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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny and Dime

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"Well, well, long time no see, Sammy girl."

Sam stared, her eyes wide and face pale at the man sitting before her, bruised and cut up, but that ever present cocky smirk (which she used to love) was plastered on his face as he looked her up and down slowly.

"You're looking real good Sam." Brock winked at her, but Sam was still in a severe state of shock.

"Do you two know each other?" Natasha asked, her eyes boring into Sam, same as Steve's. 

Sam swallowed before answering, her throat dry as she stared at the man she had married at the tender age of eighteen, only to walk out on him ten years later, in order to save what was left of her sanity (Riley, God rest his soul, had always asked her why she married him). And here they had come full circle ten years later; the platinum wedding band on the chain around her neck, which she wore under her shirt, was burning a hole through her chest right next to Riley's dog tags. 

"Yeah, you could say that." Her voice was raspy as if she had been screaming, and she had on the inside, since she set foot in that fucking interrogation room. Her only consolation was the fact that Brock looked just as surprised at seeing her.

"Of course we know each other." The smile on Brock's face was malicious, and Sam could feel her world shattering around her. "We shared a marriage bed, isn't that right Mrs. Brock Rumlow?"

It was as if all the air was sucked out of the room; Sam felt three pairs of eyes on her and she wondered if they could hear how loud her heart was beating.

She didn't think as she turned and hightailed it out of the interrogation room.

"You got a lot of explaining to do Sam!" Brock's voice followed her, Steve was close behind her and the sound of Natasha's fist colliding with Brock's jaw echoed behind her, as she ran to escape the past that had finally caught up with her.


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Sam loved it when people underestimated, especially her enemies, because she wasn't super-soldier, had a billion dollar amour protecting her, a god from Norse mythology, a super-trained spy, and a master assassin or turned into an indestructible being. Even her friends sometimes treated her as if she was fragile and not a trained Air Force Pararescue. 

No, what Sam is, is much more powerful than her team-mates could ever be.

You know the saying, 'be careful the Murdock boys. They got the devil in them.'

Well Sam had the devil in her, and not in a figurative way, but in the literal sense. 

Samantha Toni Wilson was a devil in disguise and the only person who knew her secret was the one person she could not save as he felt from the sky, like a fallen angel; that was the first and last time she prayed to a God she had long ago turned her back on.

Sam watched as Riley was hit by an RPG and started falling.

She dove after him; pulling back her metal government issued wings so as to go faster, dodging his wings as they broke off due to the wind pressure and his parachute could not be deployed due to the damaged sustained to the jet-pack. Not that any of that mattered, Sam could see the life fading from Riley's eyes as he fell beyond her reach.

She knew that she couldn't save him and she would never allow him to sell his soul, not even to her for the chance to live longer; but she could make sure that he felt no pain, that he did not suffer.

"Dear God! Please take his soul!"

In that moment Riley's bright soul, left his body and ascended to Heaven above, while Sam was still trying to catch the body of her already dead best-friend which hit the hot desert sand with a solid thud, San landing beside it a few seconds later.

She knelt there, looking at the bruised, massacred body of the first person she had felt something for in over three millennia. 

The shock and grief she felt in that moment was suddenly overtaken by anger and she released the entirety of her powers, decimating the enemy who had fired on them. 

Sam carried Riley's lifeless body back to base, where her superiors were baffled as to how there were no traces of their enemies, as if they had just disappeared into thin air; more like burnt by hellfire but Sam decided to keep that bit of information to herself. The official report said that the enemy was wiped out by an air-raid, and Sam was sent home with an honourable discharge (her superiors saw that dangerous glint in her eyes and thought it was best, Sam thought so too), with a purple heart awarded to Riley, sitting in a velvet box, clutched in her hands.

Once Riley was in the ground, back in his native home of Ireland, Sam made her way, back across the Atlantic Ocean to make a home for herself in Washington, D.C. where five years later a blond man who she could have outrun without breaking a sweat came barrelling into her life, bringing a dangerous red head and a thought to be dead, assassin best-friend with him and for the first time in a long time, Sam had people she cared about again.

Her secret of being a devil, well that she kept to herself, making sure that there was never a weak link in the sapphire and pearl amulet she has been wearing since it was given to her a long time ago by powerful sorcerer by the name of Halvir. He made the amulet to contain some of his power, in order to conceal Sam's true appearance of black (tribal looking) markings on her skin, pointed ears, sharp teeth, golden slit eyes, her claws and her midnight black wings. She wore it under her shirts, making sure that it was never seen as she did not want to answer questions about where she got it and why hide it.

However, just one day of not being careful made her secret come to light.

It was just another day at Avengers Tower; Sam was chasing Bucky around the common room due to a prank he played on her. She had finally cornered him, not realizing that her amulet had come free of her shirt and had gotten in the way when she managed to grab him; it all happened in slow motion as Sam hand got caught on the chain and broke it.

The room was silent as the pearls and sapphire pendant fell to the floor.

No one dared to breathe as they stared in shock and confusion at Sam's true form.

Sam took a calming breath, bent over and started collecting the pieces of her amulet. She stood up after completing her task and looked at the stunned faces of her friends, silently relived that no one pulled any weapons on her as yet.

"So," her voice deep and echoing, "who wants to know the true story of Adam, Eve and the snake?"

She smiled, sharp teeth on full display, there was a sharp intake of breath from Bucky who had plastered himself along the wall and Sam felt a sick sense of satisfaction of finally showing her friends that she was in fact the most powerful being in the room.

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Sam has emerald green eyes; she’s always receiving double takes and compliments on how beautiful her eyes are.

She smiles and graciously accepts the compliments; while at the same time she wants to scream because she cannot take another compliment on how beautiful her green eyes are.

They are not green, jade, jungle green and the best she has ever heard moss green. 

"I love your jade green eyes." Bucky whispers in her ear as he hugs her from behind, meeting her eyes in their reflection in the mirror.

'They are emerald green. Get. It. Right.' She thinks.

"Thank you." She says instead.

What people don't know except for her mother, is that Sam was born blind. She spent the first decade of her life in the dark, until Riley came in, shining so bright, Sam swore she saw the sun in the darkness she was surrounded by day and night.

"I wish I could see what you look like." Sam used to whisper to Riley, as she stroked a hand down his face, mapping it and trying to picture what he looked like in her mind.

"I wish I could give you your sight." Riley would whisper back, before taking her lips in the sweetest of kisses and making her forget that she could not see. 

Riley died in a car accident. 

Sam was heartbroken.

However, what people don't know is that Riley gave his eyes to Sam, so that she may see what he saw and so much more. 

Sam wanted to hate Riley for doing something like that; knowing that she would not want them because it would be accepting that her best-friend, love of her life, husband was dead and not coming back; but at the same time, knowing that she would accept them, if only to keep a piece of him alive.

Sam woke up to bright light streaming into her hospital room, white fluffy clouds in blue skies. Looking in the mirror, she saw emerald green eyes staring back at her, she saw Riley staring back at her and wept. 

Sam loves her eyes because they belonged to Riley and a piece of her best-friend is still alive and not buried in a Mahogany casket, six feet under.

Sam hates her eyes because her best-friend had to die for her to see the world, where there is so much ugliness she would rather be blind again.

Sam has emerald green eyes. Get. it. Right.


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Sam was in the training room hitting and kicking a punching bag, feeling very irritated that she had to be pulling her punches, when by now the bag would have been nothing but rags that once contained sand if she had been able to use her full strength. Sam had been feeling irritated as of late, or to be more specific, since the day Steve and Bucky almost discovered her well-kept secret.

Since that day, Sam had been a bit paranoid, checking and rechecking to make sure her amulet was in top shape, not the slightest dent in any of the links and that had been grating on her nerves. In all the years Sam had spent on earth, she had never been this worried about someone finding out about her true nature; hell she had revealed herself to Riley in order to save both their lives from insurgents that had taken them hostage and were intent on beheading them, and knew that without a second thought, she would have killed him if he had ever tried to hurt her or expose her for what she really was, but he didn't. Riley had been more in awe that beings like her had existed and to learn that not all actual monsters were in fact scary and evil as he was told as a child in order to him to eat his peas and go to bed when told. 

He had been like a kid in a candy store after that, constantly asking her questions about her true nature and where she came from; questions that Sam did not get tired of answering and was more than happy to share this huge part of her life with someone apart from Halvir.  

Her skin felt tight and itchy; she wanted a reason to at least use some of her true potential, to show her team mates that she could best them, so as not to underestimate her because she looked "human".

*Punch, punch, kick*

Halvir had gone returned home two days ago, so Sam had traveled to New York, to stay with her team for a bit, not wanting to be alone in her big empty house.

*Jab, roundhouse kick, elbow, palm, punch

Sam was so lost in her head that she failed to reign in her strength and accidentally burst the punching bag. She watched dispassionately as the sand fell out of the bag like an hour glass.  


Sam spun around to see Natasha watching her, a smirk on her blood red lips and Sam had the sudden desire to wipe that infuriating smirk off her lips and and to replace the red lipstick with actual blood. 

Clenching her fists, Sam tamped down on that sudden blood thirsty rage that had been creeping up her spine. And that was it; She hadn't let loose in quite sometime, and the dark side of her was screaming to be let out.

"Yeah, got some pent up energy I need to work off." The lie fell easy from her lips and that was something else, no one, not even the famed Black Widow could tell when she was lying; not that Sam was a pathological liar, but she she lied, well no one knew. 

