedroom windows after the goggles were introduced, he decided to speak to their parents directly rather than tarnish their records with a juvenile sex offense, since they were, in his words, just boys being boys," Hotch remarked, frowning.

"Providing a new breeding ground for sex offenders." Emily rolled her eyes. "Well, that's just great."

"So what's the plan, then?" JJ wanted to know, furrowing her brow. "It seems like we can't really be of much help to them."

"We can if we send in two undercover agents posing as lesbians," Hotch said quietly.

"Wait, but the only female agents on this team are -" JJ began to object, visibly panicked.

"It would be against FBI procedure to suggest the use of sex in an investigation," Hotch interrupted. "That being said, it would also be against FBI procedure to spend tax dollars on a highly secretive mission doomed to fail because the agents did not fully assume the roles required of them by the undercover operation."

"Oh, man. I cannot wait to watch this!" Morgan exclaimed gleefully, rubbing his hands together.

"You won't be," Hotch sternly informed him. "The cabin we've decided to use will not be undergoing traditional surveillance measures. It is only on the night that the package is received that you will send out a text message alerting us to the imminent threat. This is the sole detail we've managed to withhold from the media and the one that we believe will lead us to the unsub's capture. Our presence at the cabin would most likely just scare her away and lead her to search for a new target or perhaps even a new town. Moreover, I'm astutely aware that having the team watching you would make it extraordinarily difficult to engage in ... activities ... which will already be extraordinarily difficult for you."

Emily briefly snuck a glance at JJ, who was biting hard on the inside of her cheeks, her hands clenched so tightly that her fists were turning white.

"That being said," Hotch continued, "if, at any point, you feel as though you're in danger or that you can no longer participate in the mission, you will send us a text message and we will cease all operations immediately."

"For your protection, we've decided it would be best to text you every night between 10 and 11 pm, which is the time the coroner estimates that each of the murders occurred. We will simply write, 'How's it going?' and you are not to respond with sentences or even words. Merely hit random keys on your iPhone and press send. Once receipt has been confirmed, delete the conversation. If you are in trouble or want to end the operation, you will text us with a complete word. Any complete word - even a word like 'an' or 'or' will be sufficient for us to move in with a SWAT team and local PD. Such a text can be sent at any time, day or night, and our response will be swift and immediate," Rossi instructed them.

"Oh, and one more thing," Hotch added. "You are expected to become an active part of the community, partially so that we can engage in surveillance and partially to be accepted within the community. Ladies' Night Out on Saturday at the gay-friendly bar and dinner at one of the five restaurants on the main street followed by Indie Movie Tuesday will become your two weekly date nights. Separately, you will attend local organizations and groups such as removing trash from the surrounding forests, joining the local book club, attending their Second Amendment Rights meetings ..."

"Why separately?" Emily wanted to know. "Won't it be riskier to separate us?"

"No. It will make your partnership more plausible and it will allow you to get to know the local community on an individual basis. Expect unannounced visitors dropping off homemade goods - visitors you will invite inside for a cup of tea. Expect dinner invitations, which you will attend together. And expect to encounter some friction."

"Oh, they'll be encountering friction, all right ..." Morgan said to himself, grinning ear to ear.

"Agent Morgan, if you cannot cooperate in this assignment as a trained professional of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, you can easily be placed elsewhere," Hotch warned, his eyes flashing with anger.

"No, sir. That won't be necessary, sir," Morgan replied immediately.

"We're going to fly commercially later this evening. You two, however, will be driving a U-Haul with empty boxes inside from D.C. to Missouri. Although the house has been furnished, the arrival of two newcomers without any personal belongings is certain to arouse suspicion. We'll expect your arrival on Friday, so you can book rooms in motels on the way and develop your personal story, from your names to how you met and fell in love to where you're from to your occupations, and it will give you some time before reaching your destination to try and become comfortable with each other in a more ... intimate way."

The team dispersed, leaving only JJ and Emily sitting at that table in silence.

In a low voice, Emily murmured, "Listen, JJ, if you want to refuse to do this, I completely understand. Especially after what happened on Friday night."

JJ kept her eyes fixed on her perfectly-manicured fingernails for a moment before looking up to meet Emily's gaze. She leaned in, so closely their lips almost touched, and whispered, "Sometimes wishes do come true. Even if they're not exactly how you imagined they'd happen."

With that, she shoved her chair back and walked out of the room, leaving Emily sitting there, stunned.

Her open-mouthed shock quickly transformed into a huge, beaming grin. This was definitely going to be one assignment that they'd never forget.