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The Book of Little Tales

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Chapter 1: Table of Contents

Chapter 2: Swords, Once Drawn, Are Never Sheathed
Indis comes to terms with Finwe's decision to follow Feanor into exile.

Chapter 3: Alqualonde
A swimming contest between cousins, in happier days.

Chapter 4: Empty Nest
Earwen and Finarfin, when nothing else is left.

Chapter 5: Happy Endings
13 short alternate universes. If only, if only...

Chapter 6: Ancient Friendship Stung His Heart
Fingon plans a rescue mission.

Chapter 7: Little Love
When no one is paying attention, Feanor might tolerate his half-siblings...

Chapter 8: Gemstones
In Beleriand before the move east, the Feanorians are coping. Mostly.

Chapter 9: To Turn a Friend From Folly
What if the Noldor had not tried to steal the ships of Alqualonde?

Chapter 10: Indestructible
The Noldor with nukes ... AU, obviously.

Chapter 11: And are not bound to it
Elrond and Elros - a conversation by the shores of Balar that doesn't really resolve anything at all.

Chapter 12: The Unexpected Complications of Interracial Parenting
Annael learns more than he planned about the differences between Elves and Men while raising little Tuor.

Chapter 13: Geography Lessons
Findekano's too young to understand the divisions in his family. Maitimo isn't.

Chapter 14: Laundry day
Maitimo finangles his little brothers into doing their chores.

Chapter 15: The youth of their days
As Tirion nears completion lovers talk about eternity. Fluff.

Chapter 16: Traveler
Celegorm: a character study with a little bit of mutually-oblivious shipping.

Chapter 17: Happily Ever After
Amarië, left behind, moves on.

Chapter 18: Secrets
FIngon and Turgon part for several hundred years.