"How about we spar?" Natasha offered, "I sure it would be better that an inanimate object that can't fight back."

Sam thought about it and shrugged, getting into a fighting stance, she made a 'bring it' gesture towards Natasha who smiled deviously and charged at her. 

If it were any other day and Sam was not feeling constricted in her human-like appearance, she would have allowed Natasha's foot to connect with her rib cage, but Sam was done playing nice and decided to let a bit of her true self show.

"What the fuck?" Natasha skidded to stop, looking at where Sam was a few seconds before. She spun around sharply in time to see Sam land gracefully on her feet.

"I knew those fifteen years of competitive gymnastics would pay off." The lie fell easily from Sam's lips again and she grinned when Natasha narrowed her eyes dangerously.

"Everyone's lucky the first time."

Sam arched an eyebrow, "you sure 'bout that?"

For the next fifteen minutes, there were kicks, punches, jabs, and everything Natasha had in her arsenal of hand-to-hand combat which she threw at Sam, who had yet to break a sweat. The two women, caught up in what they were doing, were unaware that they had garnered an audience.

"I've never seen Sam fight like that." Steve said.

"Fight?" Bucky echoed, "I have never seen her move like that. Hell I didn't knew she could move like that."

Natasha was getting frustrated, she hadn't been able to land a punch on Sam, while Sam landed many.

"Do you, do you get the feeling Sam's playing with Nat?" Bucky's eyes were glued to the two women.

"Playing with her, just like a predator plays with its food before eating it." Steve said and it struck him strange to make such a comparison.

"Come on Tasha! It's as if you're not even trying!" Sam was having fun, goading Natasha and seeing the indifference fall away to give rise to frustration.

"Bitch." Natasha spat, before running at Sam again, who merely waited until her opponent was close enough, before launching herself off the floor and flipping herself over Natasha. In mid-air, while upside-down, Sam placed both her hands on Natasha'a shoulders and gave her a gentle shove, kicking her in the back to send her sprawling on her stomach before Sam once again landed gracefully on her feet. 

Sam turned and looked at the stunned assassin, still on the floor.

"I think that's enough for today. Thank for the fight, we should do it again." With that said, Sam walked off to the shower room, leaving a stunned Bucky and Steve and a perturbed Natasha staring at her.

"Ok, let me say that this is not me being a sore loser but, something's not right with Sam."

Bucky looked at her, "is anything right with any of us?"


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As Sam walked away to make a phone call to her 'mysterious' guy, Steve saw Bucky looked her up and down slowly.

"Really Buck? You just tried to kill her not an hour ago, for the third time and now you're looking at her as if you want to eat her."

Bucky looked unrepentant, "it would be a great story to tell our grand-kids of how we met."

Steve looked heaven-ward as if praying for patience, "yeah, you're definitely you."

Sam walked over to stand by Steve and Bucky, sniper eyes focused on her with an intensity that was palpable.

"Ok," she said drawing out the two letters, "Scott said that he's in and Clint is picking up both him and Wanda; in the meantime we just have to get tin can out of this trap."

"Tin Can?" Bucky was offended, "excuse you but I am the world's deadliest assassin." 

"Huh uh." Sam was not in the least impressed.

Bucky looked at Steve who raised his hands and backed away.

"I am not getting in the middle of this."

"Middle of what?" Sam questioned looking between the two reunited best-friends.

"Sam, be the great person that you are and get him out of that vise-grip, I have a call to make." Steve walked away, not wanting be caught in the crossfire when Sam throttles Bucky for ripping the steering wheel out of her hands, throwing her across the room by her face and most important, destroying her wings then trying to flirt with her. He wondered if he should be planning his friend's funeral after just getting him back.

Sam was busy undoing the vise-grip that was holding Bucky captive; she had tightened it as much as she could, without damaging his arm. She had seen the look he gave her and was doing her best to ignore him, even with how close she was standing to him, while he was still seated, in perfect line with her waist.

"So, how ya' doin'?"

Sam paused in what she was doing to look at Bucky.

"I would be great if I didn't have almost every country's authorities after my ass."

Bucky simply grinned, "well you do have a great ass."

"You did not just say that."

"A great ass along with many more great assets." Sam felt as if she was slowly being stripped naked as Bucky's eyes travelled slowly over her body as those words left his mouth.

"Annnnd, we're done here." Bucky's metal arm was now free and he stood up, towering over Sam's petite 5'1" frame with his impressive height and bulk from his super-soldier muscles. 

"Thank you."

Sam has no idea why those two innocent words sent a thrill of heat down her spine. Maybe it was the way he said it, low and husky or the fact that his eyes were half lidded with lust swimming in the depths of them. All she knew is that she had to get as far away as possible from the predator before her, because this was some dangerous territory that Sam was not going to touch with a ten foot pole.

"You're welcome." she managed to get out before beating a hasty retreat back to Steve's side, ignoring the look he gave her when she decided to basically plaster herself along his side.

Sam could not believe her fucking luck. Steve had left her alone in the small ass car he had stolen to go meet with Sharon and she sat in the front seat, trying to set him on fire with her glare, while at the same time trying to ignore the stare of the man sitting behind her.

"Can you move you seat up?"

With that one question, Sam remembered all the shit Bucky had put her through and felt maliciously vindictive.


The car rocked a little and Sam glanced out of the corner of her eye to see that Bucky had moved to the other side of the backseat.

"Why are you sitting in the passenger seat, when you are so tiny? I should be sitting up there and you could sit in my lap."

Sam gritted her teeth and get her head straight, not giving in and telling Bucky exactly what on him was tiny.

"Seriously, you what, 5'0"? You're so tiny I could just pick you up with one hand and throw you over my shoulder."

'Don't kill him Steve will be sad.' Sam repeated this mantra in her head, doing her best to ignore Bucky, but he would not give up.

"I know, since you're so tiny and you can fly, I'm going to call you Tinker Bell."

That was the final straw, Sam turned around and launched herself at Bucky, catching him off guard. She grabbed him by the collar of his red henley and banged his head off the side of the interior of the car.

"Call me Tinker Bell, go ahead, I dare you." She growled in his face.

Bucky unfazed by Sam's threat, slid his hands up to grasp her waist and that is the exact moment it hit Sam that they were in a very compromising position. By allowing Bucky to get under her skin, Sam had managed to literally flip over the two front seats into the tight space that was the back seat, straddle Bucky's toned, thick thighs and proceeded to threaten the Winter Soldier.

Bucky made that 'devil-may-care' smile and his steel blue eyes says all that his mouth wasn't saying and Sam felt her skin run hot from the tension mounting between them in the small space of that equally small car. She could feel herself falling deeper and deeper into those blue eyes, and could see that Bucky was getting closer to her as well; however the sound of a car trunk being shut close by, caused Sam to jump back and scramble back to the front seat just in time for Steve to stick his head through the driver's side window.

"Hey Sam, your wings are right over there if you-" Sam was out of the car in an instant,” want to go look at your wings."

"What's with her?" Steve looked at Sam, who grabbed her wings and walked a short distance from the car (and Bucky) to crouch behind a pillar where she could have some semblance of privacy. 

He turned to look at his friend whose eyes had a predatory look in them as he too watched Sam until she disappeared from view.

"What did you do Bucky?"

Bucky in turn gave Steve his puppy dog eyes, "nothing. Yet."

"Bucky." Steve said in a warning voice.

"Did you know that it's now legal for black and white individuals to be in relationships with each other?"

Steve sighed exasperatedly, "yes, Buck."

"I am going to be all up on her."

"Yeah, I am going to be burying you in the near future." Steve commented as he walked to way Sam was hiding away.


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The first time it happened Bucky thought nothing of it; it was an accident, a simple bumping into his friend after a mission that left them all haggard and stumbling. He figured that he had irritated some of her wounds and quickly apologised, making sure to put some distance between them.

The second time it happened though, that is when he knew something was up.

Sam was in the kitchen of her home, sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and reading the morning newspaper. Bucky entered the kitchen, still more than half asleep and made a beeline directly towards the coffee maker. He poured a cup of coffee and spun around looking for the milk when he spotted it through barely opened eyes, on the table to Sam's left.

Sam had her hands folded on the table to brace herself as she read the newspaper and Bucky without thinking of asking Sam to give him the milk, decided to stretch across her. Only in his sleepy state, he was unable to calculate their proximity to each other and accidentally brushed against her breasts and Sam moaned, in pleasure.

Both Sam and Bucky froze; Sam in horror and Bucky in confusion.

"I'm sorry?" It came out as a question, instead of a statement.

"Th-that's ok." 

Bucky had never seen Sam move that fast before without her wings; Sam was already out the door and in her car, driving off down the road to work. He was so confused by the incident that he spent the rest of the day on Google and what he found made his eyebrows almost touch his hairline. Bucky wanting to know if what he read was true, decided to conduct an experiment and so he was ready for Sam the next time he saw her which was that night when she got home from work.

Everyone knew that Bucky was a very tactile person, he was before the war and even more so after H.Y.D.R.A., so Sam thought nothing of it when he greeted her with a hug after a long day of work. She thought nothing about the way Bucky's entire front was plastered to hers, how he wrapped his strong arms around her and squeezed her petite body to his. She thought nothing about it because she was concentrating very hard on not moaning like a whore in a whore house from the way her breasts were being pressed against his toned chest, creating a very delicious feeling in her body. 

