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Lab Specimen

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L took a bite of his ice cream sundae topped with candied pecans, whipped cream, strawberries, rainbow sprinkles and chocolate syrup, chewing slowly, and sensually licking the spoon. Then he turned back to the task at hand and shuffled the flashcards he had finished going through into a neat pile. “And how do the images on the left side of this set of cards compare to the images on the right side of the cards from the previous pile?”

Light shifted uncomfortably in his chair, curling his hands into fists and pulling slightly at the cuffs that bound him to the chair. “You haven’t shown me those ones yet.”

L brought a finger to his mouth and smiled, innocently taking another bite of his sundae. “Oh, yes, you’re right. Sorry about that, I must have forgotten.”

Light seethed inwardly but didn’t react. L forget his place in one of their many testing sessions? Impossible. It was just another one of the detective’s tricks to throw a hidden test into a “normal” test.

In retrospect it had been a dumb-ass idea to bring Yuri along when he had tricked Raye Penbar into revealing his identity. But how was Light supposed to know L would obsessively interview all his friends? L had arrested him shortly afterwards, but had not uncovered the notebook or any paper – Light had been smart enough to eat the only scrap of death note that he’d had on him at the time. And now L’s idea of “Justice” was to extensively study Kira to find out how he killed.

Light hated every minute of it. Of course his pride wouldn’t allow him to do poorly on any of the tests, but that didn’t mean he never tried to sabotage L’s efforts whenever he figured out hidden or secondary traps.

It was rather tiring, the constant games and tests, and pictures. But at least it wasn’t boring. And based on Ryuk’s almost constant laughter, the Shinigami found the game to be rather entertaining as well.


L stared across the table at his former favorite suspect, and now favorite lab test subject. Light seemed agitated, but perhaps that was to be expected after ten hours of constant memory and IQ tests. Perhaps it was time to move on to another round of physical endurance testing.


L watched as Light played tennis against Momoshiro the star tennis player. A little research and L had found that Momoshiro had once taken illegal performance-enhancing drugs, and the detective had therefore taken advantage of the opportunity of blackmailing him into playing a few rounds of tennis against a “lab test subject”. L could have played tennis himself, but he preferred to watch.

It was a close match, after an hour and a half of running around and swing the racket, Light was drenched and dripping with sweat. L watched intently. His interest was of course, purely academic.

L watched as Light laughed good-naturedly and said “Good game!”, pretending that he hadn’t wanted to win anyway.

L smirked. It was good for Kira to lose once in a while. It kept him from becoming too overconfident, and reminded him that he had lost, L was in charge now. True, L had yet to determine his method of killing, but that was merely a minor set-back that he would soon solve. L smiled again. An angry Kira was also more likely to slip up and make a mistake.

“Watari, escort Yagami-kun to the medical room please.”


The medical professional who had been hired to examine Kira had not found any abnormalities. L was disappointed, but still considered the $1,000,000 to be money well spent. That didn’t mean L stopped looking. There was a small possibility the doctor had overlooked some minor abnormality, so L wasted no time in collecting tissue biopsies of every organ in Kira’s body. He also took blood samples every so often. Just in case there was a change. For all he knew, Kira was able to change his body back to normal before the testing. The only solution was to continually test him until he slipped up.

Then Watari brought in the hospital bed, and Light was securely strapped down and monitors were attached.

“I need to draw a blood gas sample, Kira-kun.”

Light gritted his teeth, but didn’t say anything.

L grabbed Light’s wrist, felt along the fine bones, and then jabbed the thick needle sharply in.

“Hmm, I seem to have missed. I apologize, arteries are often difficult to locate.”

“You bastard, you did that on purpose,” Light hissed.

“I assure you, I did not,” L said as he repositioned the needle and jabbed it in again, this time correctly.

Light turned his head away, and tried to concentrate on something else, anything else as he felt L’s fingers running along his arm, examining. Then he heard a creak as L moved, and something cold was poking at the soles of his feet.

“Watari, bring me an agarose prepared plate,” L said after a pause.

“You’re going to take another sample of my foot microbes?” Light asked in disbelief.

L smiled innocently. “I need to study every aspect of Kira-kun.”

Light huffed indignantly and twisted on the bed, but he had no alternative but to endure it as he felt cold metal scraping and poking at his toes.




L was talking to him again.

“What?” Light snapped. He was hungry, tired and worn out and need a shower, and didn’t bother to hide his annoyance.

Then L wasn’t sitting on the chair anymore. He was leaning closer and breathing on Light’s ear and playing with his hair. Light yanked on the cloth medical-grade restraints, and realized it would be better to allow that indignity without protest.

“Kira-kun, I’d like to observe you kill again. Will you?”

Light huffed. “I’m not Kira. This has to be an elaborate set-up.”

“It’s no use denying it anymore, Yagami-kun,” L said, with a touch of irritation in his voice. “I have all the proof I need. Why not just tell me how you kill?”

“Even if I was Kira, do you think I’d be dumb enough to tell you how I killed? Once you satisfy your curiosity, you won’t have any reason to keep me alive any longer.”

