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“No way! I did not just see that!” Fin said, rubbing his eyes, like he was trying to rub that image out of them. The attempt was futile, as the scene persisted to play in his mind.

“I told you!” Amanda said smugly. She looked out the window to see the blushing ADA and her colleague, who was grinning widely, and who, by the looks of it, was trying to convince Barba that it was okay. Amanda smiled to herself.

“Two years ago!” Fin admonishes, still unbelievingly.

“Yeah, but I said they would get together. I say that walking in, well, outside to find them kissing, proves that they’re together.” Fin just grumbles, still shocked at their discovery and half annoyed at being wrong. Amanda chuckles before picking up some of the paperwork on her desk. She hated coming in after solving a hard case to find her desk loaded with paperwork, but she knew she had to get through it, and picked up a pen. When she looked over to the far end of her desk, where her pens were located, she could see the faint outline of Olivia’s body in her office. Something made Amanda stop and look again. It couldn't be, could it?

“Hey, Fin, does it look like Olivia’s crying?” She asked, watching the silloute of Olivia who was wiping her eyes with what looked like a tissue. It was hard to see through the half closed blinds and she tilted her head, trying to get a better look.

“Now that you mention it…” He says, looking intently at the office himself. “Nah, it’s probably nothing.

“Yeah, probably nothing.” Amanda said, but she wasn’t convinced. And she had to turn in the paperwork anyway, right? She suddenly had a reason to quickly finish up the paperwork, initialing here, writing a summary there, and bam! She was done in 5 minutes, probably a record time for completing paperwork. She moved to turn it in, but hesitated at Olivia’s door. What if she had been crying? She’d probably be the last person Olivia would want to see at that moment. Her hand hovered over the doorknob, unsure of what to do, until Olivia’s voice came through the door.

“Well, are you going to come in?” Olivia called out, slightly muffled through the thick wood. Amanda shook her head, as if drawing herself out of deep thought, and opened the door, striding in with more confidence than she had.

“I finished the paperwork.” Amanda said, putting it down on Olivia’s desk. Olivia nodded and blew her nose. Amanda took this opportunity to look Olivia over. She had red eyes and definitely a runny nose, but when you looked closer you could see possible tear streaks. “You okay?” She asked hesitantly as Olivia threw out the tissue.

“Yeah, just allergies. They hit me hard this year.” Amanda nodded in understanding, internally kicking herself. Of course it was allergies! It was May after all, so why the hell hadn’t she thought of that.

“You need anything else?” Olivia asked when Amanda didn’t leave right away.

“No. Have a good weekend, Olivia.” She said, nodding at Olivia. Amanda turned around, walking out of the office. If she’d turned around again, she would have seen a tear sliding down her boss’s face.

“Good night, Amanda.” Olivia whispered, long after the door had been shut.