Sam felt like fire was coursing through her veins from the sensations going off in her body, especially in a certain sweet spot and had to squeeze her legs together to ease the sensation before she embarrassed herself.

"Good to see you too Buck." Her words were muffled from where they were said into his shoulder and Sam raised her hands to his rib cage giving him one final squeeze and then a gentle tap to signal that the hug needed to come to an end so that she could escape to the privacy of her room.

Bucky, knowing exactly what he was doing to her, wrapped his arms even tighter around her small frame, before releasing her and as he stepped away from he, giving her space, his hands trailed from her upper back, under her arms and across her rib cage where they definitely grazed the sides of her breasts and Sam almost jumped out of her skin.

"Are you ok?" Bucky looked the picture of innocent, concern for Sam coating his words.

While Sam looked about ready to bolt, "I'm fine.

"Ok, well good night." Bucky released her and watched as she all but hauled ass up the stairs and her bedroom door slammed shut so hard, that the picture frames on the wall downstairs shook.

"This is going to be very interesting." Bucky said to himself, thinking of different ways of coming into physical contact with Sam that would not be too obvious that he knew about her oh so exploitable secret.

Over the course of the next few weeks Bucky would accidentally brush, bump, graze, or make some sort of physical contact with Sam, particularly in her chest area and Sam was at her wits end. She was continuously horny and getting herself off with her toys was just not cutting it anymore. She need something harder, firmer and preferably attached to Bucky, but that is something she would be keeping to herself. He was just in his first year of healing and while he had come a long way, she still felt as though she would be taking advantage of him if she should pursue something more than just friendship, for heaven's sake, he was already living in her home at his and Steve's insistence and that's because they both have enormous trust in her and she would never do anything to jeopardise that.

However, it all came to a head one day after a mission. 

Bucky had jumped from the top of a building and Sam had to catch him. That meant she had his back pressed against her chest while he shot down enemy after enemy from the sky. That would have been ok, if not for every shot he fired didn't vibrate through him right to her breasts. Sam had to gritted her teeth and tighten her arms around him so as not to drop him. 

Now, that would have been ok, if it had ended when Sam had touched down on the ground and released her hold on Bucky, but that god damn super-soldier had other ideas.

"Thanks Sam," Bucky spun around as soon as he was back on solid ground and hugged Sam, who just like bad luck had already turned around and was walking away, causing Bucky's arms to wrap around her, trapping her arms at her sides. With nowhere to go, Sam was trapped in a hug that soon turned deadly for her; see Bucky's arms were wrapped around her, but his hands cupped her breasts and without thinking he squeezed and Sam, well she moaned.

Both friends froze in the embrace before Sam broke it and whirled around on Bucky, pupils dilated with lust swimming in them and shame burning her cheeks.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" She hissed, wrapping her arms across her chest, as if that would erased what just transpired.

Bucky tried to play the innocent card, "nothing, I was just hugging you. I didn't know you were injured."

"Oh fuck you Barnes." She spat.

'No there's an idea.' He thought.

"You were not just 'hugging' me and you know that I am not injured. What the hell are you playing at?"

Bucky realised that the situation had started taking a turn for the worse and tried to rectify it.

"Nothing! Sam, I-" but pulled up short when Sam got into his face and he was continuously amazed that such a small person could be so frightening when she was angry.

"You were just what Barnes? Trying to cop a feel? That's all you have been doing these past weeks, but it ends now. Go ahead, have a good squeeze." Sam spread her arms as if offering herself up for a sacrifice and Bucky could not help but look at her breasts that her flight uniform did nothing to hide. 

When Bucky did not move, Sam lowered her arms.

"I thought so." She walked passed him, making sure to bump into his shoulder.

"Sam, it's not-"

"Fuck off Barnes."


That evening as the Avengers had downtime in the Avengers Tower, Sam was in her apartment when a knock sounded on her door.

"Who's it." She called out from her position on the couch, not wanting to be bothered.

"It's me."

Sam let her open book fall on her face; the frustration and irritation she thought she had washed away with her hot shower came flooding back.

"Go away!"

"Sam, please, just let me explain."

She shot up off the couch at those words, the thick carpet muffling the sound of her bare feet as she furiously walked towards the door and ripped it open to a stunned Bucky.

"Explain? You want to explain, why the better part of three weeks, you basically sexually harassed me?! When here I thought, if I made a move on you, I would be taking advantage of you when it was the other way around!"

"You wanted to make a move on me?" That was the only thing Bucky heard and Sam's glare would have melted him if he were a lesser man.

"You took advantage of the fact that I allowed you to be physical with me!"

"I know and I am so sorry! But, please just hear me out." Bucky begged and Sam stared hard at him.

He was about to get down on his knees and beg when Sam huffed out an annoyed breath and turned away from the door, walking back into her apartment and straight to the kitchen.

"Ok," she got out a bottle of tequila and took a healthy drink from it, "explain why you have been sexually harassing me."

"Ok, the first and second times were complete accidents."

Sam raised an eyebrow, "and the times after that?"

"Well," Bucky scratched the back of his neck and actually looked bashful, "at first it started out as an experiment."

"An experiment for what?"

Bucky swallowed, knowing that Sam was either going to maim him or kill him at his next words.

"An experiment to see if your breasts really were as sensitive as they seemed."

"What?!" Sam started, startling Bucky who began speaking faster in hopes that he would not die just yet.

"I swear, I was not trying to be a pervert or sexually harass you! I just wanted to prove my theory right."

There was a ringing silence which settle over the kitchen.


Bucky flinched at the sudden sound.

"Yes?" He asked timidly.


That was all the warning he got before launched herself over the Kitchen Island, and Bucky had the insane thought of hos such a small person could do something like that before he turned tail and ran into the living room.

"I am going to murder you Barnes!" Sam roared behind him as she chased after him. "I am going to destroy you! There will be nothing left of you!"

"Sam! I know you're mad but remember that Steve will be sad if you killed me!"

"He would get over it as soon as he found out why you died!"

Bucky didn't know if it was righteous fury fuelling Sam's body why she was able to keep up with him as he ran for his life through her apartment. It must have been the experience of flying, why Sam knew just how to slam her tiny body into his, taking him down hard to the floor.

She flipped him over onto his back and slapped him, open palm across his face.

"You asshole!"



"Sam just-"


Bucky had had enough of being slapped and reversed their positions; with Sam on her back and her legs wrapped around his waist.

"Sam! Quit it!" He grabbed her flailing hands by her wrists and tried to pin them down.


Thinking fast, Bucky did the only thing that would not calm Sam down, but at least get her out of a range. He quickly let go of her wrists and shoved his hands under her over-sized t-shirt, grabbing both her breast and squeezing them. Sam's reaction was instantaneous; she stopped fighting Bucky, only to moan and buck up into him.

"Sh-shit, Bucky."

Now, Bucky had only heard Sam moan, but hearing her say his name in that breathy, lust filled voice, made his blood sing and he squeezed his treasure again. This time, rolling her nipples between his fingers until they were hard. 

"Ahh!" Sam threw her head back and arched up into Bucky, her legs tightening around his waist pressing her sweet spot to his very impressive and very hard manhood. 

"Fuck, Sam, you like that?" Bucky was hard from the moment he touched Sam and he had no idea that her reactions and sounds would affect him so much, he needed to get his mouth on her. He shoved her shirt up and over her head, throwing it in some dark corner and and descended on her breasts.

"Bucky!" Sam screamed his name, her hands flying up to grab his hair and t-shirt. She gripped his hair and held him close as his lips, tongue and teeth assaulted her breasts one after the other, alternating, giving them both the same amount of attention.

Sam said his name like a prayer; chanting it, her grip on his hair borderline painful and there were a few rips in his shirt from where she gripped him. That's when he realized what was happening and released her nipple, pushing himself up on his elbows so that he could look at her and grinned wickedly when she whined at the loss of his warm wet mouth. 

"Are you going to come?" He taunted, "are you going to come with just my mouth sucking on your breasts Sam?"

Sam's pupils were blown wide, her chest was heaving and her breasts looked good, naked with Bucky's saliva on them, cooling in the air and making her nipples even harder. She was a sight to behold and Bucky could not hold back any longer.

"You're going to come just like this; with my mouth on your breasts, nothing more."

Sam whimpered and gave herself over to the sweet assault, falling over the cliff as Bucky held tight to her.

As she regained her breath, Bucky sat up on his knees and stripped off his shirt and looked her straight in her eyes; wicked grin on his lips and the devil in his eyes.

"I hope you're ready for more, because I am not letting you go after this." He flicked her sensitive nipple and making sure her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist, Bucky stood up and walked towards her bedroom, where he made her scream herself hoarse and oversensitive for the rest of the night and for many more nights after that. 

Chapter Text

Sam was going to murder the asshole who was banging down her front door at 6:48 A.M. on a Saturday morning. She had had a long stressful week at work, and she had just wanted to sleep in and hide away for the day. However, some asshole had other plans and she was going to tear their throat open with her claws.

"You cocksucking ass-Halvir?!" Sam's eyes widened as she looked at her friend of over a millennia of years.

"Wow, if that's how you greet friends, I would not like to know how you greet your enemies." Halvir grinned down at her from his 6'0" height, his blue eyes sparkling with joy and magic and his jet black hair was in its natural curly form at neck length.