“It is unfortunate that Yagami-kun thinks so poorly of me.” L gnawed on his thumb. “If Kira-kun kills by supernatural means, perhaps he can be contained or controlled.” L paused again to stare at Light. “But don’t worry. I enjoy the challenge of figuring it out.”

L held up a photograph. “This is John Greene, a known serial killer who recently escaped from prison. He’s extremely dangerous, and the police have had a hard time trying to track him down. Surely Kira-kun would like to eliminate him before he kills more innocents.”

Light just glared back at L. “Why would I do that? I don’t even know if you are being truthful with me.”

L smirked. “I know it’s difficult for you to kill when under surveillance, Kira. Or maybe you don’t have as much control over the killings as I thought.”

“He, he, this is going to be funny,” Ryuk said as he got out his pen.

L stared at the monitors. “Hmm, your heart rate and blood pressure have increased. Interesting.”

“That probably just happens from having you around.”

“Perhaps you are correct.”

Light tilted his head down and made sure not to look at Ryuk. He didn’t need L to get any ideas. In fact, it might be better to act dramatic in order to throw L off. He still thought the unconsciously Kira route was the best way to go. “Ah!” Light gasped.

“Yagami-kun, are you in pain?”

Light didn’t answer. He knew L would spend the rest of the day and night carefully going through footage of the 157 cameras that were placed in the room. At least that would give Light a break.

“Hey Light, do you want to see what I wrote down?”

Light just grunted

Ryuk waved the death note in front of Light’s face. Honestly, the Shimigami was like a little kid sometimes. Light glanced over the details of John Greene’s death quickly and read. His expression paled. The hell?

“Ha, ha, ha! Do you like it?” Ryuk asked. “I wanted to let you write something, but obviously you can’t, so I wrote something that I thought sounded like something you might write.”

Light clenched his teeth and lowered his head. Damn Shinigami!

“What’s wrong, Yagami-kun?”

Light allowed his body to relax. This wasn’t that bad. L might be pissed, but who cared? Besides, with how excited the Shinigami was acting, maybe Ryuk would do it again to confuse L. Light chuckled. It wasn’t bad at all, it was perfect. Maybe he could even trick Ryuk into helping him escape eventually. Light laughed harder.

“What’s going on, Kira-kun?” L asked suspiciously.

It was perfect. Even though L had him captured, the detective still didn’t know anything about death notes or how he killed. No one else could be so clever. He would even figure out a way to escape after messing with L. Light threw back his head and laughed some more.

L looked unsettled. “Kira-kun, what is it?” he demanded.

Light stopped laughing to catch his breath. He smirked at L. “You’ll find out later.”

“I see.”


Dreary and long are my days,
I have come to realize that
Perhaps I have made a mistake.
Understand I never meant to go this far;
Time will pass, and I hope
Someday you can forgive me.

Suffice to say, that is all.
I cannot undo the past.

Lord help me.


“Are you trying to tell me something, Kira-kun?” L asked acidly sliding the crime scene photograph across the desk

“Oh ho- it worked!” Ryuk said. “I wasn’t sure if John Greene would write that before dying, but I guess it was vague enough that it worked!” Ryuk cackled some more. “He wrote it in his own blood too! Too bad I couldn’t watch him do it! That would have been fun.”

“I never knew Kira-kun had such an…emotional side,” L remarked. “You should have been in the poetry club.”

L’s sarcasm was lost on Ryuk. “Oooh! Did you hear that? My poetry is good! It was fun to write too, I wonder if I could practice some more. What did you think, Light? Oh, I forgot, you can’t talk to me, right.”

“You know what it says,” Light said tersely. Obviously the detective knew what the hidden message was and was just making fun of him for Ryuk’s failed attempt at emo-poetry.

“Yes.” L paused to take a sip of sweetened tea. “That’s not very nice, Yagami-kun.”

Light paused to glare at L defiantly. “Isn’t it? I don’t know, L, you still haven’t found anything out.”

“If I discovered something, what makes you think I would tell you?”

Light felt his palms become clammy. Surely L was bluffing? There was no way he could have found anything.

From the rigorousness of the testing that day, Light decided that L was indeed in a very sour mood. He would have to risk talking with Ryuk later.


Light positioned himself on the cot so that his mouth was obscured by his arm. He had planned to ask Ryuk not to provoke L with Kira messages anymore, but after hearing the Shinigami talk about poetry readings and how he had watched these people with funny hats reading poetry on tv once, and wouldn’t be fun if he could do that?, Light had a better idea.

“Ryuk,” he whispered. “Your poetry is amazing. It’s a shame we can’t go to a poetry slam. Just think about it.” Light glanced covertly at the Shinigami. “We could also play Mario Golf and eat apples whenever you wanted if L wasn’t watching.”

Ryuk laughed. “It’s still fun to watch you try and outsmart L. Don’t think you’ll trick me into breaking you out so easily.”

