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Lance and Keith are expecting?!

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"Lance its a girl not a boy..."

"Keith for all we know we could be having triplets and there all boys, better safe than sorry."

"Ok but why paint the entire room blue, why not green or yellow?"

"Fine would you like to paint our childs rooms then?"

"Sorry I dont think my feet could handle walking around at 8 months pregnant."

"Well played Kogane...well played''

"Its Mcclain...Keith Mcclain."

"Whatever mullet."

"I love you to poser."

So to sum it up so far Lance and Keith are married and have two dogs named blue and red, they live in a house on a beach...cute right?


Lance has to work full time at the local Walmart , and that leaves keith home alone by himself with Red and Blue.. So fast forward to present time where Lance is getting redy for his "dream meme job".

"Babe please dont late for work again for the 3rd time this month." said a very tired Pegnant male. "Babe trust me if im late to work this time ill let you pick the movie to night when i get home." "Ok then take your time." Lance smiled at how cute Keith can be in the mornings. "Ok im leaving!"






"Ye- no"

"Pants would be nice for work yea?" Keith said rubing his stomach and smiling a how lance is so dumb in the mornigs...but not as dumb as him tho...He was looking for his phone for a doctors appointment for the baby and by the time he found it..well technicly lance found it when smacked Keiths butt and it fell to the ground and broke his phone...

"Ok now i leaving."

"Ok be safe"

Lance turns to leave and Keith does the 'are you forgeting something' cough. "Baaaabe im just kidding." Lance kisses Keith on the lips and his stomach. "Now be a good baby for mommy ok my sugar pumpkin lcoffie with cream on top and honey-" "LANCE" "Right work love you" He kissed Keith one last time and got in his cheap hand me down car and drove off.