Sam jumped on him, causing him to drop his bag as she wrapped her legs around his waist and his arms came to wrap around her back in a tight hug.

"I missed you so much Sam." he whispered in her hair.

"Me too." She whispered back, as she held her dear friend close to her.

"Ok, not that I'm not happy to see you, but what are you doing here?"

Sam was currently cooking breakfast for the both of them, while Halvir was busy swiping through the pictures on her phone.

"Can't I just come and visit my oldest friend?"

He didn't have to look at her to know the 'don't bullshit me' look she was giving him.

Sighing he put down the phone and gave her his undivided attention.

"The kids are alright. I swear, I just wanted to come and visit you, no ulterior motives here." 

"Ok. And you're sure the kids are alright?" Sam knew it had been a long time since she had seen the kids, but she received weekly updates on them from Halvir.

"Yes, they are. They are conquering the world and they miss you."

"I need to visit them soon." Sam said guiltily. "I feel as if I have neglected them."

Halvir stood up and walked around the kitchen island, stopping in front of Sam and drawing her into a hug.

"Don't be like that, they know that you are very busy right now, but don't ever doubt that they think you neglecting them. They know that you love them; hell, you razed a town to the ground for them, if that doesn't say 'I love you,' I don't know what does."

Sam smiled, remembering the hell week she went through when they went missing. She knew that she would have lost her mind if not for Halvir standing right beside her all those years ago during her frantic search.

"Yeah, I know. I will visit them as soon as I can."

"Great." Halvir released her and went to set the breakfast table. "Now, with that out of the way, care to tell me how Steve and Bucky have not recognized you as yet?" 

Sam stopped in her tracks and looked at Halvir.

"I have no fucking idea."


The music in the bar was great and what was even better was that no one had given her or Halvir a second glance.

Since setting foot on American soil, especially in certain states they were met with hostility due to Sam's skin colour and the fact that they all thought Halvir was her husband.

But here in Brooklyn, no one cared and everyone welcomed them. 

Sam sat at the bar, waiting for Halvir to return from the restroom when she felt someone take a seat beside her.

"What's a beautiful lady like you sitting all by her lonesome?"

Sam turned to face the smooth voice who spoke to her and found herself staring in extremely beautiful, hypnotizing eyes, with a gorgeous face.

She raised an eyebrow, "and who says I'm alone?"

The beautiful stranger glanced around and looked back at her, "I don't see any man rushing over to claim you."

She laughed at that, "oh, honey, no man can every claim me."

"So, you do the claiming?" Sam did not miss the heat behind his words or the lust in his steel blue eyes.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

"You sure are something else, Miss?"

Sam stuck out her hand, "Abigail."

"Bucky." The gorgeous stranger introduced himself and shook her hands.

"Interesting name."

He grinned a mega-watt smile, "if you stick around long enough, I'll tell you the story about how I got it."

Sam was about to reply when she saw Bucky's eyes widened slightly and felt a presence and knew exactly who was standing behind her.

"Who's this darling?"

She grinned and leaned back into Halvir.

"Hal this is Bucky, he was keeping me company while you were busy."

Halvir stretched out his hand towards Bucky who shook it.

"Nice to meet you." He said pleasantly.

"I didn't mean any disrespect." Bucky started to explain but Halvir waved it off. 

"It's ok. No harm, no foul."

Bucky relaxed, glad that he was not going to be punched for flirting with another man's wife. 

"Your accent where are you-"

"Oi! Asshole say that again!"

All three heads whipped around to where the voice came from in the corner and saw a crowd forming over there.

"Oh shit."

Sam looked at Bucky, "what?"

Bucky looked heavenward as if he was praying for strength.

"My friend is about to cause chaos."

"Should we go get him?" Hal questioned, not seeing who Bucky was talking about.

"Yeah, he's the short blonde spitfire. Just pick him up and run."

Sam, Halvir and Bucky got up and threw themselves into the fray. It took them about two minutes to get Steve off of the man he was beating for calling another young man a cocksucker and another three minutes to drag his scrawny ass out of the bar and a few blocks down the street. 

"Who the hell are you?!" He asked Sam and Halvir when he had calmed down.

Bucky gave him an unimpressed look, "your mother is rolling in her grave from your behaviour. This is Abigail and Hal."

"Nice to meet you."


Steve looked them up and down, "Bucky flirted with you didn't he?"

Sam laughed and Bucky groaned.

"Yeah, but he's a charming young man."

"Unlike you." Bucky interjected. "What was that all about?"

"That guy was in there throwing words at Matthew, I told him to apologise and he laughed so I forced one out of him."

Sam and Halvir laughed at Steve's explanation.

Bucky dragged a hand down his face, "what the hell am I going to do with you?"

Steve looked at him, all soft corn-silk hair and bright blue eyes, "take me and our new friends dancing?"

"Considering that my friend made such a unforgettable first impression, would you both let us take you dancing and show you all that Brooklyn night life has to offer?" Bucky asked.

Sam and Halvir looked at each other and shrugged.

"That sounds amazing."

The four new friends stayed in each other's company for the rest of the night, dancing, eating, drinking and having fun; parting only when the sun had begun to show itself.

Sam remembered that fateful meeting as if it were yesterday and not 75 years ago.

"So, what do you want to do?" She asked, taking a seat across from him to eat breakfast.

"How do you feel about going out dancing?"

Sam grinned, "I have the perfect little black dress in my closet dying for a night out."

"Oh my God! I still can't believe the way fashion, music and dancing has changed!" Halvir said as he and Sam stumbled down the side walk arm in arm, from laughing too much. They had just left a club where they had fun dancing and drinking for over three hours, not that they could get drunk.

"I know! That girl was practically naked! And the guy had on neon blue eyeliner! I just can't deal at times!" Sam laughed and then hiccuped and the two friends started laughing again.

"Hey, look!"

Sam looked in the direction, in which Halvir was pointing and saw a 24 hour ice cream parlor.

She grinned "it's as if you read my mind." She steered him in the direction of the ice cream shop across the road.


The two friends froze and then slowly turned around to face Steve, Bucky and Natasha.

'Well fucking hell.' She immediately opened up a telepathy channel between her and Halvir, and they both felt each other's unease. She was immensely glad that she was smart to tuck the end part of her necklace inside the neck of her dress instead of having it hanging freely. She knows how humans are drawn to the sight of the magic filled jewel.

"Hey Steve." Sam's voice sounded a bit hysterical to her ears. 

'Oh shit.' Halvir thought.

'It was one thing for Steve and Bucky not to remember me by myself, but what the hell is going to happen with the two of us together?'

Bucky was looking between the two of them, his eyes then settled on Halvir with the intensity of a sniper.

"Have we met before?"

Sam felt herself pale.


"I don't think so; this is my first time visiting America. My name is Owen." He lied easily, while he was gripping Sam's hand tightly behind their bodies that were plastered to each other's side to side. Something Bucky did not miss and his eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Where are you from? I can't place your accent." Bucky was like a dog with a bone once he focused on something or someone.

Halvir cleared his throat, "Romania, but I spent some time in Wales. My accent is a bit screwy."

'Ha! That's one way of putting it.' Sam was sweating bullets; she did not need this, not now, not tonight. 

Bucky nodded, but now he was looking at Sam and then Halvir again.

"I can't figure it out, but I know I've seen your face before."

"Maybe it's from your time as the Winter Soldier?" Sam said and all eyes turned to her and she swallowed. "You have been around for a long time Buck, may be you met someone that looks like him, or maybe you both have crossed paths before without knowing it."

"You did spend two years in Romania Bucky." Natasha said, though she was looking at Sam and Halvir with suspicion in her eyes.

'Should I lie and say that I have not been in Romania for the last two years?'

'No! That will just raise more suspicion.' We need to leave. Now.'

"Yeah, that could be it."

Bucky nodded but he still looked doubtful.

Sam need to get out of there fast.

"Hey, it was great seeing you guys, but we have to go now." She started to turn with Halvir, only to feel a large hand on her shoulder stopping her and it took everything in her not to grab the offending hand and throw the owner of it over her shoulder. 

She turned back around to find Steve staring hard at her.

"You know, now that Bucky has mentioned it, you do look oddly familiar Sam."

"Oh fuck you Steve. I am being serious." Bucky grumbled, folding his arms across his chest and pouting like a toddler.

He glanced at Bucky, but his eyes were quickly back on Sam.

"I am being serious. The first time I saw you, I felt as though we had met a long time ago."

Sam's heart was beating through her throat.

"Really Steve?" She said as sarcastically as she could. "Now you?"

He stared down into her deep brown eyes and Sam felt as if he was trying to look into her soul which no longer existed.

"Have we met before?"

Time came to a halt for Sam.

"Yes, Steve, we have." Sam wanted to murder something or someone, "we met four years ago, remember? You kept lapping me while I was jogging."

Steve shook his head, "did we meet each other, the four of us along time ago?" 

'Fuck. It. All. To. Hell. This can't be fucking happening!' Halvir was having a meltdown and Sam was trying to figure out the best course of action.

She sighed and rolled her eyes good naturedly, when on the inside she was setting the world on fire. 

'What the hell is wrong with these two assholes?!'  Sam raged in her head to Halvir.

"Steve, sweetheart, honey bun, if we had met a long time ago, we," Sam waved her hand at both herself and Halvir, "would be either real fucking old or dead. Now maybe you're saying we look real good for two, 100 and odd years old human beings, but I can tell you that the four of us have definitely never met each other before." 