Light smiled. Of course he hadn’t expected his scheme to work; he only wanted to plant the seeds of an idea in Ryuk’s head. Now all he had to do was wait. Either L would slip up and Light would escape, or Ryuk would bore of the game and decide he wanted to read his poetry to the world. “That’s not what I was suggesting at all Ryuk. Of course I plan on breaking out by myself. I was just thinking how fun it would be to go to a-”

”Kira!” a filtered voice interrupted from the ceiling. ”Whatever you are up to, don’t think I haven’t noticed! Move your arm this instant, or it will be moved for you and restrained for the entire evening.”

Light grumbled and rolled over. “I was just trying to get comfortable,” he whined. “Can’t I even sleep how I want? You have surveillance cameras everywhere, so what could I possibly be up to?”

Ryuk laughed. “Wow, L sure doesn’t trust you, huh?”

”Kira,” the voice began again. “You will be punished for your misbehavior.” L paused. “You will not be allowed any dessert or sweets until further notice!”

Light rolled his eyes. If that was the worst L would do, he’d have to risk talking with Ryuk more often.

“I saw that, Kira. No potato chips either,” L continued.

Light sighed. “Really, L?”

“And no apples.”

“What?” Ryuk shouted. “That’s not fair! You’re the one who pissed him off, why do I have to suffer?”

When Light picked up his prison coveralls the next morning, he decided that L was most likely still in a peevish mood. Why else would he give Light clothes adorned with the message L won! in gaudy sparkly lettering?


L appeared in front of his cell a short time later and threw a cup at him.

“What is this for?” Light asked, picking it up.

“I think you know, Kira.” L scratched his foot against his leg. “I was going to wait until you masturbated on your own, and then collect the semen sample, but you seem to be averse to doing that under surveillance.”

Ha! As if Light would cooperate. It had been a while since he had last gotten off, true, but he was certain he had the willpower to hold off even longer. Still, he hoped Ryuk decided it was time for Mario Golf and poetry readings soon. L seemed fixated on obtaining every possible type of sample, the perve. Why else would he need so many foot microbe samples?

“If you have trouble providing a sample, I can provide you with the illusion of privacy.” L scratched the back of his neck. “Or if you like I can provide you with magazines.” L waved one titled Buxom Babes in front of Light’s face.

Light scowled.

“Perhaps you would like a different type of magazine? Are you into bears, Kira? Or perhaps you just need a mirror?”

“There is something you can do, L.”


“I need you to release me,” Light said with a smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll mail the sample to you.”

L looked down. “So you won’t cooperate? Very well. I suppose I will have to take drastic measures then.”

Light blinked. L wouldn’t dare, would he?


Fifteen minutes and one brief struggle later, Light was strapped down onto the medical bed again.

“How are you going to get out of this one, Light?” Ryuk asked, hanging from the ceiling.

Light just gritted his teeth. He wouldn’t, there was no way. But he wouldn’t come either, he was determined enough for that, and eventually L would give up.

“Relax, Yagami-kun,” L murmured as he slipped a hand under the elastic waist band of the L won! pants, and pulled them down, exposing him.

Light looked away, and tried to think of something else, anything else, as he felt L’s long spindly fingers inching down towards his crotch.

He could feel L breathing close to him. “Just give in, Yagami-kun, it will go easier for you.”

Light looked up to see L smirking victoriously down at him, and clenched his eyes shut and tried to ignore the way L’s fingers ghosted up and down his length, the touch feather-light at first.

Light wanted to shout at L not to touch him, to stop this, but his pride wouldn’t allow him to reveal that he was affected. No, if he protested, L would just come up with an excuse to take semen samples all the time. “Ah!” Light’s thoughts were interrupted as L grabbed his length. To his humiliation he felt himself hardening as L stroked up and down, cupping his balls, then up again, and running his finger around the tip.

Light thought of all the unsexy things he could imagine. The way his English teacher would drone on for hours, his tennis coach singing in the shower! To his immense satisfaction, he felt himself softening. He smirked. He could still win this. He was in control of his own body, not L.

Then there was a creaking of the bed, and L was closer, straddling him, and his soft lips were pressed to Light’s as he continued teasing and fondling Light’s length.

“Perhaps you need more stimulation in order to come,” L purred.

And Light couldn’t help the gasp that slid from his lips. L felt so good, even though it wasn’t what he wanted, L was giving him a sultry look, and the detective himself was turned on, judging from the hardness that poked at Light’s stomach. L started moaning and grinding his hips gently against Light as he continued to pump his erection.

It was too much. Light couldn’t help thinking of L, writhing on top of him, pupils dilated with his breaths coming in short pants. His hand felt good, so pleasurable, and Light couldn’t help imagining what it would be like to fuck him. He bucked his hips and moaned along with L.

“Ah!” He was too far gone to control it now, even if he still wanted to, and he felt everything building and pulling in until it erupted in a mind-blowing climax. “L!” Light shouted as he came.

L rolled off him and deftly collected the semen sample. “Thank you Yagami-kun, you’ve been very cooperative today,” he said in a mocking tone.