Halvir let go of Sam's hand which was more than likely deformed from how hard he was squeezing it. 

"Brilliant!" He clapped his hands together, "now that we have met and gotten the fact that we have never met out of the way ice cream is waiting for me and Sam over there." He pointed across the road and grabbed Sam's hand, pulling her away from her friends, with their curious eyes and even sharper minds.

"Ne mai vedem!" Halvir shouted.

"See you later guys!" Sam shouted as she jogged a little to keep up with Halvir's rushed pace.

"That did not just fucking happened." Halvir said, once he and Sam were safely across the road and in the ice cream shop. 

Sam was glad that the ice cream shop was empty and the server was in the back getting refills, because there were now two sets of finger indentations in the counter.

"Shit! Sam your eyes."

She looked in the window and saw golden eyes staring back at her."

"I'm going to have to up the magic in these jewels," Halvir ran his fingers along the necklace, "but in the meantime you have to breathe."

Sam closed her eyes, did as told and released the counter. When she opened her eyes they were back to a normal dark brown and she let out a deep breath.

"They are not going to drop this until they get an answer."

Halvir looked at his friend, the defeat in her voice was evident on her face.

"What are you going to do when they do find out who and what you really are?"

"I'll tell you what I'm not going to do: I am not going to run. I am not running again." She looked at him, tears in her eyes, threatening to fall. "I don't care if they find out, but I am happy here; I am the happiest I have ever been in my life."

"I know." Halvir took her into his arms and held her tightly to him, Sam burying her face into his chest. "It's an odd group and super-soldiers and Norse gods, if they can't handle having a devil in the group, well fuck them, they don't deserve you."

Sam smiled, knowing that even if she lost her new friends, she would always have Halvir.

"Ok." She stepped back and wiped her eyes.

"Now, time for ice cream."

The two friends turned to look at the menu board, putting their troubles behind them for the time being, knowing that what may come, they would always have each other.

"Steve, I am not being paranoid, I swear that I have met them before." Bucky crossed his arms and stared out at the lights of Manhattan. "I don't know where, but I have this feeling that we knew them in another life time."

Steve sat on the couch, hunched over with his elbows on his knees, and his hands clasped in front of him. 

"I hear you Buck, and I can't shake this feeling as well, but we both know that if we met them back in Brooklyn, then they would not alive today, and even if they were alive, they would not look so young."

Bucky looked over at Steve, and eyebrow raised, "look at us Steve."

Steve rolled his eyes, "we're an exception."

Bucky snorted and turned back to the window.

"Let's trust Sam and not make a mountain out of a mole hill. I'm sure if something was up she'd tell us."

"Yeah, sure." Bucky muttered.

5 months later

Steve watched as Sam chased Bucky around the room, refusing to help his friend as he did warn him that Sam would kill him if he pranked her and as the saying goes: 'those who don't hear must feel,' and Bucky was going to feel it painfully.

He watched as Sam cornered Bucky.

He watched as Sam's necklace broke.

He watched...he watched as his other best friend transformed before his eyes.

The entire room went dead silent and Sam calmly picked up the pieces of her now broken necklace.

He would never forget the sound of Sam's voice as she asked them if they wanted to hear the real story of Adam, Eve and the snake. 

He would never forget the sharp grin on her face or the way Bucky was trying to become one with the wall.

Bucky made eye contact with Steve, his eyes wide.

'Well shit.'

Chapter Text

"So they took it well? They didn't try to run you out of town with pitch forks and torches?"

"Ha ha, fuck you Halvir." Sam said good naturedly as she places a stack of perfect round pancakes in the middle of the kitchen island. She was the unofficial chef for the Avengers. Her friends all loved her cooking, especially her breakfast food, especially her pancakes and she enjoyed cooking for them. 

"I'm happy for you. I can just imagine all the names Bucky and Tony have for you."

Sam frowned, "actually I think Bucky's avoiding me."

"What makes you think that?"

"Well he won't make eye contact with me, he exits any room I may enter while he's in it, he doesn't speak to me and he seems to try avoid being by himself with me."

"Maybe he's still adjusting to knowing that you are a hundred times stronger than him. That's a blow to any man's ego, just give him time."

As Halvir was speaking, Bucky walked into the kitchen and Sam's face lit up.

"Well speak of the devil." She joked and Bucky's head snapped up, his wide eyes meeting hers for the first time since he learnt of her true nature.

"Bucky's there?"

"Yeah, I have to go. Talk to you later."


Sam disconnected the call and putting her phone in her back pocket, she walked around the kitchen island to where Bucky was pouring out coffee and stopped at a respectable distance from him.

"Hey long time no see." She smiled brightly at him and he briefly glanced at her from the corner of his eye.

"Been busy." His tone short curt and clipped.

His way of answering bugged Sam but she let it slide off her back like water, knowing everyone had their cranky days.

"Ok, so how about you relax now and have some delicious breakfast. I made blueberry pancakes, your favourite."

The look Bucky gave Sam could have killed her, were she not immortal and had faced down far more scarier opponents than the one standing in front of her so stood her ground, body language still open and welcoming even though she had a twisted feeling in her gut that a storm was brewing. 

"No, thanks. I'm not hungry." Bucky turned to walk away, but Sam grabbed his arm.

Then the worst thing that could ever happen did.

Bucky felt Sam's hand on his arm and he spun around, opposite hand raised and delivered a stinging back-hand across her face, the unexpected act of violence making her stagger back and releasing him in the same instance. Where he struck her, turning a bluish/black colour almost immediately.

Sam's hand flew up to her injured cheek, her eyes wide with disbelief and hurt.

"Bucky, wha-"

"Do not touch me you goddamned MONSTER!" He roared.

Silence reigned as that horrible word left his mouth and Sam felt her heart shatter.

"You go around pretending to be someone you're not, pretending to be human when you're not." Bucky looked murderous, the venom of his words stabbing into Sam. "You are the stuff of nightmares. You are what sends children screaming, crying and running to their parents' room at night because they are scared of the monster in the closet."

Sam could feel the pain of his words wrapping around her throat and squeezing, slowly cutting off her air and choking her.

"Bucky, please stop."

He laughed mirthlessly at her plea.

"Oh, the monster can beg." He sneered, "I don't know how the others can stand to be around you, can still accept you, after knowing what you are."

Sam felt as if the world was closing in on her; the edges of her vision going dark.

"Come on Bucky, don't be like that. You know me." Sam took a step towards Bucky who stepped back, the look on his face cruel.

The back of Sam's eyes were burning with tears that she knew were going to fall.

"I am not a monster."

Bucky snorted.

"I am not a monster. Yes, I have been alive for a long time and yes, I have done a lot of ugly shit that I am not proud of; but I have spent the majority of my very long life righting my wrongs." Sam felt the tears pooling in her eyes threatening to fall.

"You do not know me; you have no idea of the number of persons' lives I have touched. Tell me this Bucky, if I were a monster would I have helped Steve take down Hydra and save the wold after knowing him for all of two days, hell, would I have even let him into my house, giving him and Natasha a safe haven to hide and rest?"

At that Bucky's looked a bit doubtful.

"If I were a monster, would I have trekked all over the world with Steve and sometimes without him looking for his thought to be dead best friend turned brainwashed Hydra assassin; not knowing anything about his man but the stories that Steve told me and the belief that he could bring his friend, this great man back to, if not who he once was but back to being a human being?" The first tear fell.

"Answer me this Bucky, am I a monster?" The second tear fell.

"I read about everything Hydra made you do, everything, and I never once thought that you were a monster, not once. And yet here you are, a man who I called one of my very best friends, standing in front of me, throwing that venomous word 'monster' straight into my face all because I look different when I take off a simple piece of jewellery." Sam could no longer hold in the tears and she let them cascade down her face. 

Bucky looked a mixture and ashamed of his words and behaviour. 

"Sam, I-"

"Nuh-uh," she shook her head, "you made your true feelings clear, there is nothing you can say to change it. I-"

Her voice broke, along with her strength to stand and she bent over, hands pressed against her knees to keep herself from falling to the ground with the emotional pain she was feeling. She stood, there bent over in the middle of the kitchen silently weeping, with Bucky looking on. They were so lost in their world that they did not hear anyone else entering the kitchen until they heard Steve's voice.

"Sam, Bucky, what's going on?"

Sam looked up, her eyes red to look at Steve, Tony, Natasha, Bruce and Clint who were looking between her and Bucky in confusion.

Her eyes met Bucky's, "I am many things, but a monster is not one of them." In the next instant she was gone, leaving Bucky to face a stern face Steve. 

"What the hell did you do Bucky?"

“I fucked up Stevie. I fucked up.”

Chapter Text

"You said what to her?" Steve's voice was low and dangerous and Bucky was wondering how he wasn't six feet under by now. "Do you know what Sam sacrificed the day she sided with me to take down Project Insight? Actually no, the moment she offered Natasha and I a safe haven?"

"Steve, I know I fucked up-"

"Fucked up?" Steve looked at him incredulously the other Avengers sat around the common room watching the scene unfold before them. They had never seen Steve so angry before.

"You more than 'fucked up' Bucky! I don't even know on what level you messed up but guess what pal, you just created a whole new category for your fuckery. I can't even-" Steve cut himself off and grabbed fistfuls of his hair pulling on it.

"Steve-" Bucky tried again only to be cut off when Steve held up his hand for him to stop talking. 

Bucky looked down at the floor and curled in on himself, trying to make himself smaller as if that would help him escape Steve's wrath.

"Just why? Why would you say that to her? Is it because she looks different when she takes off a piece of jewellery?" Steve didn't give Bucky a chance to answer before continuing, "look around, he waved his outstretched hand at everyone else in the room, none of us are normal. Tony has an electromagnet in his chest to keep shrapnel for piercing his heart and killing him."

"Thanks for being sensitive there." Tony called out.

Steve ignored him.

"Only God knows what they did to Natasha."

Clint snorted and muttered, "I doubt even God knows what they did to Natasha."

"Bruce turns into a giant green raging monster."

"I've never seen Steve like this." Bruce whispered to Clint who nodded in agreement.

"Thor is the fucking Norse god of thunder, his brother Loki is the god of mischief; these are actual beings that we read about growing up. I was a sickly child and young adult and look at me now," Steve spread his hands to indicate his much stronger and more durable body," I survived seventy years in the ice Bucky, seventy years, do you think that's normal? And you, you fell from a goddamn speeding train and fell down a rocky ravine, was taken by HYDRA, kept being put in and taken out of cryo-freeze for even longer than I have been awake and look at you now."

The first tear fell from Bucky's eye but Steve did not let up.

"And look at Clint."

"Oi, I am one hundred percent pure human."

"Look Clint," Steve emphasized, "do you think the things he can do is normal? He may be just human, but a man, a human being with his skills is just not normal, none of us are, so why attack Sam for what she is after all she has done for you? Did you know that when I was busy and could not look for you, Sam volunteered? For three months straight she looked for you by herself; yes, she's a supernatural being and can handle herself but at that time I thought I was sending my friend after a man who at any time could have lost his mind and kill her."

"Steve I get it. I. Get. It. I need to make this right and I am going to." The determination in Bucky's eyes did nothing to quash the anger in Steve.

"You're damn right you going to make amends and I will be coming with you to make sure you don't fuck up an already fucked up situation."

Tony leaned over and whispered to Natasha, "I think you should go with them to make sure Steve doesn't kill Bucky before he gets the chance to make amends."

With shame burning his cheeks Bucky asked the one question everyone failed to ask, "ummm...where exactly is Sam?"

Everyone turned to look at Tony who sighed and rolled his eyes.

"I'll get you her location in the hour."



The trio stared up at the house, no, the castle before them.

"Ummm...." Bucky intelligently said as he stared up at the high castle walls.

Steve nodded dumbly, "I had no idea Sam was rich. She lives so humbly."

"This is not rich."

Steve and Bucky looked at Natasha.

"If this is not rich, then what is?"

"Tony is rich. This on the other hand," Natasha herself seemed to be at a loss for words, "this is something else entirely."

The building which stood before them was a beautiful and well cared for 13th century castle. The bricks on the outside were a vivid red as if they were recently made and the vines growing up the side that they could see, showed an artful contrast of green and red. The lawn that stretched further than the eyes could see, was a deep shade of green that made Natasha have the most unusual urge to go running across it bare-feet. 

They could hear the sea hitting against the rocks and knew that they were close to the cliffs. They could also hear what sounded like laughter and music.

"Are we crashing a party?" Steve asked and they all looked around, for the first time noticing the high end vehicles parked along the front of the house, no the castle.

"Can I help you?"

Steve, Natasha and Bucky all spun around to where the voice came from, surprised that someone had managed to sneak up on all three of them.

Before them stood a young man about sixteen, he had pale skin with freckles dotting his face, his dark brown hair was short, but long enough to be styled so that it spiked upwards The teenager was dressed in a gun metal shade of formal wear, sans his jacket, his tie was loosened, the first button on his vest suit was undone and the sleeves of his dress shirt were rolled up to his elbows showing off what looked to be like jet black tribal tattoos. 

Something about the young man put their teeth on edge but he did not look like he wanted to cause them harm, he looked oddly curious and there was something ethereal about him. 

Natasha was the first to break out of whatever spell he had them under and spoke.

"We're looking for our friend, Sam Wilson. Is she here?"

The teenager took them all in one by one before nodding his head slowly.

"Yes, she is."

"Can you bring us to her?"

Stiles looked them all up and down shrewdly, "sure come this way."

Natasha glanced back at Steve and Bucky before following after the young man. They walked around the corner of the castle, through a long and wide archway of many different kinds of flowers; daises, roses, arum lilies, carnations, amaryllis and many more whose names were lost on them, until they came to clearing with a huge white tent and even more flowers.

"A wedding." Steve said in awe. "We crashed a wedding."

"Whose wedding did we crash?" Bucky asked the million dollar question.

The teenager snorted and continued walking towards the tent, Steve, Natasha and Bucky walking a little behind him, taking in the possible hundreds of people milling around, children chasing each other, laughing and shrieking as their parents looked on in amusement.

"Is it just me or has no one even so much as glanced in our direction?"  Natasha whispered, her green eyes scanning their environment for anything out of the ordinary.

Steve and Bucky glanced around and realized that it was true. No one was staring at them, the strangers in casual wear at a formal wedding.

They walked pass a few tables until they saw who they wanted, Sam clad in a strapless, knee length, black lace dress with a satin bow tied in the middle, with what appeared to be a pair of six inch stiletto sandals. Her hair was a waterfall of dark brown curls, cascading down her shoulder with one side pinned back with a diamond hair clip. Her ears were adorned with sapphire drop earrings to match her sapphire and pearl necklace that she had on full display around her neck. She was lost in a conversation, laughing carefree and Bucky felt his breath catch in his throat at the beauty that was in front of him.

His concentration though was broken when the teenagers yelled out.


The trio stopped in their tracks.


Sam's head snapped up at the call and her eyes widened when she saw them. She got up and politely excused herself before walking over to them and it seemed as though the crowd parted for her, showing her reverence in that one movement. 

When she was finally in front of them, the teenager moved to stand beside her and he towered over her by a good 11".

Steve, Natasha and Bucky looked between Sam and the teenager who called her 'mom' and now looking at them side by side, similarities between the two could be seen such as the dangerous glint in their brown eyes, the same colour hair and the way they carried themselves in a non-threatening but confident manner.

Sam carefully did not look at Bucky and gifted them with a bright smile, "not that I'm not happy to see you, but what are you guys doing here?"

The teenager wrapped his tattooed arm around her shoulders.

"They were looking for you, figured I would help them out."

"Thank you Stiles, now go and find your sisters; I don't need another complaint about someone's son getting drunk or any skinny dipping in Mrs. Granger’s pool."

The teenager named Stiles (what an odd name) rolled his eyes and walked off, presumably to do as told. 

"So..., you have a child." Steve said dumbly.

"Children." Sam corrected, "two girls and a boy."

"You're a mom." Natasha hated to admit that she was still in shock at the sudden revelation.

"Yup. That I am."


All eyes turned to look at Bucky and he quickly backtracked.

"No, I know how, just how, why did you not tell us that you had children? I mean you left them to help Steve search for me, didn't that eat at you?"

Sam raised an eyebrow and smiled mischievously, "my children aren't as young as they look. They're all grown adults, we just have very good genes."


Everyone turned to look at where the voice came from and saw Halvir, Sam's friend waving at her and pointing at something out of sight under the tent.

"Listen you guys come and enjoy yourselves, there's still plenty of food and cake left, please help yourselves and we will talk later." She began to walk off when Bucky called her back.

"Hey Sam?"

She turned back to look at him, "yeah?"

"Your children, are they like you?"

A sharp glint entered Sam's eyes.

"I mean," Bucky swallowed, "are they gifted?"

She snorted, "gifted, no, they are much stronger than that."

Steve, Natasha and Bucky were left wondering when exactly their world was tilted upside-down.

They did as told and joined the party; Steve and Natasha however, were being more sociable than Bucky at the moment who sat at a table by himself, his sniper eyes continuously following Sam as she took care of the wedding guests, while making sure the bride and groom remained under control. Apparently the bride and groom decided to see which of their guests they could drink under the table and things were getting a bit out of hand, that's why Halvir called in Sam.

So, there he sat by himself watching Sam until Stiles dropped himself down in a chair across from him, his eyes hard and Bucky would not admit under threat of death, but the look in the teenager's (no, not teenager) eyes sent a chill of fear skittering down his spine.

"Bucky Barnes, the man who has been to hell and back."

Bucky smirked, "how are you so sure I went to hell?"

The smile that appeared on Stiles face was dangerous and screamed 'give me a reason to rip your throat out.'

"I know many things Bucky Barnes, many, many things, especially about you; it's one of the things about being a 'Spark.' "

Bucky wondered about that word 'spark.'

"So let me tell you this from now, my mother is going to forgive you because that's the type of person she is. But, but if you ever hurt her like that again, well I will send you back to that Nazi hell from which you escaped."

Bucky swallowed in fear, he felt as if his warm blood was replaced by ice cold water and he felt the same chill of the cryro-freeze container he was kept in when he was not being used even though he sat under a tent on a warm spring day.

"She-," he cleared his throat and tried speaking again, "she told you about that?"

"Damn right she did, you cocksucking assho-"

"Stiles." A beautiful young woman in a yellow flair floral dress, with long chocolate curly brown hair and eyes that matched Stiles walked up to their table and placed a hand on Stiles's shoulder pulling his attention off of Bucky who suddenly felt as if he could breathe again once those bewitching eyes were no longer staring into the dark depths of his soul.

"Yes, Allison?"

"Leave the gentleman alone, you're scaring him."

"Good, he deserves to be scared after what he said to mom."

Allison smiled down at him as if she was smiling at a child showing off his master piece of a drawing, "I know and don't worry, Abe will deal with him." Allison turned her smiled on Bucky and he realized two things in that instant: 

1) Stiles and Allison were twins.

2) Bucky fucked up big time by hurting a devil whose children seemed to be even scarier than her while still acting pleasant.

"Allison, Stiles," both them turned at the call of their names and another beautiful teenage girl walked up to them. She had long strawberry blonde hair, green intelligent eyes and had an air about her that screamed 'I am better than all of you combined.' "Mom said to get you both so that we can take some pictures and she also said to stop threatening her guest," the young woman turned to look at Bucky, a look of utter distaste on her face and then walked away.

"Trust Lydia to always walk away with a flair and with all eyes on her." Stiles said and got up, offering his arm to Allison who took it and they walked away following Lydia without as much as a backwards glance at Bucky.

"Hey, you ok?" Steve asked his friend as he joined him at the table.

Bucky turned to look at Steve, eyes wide and fearful, “children are scary."

The party had wound down, the guests having seen off the bride and groom and then making their own way home, except for those who would be staying at the castle.

The caterers were packing away the leftover food and chairs and tables, there were still a few children running around, squealing in joy as their parents tried to round them up for bed, whereas others were passed out cold on their parents shoulders being carried inside and to bed.

Bucky, Natasha and Steve helped pack away the chairs and tables as Sam told the caterers where to put the extra food inside. 

"Thank you guys so much." Sam came out with four beer bottles in her hands and Bucky was struck by the simplicity of the ease with which she carried them, knowing an ordinary person would have had trouble.

"It's no problem." Steve said, accepting the bottle offered to him, "I mean we did kind of crashed the wedding."

"Well this is Scotland," Sam stretched out her hands wide indicating the entire country, "we're all friends here; just don't sleep with anyone's significant other and peace will remain."

They all laughed at that, but an awkward silence soon reigned, but bless Sam's heart she did not allow it to drag out.

"I assume there's a reason you're all here."

"Yeah, about that," Bucky scratched the back of his neck and his face was red, "I'm-"

There was a sudden loud boom and everyone jumped, spinning around to where the sound came from.

"Don't worry! It's just a small fire!" Stiles shouted as he ran from behind a wall of the castle to inform his mother and then ran back behind it, Sam assumed to put it out.

She took a long drag from her beer bottle, "you would never believe that those children are in fact adults and they all have excellent control over their powers. You were saying Bucky?"

Bucky opened his mouth to speak again, only for another explosion to sound.

"Oh my God! Stiles!" That shout came from Lydia this time.

"Ummm, shouldn't you go and see if they are ok?" Steve threw a worried look in the direction of where Stiles, his siblings and some other children were.

"Nah, they're fine, however, Bucky and I should probably go inside to actually begin our conversation." She took hold of Bucky's elbow and pulled him up effortlessly and once he was on his feet, Sam slid her hand down to his wrapping her fingers in a firm grip around his hand, "we'll be right in the kitchen if you need us. Stiles! Try not to burn down the place!"

"I make no promises." He yelled back.

With that Sam and Bucky walked calmly away from Steve and Natasha, their joined hands swinging gently between them.

Natasha folded her arms across her chest "and what are we supposed to do while they're busy catching up?"

"Want to see what they're doing over there behind that wall?"

Natasha and Steve looked at each other and then took off running so see just what the hell was going on."

"So what have you got to say to me?" Sam asked as she hopped up on the kitchen counter, making herself comfortable and right at that moment with her being at Bucky's eye level, he never really noticed how small and short she is, to him Sam always seemed to be larger than life itself.

Bucky coughed, cleared his throat and looked everywhere and anywhere but at Sam, who just sat on the counter, waiting for him to gather his thoughts and feelings patiently, while at the same time Bucky felt his face get hotter and hotter.

"I'm an asshole. I never, never should have said what I said to you. Sam, you have been nothing but a saint for the entire time that I have known you. When you and Steve had just found me and brought me back home you were so kind to me and when you had to leave for trips Steve would not stop singing your praises and that made me want to get closer to you. I mean, you were this perfect person."

Bucky stopped speaking, his words hanging heavy between them.

"But then you truly found out what I am and your idea of me being 'perfect' shattered like a fallen mirror."


Sam gently smiled at him, like a fond parent would their child.

"No one's perfect Bucky."

"I know that, but you were on this high pedestal long before I met you and it just seemed to get higher and higher the more I got to know you."

"And I fell from that pedestal a long time ago Buck. I am a fallen angel, cast out of Heaven, my once white wings turned the colour of ash and with the amount of sinning I did once my feet hit the ground, they only got darker and darker that if I look at them for too long I feel as if I am staring into the abyss."

Bucky remained silent.

Sam smiled bitterly and looked down at her hands, palms up, "I have so much blood on these hands it's not even funny."

Sighing the sigh of a tired soul who had seen too much and done too much, "I don't even remember when I decided to change my ways, I just knew that I became tired of causing so much destruction."

"I know what you mean about destruction," Bucky looked at his metal hand, "I may not have had a choice in it, but it was still me."

Sam nodded, "but I don't hold that against you."

"Unlike me who saw you for what you are instead of who you are."

Just then Allison ran into the kitchen, her heels clacking against the tiles and grabbed the fire extinguisher.

"Don't worry everything is fine, this is just a precaution." She explained.

"Do I even want to ask?" Sam looked tired.

Allison stopped in her tracks, bit her lip and looked like she was thinking very hard about what to say, "no." She then ran back out of the kitchen to where she had come from.

Bucky looked back at her in bemusement, "aren't you even the least bit worried about what they're up to?"

"Nah, they know what they're doing," she seemed to have rethink her words, "whatever it is that they're doing."

"You sure 'bout that? I mean Steve and Natasha are out there with them."

Sam paled at that, "shitttttt."

Bucky nodded in understanding.


Both Sam and Bucky looked in the direction from which the new voice sounded, an older gentleman looking to be in his eighties walked into the kitchen.

"Hey Abe."

The man called Abe nodded his head in acknowledgement, "mother."

And Bucky choked on his beer.


He looked between the young looking Sam and Abe who was well on in his years.

"Ah," Sam hopped off the counter and walked over to Abe, taking his hand and pulling him over, "Bucky, I'd like you to meet Abe, my youngest child."

Bucky had a look that screamed his brain had just broke down.

Abe chuckled, "explain it to him properly."

"I adopted Abe after my other three children were born and seeing that he is 100% human, he has aged, whereas the others have remained young looking."

"Well Bucky it's nice to meet you." Abe gave him a friendly smile and stretched out his hand towards Bucky.

Bucky coming back to his senses clasped the outstretched hand, "likewise-" he immediately cut himself off when he looked down and saw a series of numbers looking faded with wrinkled skin on Abe's forearm.

Abe knew what he saw and sighed.

"Mom rescued me from Belsen, after I survived a death march from Auschwitz as a mere babe."

"Oh." Was all Bucky could say. He was so ashamed of what he said to Sam and how he had behaved after discovering her true nature. Here she was surrounded by her family, with one of her children telling his story of how she had rescued him from the same people he had died fighting and he called her a monster. 

He turned towards Sam, his eyes burning with unshed tears.

"Sam I am so sorry. I hurt you-" the tears began to fall and his voice broke.

"Hey, hey, no, Bucky," Sam stepped towards him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, "it's ok, I forgive you Bucky." She pulled back a little so that she could look at him. "Bucky look at me, I forgive you."

Bucky sniffled and wiped his eyes, "you really shouldn't."

"Tough, because I do."

They smiled at each other, with a tinge of colour colouring Bucky's cheek.

"Thank you-"

"MOM!" Allison startled the three occupants in the kitchen, "Stiles turned the barn into a gingerbread house!"

Sam felt her eye twitch. 

"Tell him to change it back this instant."

Allison bit her bottom lip, looking everywhere but at her mother.

"Allison Isabella Wilson, spill it."

"He turned himself into a toad and his magic is going haywire." She said in a rush.

Sam stared at her daughter and then sighed the sigh of a put upon parent.

"I am going to murder his ass. You two," she pointed at Bucky and Abe, "stay inside, I don't anymore collateral damage."

"Go easy on the kid mom."

"His ass is way older than you Abe."

Abe waved a hand dismissively, "technicalities."

Sam and Allison disappeared out the doors and Bucky and Abe were left alone.

"And then there were two." Abe turned to look at Bucky, a bright smile on his face that set Bucky's teeth on edge, "have a drink with me." It was more of a command than a request and Bucky was afraid of what would happen should he refuse.

"Sure?" it came out strangled.

Abe smiled wide and led him over to the kitchen table before getting a bottle of scotch and two glasses and pouring them both healthy servings.  Holding up his glass Abe made a toast, "here's to family, friends and forgiveness." 

Bucky couldn't help but feel a threat behind that word 'forgiveness' and swallowed his scotch almost choking on it.

"Another?" Abe asked and poured another glass of scotch before Bucky could say otherwise.

As the two men sat in a heavy silence, drinking, they could hear a commotion outside; screaming, shouting, something that sounded like fireworks and finally an eerie silence.

"Um-" Bucky cleared his throat, "should we go and see if they are ok?"

"Nah, they're good." Abe said, still with that friendly smile on his face.

"You're brother has already threatened me and your sister said that 'Abe will deal with him' so can you do what it is you're supposed to do and just let me know if I should have updated my will."

The smile dropped instantly from Abe's face, "ok, I was trying to ease into it, but fuck it; let me tell you this young man," Bucky found it hilarious that a man he was older than in years but not in looks was referring to him as such, "that brave, selfless, extraordinary woman, whom you called that filthy word, 'monster'" he spat "saved not only my life but countless others. She razed that damn place that was our hell to the ground. If it weren't for her I would not be here today."

Abe took a breath before continuing, "now I was just a baby when she did this, but she took me in and raised me as her own, something she did not have to do but did, so whatever she may have done in the past, before she met me, well I don't care for none of that stuff. All I know is a caring mother who will take on the world to defend her family, friends and those who can't defend themselves. So let me tell you this sonny," Abe may not have been Sam's biological child, but he was truly her son by the glare he levelled at Bucky, "if you ever call my mother a monster again, I will show you a true monster."

Bucky shrank down in his seat, "yes, sir and I am sorry again for how I behaved."

"Well it's all in the past, what matters now is that you came, apologised, mom forgave you and all is well with the world."

"Get you asses inside! All of you!" 

Bucky and Abe turned see a fuming Sam walking behind her chastised children, Steve and Natasha.

"You all know how dangerous it is to fool around with your magic, I don't care how gifted you are."

"We're sorry mommy." Allison stepped forward and gave Sam what could only be described as a diabetes inducing smile.

Sam was having none of it, "to bed with the lot of you."

Stiles sighed, "well it was fun while it lasted." He kissed his mother on the cheek, with Allison and Lydia doing the same and the three of them made their way upstairs after bidding their guests good night.

There was blessed silence for a few seconds before Sam wheeled around and pointed her finger at Steve and Natasha.

"And you two are just as bad!"

"Sam-" Steve tried only to be cut off by her.

"Why would you dare him to turn him turn himself into an animal and try to work magic?"

He shrugged, "he said he could and I said to prove it."

"You know what? Upstairs with your ass too, both of you." She pointed in the direction of the stairs.

Bucky laughed, "good going Stevie, when's the last time you got sent to bed early."

Steve subtly flipped him off.

Abe stood, "I'll show them where they can sleep. Oh, I'm Abe by the way." He introduced himself.

"Thanks Abe." Sam said, as she and Bucky watched him lead Steve and Natasha upstairs. "Back to the original two." 

Bucky turned to look at Sam, "yeah,” he scratched the back of his neck. The silence was heavy between them, but bless Sam's heart, she took mercy on the man standing before her.

"Come on, I'll show you to your room." She grabbed him by his hand and led him up the stairs, turning off the main lights and Bucky realised that there were nightlights placed strategically casting a warm glow along the hall way should anyone have to walk through it during the night.

They walked in silence, hand in hand until Sam stopped in front of a huge door and turned to face him, not letting go of his hand, something Bucky noticed and was happy about.

"This is your stop, you'll find everything you need in your room and you have your own bathroom. I am right around the corner, last door at the end of the hall, come get me if you need anything."

"Wow, my own bathroom that's great, won't have to share with Steve and see his pale ass."

Sam laughed at that and Bucky was happy that he made that sound come out of her.

"Well good night Bucky, try and get some sleep because breakfast is going to be crazy in the morning."

"That sounds like a threat."

"Oh, it's no threat." Sam looked serious, "I really do mean that it's going to be crazy. Let's just say that having a bunch of people who can do magic, with majority of them being under the age of 10 and not morning people, it will get crazy. So be prepared to have a few cooking and eating utensils fly pass your head."

Bucky chuckle, "your family sounds like a delight," and he meant it.

Sam smiled gently, "yeah, they are. Well I may be a devil but even today wore me out, I'm going to get some rest."

She walked off, their joined hands breaking contact.

Bucky watched as she turned the corner and disappeared from view before calling out to her, "hey Sam?"

She stuck her head back around, curiosity in her voice, "yeah Buck?"

"We good?"

She looked at him and walked back to him until she was in his personal space and wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her face in his shoulder.

"Yeah, we're good."

Bucky smiled and wrapped his arms tightly around her.

"Thank you." 

Chapter Text

Sam has never read a Harry Potter book; whenever she tells someone this, she receives weird looks, as if she has missed out on something extremely relevant to her life.

Well joke’s on them, because what people didn't know is that the reason she has never read a Harry Potter book is because she has lived the story.

The entire Harry Potter series tells the events of Sam's childhood as a young witch coming into her powers as well as the life and death adventure she had with her two best friends.

Harry Potter or Casimir as was his name in real life when he drew breath was Sam's best friend, who died saving their world, Wistal, a distant land of another dimension, where magic overflowed like a cup being filled with too much water.

Sam formerly Cordelia, remembers when, Avery, now known as Autumn, or Ron Weasly in the Harry Potter series, called her up and told her idea of making their life into a book. At first Sam was hesitant, but their story had to be told; only they had no idea how much their story would have come to be cherished and loved by the entire world; a world they had chosen to make into their home after the death of Casimir. 

The only thing Sam knows is that 'Harry Potter' survives the great battle at the end of the series; the battle in which Casimir had to give up his life in order to defeat the darkness and so that everyone else would have a chance to live. Other than that she knows nothing else, staying away from the books and the movie theatres when the movies were out and there was a frenzy to see them.

That's why during movie night at the Tower she lies.

"Riley and I made a promise to never see the movies without each other."

Her words were met with pity and she felt guilt at lying to her friends and using her dead friend to assist with the lie.

"And I intend to keep my promise to him." She said and made her way out of the movie room and back to her bedroom where she could still hear the screams of Casimir's mother as she held her son's lifeless body in her hands.

Sam never asked Autumn who her character was, but she couldn't help overhearing Bucky the next day after his first time watching the first movie, gushing about a smart as a whip little witch who kept her crazy friends in line, took shit from no one and didn't let the fact that her parents were normal human beings stop her from being at the top of her class.

Knowing that that little witch was modelled after her, Sam apparated out of the tower as fast as she could to the highest mountain peak she knew of, so that no one would hear her wails as she cried for her friend who died so that she could live and for a life she left behind.

Chapter Text

He had first seen her after the fight on the bridge, when he and his team had arrested, Natasha Romanoff aka The Black Widow, Steve Rogers aka Captain America and her. Brock had no idea who she was at the time, but something about her pulled him to her like a moth to a flame and he had decided then and there that whatever happened to her comrades, she would be going home with him where she would stay by his side.

So imagine his surprise which soon turned into raging hot anger when he opened the back of the transport vehicle to find it empty with a big-ass hole in the bottom of it. 

Brock was going out of his fucking mind during the last fight, wondering if he would see her again and much to his delight he did see her. Brock’s delight, however soon turned into horror as he watched the fucking Asset drag her from the sky, tear off one of her beautiful wings and kick her off the helicarrier to her death. He had no time to find out if she had died or lived because he had his orders and had to continue moving in order to get to his boss. 

Sam had no idea that she was the sole obsession of the man she was about to take on, all she knew is that she had to stop him and with that thought in mind, delivered a hard right hook across his face with her closed fist as soon as he walked through the door she was hiding behind.

Her next hit was blocked and she was solidly knocked on her ass when he head-butted her. Sam was on the floor looking up at him when he started speaking.

"Order only comes through pain, but for you I will make an exception."

"The fuck does that mean?" Sam asked as she cautiously got back to her feet and they began circling each other, waiting for the other to strike first.

The smile he gave her made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. 

"It means I like what I see and I want you. Stay out of this mess, out of HYDRA's way, come to me at the end, when all this is over and I will make sure that you remain unharmed. Steve Rogers does not deserve a woman like you at his side."

Sam was so stunned that she stopped moving, tilted her head to the side and looked Brock up and down.

"You want to know the craziest thing about this current situation?"


"I actually believe you."

That was the last thing Sam said to Brock, before she attacked him and they engaged in an all-out brawl, until Steve sent one of the helicarrier's crashing into the building causing Sam to jump through a window and into a helicopter.

As the day's events began winding down, Sam forgot all about Brock and what he had said to her. She only remembered what he had said to her when Steve gave her the file they hand on Bucky.

"Sam you can rest easy, Brock's body was one of the many they pulled from the building's wreckage." Steve reassured Sam. "He was so badly disfigured that dental records had to be used to identify him. That is how dead he is."

Sam knew about Brock's body being found under the collapsed building, but she could not help looking over her shoulder, no matter which state, country or continent she was in.

Finally two years later she and Steve found Bucky.

She should have suspected something with how smooth everything went after Bucky was found, from getting him to agree to come back to the States with them, to working with T'Challa and Tony in ridding him of his triggers words and giving him a new arm, to him agreeing to stay in New York with Steve and train to become an Avenger.

She should have suspected something.

But with finding Bucky and knowing that Brock was dead Sam went home, back to work, fell back into her old routine and became complacent, thinking that the danger was gone.

She can see just how wrong she was now that she was staring down the barrel of a gun with the devil standing on the other side of it.